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Uninstall weather channel - how to resolve

How do I get rid of WeatherBug? How to I Remove WeatherBug?Click START (lower, left of computer screen)Select SETTINGS and CONTROL PANEL.Double click ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS.Select 'WeatherBug' (or other programs) from the list of applications.Click ADD/REMOVE and follow the instructions.

Uninstall spider solitaire - how to resolve

How do I uninstall savings on Windows 10? Windows 10: Click on the Start button (or press the Windows key) to open the Start menu, click on the Settings at the top. Click on App & features on the left menu. On the right side, locate SavingsCool and click it, then click on the Uninstall button. Click on Uninstall to confirm.

Can't uninstall kb3035583 - how to decide

How do I remove Bing Desktop from my computer? Add or remove Bing Desktop from your computer....In Control Panel, click Uninstall a program.In the Uninstall or change program list, click Bing Desktop, and then click Uninstall.Follow the instructions on the screen.

Dcuo won't uninstall - how to deal with

What is 3D builder and do I need it? 3D Builder lets you create and print your own 3D models. Once you've installed 3D Builder, choose an item from the library, or search Bing for downloadable models to start playing with them. 3D Builder can print models in 3MF, STL, OBJ, PLY, and VRML file types and it can save models in 3MF, PLY and STL file types.

Hp welcome uninstall - possible solutions

What is HP welcome and do I need it? The HP Welcome Center is an HP-branded version of the Windows Welcome Center, which launches at when Windows launches. The HP Welcome Center provides you with links and information on HP products. You also have access to several commonly used sections of Windows.