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Windows version 10.0.10240 - answering the questions

Wat is de laatste build Windows 10?

Wanneer de Windows 10 update van mei 2021 gereed is voor uw apparaat, is deze beschikbaar om te downloaden vanaf Windows pagina Bijwerken in Instellingen.10 mei 2021

You've just built a new PC or upgraded your hardware and now it's time to download and install Windows 10 from a USB flash drive for free and follow me step by step.

It is important to note that in order to create a USB flash drive using the Windows 10 installation media, you will need access to a PC with an internet connection. When installing Windows 10, you will have the option to activate your copy or leave it as the non-activated version. What's the difference apart from activation prompts, you can't personalize your experience very much.

So if you have all the bugs you can buy an activation key from Microsoft and that will fix everything I have.This pen drive here is 32 gigabytes because I plan to use it for more than just installing Windows 10 once i finish it has a lot of room and it's really fast so i will definitely link one in the description for you guys so you can use it for years now let's hop onto an existing pc and download the Windows Media Creation Tool. I'll link that in the description below, where it says Create Windows Installation Media Select the button labeled Download Tool Now, once the tool is complete, download open it to start creating the media, accept the terms, and change the create option from installation media USB flash drive DVD or ISO file for another PC Select the language of your choice and make sure your architecture is set to 64-bit, then click Next.

The “Choose which media 'Select a USB Flash Drive' The next screen asks us which USB flash drive to use for the installation and you want to make sure that all drives are disconnected once you have done the Select Then select the list of update drives in your USB stick so that your drive is displayed. Please note that you need to back up all the files on your pen drive that you have you will be using for this because it will erase everything once you have selected your drive Click Next to start the Windows 10 download You that I made a article about what settings you need to change on your PC when you install Windows? show you how to make it look quick and junk free after you finish this article, go ahead and see if I linked it in the description below, when Windows finishes downloading it, eject the USB -Stick out and then plug it into the PC on which you're going to install Windows 10. In order for your PC to actually boot from your USB stick you need to open the boot menu and then select the option that says uefi for your USB drive.

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Some common keystrokes used to access your PC's boot menu are escape f2 f10 f11 f12 The key to press is usually indicated on the home screen of the computer itself. You can also access your PC's boot options by entering the BIOS and changing the boot priority be f1 f2 f10 f12 or the delete key don't worry, but I'll be going to have a bios keystroke cheat sheet for in the description below Link yourself so that you can find your manufacturer and the corresponding keystroke to enter Biosonce, if you have changed the boot, save priority for your USB stick and exit, then restart your PC here in the Windows setup You can make the corresponding regional settings and then click Next to see the prompt to install now that we are on the Windows Activation screen you have one to enter a product key, but I'll only select the one that says I don't have a product key. The setup wizard gives us a few different options for which version of Windows 10 to install, which version your specific product key is compatible with, if you plan to activate it at a later time after making your selections, click Next and select the check box to accept all applicable notices and license terms as if we would like to know what type of installation we are going to do and since this is a clean reinstall we will do the second Run option that says custom Windows installation is just advanced what is difficult next screen asks us where we want to install Windows 10 and sometimes shows multiple drives with multiple partitions.

I strongly recommend that you disconnect any drives that you do not want to be completely erased from your computer so that there is no data loss.Once you are done, delete any partitions you have so that you have a drive that Windows can use to install used after the installation is complete You click Next Windows 10 will begin the installation and your PC will restart. Please note that since we originally told your PC to boot from your USB stick, once it restarts, do the same USB stick again and boot it.

Consider going back into the BIOS boot settings and changing the boot priority, or just physically unplug your USB stick so your PC doesn't reboot. Now let's make sure you set up Windows 10 this way you won't run into any hooks on the line when it boots up. Windows will ask you to choose a region.

Then click Yes, select your keyboard layout and then click Yes, if you need a second keyboard layout, you can also select Setup for Personal Use if this is your home PC and then click Next on Windows now gives you the option to use your existing Microsoft account and transfer your existing Windows license, but for now I'm just going to create an offline user account Microsoft asks you to log in so you can use all of their services, but me gonna select the button that says limited experience as i am not interested in all of the stuff here you can create your user so just enter your r name and then hit next i never use a password so i just leave it empty and click on Next Next are some privacy settings that I personally like to turn off and then click on Accept I also reject the digital one n wizards ab I don't need any help, we just installed Windows 10 ourselves Now that Windows 10 has started, you have the option to activate your copy of Windows if you wish by browsing the activation settings and then selecting the option which says you change the product key and you did it, congratulations on reinstalling Windows 10.

Welke versies van Windows 10 zijn er?

