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Status code 80072741 - finding solutions

How do I fix error code 80072741?

  1. Unplug any accessories attached to your console, such as a headset, the Xbox 360 Chatpad, or the Kinect sensor.
  2. Delete your profile. See How to add or remove an Xbox profile on Xbox 360.
  3. Clear your system cache. See How to clear the cache on Xbox 360.
  4. Redownload your profile.
  5. Restart your console.

Hey guys, uh Rashad Espinoza here I'll get to the point, so I had to play Myxbox downstairs in the living room and the pun on Xbox Live would be to plug the ethernet cable straight into our router which is a Belkin if that helps anyone but i don't think it matters because this would apply to you you know wherever you use it so i just graduated recently and my mom bought my tv and it's pretty nice and basically i'm playing in my room now and obviously the router is still downstairs because we have a family computer but i have my laptop so my problem was how to play xbox live while in my room with my new beautiful sexy tv which I just got so I checked youtube and found out you can bridge bridge connections or whatever everyone knows how to do that, but there are au ch network share or something, so I plugged my ethernet cable one in to go to the xbox, obviously every other port on my laptop here, and I did that with network share where you can find a article of how it goes, but you probably don't want when I did that I plugged everything in, plugged everything in I'm trying to get online and I would connect but first when I log in it takes about five hours, not five hours, but a really long time for me to sign up so until i finally know that gamertags cherish to kill cherishto kill is online you know it would pop up and the only tabs on the dashboard i have would be my friends who know that they're friends and my xbox and i'm like well what's it about because i want you to know i'm not using the welcome word, but you know the extra something is going on invite one down new MattPatrick call service, whatever and so I also get this status code eight zero zero seven seven two seven four one yes, I had so many pretty things I remember a lot, but uh, I looked around the internet I always have those found same solution, either something is wrong with the microsoft side or something on your side means your connection or your network on your router so i went poking around in my hole at one thing you know, the address me couldn't that help i mean yeah i set my network type to open but my dashboard was still up and i kept getting the status code so what i did was look at it after three days of trying to fix this, i went to my network where i go, okay i'll tell you how good i wanted it i hit start i am using windows vista i heard that i am on the network netting fre igabe center which is in the Littletab menu tufts pretty easy seeokay and then there is under the test section on the left, when you open network and share there is a managed network connection if you have the same thing i do , I plug my internet for my X-Box into my laptop to get the connection you probably don't want to use a network share because all you get from your router is just sending you a signal or whatever you want the same connection you get below or w here is your router located, you want the same connection, not some shit, oh here you connected, here give you a little bit of something, but it's not a real internet connection to the real one Making a deal instead of making network shares I've done everything, uh, I'll just bridge the connections and this will work.It worked for me, that's what I said ge, so here I have what it is going to say, it should at least say you should have a local connection which is your ethernet cable that you plugged in and then when your wifi is enabled it is the wireless network connection enabled realtekwhat also always wifi, this is my belkin so at first it might work for you sometimes but first i was connected to the internet and no no i had network sharing enabled and i tried to bridge it and that wouldn't work so you have to deactivate network sharing to bridge these two connections, now we are going to cancel the network share very simply highlight your wifi connection and the local area connection at the same time or you click one and hold down Ctrl and click k the other, whatever you want to do just highlight both and then you right click and it's exactly where it says the bridge connection is something like this It doesn't take much time for your Xbox to go back to normal for 20 30 seconds but yes after you do that log out if you? sign out on xbox live sign out again and there is your dashboard it should be back in a status code message no insult to gays is gone as it is extinguished it is no more it is no moss it is not with you you don't want to know you the urge to pick up your TV and throw it out the window, hoping it meets some innocent children.

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I digress that should be how you fixed the status code eight zero zero seven two seven four one for xboxlive yes no i won't be talking about microsoft though they? didn't help but you know i think every bit counts so i fixed it like this if i helped i am glad i could if i don't am sorry i wasted six minutes and changed your life I'm really not sorry, I'm sorry doneso leave it in the comments If you have any questions I'm probably sure I haven't gone through it all but thanks

What does Error Code 80072741 mean?

If you see status code 80072741 when you're using Xbox LIVE, it could mean one of these things: Some Xbox features are not available because of system maintenance or a temporary Xbox LIVE issue.

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What does it mean when your Xbox says theres a temporary network problem?

This error relates to the network settings and it usually means that there is a temporary network problem. There can be a number of reasons for this error; either your MAC address is causing problems or your local network data might be causing the issue.

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