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Windows photogallery updates - the ultimate guide

What happened to Windows Photo Gallery?

Note: Do not forget that Windows Photo Gallery has been discontinued and Microsoft no longer offers support for it. If you have any issues with the app, you'll have to solve them on your own.

Hey, this is a article on how to import your pictures from your digital camera to your computer using Windows Live Photo Gallery. There are many different ways to import your pictures to your computer, but I like Windows Live Photo Gallery. It has great little options and of course I use Windows Live Photo Gallery to edit my pictures mostly it's a great little basic free photo editor so here is the article on how to import your pictures using Windows Live Photo Gallery.

First, either connect your camera to your computer using the supplied USB cable or take out the SD card and memory card Take out the camera and insert it into the camera card slot on your computer, if you do I plugged in my camera, so I turn it on and you should hear a voice giving me a noise indicating that it is connected to the computer mmm hopefully you heard that pleasant little noise now nothing happened mm-hmm or it looks like it was nothing happens but down here we now see a couple of options when I click on it, it indicates that my Canon Powershot is connected to the computer and some files are stored on it. There are a few options here. Now I want to optimize the process of importing my pictures onto my computer.

This is one thing you can do, if you plug in your camera and nothing happens, look down here for a little window click on it and you may find that it shows up on your computer, by the way, I'm using Windows 7 so I am going to change the general settings, now the general settings show that this is the device name that the camera gives when the device is connected on the computer do nothing what it says, action taken, that's not what I want I want to choose from this huge list of options to import pictures and articles using Windows Live Photo Gallery and now hopefully that will happen the next time you see notifications from this device on your system tray just tick the box click OK and me close that and i will turn off my camera as you can hear the camera is off e There's a previous window We're going to pretend it's not there okay so let's start over let's now that we've adjusted let's turn on the camera now nice little noise this time something else happens we get a popup it's the one actual import assistant that appears what is now, I don't have to ask myself where everything is or take extra steps we have to take a few steps but now we don't have to take any extra steps so 0 new photos and articles were found, actually photos are on the camera that I have just imported imported same pictures before so it indicates that there are no new pictures and this is a handy utility because if you leave your pictures on your camera on your camera card, this program will not import the same pictures over and over again, if you want to try adding new pictures so that you win. There aren't 50 million duplicates so our options are here: review the items to be imported and group them, or we can just choose to import all new items now. Note that they are grayed out you might if there were new pictures on your camera, it's grayed out because you still can't do it I usually or almost always choose that option anyway now there are more options here too and let's do that go through when we click on the 'More options' window and specify the settings for your camera import - that is, where do you want to put your pictures that are on the camera and we want to import them into the computer so that the computer reads, sees the pictures that are on the camera but not yet on the computer because I unplug the camera.

At the moment the pictures would still be in the camera and they would not be on the computer many people mix and go and wonder where my pictures go well, that's why they are put in this complicated place, but in general we want to click, we can choose to save our pictures to the desktop, which I do strongly not recommend, and we can find a place we want to import screenshots you can have your name here computer user name at the moment so i could say owner or your name bob or whatever if i hit the little one here Triangle click I have a whole bunch of options no we can also alternatively click on libraries let's just do it and we have a drop down list with documents music pictures i think we want to place them there correctly so we can click pictures and mypictures and can place them in a number of different places. This can get confusing and you might be wondering what I'm talking about, but it relates to the place where you computer stores your pictures, that's a whole different lesson, although we want to store them in your pictures, we can get one create new folder I personally like to organize my photos by date into a folder for each month of the year and then when the years are up I put all those 12 months in a folder from 2013 and it's very simple, well organized, I always can go back and find the pictures I'm looking for so I hit OK and now we know the pictures will be imported - they will be transferred to the October 2013 folder or subfolders in the 'My Pictures' folder, okay and when we go down, let's go to Images and click on it We can see that a new folder has been created for October 13th. This may seem confusing, but watch the article a few times and just follow the steps.

