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Xbox server locations - listed questions and answers

Where are Xbox Live servers located?

Redmond, Washington

What kind of servers does Xbox use?

The Xbox Live servers boast multiple levels of security. Microsoft controls the entire system from Xbox Live headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

- Shadow sponsored this article and the concept behind their service is pretty simple.

You install their app on your device, whether it's a Mac book, Windows book, full size computer, phone, tablet, or even an Android or Apple TV and Poof! You are magically dropped into a powerful Windows machine through the internet. But what exactly is it about this gaming experience? The cloud is used as a wavy hand so many times, don't worry about how it works buzzword. What does a gaming server actually look like? How? To find out, we convinced her to send us one to poke and poke him, and this thing is actually way cooler than I expected. (Joy music) Using hardware and low latency coding.

A Shadow cloud gaming server, it can run at up to 4K 60fps over the internet. And it forwards input from controllers, keyboards, mice, and even other USB peripherals. It's useful for gaming, design, article editing, or anything else what you can imagine.

But of course, being able to run these applications only matters if you have enough horses to actually use them. Therefore every logged in shadow user gets his own dedicated hardware. Even if not necessarily in the traditional sense.

What I was expecting here was this, this databoard is what allows the system to be powered from a single 12 volt input. And that's part of the open computing platform that reduces the cost of individual servers by taking power and cooling and making them a part of the entire cabinet being integrated into every single server. You see here, we have these gigantic chunky positives and negative wires.

And then everything is split up, onto the individual components. So three here are able to handle a PCI-Express power supply for up to three graphics cards. The fans are covered right here.

This is an additional 6-pin PCI-Express connector for the motherboard. This is an 8-pin CPU power connector and here is a standard ATX 24-pin power connector. That's what I didn't expect to find in this case.

I was actually expecting this motherboard to use some sort of 12V only power input or something along those lines. But since this is just a standard Gigabyte ATX motherboard, we can take this cooler off. put something else on top and off you go, plug in our own power supply and play with this thing here and now.

Now, when I said that each subscriber gets their own dedicated hardware, I didn't necessarily mean that all of it was dedicated. So if you remove that cover you can actually see that while everyone obviously has their own graphics card, there is only one CPU in the system. Depending on what level it is, you will either have four CPU cores or six CPU cores that are somehow carved out by virtualization, assigned from this CPU and then a graphics card, as we did in the past, with things like our seven players, a CPU project memory, since this CPU has a six-channel memory controller, each of hypothetical three people who blew this CPU up for themselves would effectively have bandwidth worth dual-channel memory receive.

So that's eight gig sticks, which means that we have a total of 64 gigs of ram. in this particular system that can be split up. That means that as long as Shadow has chosen its hardware wisely, aside from the overhead that comes with virtualization, which, as we've shown in the past, can be pretty minimal to basically get a gaming PC, too when he absolutely doesn't look like it.

device manager symbols

I mean where is the RGB, right? So let's join this puppy, shall we? We have a small table top, variable voltage power supply in the shop, but it's nowhere near what we'd need to run this entire machine with it. I didn't mention that before, but you can actually see where the conversion from 12 volts to five volts and 3.3 volts happens on this databoard over here.

Because if it doesn't happen in the power supply, then you'll have to do it here, for this 24-pin connector. Everything else, CPU, fan, PCI Express, these are all native 12 volts. So you don't have to, just for the 24-pin connector here.

Make sure you're subscribed because I'll have a article soon where we'll be one of the first to take a new standard for motherboards and power supplies that Intel is actually helping to shape. That would be five volts and 3.3.

generally eliminate volts from power supplies. So it would only be 12 volts going to the motherboard. Come on, get out of that thing.

The cable management is too tight. It's too wired. Aaaah ow! Bad shadow technique! go aah! What does he do? They knew who they sent it to.

You knew what that was. That feels totally like a scam plugging directly into the gaming server. There must be a 10 gig card with SFP Plus ports here, but we don't happen to be using this in our office.

Usually they're more for fiber optics. So we're going to go ahead and plug into this puppy right here. Wow, that's really tight! We like to bend it that way.

Maybe we can get that in there. Yes there it is, oh yes! Cake. This motherboard completely dispenses with the traditional.

error code d0000034

Just tell the connections in favor of these pups, which are breakout connections, into four separate sets of connections. Fortunately I have an M.2 drive that should have a Windows system on it, as well as a few games and such.

And I'll just go ahead and put that in. You may have noticed that the server has no memory at all. That's because, in addition to cooling and power storage, one of the reasons is other things that are removed from the individual servers and simply moved elsewhere in the data center.

So that's what this high-speed network connection is for. So no one will run out of memory when trying to load their games or whatever. Let's see if it only starts when we power it.

Oh power adapter didn't do anything else. It doesn't make any noise because everyone Fans are powered by the no-power databoard. So I lied, we're gonna need a blowing metron.

Let's go guys. Whoa! Trying to take off there. Should that happen? I'll get another one , it can't kill, but it can definitely maim. - Ooh disgusting! Oooh! - It's less fun, but definitely safer.

Yeah, I think I put the secondary card in, which I didn't want. Okay, hopefully that's okay. No output to our monitor but by pulling out the two graphics cards I was able to get into the BIOS of the onboard article so I changed active article to PCIe device and the other thing I want to change is as you can see set up for network start.

That would normally make sense as the storage should be elsewhere in the data center I'll set it to my Sabrent M.2 drive and hopefully save and exit. Show me the picture, lttstore.com.

It's water, it will replace all the sweat. hello hah there you are! yeah good job! Fun fact, apparently Shadow added 240 Hertz support. You haven't fully implemented it, but if you select it manually it should work with 10 ADP.

