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Dcuo won't uninstall - how to deal with

How do I delete my DC Universe Online account?

Google Play / Android Subscriptions
  1. Go to wallet.google.com and sign in to your account.
  2. On the 'Transactions' page, find and click on the subscription you'd like to cancel.
  3. Click on Update or cancel your subscription.
  4. Click the Cancel subscription button.

Alright, in this tutorial I am going to discuss how to remove programs that you cannot uninstall using traditional methods, such as: For example, the Programs and Features want to uninstall a program. And you try to uninstall a program, but it still fails during the removal. The next step is to use an application to uninstall an uninstaller.

Okay, instead of just finding the program and deleting the files folder, okay. Because if you just delete the files folder, you will most likely leave leftover files and other folders that you know you don't know - they are found and they will also be a ton of registry entries that you are likely to overlook too. All right, so one of the utilities we actually use to remove stubborn programs is revo uninstaller.

So, I'll just go ahead and open Google Chrome and I'll go to Google. If I can actually type it right. I just type in inrevo and then uninstaller, or at least part of it.

Now you can see it's at revouninstaller.com. So I'll go ahead and click that link.

Okay so now the program is definitely worth buying, okay, definitely worth buying, but if all you have to do is uninstall, you might know a couple of programs that I would just keep going - it has one, they offer a 30 day free 30 Day version to Trial. And this will definitely serve your purposes. So I click the download, the button on the left, it's currently ten point two megabytes.

And then I'm going to select to open it and then 'Run'. And then yes with the UAC. Select okay for the setup language.

Next up and accept the agreement, next create a desktop icon. Next up and then install.Alright, since this is where I checked that the uninstaller is ok after the installation is complete.

afterglow headset buzzing

So I click finish. And then I close the browser. Okay so the first thing you'll see is a list of installed programs, but this will be the same list you most likely won't want to see in Programs and Features, well if the application you want to remove isn't listed here, you have to actually find them in other ways, but let's just use this for example.

For example, suppose the application is listed here. If so, right click and then select 'Uninstall'. All right, if it's not listed here, you'd force-uninstall it up here.

error code 8008005

Then just click Force Uninstall. And then you'd find the program's folder. Okay, let's say we're going to find the folder.

Okay, what I'm going to use as an example of this is winzip. So, let's just find it - it's in the program files, and then in Winzip. Okay, I'll click 'Okay' Okay that's the name.

We received an uninstall command. Okay, we're going to leave our scan mode at 'Moderate'. And then we also have 'Run The Selected Built-in Uninstaller'.

Okay, so it will try to use the uninstaller that comes with WinZip. If that doesn't work, the files and registry entries will still be removed. So I'm going to click 'Next'.

Okay so it will do a registry backup first and then it will create a restore point. And ....... and take a second to create the restore point.

Okay so now we have one, this is the uninstaller that actually came with Winzip. So I'll hit 'yes' or make mistakes, that's fine because Revo is still removing the ugly application components. Okay so we're just going to walk through the steps here it'll leave a residue.

Okay, all right, the program, the built-in, now the uninstaller that actually came with the program I wanted to uninstall is complete, some I will click on 'Scan' in the lower right corner. And we'll look for and check for remnants of the program that I just removed. Okay, now you can actually see that these are all registry entries, registry entries left over from Winzip.

All right, the easiest thing I'll do for this is just do 'select all'. All right, which is all the keys - all the registry entries, okay. I will click on 'Next'. and then asks me to confirm, click 'yes'.

Okay next, there's a leftover files folder, I'll go ahead and click on it, and then I'll hit 'Finish' and then click 'Yes' again, okay, and that's it. The application is gone. Okay, okay, and that's basically uninstalling programs that aren't installed by traditional means.

jusched.exe bad image

Just use the Revo Uninstaller okay. And let's just close all of these things. Okay, we're done.

Thank you for watching.

How do I get rid of runtime error?

Step 1: Click on Start and then 'Control Panel'. Step 2: Then in control panel, under the 'Programs', click on 'Uninstall a program' option. Step 3: Select the Microsoft Visual C++ packages installed on your computer and uninstall them. Step 4: Restart the computer and let the changes take effect.

Today I'm going to show you how to fix runtime error '339': Component 'MSCOMCTL.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid? Please watch this article until the end. This error occurs when you try to install Xbox Backup Creator and other programs that require this Windows component.

If your copy of Windows is missing this component, you will not be able to install or use the software. The solution to this annoying problem is very simple. All you have to do is download and put a required file in a folder in drive C or where Windows is installed.

Before we go any further, make sure you have administrative privileges to open the Command Prompt. Also, you need to have 7zip, Winrar or some other archiving application installed to extract a file. I am using Winrar.

Also, you need to know the system type of your computer or laptop, as the process is a little different for 32 and 64 bit systems To find out the system type, click on the start menu. Enter the system information. In the search result, click System Information to open it.

Search for the system type to know the system type. As you can see, I have a 64-bit PC. Your system type is 32-bit.

If you see an x86 or 32-bit based PC. I assume that everything is ready by the end of it. Let's download the mscomctl.ocx file from the Microsoft website, after extracting it, copy the mscomctl.ocx file, go to drive C or Where Windows is installed, Windows is usually installed on drive C, open the Windows folder I'm using a 64-bit PC and I'm looking for a folder called SysWOW64.

If you have a 32-bit PC, you will need to look for the System32 folder. I paste the copied file into the SysWOW64 folder. Please paste them into the System32 folder.

If you are using a 32-bit computer. Click on Continue. After this step, now you need to open the command prompt to register this component.

onenote file structure

On the Start menu, type CMD. Right click to run Command Prompt as administrator. Type CD / and press Enter.

Type cd c: windows syswow64 and press Enter. Please type cd c: windows system32 if you are doing this on a 32-bit PC. Now enter reg. a svr32 mscomctl.ocx and hit enter.

After that, you don't need to restart your system. Now try to install or use the software, the error should be resolved. Hopefully you managed to fix this annoying bug and let us know if you are still encountering a problem.

Team Software Geek will try to help you. You can use the comments section. Please visit SoftSuggester.Com for CMD commands and the Download Links.

Give this article a thumbs up and subscribe to Software Geek and help us make more helpful and informative articles.

How to uninstall DC Universe Online-Microsoft Community?

You can uninstall the whole thing by launching the Launchpad in C:userspublicSony Online EntertainmentInstalled Games Universe Online then there is an option icon on the far down left, next to the update bar, and then choose Uninstall :D

Why does uninstall DC Universe panel not work?

It keeps giving me an error when I go to uninstall it through add and remove programs. It also does not work from the DCUO panel thing either. What is wrong now? Lol tell me about it.

What to do when a program won't uninstall?

Sometimes program won’t uninstall when its process is running in the background. For stopping all side processes it’s better to use Safe mode. To reboot into the Safe mode do the following: After the system loads you may try to uninstall the program once again or to remove its files and folders.

Why is my DC Universe game not installing?

To anyone who is having this issue as well, you have to turn off your virus scanner, firewall and clear your cookies. You also may have to repair the file. I think what happened is that my firewall caused it to no install correctly. My issue is dealt with lol.

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