Sometimes it is easy to do something to understand first. It may not make sense, but the more you do it the more it is just oh yeah, that's how it works so the folder name for the next step is set to 'none' by default for the next step. That means we created a folder correctly so that all of the images go into that folder.

You can actually create a specific folder for the specific images you have right now so I took the imported date and name, but I like to write none I don't like a whole bunch of little folders within folders, what I like to do is to give my pictures a name so that I can give them a unique ue file name and why also the date and there are dropdown options only the name or the original file name there is Bgobbledygook of numbers and zeros and so on and then name and date or date of the photo a name so that it is only transposed or name is changed. Date of recording I Here is just an example HimalayasOther options would we like to open the Windowslive photo gallery after importing? I usually do this, once the import process is complete we can start automatically editing our photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery. Do we want to delete the pictures from your device? My personal preference I like to delete them from the device, delete them there so that my camera is empty and I can take a whole bunch of new pictures there I have trust and confidence that my pictures are stored on my computer and then I religiously secure them 3 most important things you can make backups with your computer files by the way and save your pictures always save them on a floppy disk to send your fries nds post them on the internet if your computer crashes, you haven't lost everything don't put all your eggs in one basket ok, so I still delete my pictures from my card because I don’t need to have them in that basket Rotate photos while importing This is a great option if you have taken a picture If you have turned your camera on its side, it will automatically rotate when it is in, you won't see a lot of pictures from the side and we can restore the default settings so that wi r you can change some other things don't worry click ok those were in the more options we'll be here again if you remember we will organize and group our elements during the import it says 0 new images were found that is hopefully when you this rewind you will again understand what it's about, more options are where we just were, now we are ready to import so we click Next and it will show us all the images that are currently on the camera and they are in three specific ones Sizes grouped oups these are not the images, these are something like headings Preview of the images are zero elements selected in zero groups When we click on Select all, there is a tick in each of them and now it says that 1307 elements are selected in three groups, the we can name each group right in the bush and it has a date stamp tag don't worry we can only get one fast le preview all the pictures in this group by clicking show all 9:19 each has a check mark indicating that these pictures will be imported, if I remove the check mark will not be imported into the computer I can get a quick preview of the photos within this group, as I said, these two are article files, only because of this they look different I won't say more about this if we want to close the group, to close this slider the way allows us to pull down the other groups and see, and we can click on it and expand this group and see the pictures in that group then there are only two of them and then in this group it says there are 16 and we can click on it and our sliders here click and hold and drag and the View images within this group.

We can give these groups a name and we can collapse or remove the preview in each group by clicking on it, then there is one for each group as you can see that this group has no name, let's say about the trailer. When we import it it will save every picture with the name on the trailer and it will be blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah one like on the trailer like on the trailer number one two two and it will also have the date adjusted at the end like me in the More options setting, so I click on Collapse Group, which means that the preview for this group is not shown and I did the same for this one.Each group is fully selected when I open this again, when I remove the checkmark and I close it Group you will notice that the check marks are gone, like with these two, which only suggests that not all of the images in that group will be imported into the co mputer, but when I click there automatically the check mark goes and I have changed so that now all images in this group are imported.

Sorry, I really like this thing here, it's very handy to customize groups as a slider and when you move the slider to change the amount change time between groups, so there are three groups right now and they will go through a certain time Are defined. There are actually four hours between each group, if I drag the slider like this, it would be three hours 2.5 2.1 and if I took 0.5 hours to the end, so every half hour it has a group of half an hour So you say you went to Bobby's birthday once a day and went to Billy's birthday half an hour later.