Of course, this only runs locally via the display port cable.There's no special magic at the moment. There we go over a hundred frames per second, 'Shadow of the Tomb Raider' with a server CPU and a workstation graphics card.

Not too shabby I get good at 'Rocket League' but the good news is I get blocked 250 frames per second. How about the apples? Oh yeah! Gaming server for gamers. Of course that's ridiculous.

Nobody will use it, that's how it is. So I actually grabbed an Android TV box and TV over there and we're going to try, like in real life. Some people use their Shadows as their primary computer because why not? fast internet connection because it is located directly in a data center.

You can access it from anywhere, which is super cool. So obviously ly two factors, very important feature. Just a little uncomfortable for me right now. 4K 60fps, let's start a game.

This is their launcher, or you can just drop them on the desktop. It's actually my first time playing around with it, on the Android TV app. Even with all the voodoo magic, there is no getting around Windows updates.

Now everything works right, 24 millisecond ping, not terrible. So that's something less than two frames of latency, which, given that we are connected, is a server in our neighbor to the south, actually not bad, cool. Apparently they worked on it so that you could even bring up the overlay in-game, which is pretty cute.

Believe it or not, 'Overcooked! 2, 'is a game that makes me quite sensitive to latency. I've played quite a bit of this game. Before the game starts, it's actually a good time to see things like text on a max 70 megabits per second connection.

In fact, it looks pretty sharp in the end. So this is a 4K display that is running 4K and if you look closely at it. If you were only working on documents in your Shadow, for whatever reason, I'd say it would be a very acceptable experience.

You know what That is interesting! The cursor looks a little strange, but the actual text here is really good. I can obviously spot it, I know what I'm looking for, but this is some of the best I've seen when it comes to remote gaming image quality. Where I would really expect a lot of blockiness are color gradients as big as this cloudy, cloudy business going on under our hot air balloon, but it really isn't bad.

This is actually my first time officially. I tried Shadow because the last time I had to go to their office because they were unable to connect us to anything in Canada. No wonder people swear by this thing: 'Overcooked! However, 2 'definitely benefits from its more cartoonish art style.

If you're playing something that is supposed to look a bit more cinematic or lifelike, the visual anomalies are definitely more noticeable, but in this case, definitely acceptable too. It's more the latency that I'd notice when playing something like a Twitch shooter or like 'DOOM Eternal'. This is in ultra-violence mode.

Oh see, see the chainsaw, there we go, all right and good? Oh come on, stop! Man This game is fun. Yeah, I basically just play article games now. That's always a good sign when I'm trying something and somehow forget that I'm reviewing and just started playing article games like the textures on the floor and stuff.

When I move, they get kind of blurry and then somehow they get sharper. It's actually not bad. I find things that are further away more conspicuous.

And if something shakes the building, you can see it gets blurry somehow and then it sharpens the backup. Definitely perceptible to the trained eye. The latency in a game like this would be felt for sure.

microsoft outlook sucks

If you're playing something like this, you're more likely to know about 'Tomb Raider' Enter a game that is more about solving and exploring puzzles then I wouldn't consider it anywhere near as problematic. Bottom line, Shadow's value proposition is quite unique even at the top tier which is $ 40 a month, hardware they are going to put into this tier, it would take anywhere from three to five years just to buy this graphics card, if you were paying $ 40 a month. So the value is pretty good as long as you are ready to use the remote access.Shadow is available nationwide in the US, but the closer you are to any of their data centers the experience is obviously better.

And you can find the most up-to-date information on where these are on their website. There are currently four in the US. The most important call to action today is to see if this looks interesting so that you can move forward quickly.

Because the last time we made a article about Shadow, we left a month-long backlog in activating new accounts, and no, I'm not kidding. And if you want an Ultra or Infinite account, once they become available, you must already have a Standard Boost account. They are constantly improving the service.

The overlay is absolutely great. The USB passthrough stuff is insane. You're even working on some really big things for the future.

One of them is support for mouse and keyboard games. That will come with iOS 14 as well as VR support. However, it remains to be seen how well that would work with the added latency keeping an eye on these guys for doing really cool things.

Thanks for watching and thanks again to Shadow for sponsoring this article and sending it over this server. It's actually pretty fun. I've never seen my hands on an open compute project server.

Does Xbox One have dedicated servers?

Xbox One is running on Microsoft Azure, their cloud platform. The apps and games on the system are also running on the cloud. Developers and publishers will be able to use this service for their games. However, some developers have chosen to have their own servers instead.

How do I change my location on Xbox Live server?

Microsoft's next-gen console, Xbox One, will have dedicated servers available for all multiplayer titles, a Microsoft representative confirmed to Polygon today. According to the representative, the servers are part of Xbox Live Compute — the console's cloud.

Where can I find the best server location?

The best location is typically the closest location nearest to you. Where do you start? Once you know the best location for your service and we have our information backed up, we need to navigate to Nitrado.net then go to “My Services”. Click on your server to get more options.

Is there a way to change your Xbox account location?

This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. So if you need to change only the Xbox Location you can go HERE and customize your Xbox Profile Description, Location and Picture. If you wanna change the Microsoft Account location you can go HERE and change everything you want,

How do you turn off location on Xbox?

Step 6: Here you will want to select App privacy. Step 7: Once you are under App privacy, find the Location option and select it. Step 8: Now, this is where you can turn off that Location Service for Xbox apps. Uncheck the box next to the Location On wording. That is it, you have now turned off the Location Service.

How many servers are there for Xbox Live?

Thanks for your feedback. There are currently about 15,000 servers around the world powering Xbox Live. That number is expected to jump to 300,000 for the Xbox One, so you can expect a lot more locations to be added to the Content Delivery Network.

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