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Disable skype preview - solutions to the problems

How do I turn off Skype for Business preview?

Open Settings. Navigate to the Skype for Business app (it may be labeled just “Business”) in the apps list. Tap Notifications. To turn off all notifications, tap the toggle next to “Allow Notifications.”

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Welcome to Office Mechanics on today's show with all the breaking announcements about Skype for Business, formerly Lync.

We'll dig deeper into what this means for you. We'll also give you an early look at the updated Skype for Business Windows app and if you're an Office 365 or server admin keep watching it as we show you how to take control of your UI updates to make the Experience for users to manageOfficeOffice Mechanics BJ Haberkorn from the Skype team joins them. Welcome.

Hey thank you Jeremy. It's great to be here to give everyone an early look at some of what's new in Skype for Business, which was what people used to know as Lync, wasn't it? Yes, that's right, Skype for Business is the next version of Lync with new client updates for the Office 365 service and a new server. We've got new features in each of these on the server, for example we've added new high availability options, including SQL Server always-on support, great stuff.

So why don't we start the desktop app for Skype for Business with the Windows client and give us a quick overview. Yes, I would like to publish a technical preview. Some other people here may have tried this new Windows client that we're going to show that it has all of the functionality of Lync for both users and administrators, but we've changed the UI.

It's really the best of Skype and Lync, we take advantage of the familiarity of hundreds of millions of people who use Skype every month to make the Skype for Business adoption really easy, you really see it when you step into a live call . Here I am showing a live article call and it looks like Skype even though this is Skype for Business. Below is what our designers like to call the fourcore controls.

These are things that you just use over and over again, so the front and middle to start and stop the article, mute here, the share or presentation option, here is a place where you can see that we kept it all whatever Lync had, I can share my desktop, I can share a program, I can upload and share a PowerPoint file, there are few other places where you can see Lync have all of the Lync features. In fact, we took the opportunity to improve the discoverability of some features by responding to other feedback from perhaps some other people who are online with us today. For example, in Lync, many customers use it as their phone system and tell us that call controls would be easier to find.

So they are directly accessible from the call window, here you can see the dial pad, I can switch to another number, I can switch between devices if I am using more than one. Now of course we haven't just changed the active call window, minimize this I'll show you a few other things. The first is what I will minimize, you will see that the Skype call monitor pops up.

So when I go and go to another app I always have the reminder and communication, they are handy and I don't forget that I'm talking to you, the other thing: if you just look at the main user interface, you will see a mix of Skype and Lync. From a Lync perspective, I still have the various tabs, my contact list, my recent conversations, a dial pad, my upcoming meetings that you know yourself in my contact list, you know that these are the same contacts again that I had in Lync. I can select any contact and start a conversation from there One of the really great things is that we added article connectivity to Skype users and now you can connect to the entire Skype network through Skype.

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We also added directory search directly to the Skype for Business client. So, I want to show you that I'm going to select the Office Mechanics manufacturer's name and I'm just showing you how this works, here I'm searching my corporate directory, but you can see if I hit the Skype Directory tab, I'm All Now Browse people in Skype. That's quite a few avenues that you will see below.

It says too many matches to show on one screen, so it's actually a progressive search. What I'm going to do is add her first name and you will see it get a bit tighter and we are actually at four. The top one is actually Celine.

We talked to her about this before, the second is her mother who is in the UK the other two, you see a woman in France with the same name and I could look further, I could add the place to narrow it down that is really great to see. So I know these are just the Windows desktop apps, but when will this version be released and what about the mobile apps? Yes, the Windows desktop, as we mentioned the tech preview now, would actually include this in the April 2013 update of Office 2013. So not just Office 2016, but Office 2013, we'll be adding it to iOS and Android in the next few months.This is really important because now if you manage Office 365 ProPlus or in the future use a new Skype for Business Server, the April- Update is coming, and it actually hits users on April Patch Tuesday, but there are a few things you can do to take control of it? that's absolutely right, Jeremy.

We think most people will want to use this new UI, but we're giving admins the ability to control it with switches to actually return to the Lync UI within this client. So there are several ways to manage these updates for Office 365ProPlus.In our Office 365 business, we can pause updates for up to 12 months.

For example, if you want to stick with the March build you can, but there is now a more elegant way to go. You can use PowerShell to just pause the updates to the Skype for Business online service, which means you run a simple script on the cmdlet for your tenant. So in my case, I have a Powershell script that I created, a very simple one of about four lines that basically runs a couple of commands to log me into the service, once I run that as an administrator that actually did me Give server rights to manage the service.

Just enter my password there. And now I'm in and can run the one cmdlet I need here to disable the updated UI on the Skype for Business client. Now I'll get back to the look and feel of the Lynk user interface.

Yeah, well, let's take a look at what happens. I'll close Skype for Business and I'll restart it, let me close it first Now you will see if I restart it right at the opening it already tells you it's Lyncand, as soon as I log in you will see That UI is back to Lync with the square images, it's a dead giveaway. So the client itself has both UIs and this policy switch lets you choose which ones your users see.

This is really important if you want to take control of this updated look and feel. You may have some time to communicate with end users or test the changes. And all of that comes back, which is important, in the April update for all Office 2013 builds, including Office 365 ProPlus, let's take a look at what's coming on the timeline.Yes, the tech preview is already out and I hope some of you tried it.

In April on Patch Tuesdaythis will be generally available and at the same time start changing the online service, new branding in the admin portal, so you will see all the Lync branding, the strings will disappear and be replaced with the correct Skype for Business, which is absolute right and then in May on May 1st the Skype for Business Server will go into production and you can download it from the Download Center. What I'm really looking forward to is what's coming this summer because I have some big announcements over there, right? Yes, really big things are coming. Here is Enterprise Voice in the cloud that has two parts, one is the features you need to eliminate PBX phones and PBX systems for users.

We'll be doing a tech preview in the US this summer and we'll have general availability by the end of the year. The other thing here is actually some big news on the hardware side, both from Microsoft and from Polycom, one of our strategic partners Polycom at the Enterprise Connect Show In March, the whole family announced a device specifically designed for Skype for Business called the Polycom RoundTable. With these you can turn any meeting room into a Skype for Business meeting room.

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The most exciting thing they showed was something called the Polycom 100. Pretty inexpensive device. You can connect to existing projectors and displays and move from a stand-alone meeting room to a Skype for Business room.

And on top of that even on the Surface Hub, which we also have something to do there, right? Yes, the surface hub. We've shown it twice now at both Enterprise Connect in March and the Windows 10 event in January and it's a great device for in-person collaboration, but it also has a built-in Skype for Business meeting experience so I think really for a lot of the new meeting scenarios people are going to want to use the Skype integration on Surface Hub and some related news that is really great that, along with the ExpressRoute updates that we just got in Q3 2015, can get you right with Office 365 almost like it was a node in your own WAN, but from a Skype for Business perspective we will be improving this service to get better real-time media better was connected directly to Office 365 and Azure ExpressRoute via this private WAN Yes, it really is important for real-time media you want the ability to manage the experience end-to-end efficiency, one of the things Which we will be doing with the carrier partners working on ExpressRouteis will allow for quality of service labeling for voice, article and sharing throughout, which will ensure you have a great experience for people using Skype for Business, lots of great ones to come exciting news, but what do I need to do now to prepare for all of these changes? Yes, there are two big things: first, if you download the technical preview, download it, give it a try, let some people try it out here. You know we made a number of resources available in parallel.

These are resources to help you deploy and train your users. So check out these and prepare for April Patch Tuesday. Of course, stay up to date on all the news blogdaily and tune in on Wednesdays or as news for Office Mechanics, thanks for watching and goodbye.

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How do I stop Skype from running in the background?

To stop Skype Preview from running in the background of your system, follow these simple steps:
  1. Start -> Left-click on Skype Preview.
  2. Skype Preview -> Left-click on your Profile icon -> Sign Out.

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What is Skype preview?

Skype Insider Program

Skype Preview is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Skype Preview for iOS is available through Apple's TestFlight program. Join the Windows Insider Program to help us build the next Skype for Windows 10. Skype Preview is available for Mac, Linux and Android.

All the dinners you've been to here with Windows Central, and we're taking a quick look at the Skype messaging app for a Windows 10 Mobile that you can see here I've got messaging skype and skype article preview both installed now and this is definitely one Preview for Windows 10mobile, which is itself a preview So that instability occurs here, the app has been updated today and is actually much better than it was I think it has to do with the database after all this information from your current SMS and skype centers so you may have some problems as you can see what makes this app unique, when you get into messaging you can chat with people who can see you now, i'm on skype and you can see that the name for the person will actually be sky blue and c in two ways.

