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Skype is laggy - how to achieve

Why is Skype so laggy?

Having problems with the quality of your Skype call? Your internet connection – or your friend's – is the most likely culprit. A poor internet connection can cause dropped calls, delays, and poor-quality audio and video. You will also see the Call Quality indicator when there is an issue.

Why is Skype screen share laggy?

The culprit is likely either your Internet connection or computer's hardware. Ensuring your connection and computer adhere to Skype's suggested standard improves your chances of having an uninterrupted call. Lag also can be caused by other open programs on your computer.

- Splitting your screen in zoom is a must, but do you know these seven tips? In today's article, I want to show you not only everything you need to know about screen sharing, but also things that will make it so much easier for you, including how to prevent attendees from doing certain things. Hi everyone, Scott Frisen here at Simpletivity, helping you get more done and be less stressed. And let's start with a keyboard shortcut to make your life so much easier, probably very familiar with how to share a screen.

All you have to do is come over here and select that button, share screen, and that's pretty easy to get you to that dialog prompt. But isn't it a little easier if we just bet old? S on our keyboard? Alt S also shows this dialog box whether you have maximized or maybe minimized this window, maybe you are somewhere else, I can just type Alt Sor, if you are a Mac user you can choose Command Switch S, and that will immediately share your dialogue. But I would like to point out something else.

This is that I often give this tip to some of my attendees when I want them to share their screen. Don't know how many times I've tried to tell them more, try to help them navigate where to find that split screen button. It's so much easier when I just let you know.

Just press Alt S on your keyboard and we can share your screen right away. Now we come to tip number two and that actually has to do with the opposite. This actually prevents someone from sharing their screen.

Because you want to be in control, right? You want to tell who can share their screen and when. Instead of them taking over your meeting. So what did Zoom do? You have conveniently added a security button here in our toolbar, and we select Security.

You can see that there are a few options here, including the ability to allow or disallow attendees to share their screens. So here you can see I turned it off, meaning anyone who is in this meeting with me cannot share their screen unless I come here and choose. If I tick this, my attendees are now allowed to share their screen with others in order to share their screen with others.

However, this is probably on by default, what I like to do is go into my zoom settings and change them to be off by default so that I can always make sure I don't have to remind myself should I say that I come in here and remove the check mark. So let me show you how to do that. Here I am in my Zoom Settings on the Zoom.us website.

And after you log into your account you want to select Settings and we want to move down a little to the second Scroll the header, this is Convening in Meeting Basic. Now let's scroll down a bit until we get to our screen sharing settings. Most likely this is already set, right? Because that's a standard feature in Zoom to be able to share your screen, but it's the second option, who can share? By default, it's probably set to all participants.

Now you may be hesitant to say just host, just yourself or when you co-host someone else. But remember, this doesn't prevent other users from sharing content, as I've just shown you are always disabled. So if you start a meeting if you have only specified the host in your user account in your settings, this will always start a meeting with this unchecked box.

And then, if you want to allow someone else to share their screen, you can come here, select Security and enable it. A helpful tip, especially if you don't want other people to hijack your meeting when they should be in your meeting. I don't want to allow them to start sharing whenever they want.

Now, let's move on to another tip about screen sharing. This one has to do with article sharing as we often want to share a YouTube article, or maybe some other type of article that you already have on your computer, and a lot of people have complained Oh, it's really either fuzzy or choppy or they cannot hear the sound properly. Before sharing your article, whether online or on your system, make sure you come here and check this box.

Optimize screen sharing for article clips. You want to check this box, which will also automatically enable this, Share computer sound, since of course we want to share the sound when we split this article. However, this will increase your chances of having the best viewing experience for your attendees.

Now it will not guarantee that it will be a flawless experience, because remember, your bandwidth, but also your attendees' individual bandwidth, will contribute to how they see or what kind of quality they are experiencing. But in order to have the highest quality to optimize your article clips, make sure to check this box before you select YouTube or before you select anything on your screen. All right, we're sticking to the share dialog for tip number four here.

Ne has to do with sharing only part of our screen. Let me break this down for a second and let's say I opened a PDF document. I don't want to share the entire toolbar though, maybe I did some notes or other things here on the right, I just want to share the text, but I don't want to hide all of these other things because maybe I am doing other things, me just don't want them to see the go to share, if I go back here we'll open our share screen here, I click on advanced, basic is the one we always see by default, but let's click on advanced and here we have it the ability to share a part of our screen.

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If you select this, let's go back to our PDF example here, and here you can see that I have a green, rectangular area here, and the green means that this is what I am sharing at the moment. Now that green color is key and we'll see that on a future tip as well. What I can do is click on this bigger part up here and drag it around.

Now I'm d when I suspend it it turns yellow, it means my screen sharing is paused, you only see this while I am dragging things around and when I let go of it we are green again. Now I'm just sharing this area here. So can I go here and make changes or reference things or go to the file menu and you won't see any of it.

Now you can change the size of this window at any time. If I want to drag this over here make sure I include everything in here you can resize it anytime, remember, as you resize it will pause too. Green means going, green means you are dividing at this point.

So if you only want to share half or part of your screen, the Be something that will be very helpful to you. Now, let's get to tip number five that will make your meetings a lot better, especially if you want to involve your attendees. And tip number five has to do with interviewing your audience.

So down here in my zoom menu you can see that I have a polls button. Now you may not see this right away because often this is not enabled by default. Let's see where we can adjust that.

We want to go back to our zoom settings and we're back, that's the setting, we're still under the meeting tab and yes we actually still going to go to the basic header of the meeting. And if we scroll down a little further, you'll come across this option called Polling. Well, like I said, there's a good chance this is turned off by default, all you have to do is press and toggle that switch, poll options are available to you.

How do you create your first survey? Well, you want to stay in your Zoom account and this time we click on Meetings. The meetings tab is of course where you will see all of your upcoming meetings. And I've created one called a test meeting.

All you have to do is go to your meeting beforehand and scroll down, now at the very bottom. Here you have it the ability to add surveys. Now I've already added one here to delete this so you can see what it's going to look like before creating your first survey.

So again, I'm in this particular meeting right now, I've scrolled down and it goes to that little area that says you haven't created a poll, so all I have to do is hit that add button and we're going to get this menu here where we can set up several simple polls. So I'm going to make a quick one for you here, I'm going to call this one type of phone, the first field is just the survey title, it's not really the question. You can choose to make them anonymous or not.

In many cases, I like this option because I want people to be as honest with everyone else on the call as possible so they don't have to keep track of or share who said what. And I'll just say what kind of phone do you have? It's a very simple question here. Now it's a multiple choice answer as you can see below.

You need to have at least two answers, but there is an option up here. You can choose either a single answer or a multiple choice answer. That means single choice, you can only choose one of your options, or multiple choice means you can choose more than one.

In this case I want to leave it with single choice and I say Android or iPhone or other, are they? the three choices I'm going to give you there and when I scroll down I can hit save. Now you can add more questions that are tagged, that is, as soon as you answer this question, if answer. If you add another question here, you will immediately be presented with this second or third question, no matter how many you add here.

But in this case I just hit save, I only have this one poll question When I come here you can see this poll question. I can add one more. The difference between adding it here and the one I just showed you is that it's going to be a separate poll, right? Maybe i want ask them another question later in the meeting.

For this reason it can be helpful to use sep. add Enter here if you don't have any that should be answered all at once. Now let's get back to our meeting.

We come here and choose polls. And this is another meeting that I'm sharing here. At some point I have a couple of different questions here.

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This dialog will appear, but don't worry, nobody will see anything yet. Think about the green color, well, we'll see that green color right here again. I have a dropdown here for me to choose.

I have two different polls set up for this meeting. So I can choose which one I want to ask. Maybe I want to take poll question number two.

I can also edit my poll questions in the In no time, right? If I want to quickly add another option or something. But in this case, I'll leave it that way. Now again, even though I've selected that, nobody sees it, no nothing, nothing until I hit the button to start the survey.

I'll choose that and there is this green color right? That tells us that no. If this is shared, now all attendees in this meeting can take this poll and vote, here is a timer that tells me how much time has passed and what percentage of people have contributed to this poll .If I'm satisfied, I can come down here and select End Poll.

