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Windows upgrade 9252 - how to decide

Wat is de laatste update van Windows 10?

November 2019 Update (versie 1909*) Mei 2020 Update (versie 2004) Oktober 2020 Update (versie 20H2*) En dan nu dus de Mei 2021 Update (versie 21H1*)10 mei 2021

Hello tutorial shows you how to uninstall Windows update on Windows 10 Manually undo the last Windows update Windows 10 receives regular updates and we install them but sometimes they can cause problems The tutorial shows how to uninstall problematic Windows updates and Windows updates remove without uninstalling remove OptionWarning! Uninstalling the required Windows update can cause problems for the Windows system! So make sure you create a restore point and follow the tutorial step by step! All the steps shown in the tutorialFirst, how to create a system restore point in Windows 10Second, how to uninstall a Windows updateUse a control panel or command promptThird how to do a Uninstalled Windows Update Without Uninstall Option Fourth, How To Undo System Changes Using A Restore PointHow To Create A System Restore Point In Windows 10 Go to the Windows search box and tap Create Restore Point, click a System Protection tab, then select the drive you want to save the restore point to, and go To configure, enable system protection, save changes by applying, OK click on Create to create a restore point, name your system backup and click on Createu nd click Create The restore point has been successfully created Now you can easily restore your Windows if something goes wrong, just click System Restore, select your restore point and follow the next button. I'll do it later Step 2, Uninstall Windows Update from a Control Panel or Command Prompt Go to the Windows search box and type in Control Panel Go to Programs and Features Click the View Installed Updates link Here you can find all the installed updates As you can see there are 5 updates Windows installed on my Ok, some of them have an uninstall option but some of them don't OK, let's remove the Windows update using the uninstall option, you can do this very easily, just right click on the Windows update you want to remove , and click Uninstall Then click Yes to uninstall Windows Update It will take a few minutes so I'll speed up the process Done, after uninstalling Windows Update you will need to restart your computer for changes to take effect, but not now that I want to uninstall the second updateLa So let's try uninstalling this As you can see this update doesn't have an uninstall option Let's try uninstalling this Windows update from the command line This command lets you list all the updates that have been installed Ok, let's find my non-removable update Windows update, by package number So so , it's KB4525419, the last one on this list, let's try uninstalling it, we got an error: Security update for Microsoft Windows is required by your computer and cannot be uninstalled, but this command usually works with Windows updates that have the option to uninstall OK, step 3, How to Uninstall Windows Update Without Uninstall Option First we need to download and install Notepad plus So once you have installed Notepad, go to the following path C: Windows servicing Packages, enter your non-removable Windows Update package number in the File- Explorer search ldPackageNumber.mum How we're looking for mom files Try to find an update package with no numbering like this one Right-click the update package and open it with the notepad Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard to Open the notepad search box Search for permanently and replace permanently with removable Save changes Notepad prompts you to reopen the file in Administrator mode, click Yes And save changes again Go back to Control Panel and refresh Windows update list Click on non-removable Windows Update and you will see the uninstall option OK, let's check if it works Works perfectly! If you want to completely delete the downloaded Windows update files, go to the following path: C: Windows SoftwareDistribution DownloadAnd delete all files in the download folder Don't worry, all necessary folders will be updated after the restart UpdatedThe final step, undo system changes using a restore pointSo if something goes wrong after uninstalling Windows UpdateYou can easily undo changesSelect the 'System Protection' tab click on System RestoreYou can use the recommended restore point or choose the one we did before If you can't find your restore point in the list after rebooting, don't worry, just use an earliest or recommended one that will take some time so I'll speed up the process OK, Done, we successfully uninstalled Windows Updates, and then Undo changes using the system restore point

Wat is Windows Update Assistant?

De Windows 10 Update-assistent downloadt en installeert functie-updates op uw apparaat. Functie-updates zoals Windows 10, versie 1909 (ook wel bekend als de Windows 10-update van november 2019) biedt nieuwe functionaliteit en helpt uw systemen veilig te houden.

Waarom kan ik Windows 10 niet updaten?

Selecteer Start > Instellingen > Bijwerken en beveiliging > Problemen oplossen > Extra probleemoplossers. Onder Aan de slag selecteert u vervolgens Windows Update > De probleemoplosser uitvoeren. Wanneer de probleemoplosser klaar is, is het een goed idee om uw apparaat opnieuw op te starten.

Is er een update voor Windows 10?

Als je de update nu wilt installeren, selecteer je Start > Instellingen > Bijwerken en beveiliging > Windows Update . ... Selecteer vervolgens Controleren op updates. Als er updates beschikbaar zijn, installeert u deze.

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If your Windows 10 computer is running slowly, follow these steps to speed up Windows 10 and maximize your PC's performance The ultimate performance of your Windows 10 PC actually has a speed setting. So why not set it, let's go to the start menu in the settings system and select energy and.

Right click on additional power settings. This will give you a list of power saving options to improve speed or power saving consumption. Select the ultimate performance when it's available in the list.

Otherwise, choose the high performance that will maximize the speed of your computer at the expense of power consumption Select the one you want and close the number two advanced system settings window click on the start menu, go to system settings and select on the left menu on the right side the option 'Advanced System Settings' and under the tab 'Advanced' click on 'Performance Settings'. By default, Windows can choose the one that best suits your computer, giving you a choice between the best appearance and the best performance. You can improve the speed of your computer by changing this for the best performance.

I recommend checking this box to smooth the edges of the screen fonts, or the fonts in your browser won't look very good. Also, enable the Show Thumbnails instead of Icons click the 'Advanced' tab and make sure this is set to Programs for the best performance, not background services that keep your foreground apps running the best match, and close window number three of graphics performance. In the same system menu, click on the display on the left, scroll down and select Graphics Settings.

Select this option to change your default graphics settings and enable them to improve performance. This takes advantage of your graphics card's GPU acceleration in this list. Also, check out these apps and see what setting they have configured.

They are currently listed as Power Saving Mode, but if you click one you can go to the options and select one Select the high performance option for the connected graphics card. So if you are using multiple graphics cards, the slower version may be used by default. Select 'High Performance' and save this setting you can also add other apps to the list Click here on Browse and go to drive c and find the program you want to add to the list.

Example: I have Camtasia and with the Camtasia Studio I can add this application to the list and go into the options and set it for high performance. This will ensure that you are using the fastest graphics card in your number 4 computer. System Configuration click on your Start Menu and scroll down the menu and find the Windows Administrative Tools under it, which will find System Configuration. scroll and open it from that menu, click the boot tab and check this box for no GUI boot.

This will remove the splash screen that appears when you boot your computer, make your computer faster while you're here. Click the advanced options that most users recommend checking this box and then selecting the maximum number of processors in your system. By default, the maximum number of processors in your system will be used if this is disabled.

So make sure to select the maximum number of processors in your system. If this is disabled, make sure that the number of processors is set to the maximum number of processors in your system. So make sure it does. 'that is disabled and click OK.

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Now click on the 'Services' tab. Check this box to hide all Microsoft services. Check this list to see if any services are running that you know you don't need.

Most of these are system related, but if you have some applications that you no longer need, you can disable them to make sure they are not part of your system when you start your computer. When you're done, click OK and you'll be prompted to restart your computer. Now restart if you want to make these changes Number 5 Privacy Settings, let's go back to the Start Settings, but this time go to Privacy and under general turn off these four settings, which also disable some annoying data collections I also go to Diagnostics and Feedback and turn this off.

Scroll down and disable this bespoke experience that eliminates the collection of diagnostic data that can slow down your computer. Number Six Turn Off Game Mode When Not Using Your Computer High-end gaming can improve performance by turning these features off. Let's go back to the settings under Games and now turn this option off in the Xbox game bar.

Go to Game Mode and toggle Game Mode off under Recordings Disable Background Recording and Disable Audio Recording if all these features are taking performance off your system and moving it to games Now that they are off, you should be looking at your indexer's performance improve. Microsoft has a new feature in the. added latest version of Windows 10 to improve search index performance.

Let's go back to Settings one more time, but this time select Search and hit 'Search Windows'. Scroll down and you will see an indexer performance setting here. If you enable this, the device's power mode settings will be respected as we're setting the power mode to performance rather than energy saving.

This new setting is used to improve the indexing function, since indexing normally happens in the background should the performance of your machine number 8 64-bit applications improve the performance of your applications on your computer by installing 64-bit applications is this only going to work if you have a 64-bit upgrade operating system in Windows You can check whether the 32-bit operating system in the System settings via the system type limits the 32-bit operating system to 4 gigabytes of installed RAM in applications is used. But if you have 64-bit versions. the 32-bit operating system has a limit of 4 gigabytes of installed RAM - in applications you can use a much larger amount of RAM, and this is especially useful with apps like Excel, which consume a lot of memory to run.

With your 32-bit system installed, you may be able to upgrade your Windows operation. If you move the system to 64-bit to see this improvement, with 64-bit installation you can go to things like Office and the installation office other installs come here to apps and devices and you will see this for Microsoft Office and for Skype and other apps you have the choice between a 64-bit and a 32-bit version with the latest versions of Windows 10 on a 64 -Bit operating system. Make sure to install the 64-bit version of Office, if you are currently up to 32 you may want to remove and reinstall the 64-bit version to improve your performance.

This also applies to other apps installed on your Windows PC. So whenever possible, always use the 64-bit version screen and right-click on the taskbar. Select Task Manager and then the Start tab.

This is a list of apps that will automatically load when you start your computer. Turning some of these off will improve your PC's performance by looking through this list and seeing which ones you don't need. You can also click on the startup impacts and see which ones are having a big impact on your computer.

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You know they are not required. Click on it and select 'Disable'. The fewer apps that are running, the better the performance.