We noemen ze hieronder voor de volledigheid:
  • 1803. Windows 10 April 2018 Update. (Uitgebracht op 30 april 2018.)
  • 1709. Fall Creators Update. (Uitgebracht op 17 oktober 2017.)
  • 1703. Creators Update. (Uitgebracht op 11 april 2017.)
  • 1607. Anniversary Update.
  • 1511. Eerste grote update.
  • 1507. RTM, de eerste versie.

So in order to increase your max diner level for people playing single player or hosting from their console, you need to increase this difficulty slider to one.

Once that is easily done you will have to load your world and use this admin command to destroywilddinos and then when that is done it will destroy all the wild creatures on the map and then it will take up to 30 minutes to become completely familiar with all of the Repopulate new high-ranking creatures. Now it's important to note that the island scorched earth and the aberration are unfortunately hard-coded 4 means their maximum wild-level dinos is set to 1 according to the slider, 120 standard diner 144 for tek dinos, and 152 for Drake's and Wyverns but on extinction and the mod maps are hard coded to 5 which means the max wild level darkness according to the sliders is set to 1 max 150 for standard 180 for tech and 190 wyverns and drake's which is the same as official. Unfortunately for some reason you can't make the difficulty higher than 1, nor are you able to change these hard-coded overrides, I've been trying to make everything official all day and I've had absolutely no luck nor does the check box for that work max difficulty below, nothing worked so if you managed to get this work please let me know but i can't seem that islands referred to as aberration have official dino levels but the only versions of Ark which I was able to make singleplayer / host dedicated servers then have a higher wild dino level 150 is thesteam and the Windows 10 versions via their advanced configurations theirgameusersettings.ini which will be covered a little later, now the next three are Methods a little more complicated, but the easiest way to do it is to use this free application once g called Beacon you have it installed, you just want to click that drop down menu here and go where it says trouble.

Once you're here we can adjust the stats x wild level is for standard creatures, so right now the max standard creature can be 150. Then we have the sentence that should always be kept at 1 and then we have the override which is the statistic that actually adjusts the maxwild dino level, so what we're going to do is we keep going and make themax wild standard level 300. The easiest way to do this is just come here and type 300 and there you go, it's already changed the override to exactly what we need, now it's important to note that Tek creatures and Drakes spawn on a lot are higher levels than the standard creatures, so let's take this example as our starting point.

Tek creatures have their maximum rank 360 and Wyvernsand Drakes their maximum rank 380 than standard creatures, it is now also important to note that the story ark has a lower chance of spawning creatures with high level compared to the extinction of island aberrations the mod map so you can find 50 more higher level el creatures on Ragnarok than the island, for example, and that's just perfectly normal. So if you have this the way you want it, you now have to click on File, then on Export and then on the setting unit here the Difficulty Offset and then the Override which we will have to use for the next 3 examples. In order to configure your Steam or Windows 10 Wild Dino level above 150, you have to search for the game users, i.e.

every file on your computer etc. On the screen are now the file paths that my computer has to find to the Windows 10 Edition and mine Steam version of the Game User Settings that you know you need now. The only part that should be different for you is highlighted, the rest of the file paths should be the same I'm looking at my Steam right now to give you a little hint of what's going on, but when you got here you open up your game user settings and then I like to go ctrl-f and type in the difficulty and then it should be the first setting under server settings sounder server settings should now be the difficulty officer, what you want to do first is make sure this is one now is when the second bit isn't here, which is right below the override official article we just discussed, to talk about what number you need so you can get this override right and when that is done , you just have to go ahead and save the file and then close it and you're good to go now, it won't open if you have any I'm going to make changes to these files like ark needs to be turned off I don't even have ark up and running at the moment I can't run then you will make the change, close it and then you can start it again because that's the reason why happens 9 out of 10 times if you make a change while the ark is running actually the change will not be saved and then you will just cause a lot more problems, but once that is all done upload your ark to rver starts with a dinowipe and then, when that's done, give this world server up to 30 minutes to populate all of the high-level dinos to be moved on your server.

First make sure the server is turned off and then go into your expert mode and find it in your game user settings on line 76. It should be Difficulty Compensation. Now go ahead and make sure the difficulty offset is at one and then go ahead and do that number the way you want it I covered it early on in the article what exactly that does, so check this out, learn when it happens and then come back and change it the way you want it just once you changed that save the change then wait about five minutes then restart your server then once your server is up, jump on your server, do a dinosaur wipe and then it takes up to 30 minutes for the server to replenish with all the new high-level dinosaurs and off you go.

The last option to change our server is to use the general settings in expert mode on your Nitrado server. So if you're not using expert mode then you just want to scroll down to Gameplay and this is where you'll find that the difficulty offset and official difficulty override numbers mean for the dino levels to come forward, change it, save the change, wait then about five minutes and then restart your server. Then hop into your server as soon as it's ready to do a diner woman and then give it about 30 minutes to completely populate it with the new high-level diners but without the itladies and gentlemen being us to the End of today's tutorial brings.