That green color will go away, so again you won't see any of these results. If I had participants in this example, we would see the results here, but everyone else won't see these results until I say so. When I get down here I choose Share Results, again there is that green indicator, that green color tells me, okay, now this is shared with everyone, everyone can see the results of this survey, and if I'm satisfied, I can just come here and say quit sharing results.

I come back to this menu which again will not be shared. I can choose another poll or close this in case I want to share a polla a little later So something that is awesome to make your webinar or meeting a lot more engaging here on Zoom. Next, let's talk about annotations, so let's share our screen here again.

I will return to this PDF document. And instead of sharing just a part, I'm sharing my entire screen. Don't forget the ways to annotate or highlight your screen, so when I select the 'Annotate' button here from the menu, I get a great list of things to do I can do, I can draw freely here, I have a little pencil.

When I want to highlight or circle something on the screen. If I don't like it, I can just say I've cleaned up. You can add text, you can add spotlights, you can stamp things.

This postage stamp thing is one of my favorites in my opinion that I can just walk over and say, okay, set your eyes here and then I want you to come down and reads this and then we're going to go over here and check this and that kind of thing, so many things to experiment with here in zoom. But that also brings me to my last and the final tip that prevents others from annotating on your screen. I've heard from many of you that other people are jumping on it and adding things and I don't want them to add things while I'm sharing things or when I'm making annotations on my shared screen, well all you have to do is to come back here and select that safety bar.

And when you comment, you get another option here called Commenting on Shared Content, you can see it enabled at the moment, which means that other attendees could come in here right now and start writing or drawing your own text. All I have to do is select that and that is now preventing my attendees from doing this. Now there's another place you can make this change, and that's under More Allow attendees to comment because remember, we just turned it off.

I can choose this and now they can write on my screen. You can uncheck or Allow Share things, or under Security you can check or uncheck your options there. Well, I hope you enjoyed today's article and I would love to hear from you next.

What was your favorite tip under all of my tips on sharing zoom screens today? know in the comments below. Thanks for watching, and remember, being productive doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, it's very simple.

How do I speed up Skype?

You should also advise your clients to improve their own Skype connection for optimal call quality between both parties.
  1. Improve Internet Connection. ...
  2. Use Ethernet Instead of Wireless. ...
  3. Update Skype. ...
  4. Update Operating System and Drivers. ...
  5. Update Hardware. ...
  6. Suggest Improvements.

What's going on on YouTube? Thanks for watching another geeks tutorial article. Today we are going to show you how to speed up your Windows 10 for free without using any software. So let's start with the quick tutorial, stay tuned.

Step number one of the power option just go to your start menu and look for Power Option, you will see the power option on the Risso, just click on it and you will get to that control panel power options window so you can see my default power plant, he said - balanced change it to high power lighting and the power option step number two first disable unwanted starter programs The easiest way to get to the task manager to get to the dust manager is to click on an empty space in your system tray and here the task -Manager once you are in Task Manager Startup, if you are installing a program in Windows 10, it might add a small program that will run when Windows after installing a Lo. starts with software you may experience, your buddha process could start slowly, just as those programs run forever on the system background and this causes your system performance to slow down. If there are programs that you don't use much, they have to probably won't start Windows tests every time, so I'm going to show you how to disable unwanted startup programs for better start-up speed and system performance, and you can see many programs here that we use regularly, as well as many programs that that we don't use every day, identify them and I play them for example, when you are not active you can disable Skype from automatic startup as soon as your system starts, and also let me disable the number of other programs that I do not use regularly , and make sure that your Microsoft Corporation published program e not disabled because these programs that run your windows and they know will disable the antivirus for you, that's what we Alden now safely close the dust manager and move on to another step number three of the day, defragment and optimize drives to get that To do what you want to do, go to the start menu and look for defrag and click on different men and optimize drives.

Now you will see this window from here you want to choose your system drive.Usually there are three drives so let's choose C and hit 'Optimize Now'. You can see that your system drive will be optimized once it is done.