You might want to have them separated so you could say Bobby's birthday here and Billy's birthday here file is still being maintained but there is no name left here and here so you'd have to rename your groups if you choose to, so there is here now a whole series of groups 37 pictures in six groups we can also pull the sl ider some people just have their pictures per day okay, these are the pictures that I took that day or other people who you know, three days, five days, maybe they did a seven day trip and want all of the pictures in one group You know, when you've had multiple groups with a seven day trip it gets a little frustrating sometimes, but sometimes you want that separation , so that is your decision and the decision is easy to make by moving this slider here. I'm going back to mine for our groups and we have a bike ride in the bush we call this one camp and that off in the trailer great so we are now ready to import and by default we go to more options I usually delete the pictures from the device For this demonstration purpose, I'm not going to do it because I may need to delete or re-import them so click OK I'll just remember any changes you made to these other options the next time you save them when You want to import and import them into October and the next time you import pictures they will be in nothing then you have to go to the folder that these are imported into and you can make those changes, so keep that in mind Each time you need to do this, just take a quick look at it and see what the settings are, and when we're ready let's hit import en and the import process is in progress I could change my mind and have this deleted after importing, but I won't and when that's done it will close that window and open Windows Live Photo Gallery and you can almost be there, you can do my next See the article as you edit photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery. Let's leave that aside for now, and here is the Photo Gallery Editing Package, Thank you for watching how to import pictures into your computer using Windows Live Photo Gallery.

I hope you enjoyed it Below ask me any questions or say hey Chris nice article click like below in the article just you know just to help me let people know it was a good article to watch and of course so share with your friends and don't forget to check out my next article on editing photos in the free, easy-to-use Windows Live Photo Gallery. Thanks for looking

Is Windows Photo Gallery still available?

Windows Photo Gallery (formerly known as Windows Live Photo Gallery) is a discontinued image organizer, photo editor and photo sharing program. It is a part of Microsoft's Windows Essentials software suite.

How do I update my HP photo gallery?

Updating version 2.0
  1. Click the Store tile. Figure : Store tile.
  2. If there are any updates available for any of the apps installed on your computer, Update displays in the upper right corner. Click Update. ...
  3. See App updates. If available under App Updated, click the HP Connected Photo and follow any on-screen instructions.

This article shows how to use Windows Easy Transfer to transfer information from one computer to another computer. You can use Windows Easy Transfer to transfer information from computers running Windows 8, Windows RT, or Windows 7 to a computer running Windows 8.1.

word union symbol

Windows Easy Transfer cannot transfer files from a Windows 8.1 computer to another computer. Use OneDrive or manually transfer files from a Windows 8.1 computer.

Windows Easy Transfer cannot transfer files between a 64-bit version of Windows and a 32-bit version of Windows external storage device. Use an external storage device to store the information you want to transfer. If you are transferring all of the information from your computer, use an external hard drive.

If you are only transferring a few files, you can use a USB flash drive to disconnect. Before transferring files, disconnect both computers from the Internet and temporarily turn off any firewall software that may be running. Sign in Log in to the computer you're on Transferring Files as an administrator.

If you're using Windows 7, click the Start button and type Windows Easy Transfer in the search box. Select Windows Easy Transfer from the list of results. If you're using Windows 8, from the Start screen, type broadcast to open the search charm, then choose Wi ndows Easy Transfer from the search results.

On the welcome screen, click Next. Select the An external hard drive or USB flash drive option. Select This is my old computer.

Windows Easy Transfer will scan the user accounts to find everything what can be transferred. Check the box next to the items you want to transfer, then click Next. Enter a password to protect the Windows Easy Transfer file, and then click Save.

Browse to find the external hard drive or USB flash drive that you are using to transfer files, then click Open. Click Save. When the files and settings have been saved, click Next to continue.

When the transfer is complete, click Next. Check that the files are in the correct locomotive, then click Close. Remove and insert the storage device until you are ready to transfer the files to the new computer.

Sign in to the Windows 8.1 computer to start the file transfer. Connect the storage device with the items being transferred using the Type Transfer on the Start screen, to open the Search charm, then select Windows Easy Transfer from the search results.

In the welcome window, click Next to continue. If your files are already saved and ready to be transferred, click Yes. Select Select your storage device, then click Open.

A list of all the files stored on the device will open. Select the Windows Easy Transfer file from the list, then click Open. Enter the password you want to protect your Transfer file is used, and then click Next.

Read and respond to all of the on-screen messages. Select the user accounts you want to transfer, and then click Transfer. When the file transfer is complete, click Close.

Remove and save the external hard drive or USB flash drive from the computer. in a safe place. Your information will now be transferred to the new computer.

To find the files, log into your computer with the account that was transferred from the other computer. On the Home screen, type File Explorer to Open the Search charm. and then select File Explorer from the search results.

Click the little triangle next to This PC to expand the list. Look in the folders for your transferred files. If you're transferring files from a Windows 8 computer, you can Also add your purchased apps on the new computer.

Sign in to your computer with the account you transferred from the other computer. On the Home screen, click the Store tile. Find the list of apps in your account that are not on this PC installed from the Windows Store app menus.

Right-click each app you want to install, or click Select All, then click Install. On the Home screen, click the down arrow in the lower-left corner of the screen to open a list of apps, click the down arrow next to Apps by Name and select by Date i from the Installed drop-down list. The newly installed apps are shown first in the list.

The word NEW appears next to the app tile. Right-click the apps you want to pin to the Start screen and click the Pin to Start icon in the lower left corner of the screen. You can find more helpful articles at hp.com/supportarticles and on our YouTube channel youtube.com/howto4U.

What is the replacement for Windows Photo Gallery?

Fotophire Editing Toolkit

If you want a perfect backup of your Windows 10 computer so that you can get back on your feet quickly in the event of a disaster, you need to create a system image backup in this article that will show you what type of hard drive you need, how to create the system image and How to Recover Your Computer When the Time Comes Computer hard drives fail all the time and yours could die when you least expect it. It's really cheap to buy a new hard drive, and it's pretty easy to install yourself. The painful part is when you find out how long it takes to get all of your files back, install all of your games and apps, and get it get all your settings back the way you like them.Now I've already made a article explaining how to back up your Windows 10 computer in several different ways, be it file history on a drive or manually dragging your files to one external hard drive.

Each of these types of backups are quick and easy, and let's face it, if a backup isn't quick and easy it will never finish, but there is another way to create a backup that saves a copy of your entire computer - a system image- Backup creates a clone of your main hard drive and stores it on an external hard drive external.If you ever have a serious problem like a virus or need to replace a defective hard drive, you can dig up the external hard drive and use the system image to restore the computer to exactly that state where it was on the day it was backed up taking a system image takes a few hours, and if you want to get into the habit of backing up regularly, which you should do, you'll have to repeat the entire process every time, even if you've been since your last Backup only worked on a few files. You have to wait for the entire hard drive to be backed up every time and if your computer dies completely on you you will have to buy something to replace it, then a system image would not be of any use to you because it can only be used the same To restore the type of computer it created, so as you may have guessed, a system image backup only makes sense when done in addition to another type of backup.

So what do you need to take a system image backup? Here's how you can find out what capacity you need by opening File Explorer on your computer. Click on this PC and you will see the main hard drive although my hard drive is only half full I will probably fill it up in the future so I will have to buy an external hard drive the same size as this hard drive we can round that number from 952 petabytes to a thousand gigabytes, which is the equivalent of a terabyte I'd say look for a good brand because you really have to rely on this thing when the time comes. I usually buy Western Digital or Seagate, now I've plugged in my 1 terabyte hard drive and wait for it to show up on the computer, if you've connected other external drives or memory sticks, it's best to unplug them at this point so that You don't risk overwriting important data.

Now open Settings and go to Update and Security, go to Backup and then go to Backup and Restore Windows 7 Don't worry about the Windows 7 part Click on Create System Image choose one Hard drive and then make sure this is set to the attached hard drive click next check that all the drives you want to back up are ticked don't worry watch a doubt, it means you only have one Have main hard drive to start. Click Next Now my hard drive is encrypted Yours may not be so don't worry about not seeing this message. It says to me that my hard drive is encrypted but the backup drive will not have a way to encrypt the backup drive and I hope to make a article in the future to show you how to do it.

