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How do I share a OneNote page?

Share a page or notebook
  1. Select the page you want to share.
  2. