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Video.ui.exe windows 10 - simple answers to questions

What is video UI EXE?

video. ui.exe is known as the Xbox Live Video User Interface. It's useful if you want to watch Xbox videos on your PC. The name sounds kind of suspicious and makes you feel like it's uploading whatever videos you're watching to Microsoft servers.

Why does video UI exe crash?

UI.exe runs in the background, it is unlikely that it causes serious problems to the system. However, in some cases, some malware may render it into disguise malicious program, resulting in high CPU and disk usage, system crash, and computer freezing.

How do I turn off video UI?

How to Remove It?
  1. Click on the Start button, type Control Panel and click on it.
  2. Locate Programs and click on Uninstall a program.
  3. Now locate Xbox and Double click on it to Uninstall it.

What does video.ui.exe do on Windows 10?

In plain language, the video.ui.exe is the part of XBOX running on Windows 10 and used to stream the live content. What is it and its Uses? Is it safe or a virus? How to Remove It? What is it and its Uses? Xbox Live is an online gaming and digital media distribution service for Xbox, Xbox One and Xbox 360 video game systems. It has several uses:

Why is video.ui.exe in my GPU activity list?

' Video.UI.exe is part of Xbox LIVE® on Windows® and developed by Microsoft Corporation according to the Video.UI.exe version information.'. So likely either IE11 uses this module for portions of it's display, something that was browsed like an online game invoked it or maybe it was invoked to perform some background task.

How big is the video.ui.exe file?

Video.UI.exe is described as “Video Application” in its properties. Its function is to let the Xbox live users access and stream live as well as recorded Tele-Vision content. File size and location The average file size of Video.UI.exe is approximately 13 MB.

When does video.exe error appear in Windows 10?

These.exe error messages may appear during a program launch, throughout its software execution, during Windows 10 Operating System, during Windows initialization or shutdown. Or even while you are downloading your Windows operating system. Having records of when and where the Video.UI.exe mistake happens is crucial in solving problems.

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