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Xbox button numbers - typical answers and questions

What are the button numbers on an Xbox controller?

Button mapping for XBox controller
  • Stick 1 = left analog stick.
  • Stick 2 = right analog stick.
  • POV = dpad.
  • Button 1 = A.
  • Button 2 = B.
  • Button 3 = X.
  • Button 4 = Y.
  • Button 5 = LB.

what is profsvc

Hey what's up guys, in this article today we're going to talk about the best custom controller bindings for every Fortnite gamer type, that is, we're going to cover the best bindings for non-claw non-paddle player controllers with paddle players and finally Claw Player So No matter what type of controller you use or how you hold the controller, this article will give you the best bindings. I like to do something similar every four to six months or something just to keep people up to date, and since the meta for attachments changes from time to time, that's the purpose of that and to get in straight away with no more adolescents, so catch we're starting with the best vines for no-claw-no-paddle players and I want to share two separate binding options in this section, one that is much more traditional and probably easier to learn, but then the other one becomes more optimal and better for fortnite but it will probably take a lot more getting used to and you will see why when we get to it, starting with the more traditional set which is a nice mix of simplicity and effectiveness. In the main section, the main bindings here are Left Stick Editb Circle Switch Mode a Slash x Jumpy Slash Triangle Toggle Pickaxe and then of course the right stick for the crouch if that's just what you're looking for, some simple standard bindsit really doesn't get any better than this in the combat area There's really no other edit button that is anywhere near as effective as the left stick.

So if you don't play Clara Used Paddles then you are really putting yourself at a disadvantage if you use anything but that for the build controls section, honestly none of this really matters and I almost never change any of it. Really the only bond here that used to matter was trap selection because you wanted to be able to set traps asap if someone jumped into your box, but since traps at this point haven't been for over a year exist, the build control section is pretty irrelevant. Not as a whole and finally you get to the edit control area here, where you can change things a little depending on your preferences.

The only thing pretty much everyone will have in common is rt slashr2 choose some people use rb slash r1 instead, but that's definitely very rare but then when it comes down to reset and edit to confirm you really see a lot of differences among the top Players. I would say the most common reset edit button is either the right stick Slashr3 or Rb Slash r1 and then the most common confirmation button is the slash L2 lb slash right stick to confirm and reset there really won't be a wrong combination. For example I personally use lt l2 toreset and rb slash r1 to confirm and while this is nowhere near the most common combination it works really well for my purposes I never really thought about switching but for now let's the no-steal -Discuss non-paddle bindings that are optimized for Fortnite specifics callyas I have often said the biggest negative of playing fortnite without clar paddelsis that you can't jump and aim at the same time your right thumb sits on and is responsible for the movement3 slash right thumb stick but then whenever you want to jump in the middle of a fight you have to get your thumb away to solve the problem.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to make your right stick button jump, then duck into a slash. The positives here are pretty obvious, now you'll be able to jump and aim at the same time because you never take your thumb off the right stick when you go to jump, the only really negative thing about this Forfortnite is that the crouching is getting a bit more awkward now and you obviously can't crouch spam infights if you do that a lot, but I think most people would agree that jumping is much more important, so it's a pretty worthwhile trade-off when you're ready are learning a whole new binding game that doesn't allow custom bindings, which many of them don't. You will have built a lot of muscle memory by using the right stick to jump, so these games will likely be less fun to play, so there is definitely some tradeoff with both sets of non-claw non-paddlebinds - it really comes down to it whatever you want to do and what you value higher.

So now that we've covered non-claw non-paddlebinds, we're going to go over the best bindings for players who use paddles, so I'll give the bass bindings first, which are almost exactly the same as the non-claw non- Paddles, in case you are also checking out this section then we're going to talk about which buttons to tie your paddles. In the combat controls section, it's pretty standard and straightforward. The most notable ties we have here are left over stick editb Circle Switch Mode a slash x jumpy size triangle toggle pickaxe and then right stick for Crouch, this is pretty much the basic tie that the majority of gamers use with maybe a little thing or two swapped around then in the edit section because the build control section really doesn't have anything important.

