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Xbox one squeaking - how to deal with

Why is my Xbox squeaky?

A number of new owners have reported a loud whirring noise when the Xbox One is sat on the console's desktop without a game running. ... The consensus is that the noise is a coil whine which occurs when a lower level of power is being drawn from the console.

(digital music) - Welcome back guys. This week we're going to open up the Xbox One S and clean it up thoroughly. I could say there's a good chance yours will look the same if it's a few years old.

Our last episode, we got the vacuum cleaner out, cleaned it up nicely, just a deep clean really. I'll link that in the top right corner. But this week we want to do something a little more advanced, open it and you will see, normally they collect quite a bit of dust inside.

Mine wasn't that bad but anyway, glad I opened it, cleaned it well, leave it in the comments below and let me know how dirty yours is in the end, or if yours was cleaner than mine and I have to maybe think of cleaning it more regularly. But other than that, we've pulled out screws here, I want to cover these too, and we're also going to be doing a controller cleanup next week so hit the subscribe button if you want to keep up with the Xbox series I'm doing . Other than that, we better jump to this one.

First things first was the warranty seal, or whatever you call it. So it's pretty easy to do. You could add a bit of warmth first because I'm not exactly worried that this will come back perfect in the end, but if you want to save this sticker and make everything look nice you can probably use some warmth and yes.

Anyway, keep waffling. Take the sticker off and now, I was watching a article before I do this so I'm not going to lie, I'm just a handyman as you guys are watching the article right now. Hopefully I can be as entertaining as the rest of everyone.

But you will see here, the guy I was watching did something and said there was a screw here and I was trying to solve this and no, there is no screw. Do not be fooled. So literally do it that way.

I'll try to get a little closer to you in a second. But you're basically just trying to lift yourself up and let go, I don't know. I am not explaining that.

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Someone else explains it. But yeah, you can see what's going on there. You use a flathead screwdriver or a flat object, it gets easier.

Just be careful not to damage the plastic, however, it's pretty tough, it's all the same all around. There isn't really anything to look out for. Nothing to be really careful about, one would say.

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You will hear clicks and pops and pops and the like, these are just the plastic clips that come off there. If you're a clever biscuit, you can probably use mine as a guide on where to place your screwdriver. I'll be your crash dummy, hey? Look here, we've got our backs off, I just used a household brush and a pan brush.

They're nice and stiff, tolerant of pretty much any kind of abuse you put them on. And then you'll want to get yourself a torque or flathead screwdriver, I just used the old flat blade, and I'm going to mark exactly where the screws are here, as you can see. You want to get rid of them first, and there is one more kit you want to get rid of, too.

And then we are in the process of breaking the unity from the sides. So once again not sure how to explain this, but in no time we say just click everything out, just follow 'round. Don't be too insulting either.

It is, I don't know, doesn't take much. But yes, we will stick through, and then you can also see that the backplate is there; once it's all loose and pretty much exposed, you can see the backplate want to fall off. So yeah, you get it yourself.

Rip and just throw it in the comments if you have problems with any of these kinds of things. Always happy to answer any questions about the repairs you do. And if you like the articles it would be pretty awesome if you guys could like it for me.

Just a little swap - off, you know, I'll help you, you help me, yes. Anyway, you can see that we have now managed to remove the back panel, so we'll move on to actually opening the unit. You'll find that basically you are j just lift that thing up and down so she comes and you want to clean the dust from all of these holes.

Grab your trusty big brush again. I feel like I'm neglecting my toothbrush in this article. I'm really sorry, toothbrush.

But that's okay. Maybe we’ll hire him. We’ll just put it in as an overlay or a bit of a b-roll.

We’ll still give it its moment. But never mind, we’re on the fan now we simply attach the metal case that will pop out, assuming you've removed all of the required screws. If you take a quick look here, you can see that we are now getting deeper into the Xbox.

The dust is starting to get a little bit worse. So yeah, we're going to make sure we clean up really well this time around. I'm not going to clean this up over the top of my Xbox.

