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Windows 8.1install key - typical answers and questions

Can you install Windows 8.1 without a key?

The fastest and easiest way to install Windows 8.1 without a product key is by creating a Windows installation USB drive. We need to download a Windows 8.1 ISO from Microsoft if we haven't already. Then, we can use a 4GB or larger USB flash drive and an app, such as Rufus, to create a Windows 8.1 installation USB.12 mei 2017

There are two parts to this tutorial. First scan the installation files, either by instruction or by copying. Second this week so that the next time you charge Windows 8 so that you skip that point where you have to enter the product key I received an ISO here which is a digital file of an optical disc that I downloaded from a website what you got when your right on the ice at school encourage the shock for each strap put the phones anywhere I created a folder on the desktop called windows 8 press ok and wait when you come back unzip the Florencecan now, speaking through the covering part, I got an ISO here so right click and take a month off, you may also have software that mount ISO files or if you can have a disc on windows 8 it's early in an optical drive then go to my computer or whatever you call it and go to the drive ken, you shouldn't have the window named and it's ebrary is the one we're going to select, right click on it and hit open or just not so you can look at it, it's fun now we have the files pressed Ctrl T and press Ctrl T and copy or try to put the bus wherever you want I really created a folder and put the files there and now you inevitably have to wait until it is done once the copy is done you can now go to the three to continue typing the auto notepad and this normally this configuration will be the one you are likely to be using, but you can change it however you want whether you want a hard version or an OEM type and / or a volume license.

I recommend not using OBM or opening the volume Cyberbully method unless you are the kind of messages you will be using in the future to save this to change, see how you query all files and change the filename until I puncture CFG then hit Save Now you've done the trick You can put these installation files on a CD or USB drive in a bootable drive, but that's another article I guess I'm loading Windows 8 down here? that we can see the resource, or if you will see it, but you probably won't notice, but you see that you are seated as you sew or start respond to the sip, click next and you will likely notice us no need to enter product keys. Quick Notes Sometimes you will be shown with the screen in Windows and some features will be disabled, as customized inside, so you still need to enable your windows. Hey for enjoying the product and thanks for watching the article, by all means subscribe if you want and like or dislike more or comment on your opinions or suggestions.

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How do I find my Windows 8.1 license key?

Either in the command prompt window or in PowerShell, enter the following command: wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey and confirm the command by hitting “Enter”. The program will give you the product key so that you can write it down or simply copy and paste it somewhere.

Today we're going to use various tools to find the Product Key for Windows, which is the unique 25-digit string of numbers or letters that you typically enter during the installation of a retail copy of Windows.

At least one of the methods in this article will allow you to get the product key for Windows 7, 8, 10 and the server versions of Windows. When you visit your activation screen, you might see something like your Product ID, but the Product Key ID itself is not accessible; however, if you have a digital license, your license will not have a Product Key associated with it. In that case, this article doesn't apply to you, but even if you have a digital license, you can still get a key from the BIOS of a laptop or pre-built desktop if the manufacturer has chosen to embed it in the BIOS.

I will go into this use case at the end of the article. In the good old days, the product key was always printed on a Certificate of Authenticity that came with the retail or OEM version of Windows, and later it was affixed as a sticker somewhere on the computer itself. These labels can appear on desktop computers that came with their OEM version of Windows installed, as seen on this older Dell Precision, or on laptops that are usually placed below, like this older Lenovo that came with Windows 7.

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This label would be the easiest way to find your product key, and even today a packaged retail version of Windows 10 should have it on it. However, you will no longer find these stickers on modern pre-built computers. Instead, the product key is in the BIOS or UEFI, where it is generally inaccessible to users.

For example, it is nowhere to be found in the BIOS of this HP Pavilion desktop computer, nor is it visible in this Dell Inspiron 5570 that has the Windows 10 product key embedded in the BIOS PC or laptop running an OEM version of Windows 8.1 or 10 was preinstalled, you can use one of two built-in Windows tools. One is simply the Command Prompt, which you can launch by clicking the Start button and typing CMD.

Click the resulting link to launch Command Prompt, then type: wmicpathsoftwarelicensingservicegetoa3xoriginalproductkeySince this command is so long, I've included it in the description in case you just want to copy and paste it. After pressing Enter, the product key will be displayed. Remember, as this is an OEM license, it is tied to the hardware that Windows was installed on.

The other method is through PowerShell, which you access again by clicking the Start button and typing powershell. After clicking on the returned result, just type: (get-wmiobject-query'select * fromsoftwarelicensingservice '). Oa3xoriginalproductkey and hit enter, also I've included this in the description in case you just want to copy / paste As a side note, if I re-enter the command by pressing the up arrow and deleting the last part of it, it will show you a lot more information about your license.

Please note that these two methods only get product keys that are in the BIOS are stored. But what if you have a PC that you built yourself, with a retail version of Windows, or another version that you entered the product key for yourself? If you try to use the command prompt method on a homemade computer you are unlikely to return a key as you can see here. You will experience the same thing with PowerShell where nothing is returned after entering the command.

Nirsoft's Produkey is a freeware that not only retrieves Windows product keys embedded in the BIOS, but also those recorded in the registry. As a side benefit, it can also display keys for Microsoft Office, SQL Server, Visual Studio, and some Adobe and Autodesk software. To download ProduKey, launch your preferred browser and search for NirSoft ProduKey, spelled produkey.

Click the first result that is returned first, and then click the link that takes you to the Downloads section. If you have a 32-bit version of Windows, you should click the first link. Most of you will use the second link for the 64-bit version of ProduKey.

When I save the file, there is a chance that Malwarebytes or Windows Defender will detect it as malicious as you can see here. But as the developer of the program confirms, many antivirus packages report ProduKey as false positives. In the case of Windows Defender, you want to bypass the protection by allowing the program on the device and then clicking the Start Action button.