You obviously want User2 slash rt to select the squares that are being worked on and from there you can really toreset any combination of Slash rb Slash Right Thumbstick and confirm the straight in the non-clawnon paddle section, the most common combination if I had to choose one is probably Right Stick Reset Edit and then Slash l2 Confirm Edit but again, as long as you stick with the three buttons I just mentioned there is really no way you can go wrong with any combination, just pick what feels most comfortable for you, so for the paddles now, if you're a single paddle player it's really easy. You want to tie that one paddle to Aslash x for the jump Really no discussion about by far the most important action I need to tie to a paddle if you're a two paddle player, I do Aslash x for the jump and then bcircle for the switch mode pulling out your building menu is something you do a lot in fights and just like taking your right thumb off the thumb lever to press a when you don't have paddles. You have to take your thumb off the right thumb lever to click the circle that will grossly screw up your goal by tying that to a paddle that are by far the two most important buttons to tying to paddles, and that's why I think those are Using two paddles is the best value you can get, but when you use three or four most people use those two extra paddles when editing and confirming a lot of shaving jump and switch mode on paddling, but it does it that way You can edit and confirm a little faster than pressing a thumb stick or Rb to cover the no-claw-no-paddle and controller with paddles.

So let's finally go over the best ties for claw players bindings can get a little wild depending on the type of claw being played, but these ties are going to be for right hand claw players as this is by far the most common type of claw yedso starting in combat Control section the important ties we have, here is a slash x for jump y a slash triangle for editing a circle for toggle mode and then a left slash 13 for the pickaxe toggle another option would be toggle edit and pick it's both ways so it really just comes down to the top reference and what you're more comfortable with than the edit section as there aren't any major bindings in the build mode section anyway. This part is actually quite different from what I recommend for non-claw players on rtr2, but then it seems like the vast majority of claw players use b slashcircle to confirm changes and the right stick slash r3 to roll back changes Guys enjoyed this article and if you guys are checking out the whole thing, be sure to let me know with a comment below in the comments section. Let me know which custom controller you are personally bound to and whether you like it or not or if you need a change.

Be sure to leave a like leave a comment, subscribe to post notifications whatever you want and I'll get you guys next time

Why are Xbox buttons XYAB?

This is partially because Microsoft entered into a partnership with Sega early into the development of the original Xbox, which is why there are some cross-published titles (Shenmue II, for example) on both systems. It goes back a little farther to the Genesis controller. ABC on bottom.

- We've already talked about the best cheap wired controller you can grab for your Xbox One. And one of the companies that made many of these controllers, Power A, reached out to me to try out one of their new designs that is just coming out about a month ago, the Power Aenhanced Wired Controller. So we're going to give this guy a spin and compare it to what Power A has done in the past and how that improves it or if any of it is missing, and then compare it to my favorite cheap controller that we got it from the last time PDP tried.

To be honest, I wasn't exactly a huge fan of some of the controllers Power A previously released for the Xbox One. And I've looked at two heads. There's this guy right here, he's a bit like the standard wired controller they had before.

It's a very simple and easy one. There are no special functions or anything. It's just a cheaper wired Xbox One controller.

The problem is that it comes down to the shape and handling; it just wasn't very comfortable. It's one of those controllers that when you pick it up and feel it, you immediately know, 'Oh right, that's a third party. 'It just doesn't feel very good.

The buttons and everything were good. But as for the actual handle design and pulling the plastic, it just didn't feel that great. Well, another one they made that is a little fancier is this one, the Power A Fusion controller. the idea behind the Fusionis that it has all sorts of extra features, some of which are cool, but they came at the expense of being even less convenient.

It has these handle designs that I thought the idea was that it makes it grippier for your palms, but instead it just feels uncomfortable. The upside, however, is that you can swap the sticks so you can create different designs, which was really neat. And it has two buttons on the back that you can remap.

Really handy. So this one had some cool functional advantages, but again, it just didn't feel right. Another problem these two controllers have is that while they are a wired controller, they are hard-wired so you can t - that's just always in the controller, which can be a bit annoying for storage purposes.

The main focus here is that they have old-school stuff: tear-off cords that are kind of neat, but compared to the fact that they can only be removed from the cord completely, it just doesn't seem like the best choice. So these are all things that are addressed in the new controller, which I actually like a lot more. I mean, you can tell right away that you are looking at this thing instead of trying, opt for any kind of crazy, futuristic look or something that looks completely different, it's way closer to the standard XBOX One controller- Design.

Really, right out of the box I could tell right away that this guy was just a lot more convenient than the other Power A controllers I've used. And actually, out of all the various third-party Xbox One controllers I've used, at least on On the cheaper side, this one comes closest to feeling like I'm only using a standard Xbox One controller, albeit one that is wired. And that's one of the immediate perks, also compared to the other controllers, like I said, these guys have been hard-wired all along while this one has moved on to a design where you have a detachable micro-USB cable, which is a gigantic upgrade is.

Now it doesn't have all of the extra features that the Fusion controller had. You're just stuck on those two thumb sticks, but that's at least the kind of standard and more popular design you would use. So at least that works.

However, it has the two re-assignable buttons on the back right here that you can set up with that button right here. So you still get that extra feature. And of the two, which one is definitely the better one.