You can close the window step number 4 delete unnecessary temporary files for that head to the start menu and right click on the windows icon then select run from here enter the percentage for the person date stamp and click OK it and delete it now you can close the folder and go back to the run box by right clicking the Windows icon and selecting RAM now enter D EMP and clicking OK Now a folder will open again and here you will see a dialog box just like this click next then select all files in it right click and now delete again Goodrem & Veatch damn let's stop the prefetch PR efe TCH now click OK you can find all these commands that I mentioned in this article in the article description so that you can easily copy and use it after you finish this article. Now click Next and you want to select and delete everything. After that, you can close the folder Step number 5 Clean Up Storage Using your file explorer, right-click on your system drive or C drive or more precisely say where your Windows 10 is installed and select Properties Make sure we are now on the tab 'Journals' are located.

Here you will see the Disk Cleanup option, just click on it and let it scan the files now, you can see that the scanning is complete and you want to click on the system files cleanup and it will again be obvious that the scan is complete . You will see this window now click OK and it will ask if you are sure you want to delete this permanently Just click OK, don't worry, it will only delete the unnecessary files and for now it will delete all the unnecessary files in your System deleted incoming process was now we go to step number 6 radiusruntime service for this first we open the run box on the right on the Windows icon and select Ramanyone, enter MS config MS conf IG and then click on ok and You will see This and from here go to Service Like I want to review these errors and combat all of the Microsoft services that really matter I don't want you to accidentally delete important things so make sure you click this option now , Now Click Ok Step Number Seven Registry Optimizations Now We'll Show You How To Do Some Registry Optimizations To Speed ​​Up Your Windows 10, first you want to restart your endbox to go to the windows. I can right click on it and select Ram, then type regedit re GEvit and click OK.

Now you will see this window andwind from here you want to go to the current user of the H key, just click on it and then go to the Control Panel and now double click on the mouse folder double click on our time option and then change the value to 10 clicks You click OK now double click the desktop folder scroll down a bit then double click Pointer Delay and change the value to 10 then click OK Now we're just increasing the mouse response time to experience all of these changes you should yours Reboot the system let's reboot it a little later because there is one more thing I need to show you to speed up your Windows 10. Stay tuned. Step number 8 We show effects In this last step we will show you how you can deactivate your Windows 10 in the face graphics in order to increase the performance of your system.

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Gaming graphics or your program graphics will only reduce the graphics performance of your Windows 10 operating system Example, after doing this, you may feel lost in your visual effect on your Windows 10, but it will improve your system performance to the maximum level so the final decision is yours, whatever it is for the sake of the article to show I'll give you a try if you want if you're disappointed you can always switch i Let's go back to the normal phase later, so let's start, we want your start menu and search system to click on it now and you get to this one Window Now click on the hyperlink for the advanced system settings on the left-hand side, this will take you to di esem mall window and this is where you will find the settings, just click that button under Performance Visual Effects Processor, it will schedule memory usage and virtual memory, and you will get to that performance options window, these settings are basically everything that will make your Windows team look nice, as well as this are the most important things that your computer resources like your ROM processing power and graphics as Well, I only recommend this if you want the extreme performance possible with your machine. So click on a dish for the Best Performed option and you can see all of these settings are automatically turned off, if you want you can choose one of the options that you can keep, for example in my case I want that option on Shadows under Set the mouse point ter that's it when you're done Eddy, just click on apply and ok now let's do a proper system reboot so that's it folks so you can accelerate your Windows 10 if you like this article give a thumbs up if you want to see more articles like Always subscribe to them and show us the law by sharing this Kandan You can come anytime and your experience with this article will help more people define this article, whether it is good or bad You can also ask questions, suggestions or doubts Us will definitely repeat every single comment you leave. This is Amal Rafi from geek tutorial until the next Peaceout peace

How can I make Skype work better?

Simple Fixes
  1. Make sure Skype is updated to the latest version. ...
  2. Wear headphones. ...
  3. Adjust your light. ...
  4. Make sure your background is stationary. ...
  5. Don't overload your internet with other tasks. ...
  6. Adjust your webcam's video settings. ...
  7. Set up Quality of Service on your Router, if you have it. ...
  8. Increase Skype's frames per second.

How to Use Skype. Use the clickable sections below to skip the different parts of this tutorial. Skype is a article, audio and chat platform available on desktops, mobile devices and tablets.

For this tutorial we will use the Desktop app version. First, go to Skype.com, download and install the programming application on your computer.

To use Skype, you'll need to sign in to your Microsoft account. If you don't have one, download it for free at Microsoft.com.

