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Skype classic mac - finding solutions

Kan Skype op Mac?

Met Skype kunt u vrienden en familieleden bellen via uw computer. Bellen is gratis als uw gesprekspartner ook Skype gebruikt. In dit artikel leest u hoe u Skype downloadt en installeert op een Mac-computer met Mac OS X Yosemite en MacOS Sierra .

In my previous article, I warn you against crumbling your Apple Silicon M1 MacBookPro, MacBook Air, or Mac mini.

If you erase your SSD in good faith, then you can restore clean macOS Big Sur to it. That's exactly what happened to me. Unfortunately there is currently a bug in macOS or firmware that has not yet been fixed.

But don't worry, there is a simple and quick solution on how to bring your Apple SiliconM1 Mac back to life So clean tears, I'll show you in this article, step by step, how it's done. Hello, I'm Teresa from morgonaut.cloud and I offer personal individual support for Apple Mac, Windows, Linux and Server Builds if you need help , just join mywebsite membership (link is in this article description) and I will help you right in front of your eyes on your computer during the article call and remote session.

Make sure you hit the subscribe button below and next click the bell to do this and select All Notifications so you don't miss any of my future articles. Really don't worry, the whole procedure is actually super simple and straightforward and I'll show you everything live step by step. So what do you need.

Unfortunately, you need another 'healthy' Mac. It can really be any Mac, Intel or M1, doesn't matter. Then all you need is a USB-C to USB-C cable.

discord lagging computer

All of you likely have the original Apple charger that came with the M1 MacBooks. In this demonstration, I'll be using this exact cable. One important thing.

On the 'bricked' machine, you need to plug it into the topmost port, simply the port closest to the screen. And now connect the second end of the cable to your 'healthy' Mac. So on the right I have the bricked MacBook Pro M1, which I bring back to life with the left, in this case MacBook Air M1.

Now download the Apple Configurator 2 application from the Apple App Store. Direct link that I have prepared for you in this article description. And open this app.

Now let's shut down the bricked MacBook and during startup you have to follow this exact key-press procedure. Listen really carefully! Press the start button and hold it pressed. After about a second, also press the left Ctrl and left Option keys and press the right Shift key on the right side at the same time.

So hold all of these buttons together for about 10 seconds, then release all of the buttons, but keep pressing just the power button until you see the DFU rectangle on the healthy MacBook display. OK, one more time. Press and hold the start button.

After about a second, press the left Ctrl, left Option, and right Shift keys as well. Hold down all of these buttons together for about 10 seconds, then release all of the buttons but just keep pressing the power button until you see the DFU rectangle on the healthy MacBook. Congratulations, the hardest part is done.

Now click anywhere in the DFU rectangle and into it choose Actions and Restore from the top menu. Now the latest macOS installer and firmware will be downloaded and automatically transferred to the bricked MacBook Pro M1. Time, in my case it took about 15 minutes.

When all of this is done, your bricked MacBook will automatically restart and you will be greeted with the same splash screen that you see on all Apple devices when you first start them up.We have now performed the exact same process that Apple did on the Preparing new Macs for shipping to the customer. Congratulations, now you've got your bricked Apple Silicon M1 Mac fixed.

Now you can set up this MacBook from scratch, but you can also restore it from a Time Machine backup or even clone everything directly from another Mac. I personally tested all of these methods and they all worked with no problem. So, as I promised at the beginning, it's nothing else cult, but super easy.

In fact, I've been using this method to deploy all of my new equipment ever since. This Apple Configurator app is very useful, you can use it for many other use cases, including iOS devices, so I would recommend reading the documentation and enjoying it. I have for you the official Apple Configurator 2 User Guide 'Apple Support page linked in this article description.

So ...

I hope I made your day a little better again, if so please hit the like button below. Don't forget to subscribe, click the bell next to it and choose All Notifications so you don't miss any of my future articles. Also click the share button and share this article with your friends so that it can help even more people.

Morgonaut is always there for you :) And of course don't forget to check out my other articles . So that's it for today, thanks for watching and see you next time, my friends.

Is Skype app gratis?

Skype-naar-Skype gesprekken zijn overal ter wereld gratis. U kunt Skype gebruiken op een computer, mobieltje of tablet*. Gebruikers hoeven alleen te betalen voor premium-functies zoals gesproken berichten, sms'jes of bellen naar een vaste of mobiele telefoon of buiten Skype.

In this article I will show you how to use Skype on Android.

I will show you the installation first. Then we create a new account and check all the settings that we can use. After that we will see how we can call someone and share the screen with them, we will also see how to start a conference call.

To install Skype on an Android you need to find Google Play, tap Google Play looking up type skype tap install and wait. After the installation is complete, just tap Open. After installing the app, here's what you need to do to create an account.

Now tap on Let's go. Tap Sign In or Create. Here we tap on Create.

If you already have an account with Microsoft, you can use it to sign in, using your phone number or email address. For this demo, I'm using an email so I'll tap Use your email instead. Write the email Now tap NextCreate New Password Now tap Next.

Enter your first and last name. Tap Next, get the code from your email app. To confirm the email, let's go to the Gmail app to get this code, here it is.

Let's go back to the Skype app to write it. Tap on Next. Write the CAPTCHA code.

Tap on Next. Now select the date of birth. Now select the country.

Tap on Next. Confirm your age by tapping Next. You can easily find contacts here.

You can tap Allow or Deny as you like. Tap on Next. I'll tap Allow again, tap Next, and hit Allow to allow all dialog from this step.

Now your Skype is connected to a new account on your Android phone. Let's see a brief presentation of the app at the top left, a notification button. So tap on it when you have new notifications.