For us it means put on Skype or rather send on Skype and I could between text and Switch skype, which is really nice. See how the color has changed there too. So when we switch back to Skype I can now send a message if I want by just typing something now naturally makes this app really cool because it makes Skype more of a WhatsApp-like situation where you just let people know message directly, switch between text messages and continue the same conversation, but I can call someone like the market directly by just clicking the article button here and it will call and you can see? We are shooting there so there is the camera I can even turn the camera off so if it takes it off it won't show up to me now.

This is a separate Skype article calling app that is pretty neat and well integrated, and it allows you to call someone directly - I'll actually hang it up quickly and I'll just show you the app itself, so this is the sky preview for the article and you can see right away that I have the little tile now the skype app still lives separately and when calls come in init seems to describe the article preview app by default, but we expect the skype app to be live on windows 10 is wet which allows you to do better things like group calls and attachments, at least that's the hope for now, although we have this app so you can see who's watching. It goes straight to your camera which basically just shows you that you are going to be on a article call and it is almost like a mirror before you can continue with the call you can see for yourself you see your call history here at the moment there are none Ability to delete things but let's imagine that coming and now I can just type and it should start a call for Mark and it will call him directly and then it acts like Skype normally on any other system I'll do the Don't make a call that just hangs up and that actually reminds me a lot of FaceTime which Apple uses, so you can just call someone quickly and you can just make an audio call - so Mark picks up his phone, it actually has audio-only -Option so that he doesn't have to turn on his camera when he answers, but it's kind of neat idea here, it definitely streamlines the system, it works in the people too Hub. So if I go into the people and tag it, it actually shows it to him too, I could just tap and click him and call him directly.

It's definitely a neat system that allows Microsoft to update things more dynamically, including messaging and preview apps through the store, how they're being delivered, and of course, when you're actually on a Skype call, which is really nice , you can just click the chat button. You will see them jump back into your messages so you can keep sending links and act like a normal chat window See, my call is still active here and I can tap on it again and go back to my normal Skype call so that you don't lose any functionality here, it's just split up a bit differently than you can.You can also go into your settings here and set it as the default app.

You can see Messaging Skype Beta or Microsoft Messaging right here so you can choose which one you want, if you are comfortable with it just set it up as Microsoft Skype Beta or Messaging Skydata and you should all be set and now SMS Skype - Messages will all come through these two apps and they should all be on

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How do I disable Skype on Windows 10?

Select the Start button, type Settings and select the Settings app.
  1. In the System Settings window, select Privacy.
  2. In the Privacy settings window, scroll down in the left navigation menu until you see the App permissions section.
  3. Scroll down to Skype under Background apps and turn the toggle switch for Skype to Off.

Even if you've been using Windows forever, there are likely a lot of settings that you never realized were on by default and that you should probably change.

These could be settings for privacy, convenience, or just utility in general.I'll go through a number of settings in Windows, particularly Windows 10, that I think you should change right away, including things you should turn off and even features which are good but not on by default there are about 15 of these so hopefully you'll learn at least a few new ones. Here we go.

First, let's go to Windows Update Settings. To get to the main settings window, just click the Start menu, then click the Gear, go to Update & security and look for 'Advanced options'.

How can I remove the Skype Preview app?

Today, we’ll show you how to remove it. Click on the start button and scroll down to the Skype Preview app. Right click the Skype Preview app and click Uninstall. Once the dialog box appears with the text “This app and its related info will be uninstalled.”, click on the Uninstall button.

How can I stop Skype from showing up on my computer?

You have to sign out of the Skype application if you want to stop this. Open your Start menu and launch the “Skype Preview” application. You can either search for “Skype” and click the “Skype Preview shortcut, or scroll down to the “S” section in your list of installed apps and click the “Skype Preview” shortcut.

Where do I find the preview of Skype?

You can either search for “Skype” and click the “Skype Preview shortcut, or scroll down to the “S” section in your list of installed apps and click the “Skype Preview” shortcut. Click the profile icon at the bottom left corner of the Skype Preview window.

How can I close Skype in the background?

Even if you close the Skype window, it will remain running in the background. To close the Skype desktop application, locate the Skype icon in the notification area next to the clock on your taskbar. Right-click the Skype system tray icon and select “Quit”.

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