I hope this has helped you change the maximum Wild Diner level, if you had any problems or concerns, let me know in the comments section below and I will do my best to help you, but with that in mind I will see you in the next, take care of yourself

Welke onderdelen zijn er nieuw in Windows 10?

  • Volledig nieuwe browser met nieuwe renderingengine.
  • Microsoft Edge is de nieuwe standaard webbrowser.
  • Notities maken optie.
  • Delen optie.
  • Ondersteuning voor donkere modus.
  • Leesweergave.
  • Leeslijst.
  • Cortana-support.

Hi, I'm Bayan Joonam from SoulPancake and I'm happy to share my thoughts with you on why a strong look is important to delight your audience.

And to give you some options to create your own look. First, let's talk about why it is so helpful in giving your articles a unique look. What are the first things that you notice when you watch the article? The background, the colors, the clothes, all of these things make up the look or visual style of your article.

Check out this clip. It's pretty boring, isn't it? Now look at this one. You can tell the difference in visual design that's in the frame.

Now let's talk about how to start article creating your look to grab your fans' attention and make your articles stand out, ok so as you can see we are in a new place and i have one new shirt that i feel really good on because it gives you an idea of ​​my personal taste which is very important in creating a look and mood for your character and your articles in general. We have a blank board behind me and what you will see in the course In this part of the lesson you will learn how we can dynamically arrange objects so that you have a visually interesting frame. Choosing the right place to post your articles is a great way to get great production at a really low cost.

And you can catch it right away. the attention of the audience. Now let's talk about decorating the space within the frame.

It is important to keep a close eye on what will and will not be in the frame. So there is no point in decorating the room outside the frame. Using production design to decorate the space in this frame with the colors and props you put together is a great way to add depth and texture to your article.

Consider using the three levels to maximize depth. There are the background elements, there are the middle ground elements and the foreground elements, and you want to arrange these things to get focus where you want. Right now you can see with the red couch and the accent colors of the red in the plant draw you towards me, which also has beautiful red hummingbirds on my shirt that create a sense of visual unity in the frame.

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And this can be a very powerful tool to create a sense of balance in your images, or alternatively a sense of imbalance in these colors collide. Choosing props on costume that match your look will really help your audience sense your mood that you are trying to create. For example, this rotary dial phone like we discussed would fit very nicely into the '70s set or create a vintage vibe as I honestly don't even know how to use this thing anymore.

So let's get rid of this. Thanks. Or this fan from a slightly earlier era is made entirely of copper and stainless steel, it doesn't have to work, but you know what a very nice, shiny vintage fan it is.

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That could maybe fit into a set from the 40s or 50s. What else do we have? . This is a top hat that could very easily fit a character in a 1920s scene.

You might think of Charlie Chaplin when you look at me in that hat. It evokes certain feelings or a vintage vibe that it would probably be weird if I just walked around the street, but if I was in my 20s I would probably now let's talk about my favorite that does that what you can't find. Homemade materials can sometimes be the most interesting for your fans to find appealing.

So if you don't already have the background props or the wardrobe, just make them yourself. One of the advantages of doing something yourself is that you can really customize it to the look you want in terms of color, font and design as your hands are literally on it. For our SoulPancake Street booths, we've always wanted those giant, larger-than-life props and couldn't find them anywhere, so all we had to do was make them ourselves and so control the color palette so we could really create some unique and identifiable props that related to our brand languages.

The first thing you should really think about when deciding on a look is what type of article am I doing? Do I do a vlog, is it a music article, is it a sketch comedy, this will give you a palette or overall tone to start work with. Color is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to add a bold look to your channels' articles. Small decisions like painting a white background in blue can really go a long way in adding production value and helping audiences feel a certain way.

When we think of the color blue, we see the ocean in which we see the sky. It's a cool color that can make us feel safe or calm. A article with a vivid color palette is often used for comedy sketching or lifestyle writing shows, while a more subdued color palette can suggest reality or documentary shows.

Personally, I really enjoy researching how color can grow with your story. Can we move from a more subdued set to a livelier set as our character's perspective on life changes and grows, or how can we use color to reflect our character's emotional state of mind? Since different colors very often mean different things to different people, it is important that you start to trust your gut instinct and develop your own visual language that will connect your audience with. Because what you'll find is that if you keep making decisions about what your set looks like, it's not really the things that are different that make you different.

Often times, the decisions you make are the same that identify your channel's brand especially when compared to everyone else. That's the goal of having a style all of your own that people can point to and recognize even if your name isn't on it. Retaining fans from one article to the next can be a challenge.