Now click Start Backup and you want to do something else as it should take at least 2 hours Do not use the computer while it is taking a system image once it is done. The computer reports that the backup completed successfully, but you may not see this message because another one pops up about it and asks if you want to create a system repair disk. Now you can, but your computer will need a CD or DVD drive.

A system repair disk contains the recovery tools that you can use to start recovery if you ever need them. Instead of making a system repair disk, I would recommend making a USB recovery drive, and it just happens that the next article I upload, How to Restore Drive Anyway, now that you've created your system image you want the hard drive safely eject now unplug the drive and keep it in a safe place don't keep it near your computer ideally you should keep it in a different room don't forget to repeat this process at least once a year because the more often you back up, the more up to date it will be if you ever need to use it and have you used another backup like filehistory or one? Drive make sure it's even more current now without the temptation of fate. Let's see what you would do in the future if a disaster wiped out all of the data on your hard drive.

First, let's say your hard drive hasn't failed but you can't start Windows just has your external hard drive ready with a system image backup and plugged into the computer's USB slot, if you have a USB recovery drive - great then, but you may not need to turn on the computer twice and wait for the Please Wait graphic to start spinning. Then force shutdown the computer by holding the power button for 10 seconds, then wait a moment and turn the computer back on, then wait for the graphic 'please wait' computer again this time out. The computer should try to repair your computer automatically but it will likely give up and if you see this message click Advanced Options then click Troubleshoot, if you are at this screen then wait here for a moment.

Of course, there's a chance your computer could just turn on and show you a blank screen. Maybe your hard drives are failing and in that case you need a USB recovery drive, so watch my article on how to make a recovery drive, you need to borrow someone else's computer, but don't worry, the drive you create will work well for getting your computer where we needed to be once you create the recovery drive. Plug it into the USB port on your computer and also plug your backup drive into the computer from the recovery USB boot Select the keyboard layout and then click Troubleshoot now we are all on the same screen and we should be in the Be able to restore the backup Click on Advanced Options When you have made the backup click Next, please be very careful here, you will clean up all of your drives.

When you have backed up all of your data click Next then all you need to do is click Finish and then say Yes and your computer will start a long process of restoring your data. This will take a few hours and when it's done your computer will work just like the day you did the backup, so now you know how to back up and restore your computer to a system image. Hopefully this will save you the stress and worry in case you should ever need it, but more importantly, I hope you never need it, let me know in the comments below this article if it helped you, it's now for hours Took the time you ever had a complete disaster and lost all your data I really would love to hear your good or bad stories please give this article a thumbs up as well and if you want to see more tutorials like this from my future please consider that press the red subscribe button, thanks for watching

How to I update my Windows Photo Gallery?

How to I update Windows Photo Gallery? I scanned some old photos but Photo Gallery would not open so I could crop them. Give a reaction:

Is there a Windows Photo Gallery for Windows 10?

Windows Photo Gallery is one of the most well-known photo editing apps from Microsoft. Unfortunately, P hoto Gallery for Windows 10 was discontinued and replaced by something else. A M icrosoft Photos download is still available for those who want to keep using the app.

What to do with Windows Photo Gallery 16.4.3528.331?

Windows Photo Gallery 16.4.3528.331 includes powerful and easy-to-use editing tools that you can use to work on dozens of photos simultaneously. Correct imperfections, adjust color and exposure, fix red eye, and even 'fuse' two or more photos (such as different versions of a group shot) into one.

When was the last time Windows Photo Gallery was released?

The last Photo Library branded software was released on April 22, 2005. After that, Windows Photo Gallery took over and it came with all the versions of Windows Vista. When Windows 7 was released, Windows Photo Gallery was removed and added to the Windows Live Essentials suite.

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