Features aside when it comes to what it feels like to use it as a controller, as I said, that's the closest thing to feeling like you're using a real Xbox One, not just because the handle design is very, very close is, but also the quality of the buttons and the stick is much better. The buttons feel very close, not exactly the same as an official Xbox, but very close. The only part that feels a little weak is the triggers.

There's an additional kind of roughness that comes with the nib that makes you really feel the feedback a little too strongly when you get into it, but everything else - the sticks, D-pad - all feel great. Of the Power A controllers, this is definitely the best they have made so far, but the important question is, 'is this the best controller for you? can grab for Xbox One? By the way, if you want to see some BTS from this article or a few more pics of this guy, be sure to check out my Instagram link below. Before that, we reviewed a whole bunch of different cheap Xbox home controllers, the winner was this PDP controller here, and as one of the reasons I really like this controller is actually the same reasons I get this Power A controller really like.

It doesn't have a lot of fancy functions or features or anything, but it has a handle design that is very close to a regular Xbox One controller, so it's really comfortable. And on top of that, it has a detachable cable, which is great. Well, this has a special function, which is the built-in audio control.

If you're using a headset, you can use the D-pad here to do things like turn the volume up or down, or mute your microphone, which comes in handy. How does this type compare to the improved Power A controller? In all fairness, they're pretty similar - tick a lot of the same boxes as they're both comfortable, both are pretty similar to an Xbox One controller, and both have detachable cables. The main thing that really sets them apart is what additional function they have, whether that is the onboard function, audio control on the PD P controller or the re-assignable buttons on the back for the Power A.

So that could be the determining thing, which version you prefer. However, if you just want to talk about the general convenience of the two, there are very fussy little differences where one beats others out, so let's start with what the PDP controller is facing. As for the strengths of the PDP controller, the two main areas are in the sticks and the triggers.

Now the sticks are initially very similar in terms of tension and precision movement. The difference, however, lies in the handles on the stick heads, which I like a little more on the PDP controller. And if you move in a circle around the stick you will feel less friction on the ring here compared to the Power A.

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And then the triggers, as I mentioned earlier, the Power A's have a bit of extra drag which I don't like though you push it down. The PDP feels better. It's still not quite the equivalent of using an actual Xbox One controller, but of the two, this one has the better trigger feel.

On the other hand, the Power-A controller has the better grip and buttons. Well, like I said, they are both very similar to a real Xbox One controller as far as they feel, but the PDP design has kind of a flat edge in the inner part here, which feels a bit uncomfortable to me while it's at the Power A controller is a curved surface that feels a lot better to the touch with the buttons, the PDPs have a bad habit of feeling like they're a bit sticky, while here the ABXY feels much closer to an official controller. In fact, it probably has the best feel of any third party button I've used; after all, these are both good cheap controllers that you can grab for Xbox One or even for use on PC.

But when the going gets tough, if I had to pick one of them, I think I have to give Winto the Power A controller now. The PDP controller is still a solid one you can grab y today, but the Power A when it comes out will provide the better grips. It has better key feel.

And while the built-in audio controls are cool, I definitely like having the re-assignable buttons here more said this guy isn't out there just yet. It'll be out in about a month. We'll put a link below so you can try it out.

And see you later.

What button is R2 on Xbox?

The R1 refers to the first right bumper on the Xbox controller. R2 refers to the second bumper, whch is also called a trigger .

What button is select on Xbox one?

Where are you trying to select options on the Xbox One? Typically, to select an option, you would press the A button. And to move the selection, you would use the left joystick.

What do the numbers on the Xbox controller mean?

I mean they detect the gamepad buttons as numbers, which means that the xbox controller buttons must have a number for each of them in a sequence.... but I have no idea how these numbers are for the corresponding buttons on the xbox controller for windows. Please could someone provide some help?? Thanks. -Mohit.

Where is the Xbox Guide button on Windows 7?

This is for Windows 7: The Xbox Guide button does not have a mapping number , the left thumb stick appears in the square on the left of my image and the D-Pad in the circle on the right. Hope this helps! Was this reply helpful? Sorry this didn't help. Great!

How do you change a button on Xbox One?

In the 'Xbox Accessories app,' click the Configure button. (After clicking this button, you may be prompted to login to your Xbox Live account.) Click the Button mapping button. Using the drop-down menu, select the button you want to change. Using the 'Map to' drop-down menu, select the button you want to map to.

How can I duplicate my Xbox One controller?

Open Xbox Accessories app. Click the Configure button. Select the profile you want to duplicate. Click the Copy button. Confirm the name of the new profile. Click the Save button. Click the Pen button. Remap the Xbox One controller buttons. Click the back button. Use the drop-down menu and select the slot that the profile should be available.

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