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Xbox live followers - how to achieve

How do I see my followers on Xbox?

Go to your friends tab and there, there should be a drop down on the word Friends, and in that drop down there should be an option for followers. On the Xbox the only way I know of is to go into your profile and tab over to the right to friends and followers and change it to followers and see all followers there.

How do you stop someone from following you on Xbox?

Just navigate to Settings>Privacy & online safety>select custom, and make the desired changes their. In the end, you can have it set so nobody can see anything about you.

Thanks for watching, commenting, sharing and subscribing. I recently had my Xbox Live account and the guys at my stuff got me up and running in a matter of days and it was a good experience and Steven agreed to speak to us about the security of your Xbox account, so you see what you do at microsoft. I'm actually the Director of Policies and Enforcement for the Xbox Live Service, and what that means, I'm leading the team that really helps protect the service, and we do this in three major ways.

Send behavior to us and then we take action, sometimes we investigate and then when you actually accept it the second part is on monitoring the service so we are out there every day playing games with customers to make sure that ensures this is that people are not behaving quickly, we don't want to punish scammers or things of that nature and the third is really education and trying to teach people how to keep their balance and how to have a safe experience online too and let's talk about safety first. I put Uncle Pat in but in a change in technique than injecting it it sounded like someone had my password so I probably did something stupid on the line way but what kind of things shouldn't we do that People will end up with our password. It's so interesting that the word hack is used in such a variety of appropriate circumstances.

I think this is a great example of a very social engineering tome where you don't hack. the purest sense of work but after saying that there are some things people can do that they may not know about to protect this counter, the first and foremost thing I can say is, never I know you will often get a message on Xbox Live for someone you believe is trustworthy and has 1600 Microsoft Points.

I just have to put your password on your account, the ascam o is r hey how would you like to be in the super secret Modern Warfare 3 betait is not even out there and nobody knows how to just get your password and it will be automatic downloaded onto your xbox that is currently camping and i think people are a bit free with their fastest when i'm not suggesting that happened in your case, this is an example where we see people think oh it's my gamertag god you know what's the damage and they don't know that they actually give out the password for their windows live like and that windows live id can be tied to the credit card or any number of having information about themselves that they do not know they are giving. The second thing is really to protect that Windows Live ID. We have a number of new settings that we have for Windows Live ID live. com and you can set it to prevent someone from trying to take over your real phone number via SMS and that means you will get a text message if someone tries to create a linear.

You can then stop them or the concept of Trusted can only be seen from this computer, where and you can re-perform certain actions on this Windows Live ID to reduce the risk of someone I am just the last piece of information I normally like to share People pass on and I know I'm actually too bad at trying to limit in any way the amount of personal information you give out. I am of course a very public person, from whom I have a lot of my information on the internet I sometimes eat what I eat to have to put up with the fact that someone tries to take over an account from me you know somewhere else and from this perspective you only know that Occasionally it happens but you don't want that to happen meso to limit the amount of information that you know the internet can't help, that at the end of the day you really have more free time than the people who take over these accounts they do and all they do is just know that you are taking advantage of a problem that no one has really solved. The social engineering problem is not something that anyone has solved, but banks haven't solved high security and Places didn't solve it, so entertainment systems certainly didn't solve it either so we try to narrow it down to institutions and you were talking earlier about something I do that too, from the secondary questions, where did you grow up, where were you born What is the name of your mother who gives wrong answers, but you are an indicative step? keep going hewell, i have to die i actually set it where the secondary question comes up and i use this as an opportunity to create a completely new puzzle.