Number 10 Transparency Effects Click the Start menu, go to Personalization Settings, then select Colors from the left menu at the bottom Here is a Transparency Effects setting that will give the windows that translucent look when you move them across the screen and turn them off this feature for a slight increase in performance Number 11 Remove Bloatware Click 'Bloatware Bloatware are apps that are installed for testing purposes of various software or other helpful utilities that come with your computer or that are downloaded when you download other software from the Web these little ugly pieces of program consume a lot of resources and reach click on uninstall and that will remove the app from your system Disk clean up number 12 is not only good for maintaining your computer but it can also optimize your performance. In the search bar, type drive and choose Disk Cleanup from the menu By default, your drive will be used, click OK and it will bring up a list of files to delete with the space used, choose Clean up system files and choose your default drive again . This may take a few minutes as it is collecting data, especially if it has been a long time since you did this.

Look at this list and tick all the boxes of the things you want to remove and hit the 'OK' button to these files permanently delete and improve this. The Performance of Your System Number 13 Removing Desktop Shortcuts You have a screen with a million different icons on it This slows down your computer's performance every time Windows switches between applications or different windows. All of these icons will need to be reloaded if you want to improve performance.Remove them or at least move them to a folder on your desktop to avoid all of these problems loading every time you switch to Windows 14 and Windows Updates Delivery You can access it by going to Settings & Security and clicking on Delivery Optimization here you can see that Delivery Optimization gives you Windows and Store app updates and other Microsoft products quickly and reliably Sounds great when it allows it.

Download one of your Windows updates from other PCs or from the internet, all of which sound wonderful, where it gets difficult as you read this. Turn this on. Your PC can send parts of previously downloaded Windows updates and apps to PCs on your local network or on the Internet.

This means that your computer will be used to upload data to other PCs on the internet and this will affect your performance by using the bandwidth of your internet connection and also background processes on your computer. I therefore recommend turning this option off. You may only want to leave this on if you have a large network with. have multiple machines and you want to share updates instead of each computer pulling bandwidth through your internet connection one at a time.

For the home user, switch this off and then go into the advanced options. You will also see that there are settings for the downloads here that allow you to limit the bandwidth if you disable them you don't have to worry if you leave them enabled you can limit the speed that goes for d. is used These downloads allow you to control the upload settings.

My recommendation is to either disable the other setting completely or at least check this box and slide it all the way down so your computer isn't used to update other PCs on the internet which can be a significant performance penalty you will notice at times If you are working on your computer and it's sluggish and your internet connection is going crazy it's because your computer is being used to update other people on the internet that you can also see on the previous screen was the activity monitor that gave you gives an idea of ​​how much download data there was and how much is being used for uploading, zeroed because I just did an update and rolled it back, but take a look at this and if you want to see a big upload then Turn this off to improve your computer's performance. Number 15 Remove Cortana Cortana is a little wizard that Microsoft added to newer versions of Windows, but it is consuming resources if you want to get rid of Cortana. Just come over here to the search bar, type gpedit and hit enter to open that window at the bottom, to search and look for it, allow Cortana, if you double click on it you can turn it off and hit OK.

Close the window and restart your computer. Drive A solid-state drive is one of the best things that you can do to improve the performance of your computer. You can check this in the startup settings of the system store.

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Go down and select Optimize Drives from your various drives that you have in your system, in this case the Windows c with the icon for Windows is the boot drive and the operating system and it is a solid state drive d is drive a hard drive in general, a solid state drive will make your computer boot faster. It will run browsers faster, especially games and high-intensity disk-to-disk IO applications, if you don't have a solid-state drive as your primary boot drive then consider doing it as an upgrade or at least looking on any new system After an SSD boot drive you want to buy it makes a significant difference to your computer's performance and while we are here this is probably not a bad idea Go ahead and click on the option to optimize these drives number 17 Windows Reset If you've tried many different things and your system is not running smoothly, you can perform a Windows reset to return it to your original Windows installation. Go to Start Settings Update & Security and click Recovery here.

You have the option to reset this PC or go back to the previous version of Windows. When you reset the PC, you have a choice of keeping your files, but removing all apps and settings, or you can remove everything. Everything will be erased and restarted.

Either option allows you to reinstall Windows to start over installing all of your applications, and either option may be required to improve the performance of the. Windows 10 that concludes my recommendations for speeding up Windows If you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment below this article and share it with the rest of us. Thanks for watching Hey, if you want to see more articles like this please subscribe and if you 've enjoyed this article click the thumbs up and leave a comment.

I really appreciate your support

Which is the Windows 10 upgrade9252 EXE file?

The Windows10Upgrade9252.exe file is used to upgrade Windows 10 A UAC prompt pops up next, where you must confirm that you want to run the Windows 10 Update Assistant by pressing Yes. Press Yes in the UAC prompt to allow the Windows 10 Update Assistant

How big of a file is 9252 on Windows 10?

What you show as 9252 is a very small file at 5.5MB. I'm not sure what that update will produce. 1607 is the Version number while the current Build is 14393.693. What you show as 9252 is a very small file at 5.5MB. I'm not sure what that update will produce.

Is there a Windows 10 upgrade for 10586.494?

As you say it only offered 10586.494. However I chose to make an esb.usb and installed from 14393.5 activated with a digital license attached to my Microsoft account, to 10586.494 activated with a digital entitlement. But at no time did it exit or offer to.

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