At the top right you have some sorting options for the list you will have with the chats. Also, below you have the following buttons, chat, call, contact and new chat button. You can check the settings and set up a status or picture by pressing on the upper part where your profile is located.

Let's tap on it. Here you can set your current status. You can be active, busy, absent, or invisible.

If you're invisible, they won't see that you're connected to Skype. After that is the status. Let's change our status.

Also, here you have the option for Skype profile, this is where you can change your name, picture, share your profile and set up some privacy options, with the 'other ways to find you' option there You have the control that when someone searches for your name, you don't have to search. Here is this option. You can also add a mobile number here if you want.

uninstall microsoft people

Now you also have many options in the settings. Account and Profile are almost the same options as the skype profile we were already looking for In general, you have the option to change the language of the app. When it appears you can choose the theme for your Skype and also the main color.

You can play with it and set it up however you want. In the call settings, you have some interesting things like Caller ID. You can set up a person to receive a call from Skype to look like it's coming from your phone number.

You can also allow this device to only ring calls from contacts annoyed by someone you don't know. You can also enable the Call Subtitles option. This is very good for people who don't hear well.

With messages, you have special options for messages, nothing special, but this is useful. With notifications, you can choose which push notification you want to receive. Skype is generous and lets you choose exactly what you want to get.

That is very nice. Again, if you tap the chat, you can turn off the notification for some time or permanently. Now the last option is Contacts.

This is where you can sync your phone Contacts with Skype If you haven't already, you now have Skype installed on your phone. Skype is a very good app for keeping in touch with friends and colleagues. To add the contact to Skype, you need to do the following.

Tap the contact button at the bottom. At the bottom, tap on the icon with a profile and a plus. When searching, you will need to add the username of the account you want to add.

Add or name for that person. Let's find part of a username, now you can see that Skype found multiple accounts with the same name. So when you add the contact check the person's username and it's also good to check the picture if there are multiple people with the same name, the best way to choose who your contact is is to look at the picture.

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Now tap on Add for the person you want to add as a contact. The person you added as a contact needs to confirm that they know you. So wait for the other person to answer.

If you want to call someone on Skype, please follow these steps, first in the chat zone, if you have already spoken to that person, you can easily start a call, if you can't find the person in that zone, tap on the contacts and find the person there, tap the person you want to call. Now you have two buttons at the top: a article icon and a call icon. If you want to start a article call, just tap the article icon.

If you want to start an audio call, just stop the phone icon. So let's tap the article call. Now the call is in progress and we are waiting for the other person to answer the call.

Please note if the person answered the call, you can easily turn the article or audio on or off at any time during the call in this window. You have three buttons, microphone, article and end call. There are three dots at the bottom of this window.

Tap on it. Here you will see other options like: Allow Incoming Video, Enable Subtitles, Add People, Start Recording, and Split Screen Try to write what the person said. This is a very good option for those who do not hear well.

If you also want to keep a copy of the discussion with the person, you can press Start Recording. Please remember that both of you will get the recording, so let the other person know that you are recording the meeting. You can also share your screen with them if you want to show them something from your phone, these are the Main options of the call.

If you want to create a conference call in Skype, please follow these steps. You have two options to start the conference call. Let's see what to do if you're already on the phone with someone and want to add another person to the call.

So I'll just start a call with someone. I'm tapping the person's name. Tap the Call button.

So the call has started. Now tap on the three dots at the bottom right. In this menu, tap Add People.

Select the person you want to add to a conference from the list. It can be more than one person. If you have a large list, you can just search the contact.

Tap that person to see if they want to be added to the conference call. If you accidentally added someone, you can just delete them before you call them. Tap the X button next to the profile picture.

When you've added the person you want, tap Add. Now the person is called and after they have accepted, you start the conference call. Another way to start the conference call is to create a group for this conference Tap this button from the bottom Now tap on the new group chat In this group write the name of the conference you want.

After that, select the person you want to add to a group. After you do that, just tap on Done. In this new group, just tap the call from above and you will start your new conference like a simple call n conference call, you have the same options to add more people, share the screen and record the meeting.

This is very useful. To start the sharing screen, you need to call someone. Let's call someone on my list.

Tap on that person's name and tap on the call button at the top, the call has now started tap the 3 dots in the bottom left, you will see the screen sharing option here, tap on screen sharing, you will now receive a notification about the confidential information disclosure, this information may be different depending on the version of Android and your phone brand. If you're sure that screen sharing is starting, tap Start Now. Now screen sharing will start.

Let's see what this looks like on someone's screen. Here is the other account that is connected to the conference will see that person can see your current screen. Every notification and all data are visible to this person.

There is a slight delay in screen sharing, but this is normal. Take a look at how it behaves to stop screen sharing, just go back to the Skype app. You will have a button at the top to stop the screen.

Tap that and screen sharing should stop. If this was useful please share and subscribe

Hoe kan ik Skype opnieuw installeren?

  1. Sluit Skype af.
  2. Druk op de Windows en R toetsen op het toetsenbord tegelijkertijd.
  3. Klik in het dialoogvenster uitvoeren typt u appwiz.
  4. Skype te vinden in de lijst, met de rechtermuisknop en selecteer verwijderen of verwijderen.
  5. Download en installeer de nieuwste versie van Skype.

On the settings page, click on 'Apps'.

Now select 'Start up' at the bottom of the left sidebar. Find Skype from the list of installed apps. Just toggle the switch to 'off' to prevent Skype from starting on startup.

It's a good idea to keep any other apps you don't use from auto-starting too This is the end of this tutorial, please like the article if you found it helpful and subscribe to Foxy Tech Tips for more Skype tips and tricks

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