onenote strikethrough shortcut

You know, I usually say to people when they asked you what your favorite color is, you know, they answer cyclopædia just thinking that you answered it with something that had nothing to do with it, but I use it actually, to create a whole second password there are also out there to help you manage passwords, how you use them is very important because if you use them improperly you can use more or less your knowledge in this scenario but I dare to use writing utilities like a password that I only use on a computer and that's why I limit the places it is and only use it for certain things I don't use it forever, but this is an example of how you can use a utility that completely randomizes these passwords and information so i don't even know what they are i have to use a password i me has to be on these physical computers so we take it, I take it right inside you and one point is that I have an anti-one password because I mainly work from a lab site and mention one eye that you know , I watched my laptop while traveling and wondered why? it's and stuff and with all my passwords in one place against all the ways i only use it on a desktop why i use it that way but you could use it to some extent not to enlarge the attack surface if you have a laptop with a trusted one Platform module, for example, you can use BitLocker to take the hard drive to where it practically cannot be encrypted offline without investing a lot of time over the decade using these utilities, but I'm not suggesting that this is the only way, but there are also other interpretations of what is safe than what you know security is not a goal as it evolved and the other part of your job is the enforcement part that microsoft has like this killer squad you know about the Seeing people and breaking my leg to steal them, research waiting I really like this FFF and if I could come with you? That was great, no we actually work with law enforcement so that the knock on the door doesn't come from a Microsoft Indian.We have very close relationships with them and we're pretty easily able to find out who at the end of the day are the worst culprits because if the final analysis is that it is all the data from which it is all taken? . the internet and there are certain steps you can take to triumph, but if you have enough time to investigate it can inevitably tie it down so we certainly partner with law enforcement and of course we can't catch all the bad guys, but we certainly work very hard to make sure they have the correct information so our guide to customers every time identity theft occurs is when it is a crime, and on the one hand it is not really appropriate for Microsoft to answer these people at the door knock but on the other hand we encourage customers to contact their local law enforcement agencies to help track these people down, we will definitely freeze their accounts for your conscience and we will certainly restrict their access to XboxLive if we can tell, but the strongest message is usually fended off by this person against batches and script kids have to understand that you are working by the law, but sure it is bad if you try and act and because it happens it is surely an interesting skill to be able to spend hours and hours and hours on the phone with social engineering people I don't think it's a very productive one at the end of the day and it has real ramifications I mean this is something that can ruin your life I mean and and there are definitely a lot of kids, hey you know I am Under 18 I have news for you, they're just watching you turn 18 Yeah, that's me, might actually get a tougher visit, so from that perspective, I mean, I think these powers are better for good than for issued the evil, but there will always be this element object China kidney and part of my original swear words was the customer service, which was ee up to six weeks if these things are resolved, but the guys were up in 72 hours n flipped, yes, remember to use it rather than time-bound because there are some cases that I will describe, the worst-case scenario so to speak, where we have an individual comment recording a step and we find that their account did this I've been to many different places in many different boxes and it takes a lot of time to put all of this information together so a behavioral analysis needs to be done now to find out how that person worked for that account and after much research on many Together we will find out who is calling the attacker and they want to know how we find out what we can find out.

When we see that we are actually calling people who have not been kidnapped but they claim that I would either try to get an account or try and see what is or we have a customer who called and maybe got hijacked his account, but then it was traded with me, if it's easy, nowhere near if it's complex, we need to make sure that we can match the account to the right person now when we can call them up and see if there is a Unauthorized or unexpected recovery has taken place, we can lock the account Prevent the attackers and spend money you know and we will refund you, but sometimes the investigation can take a while so keep the NMC in mind Time, which is usually 21 days, is the promise that the beginning is really just meant to set expectations, it could be a complexion I think and then it was the first indication that my account should have been compromised, that I discovered that your account was no longer valid, or that your profile on Xbox was restored to a different location than it normally is and I didn't know it was in there is something else to the picture someone should be looking for i would say hey my out could well be compromised surely they should be looking for unauthorized charges ait for monthly billing to see what is going on in their credit activity. I usually check my bank and credit card balances at least once a week. Just take a look and see what it says there and that's another vector they do before actually figuring out anything else, but usually it's trimmed on the Xbox and found out the profiles are restored somewhere else, or them log in to live.com and the password has been changed.

These are two cases where in the case of the Xbox certainly 1-844-202-2727 of the two dots and then the banding account will be contacted and also ban the console, so I mean it's a lot of lost or very small game , You know they have the account for a period of time but we will get it and then they will learn how you know repression reporting so we just try to discourage us we know the people out there are them are good at what they do. They try to do these things every day, we're not saying we're not talking, we're not talking about them or anything, but it's just a point of risk and we can make sure you know these boxes aren't coming back well I know appreciate that you take the time to talk to me, say my name and the experience did really well i was really crazy this is sunday there um but you know the texas tech support was great

Why are random people following me on Xbox Live?

It's most likely just a bot program, as they scan through the profile listing databases and just start adding random people to attempt to boost a profile's 'friends' counter, although it'll only boost the following counter as long as you don't friend them back.

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Is there a way to get more followers on Xbox?

Xbox Follower Account Tool Genuine.Fast.Free Get now free how it works Get followers quick today free get followers free Copyright © 2021 Xbox Tool Powered by Xbox Tool

How can I remove my followers from my Xbox Live account?

Cancel X You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. I want to remove all my followers off my Xbox live account.

How do I see who my followers are?

How do I see who my followers are? How do I see who my followers are? You can go to your profile then the 'Social' Tab go to 'Following' then where it says 'Everything' hit A and you should see a list there youll see 'Followers' Here is a direct comparison of the PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers! Microsoft? Please help

How to get people to stop following you on Xbox One?

It's worked without fail and is the only way, other than people removing me off their friends list themselves, to get people to stop following my account. 21 days ago, I've received a notification that a player followed me and I went to go block them. The block has removed me off their friends list.

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