Let's click Allow to prevent it from being blocked. After that we have to download it again. Let's open the folder it was placed in and look at the contents of the compressed file.

You can now put the content anywhere. For the purposes of this tutorial, I'll just put them in the 'Documents' folder. Next, all you need to do is launch the ProduKey executable.

As you can see here, it can display the product key stored in the BIOS or, if you are running it on a non-OEM computer, pull it from the registry, if you sign into Windows with a Microsoft account, or you can get the license online Purchased through Microsoft, or if you upgraded from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 during Microsoft's free upgrade period a few years ago, then you probably have a digital license. If you use NirSoft's ProduKey, you may still be able to see a key. Any key embedded in the BIOS would still be accessible, but your Windows 10 license would be digital.

Here I am showing ProduKey running on the Asus Transformer on which I previously upgraded the original Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. I can see the generic license key assigned by Microsoft Windows 10 and I can still get the original Windows 8.1 key from the BIOS hope you enjoyed it - thanks for watching!

How do I install Windows 8.1 without a Microsoft account?

How to Setup Windows 8.1 without Microsoft Account?
  1. Boot your computer from Windows 8.1 installation DVD or USB drive, and follow the setup wizard until you see the screen where asks for your Microsoft account to continue.
  2. Enter an invalid Windows Live account or an incorrect password like shown in the following screenshot.

Hello, this is Nick with Nick's Computerfix-Come on and here is a article on how to download Windows 8.1 directly from Microsoft for free internet browser which happens to be Firefox from my desktop and once I open it I go to my favorite search engine, the happens to be google and i will type the words download windows 8.1 and hit enter and that will open up the potential links you can click and the one we are interested in is the first windows 8 is oh microsoft and no , it doesn't say 8.1 but it says 8.1 in the description so go ahead and click on that and that will open the microsoft software download page and there is the url address right there once the download windows 8.1 Page is open on your computer screen, scroll down and click this Download Tool Now button and that will continue and open or actually and type this prompt off rderung actually um and say you want to save the media creation tool on your computer and i will say yes save the file and in firefox i can go up here and click that download arrow and it will appear download progress and it will take time not long to even download this it takes a few seconds at the most and I can click the folder icon here and actually see where it was saved on my computer and I can double-click right here in the folder and that will launch the media creation tool and the first prompt i'm getting is a security warning, i want to run this and i will say yes i want to run because it is totally secure and it comes straight from microsoft and then whatthis 10 will give me a user account control prompt saying that I want to allow this program to make changes to my computer? and the answer is yes because I want to start installing Windows, not installing but downloading Windows 8.1 to my computer here and I get this prompt saying that I should answer three questions and the first is the language and i hit the download arrow here and click down and click on english what the united states is and this works for mine, the next question is which edition and i click windows 8.1pro now your question is good how how i know which version i have is really easy to find out, go down here on the start menu and right click up in windows 8.1 and click on system and that will open the system information window for windows 8.1.

Tell me I am using Windows 8.1 Pro here, your version may be the same or a different version and also the system type which is a 64 bit version so once I determine or you have determined which version of Windows 8.1 You have, you can choose the right edition and also the right architecture, which in my case is 64-bit, and when you've done that go down here and click next to propel vedas is bootable I can do the first and that's selected by default or I can choose the second one I'll do to download the ISO file to my computer, which is great for burning a disc image to a DVD later, once I've checked, I'll go down here and hit next and the next prompt is obviously where I want to save this ISO file on my computer and I will save it in the download directory which is the default i st and you You can choose a different folder directory if you want, but I'll leave it as the default and give it a different name from Windows.

OK, it goes on and starts downloading and this will take time depending on the speed and performance of your laptop or desktop computer, the speed of your internet provider and how busy Microsoft download servers are at the time you are doing this so it can take up to several hours to download, so be patient and sit back and I'm no I won't sit here boring you watching this hour-long download on the magic of article editing. I will speed this up and go to the next step as soon as the download is complete during the download process and of course it doesn't take too long, it goes relatively quickly and once the files are ready to create the ISO it starts making the file to create for you. Keep in mind that this will take a few minutes before you get the final note here Burn ISO File To DVD will tell you the location of the ISO file that you can or can use to burn the DVD at this moment click finish and burn it later.

When you click Finish you can go to the folder that contains the ISO, in my case it was the one in the Downloads folder and you can right click on that ISO before clicking Burn Disk Image, okay that was it for this tutorial

Is there a way to install Windows 8.1 without a key?

The Windows 8.1 setup tool won’t prompt you for a key, but will download Windows 8.1 normally. Select the Install by creating media option after it completes and create either USB installation media or an ISO file. We’ll assume you’re creating USB installation media for this process, as it’s the easiest way to do this.

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How to get a Windows 8.1 activation key?

More updated Windows 8.1 activation keys here: Follow these simple steps to download a Windows 8.1 product key: Step 1: Download the Windows 8.1 product key finder and save the file in the right location. Step 2: Click the zip folder twice in rapid succession to access the pkeyui.exe. file. Copy the Windows 8.1 product key as it is.

How can I install Windows 8.1 as a generic key?

Adding a generic key as a PID or inputting it during installation allowed one to bypass the product key screen and install Windows 8.1 “Edition” saving the horrendous procedure of updating via the Windows Store. After installation the product key could be changed to the Windows 8 “Edition” key.

How do I download a Windows 8.1 product key?

Follow these simple steps to download a Windows 8.1 product key: Step 1: Download the Windows 8.1 product key finder and save the file in the right location. Step 2: Click the zip folder twice in rapid succession to access the pkeyui.exe. Step 3: Click the executable file to start the installation process

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