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Onenote merge pages - typical answers and questions

How do I merge sections in OneNote?

Desktop OneNote:

Open the notebook containing the section that you want to merge into, select the section, and click Merge. This will move all the pages in the section into that section. After the merge is complete, you will prompted as to whether or not you want to delete the original section.

- Hey everyone, Neil Malek, with crack training here brings you another everyday office article. And in today's article, I want to talk about the basic structure of a OneNote notebook. So a OneNote notebook is the container for information about a particular facet of your world.

Very often this container will be for everything related to a particular projector, a particular customer, a particular team, or really just any other facet of your world. It could be something you keep your prescriptions in or it could be where you keep your travel information, things like that. And in this notebook the most obvious structures that we have are tabs or sections and then the sections that contain pages.

Let's go ahead and see how that works. As I go about planning here, the first thing you want to notice is that you can right click on the tab and choose to rename that tab. So maybe this would be Pre-Project Analysis, the new name of this thing would be right click on this tab and decide to change its color.

So I can do this blue because I think blue is a good place to start. And then we have these pages. Note on the right, we have a chance to add a new page, and we got that first page right here.

Each page is unnamed until we use this text box here to give it a name. So in the pre-project analysis we could say that this is something like the first idea of ​​managers. So, executives, so when the executives came up with the idea of ​​starting a Facebook marketing team, this is what the project looked like for them.

And then I can either use the Add Page button on the right or the Ctrl + N keyboard shortcut to create a new blank Page. Note on the right, it's also called Untitled Page. And I can make this page something like Call team members initial meeting, OK, so we can create sections that have names and colors associated with them, and then create pages that relate to specific moments in time or pieces of information that are relevant to us.

But there are two other structures that we could opt for. The first, and for me personally the most useful, is the subpage. So when we create pages we can click Ctrl + N again, or we can use the little plus sign that comes up here.

We use the little plus sign here, whatever we want to do, let's say after the first idea from executives, I'll create a page here. Let's go over here with the little plus sign making a new blank page, and I call this something like a discussion with S. Ryan.

So, Samantha Ryan, the CEO, we had a discussion with Samantha about what she thinks of this team. And after that I come to the little plus sign here and I say this is a discussion with W Randolph. So, Willy Randolph, the CMO, we had a chat with the CMO about what that looked like.

Now the thing is, S Ryan and W Randolph, these two people, you are executives. So it stands to reason that these should be subordinated to the executive first idea generation page, all we have I just click this page on the right and then just drag it to the right, like to have a discussion with S Ryan under the first idea by executives to nest. In the same way I can click and drag the discussion with W Randolph and nest this discussion page under the heading Executives, once that's done I now have a little arrow next to the Initial Ideation by the Executives, and you can see that here I can show and hide the two sub-pages that are located under Initial Ideation by Executives.

I come to this point right here, between the discussion with W Randolphand, the first meeting of the team members and clicking the little plus sign. Notice that this new untitled page is immediately embedded under the first idea of ​​executives. It is immediately subordinate to the main discussion with the marketing team, say, marketing management.

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Okay so now we have the discussion with Samantha Ryan, the discussion with William Randolph, and the discussion with the overall marketing management team. And they are all under the Leadership First Idea Generation page, click to go to expand and reduce. Now I can go even one step deeper.

So if W Randolph is a marketing let's say CMO, right? Then the discussion with marketing management could be subordinate to that. I can click and drag that down, which subordinates the discussion with Marketing Management W Randolph to a new subpage, and then when I use Ctrl + N to create new pages I can put that page right there on the same level again. But here's a little point on that, subpages, that's what we do.When you get here, you don't get the little drop-down arrow.

So we can hide all sub-pages from the main page. But we can't collapse the subpages under a subpage like me. It makes sense to create subpages of a main page so we can see the structure of the information, but here's another tool we can use to organize ourselves in OneNote.

If we right click on the tabs here at the top of the screen, you can see that you can create a new section group, we will create a section group, which makes sense. We're going to group the tabs together. But see how that actually comes about.

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I'm going to click on New Section Group Test Group here so we can see it in action. Note that this is effectively a button and that I can take something like budgeting and drag it into the test group. There it is, and budgeting is in now.

Notice here, Facebook Marketing Team Notebook, Test Group. This budgeting tab is located in the group in the notebook. I can use this little up arrow here to go back one level.

And you see how the budgeting tab now lives within the section group here? I take Creative and drag that in there and let it go o Now all I can see is the pre-project analysis tab here, and then I have this group, for which I can press the button and see the other tabs. When I feel like I can take the Budgeting tab and move it up level, I can put it on the arrow. Do you see that right there? Let me go back to the I click on Creative, drag it over the arrow and let go, and it's out of the test group again.

So for me I don't like the idea of ​​my tabs disappearing, but what I can see is this: I right click on this group, choose Rename and I'll name this one archive, and then I'll name another Create a group by right clicking the Section tab, clicking New Section Group, and I'll name this group Future Steps. Okay so now let's say we are in the budgeting and creative phase and marketing ideas. We have the pre-project analysis behind us.

It makes sense to me that to keep things tidy, I could drag the Pre-Project Analysis tab, e Archive, and let go, and I can go back a level and see only budget, creative, and marketing ideas. Now let's click the little plus sign here and create a rating tab, so we'll be rating the quality of our creatives after our marketing goes live. I don't really need this tab right now, so I can take Assessment and drag into Future Steps.

And so I now have two tabs in my notebook that are for the future and the past. So I don't really need to see them now, only the ones that are really active make sense to me. Now if I took a different direction and made a really gigantic notebook about many, many different phases of the business, maybe I would create groups for different clients that I had.

Or if I did this on a personal level, I might decide to create section groups for the different trips I took or the different types of cuisine I kept track of my recipes for, stuff like that. (happy rock music)

Can you combine PDF files in OneNote?

Allow Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and PDFs to be actual pages in OneNote not just inserts on the pages. Allow full editing of documents right from onenotes tool bar. the office tool bar should be great for that type of extensability.

How to merge selected pages to first page in OneNote?

Select some pages in OneNote. Click the 'Merge into first page' command in 'Gem' tab. Or click the 'Merge into first page' on right click menu. Gem will combine all the selected pages into the first selected page, and delete the selected pages. EXE: How to Open Notebooks of Microsoft Work and School Account in OneNote 2013?

Is it possible to merge OneNote in Office 365?

Using OneNote 2016 from Office 365. I have some pages in a OneNote section with opposing red arrows inside yellow diamonds and a warning at the top 'We couldn't merge some changes. Click here to see page version with ...'

How can I combine multiple e-mails into one document?

Once it opens up, let go of right click. Now export to PDF and assemble. I would suggest selecting each page you'd like to combine by pressing control and shift, then clicking each page simultaneously. Once all pages are selected click the share tab then select the E-mail page option.

How do you merge two pages in word?

When you select the pages/sections that you want to merge, right click and choose 'move' or 'copy'. This should give you a popup that asks where you'd like to move/copy the selection. I believe that you are able to move to existing pages. Give that a try and let me know how it works for you.

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