Once signed in, you'll be taken to the Skype homepage. At the top left, you'll see your profile name. Click here to see more of your profile.

Under yours You will see your profile name You will see your username. Your profile name is your display name. Your Skype username is your unique name that you share with others so they can find you.

Your username allows you to change your status from active. We set ours to so that our contacts know that they shouldn't call us. Underneath you will see your status, where you can share what you are up to.

L Let us know that we are in a meeting. Under your profile you will find the tabs Chats, Calls, Contacts and Notifications. Click here to to start the individual sections.

Under the Chat tab you can see all your chat activities and conversations. Under the 'Calls' tab you can see your call history. Click on the 'Contacts' tab to find a contact with whom you are already connected in Skype.

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To see all of your latest messages, open the Notifications page. To chat with someone on Skype, click the Chat tab, then click New Chat. Select 'New Chat' again from the drop-down menu, then select the contact you want.

A chat window will appear. Enter your message in the window and then click send. There are other features you can use in the Skype chat window as well as entering a message like adding emojis, attaching files, and sharing your location You can find all of these features here.

When you have sent a message, an icon will appear below the message to indicate that you have received the message. When you reply, you will see that you are tapping here. T To contact the contact, with whom you chat, make a article or audio call, click here on the icons.

If you'd like to change your chat to a group chat, click the group icon here, then add the contacts you want to join and call another Skype user for free. To call someone, click the Calls tab, then select 'New Call'. A pop-up window will appear showing all of your Skype contacts.

Search by name or username for the contact you want to see how they are displayed; if they are not already in your contacts, they will be displayed under 'MORE PEOPLE'. Click the check mark next to their name, then select 'Call'. Once you've saved their contact, you may be given the option to call for free on Skype or call their cell phone.

Select 'Call for free on Skype' to call them for free. Select 'Call' again in the top right corner, then select 'Call for free on Skype' again to make an audio call. You can also choose 'article call'.

Let's start with an audio call, you will see the call connect in the top left corner as soon as the call rings. To mute and unmute during the call, click the microphone icon. To turn on your camera and convert the audio call to a article call, click the article icon here.

To send a chat message to the other person on the call, click the 'Chat' icon, you can show them what is on your screen by clicking the 'Split Screen' button. To send animated emojis, click the respond button and select the emoji you want from the drop-down list. To hang up, click the red icon.

You can also call a cell phone or landline via Skype for a small fee. On the home screen next to Your profile name is where you can find your Skype Credit. This is the amount of credit you currently have in your account to make calls.

You need some credit in your account to be able to call a mobile phone or landline. To add funds, click the amount and then continue in the pop-up window. You can add credits or choose a monthly subscription from the options below.

Make the selection you want and then click on 'Buy Credit' or 'Try One Month Free' and then continue editing. Payment. Once you have credit in your Skype account, click the Calls tab, then click New Call.

In the pop-up window, select the 'Dialpad' icon in the top right corner, then enter the phone number you want to call, click the call icon to start dialing. To start a article call, click the tab Calls, then hit Meet Now. Select 'Host a meeting' from the drop down menu and then go ahead.

You will appear in a article call. Next to 'WHAT'S THE MEETING ABOUT,' enter a description. To add contacts to the call, click 'Skype -Contacts' and then find the people you want to add, keep selecting them using the check mark. on their name and then on 'Done'.

You can also ask attendees to join by sharing a link to the meeting. Click on 'Share invitation' and then choose how you want to send the message from the drop-down menu. Click 'Start Meeting' to start the calls.

To mute or unmute yourself, click the microphone icon. To turn off your article, click the article icon. Click the 'Chat' icon to show everyone to send a message in the meeting and are documents.

You can also raise your hand during a Skype group call by clicking the raise hand icon. You can change the way you see other people during the call by selecting the drop-down arrow next to 'Grid View' and selecting a different view. If you're hosting a meeting, you can use the recording feature to keep a copy of the Record a Skype call.

To end or leave the conference, click the hang up button. To add a Skype contact, click the Contacts tab, then select 'New Contact'. A pop-up window will appear.

You can search for contacts by their username, display name, or mobile phone number. Select the contacts you want from the list below and click 'Add'. a notification asking if you want to accept the connection request.

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