I will take care of that. Let's go, take a look at this. So, we'll clean this up, and then you want to go to the actual inside of the device.

You can see that there is the CD drive and fan, and we also have the power supply, and the hard drive. So, we're giving it a good clean. Will just use the brush again.

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Be a little gentle here, you don't want to damage the fan. Be really gentle with everything you do here because you can actually damage things. Oh, and there is our toothbrush.

The toothbrush made an appearance, didn't let him down. So you can see all the dust that is coming out, but it collects a lot of dust. So take your time and clean them up really well and I edited a lot of my footage here so I spent a lot of time cleaning that up.

Be super careful here. Everything underneath is great, super tender. So, I just want to warn you, if you don't know what you're doing, I probably wouldn't lift those drives.

It's not that important to clean underneath rather than just cleaning the fan. Now you can see if you lift them up, there are little pens, or whatever they're called. They line up with small holes on the board here so you just want to make sure they line up properly when you reassemble everything.You have a little foam pad here too, so hold it back when you put the metal grill back in at the end.

So just a few little tips for you because they did, honestly, cheat me a bit at first, so yeah. Other than that, the Xbox is as good as finished. We also want to move on to stripped screws.

I've practiced saying this, it's a bit of a tongue twister. But you can see, I just used pliers for this, very easy. You just want to roughen the edges of the screw a little so you have something to grip the pliers.

But you will see that at some point the screw will come loose enough that you can grab it like this, and then it will be a lot easier to get out and just end up grabbing it with your fingers once it's loose enough, and go it works. And don't reuse the same screw, throw it out. If you are lucky enough to have a friend like me, like Chris, thank you very much, he donated I treated myself to these screw pliers back when I had my telephone repair shop, and it made my life so much easier.

You can see they are grooved with a small hole inside here and grab the screw directly. I'm just doing a quick footage of how quickly these guys just grab them and remove them. So, I don't get paid to support them or anything like that, I don't know who they are, but I just recommend them, for example the best pliers ever.

Besides that, I'm pretty exhausted tonight. I will finish the article there. Next week I'm going to do an episode on cleaning the controllers so subscribe if you haven't subscribed.

And thanks to everyone who subscribed, we're almost at a thousand, how cool is that? So, check out the other articles at the end, and we'll see you next. (lively music)

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Is a squeaky suspension dangerous?

A squeaky suspension system is not just embarrassing with those squeaking noises and grinding noises, but it is also dangerous and can be extremely difficult to diagnose and fix. ... Each one of these components have a joint on each end that could be the source of your noise.

It also helps increase my ratings on YouTube so that other Mercedes home improvement enthusiasts can find this article and benefit from it too, thank you

What does it mean when your Xbox One squeaks?

Xeeh_Bitz 5 years ago#4. Squeaking, like when it's accessing a disc or what? If its accessing the disc, probably means the drive is going to die soon, if not, could be the hard drive inside the console, sometimes you get a loud one or it could be a jacked up fan.

Why is my Xbox One making a weird noise?

Anyway, I have found a video with the EXACT noise I am having (and apparently others also) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQaBr_xI... I would really appreciate ANY input; whether is it normal or not, and should I worry about it, etc.. Thank you so much in advance, and again, I am such a huge fan of you guys! Is this a good question?

What does it mean when a hard drive squeaks?

Squeaking, like when it's accessing a disc or what? If its accessing the disc, probably means the drive is going to die soon, if not, could be the hard drive inside the console, sometimes you get a loud one or it could be a jacked up fan. Another thing, coil whine but I never really heard of a console having coil whine but it's possible.

What can I do to stop my trigger from squeaking?

The only fixes i can find are to put oil in it or blow on it wich are both temporary fixes. Answered! View the answer I have this problem too Is this a good question? Jayden, spray trigger with silicone lubricant while working trigger to allow lubricant to work into slide area, wipe trigger surface clean and give it a try.

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