But one simple thing to do with your visual design is to make sure you are consistent in your choices so that your fans know what to expect from you. It may not be as sexy about atopy, but it is important that during the process you are realistic about the things that you can repeat. And by doing this, your audience begins to trust you that you can consistently convey emotions that they can rely on.

For example, when you watch a show like Kid President you want it to really have a hand made feel and feel - give the Kid President audience a feel that a kid could have put on this show. That it's a show for children of children. And you can tell by the various elements in the background that they are made of cardboard and the curtains are obviously not behind windows, and all of the elements are hand drawn.

And that made the audience feel very special, hey, this could have been done by a kid and it's for kids. Don't forget that with every decision you make, you are giving yourself an opportunity to engage with your audience. This is really helpful for people to get emotionally invested in your articles.

So let's collect ideas for your look. By creating a strong, unique look, you'll make an impact on your viewers and also stand out as a YouTuber and a channel. What colors represent what you are doing and make your audience feel like they are watching your articles.

What locations or backgrounds are best for the type of articles you're creating? What props and costumes do you think make the most sense for your article? Get creative by doing things that are special and unique to you. Think about your story, why did you start making articles? What were the things that were important in your life, what are the things that you like to look at? And then incorporate those unique elements into your article. At SoulPancake, the most important thing for us is to do things that matter.

But we want to do this with a happy and optimistic approach, when designing our production elements we want to create something that is beautifully handcrafted and that makes a double impression when you passed it on the street. In collaboration with YouTube, we built a recycled playground right in front of the YouTube room. A room that people want to come in and sit in and remember to be a kid in this scenario.

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We actually had to paint 42 tree stumps so we just went to a lumber yard and asked if they had leftovers and ended up paying no more than $ 50 for all of the stumps. When people were in the sandpit, they were really feeling nostalgic and vulnerable in a way that they were willing to argue with a stranger that we would bring them together about things they wish they knew when they did were younger. One, two, three, four I declare a thumb war I how do I declare peace? I don't like war, how do I declare peace? So let's just put our thumbs together.

Okay peace. Peace, thank you for watching. It was really fun sharing myths about production design and how to create a look because I think about it a lot.

If you'd like to see more lessons from the Creator Academy, click here.

Welke Windows versie is de nieuwste?

Het is dus een goed idee om even na te kijken welke versie van Windows je gebruikt. Er zijn verschillende manieren om dit te doen, maar op deze manier krijg je het snelst een antwoord. De laatste versie is 20H2 en dateert van oktober 2020.

Hi everyone! I'm back with a new evolution article.

Before you start, subscribe to more interesting articles! Enjoy watching! The first version of Windows was released in 1985 as an extension of the MS-DOS operating system. It gave the user a virtual one Browse the desktop, open multiple windows and view the contents of folders with a single click. In addition, Windows 1.0 came with Windows Paint, Windows Write, Calendar, Clock, Notepad, File Manager, a terminal application and, last but not least, a game called Reversi.

The second version of Windows was launched in 1987 and was more popular than the first version because of Microsoft Word and Excel applications. At the same time, this version of Windows included new features such as overlapping windows, resizable windows, keyboard shortcuts and support for VGA graphics. Windows 3.0 is considered to be the beginning of its worldwide popularity as a desktop operating system.

It appeared in 1990 with DOS multitasking programs and the first appearance of the game Solitaire. Two years later, in 1992, version 3.1 was released with important new features such as the ability to scroll icons, support for TrueType fonts, and support for OLE Compound File published Windows is distributed on CD-ROM.

Windows NT 3.1 is a server and business desktop operating system introduced in 1993. It was a 32-bit operating system and enabled several new features, such as: The second version of the Windows NT operating system is Windows NT 3.5, released in 1994.

The main purpose in developing this version was the speed of the operating system, which is why it was named 'Daytona'

How to update build version 10240 to 1607 Windows 10?

Install KB3159706 which should come as a regular Windows update on the WSUS 2012 or 2012 R2 Server. Then you need to perform the extra manual steps that are well documented here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3159706/update-enables-esd-decryption-provision-in-wsus-in-...

Is it possible to go from 10240 to 1083 Windows 10?

This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. 10240, is the first version of Windows 10 released, it is really old and that could be he cause of this happening. Honestly to go from 10240 to 1083, your best option would be to backup your data and clean insttall 1803.

How to activate Windows 10 build 10240 command prompt?

How to activate Windows 10 build 10240 Open an elevated command prompt. Type the following command and hit the Enterkey: slmgr /ipk W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX Wait for the message box popup that the key is installed. Now type the following command and press Enter slmgr /skms kms.xspace.in

How to activate Windows 10 build 10240 Winaero?

How to activate Windows 10 build 10240 Open an elevated command prompt. Type the following command and hit the Enterkey: slmgr /ipk W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX Wait for the message box popup that the key is installed. Now type the following command and press Enter

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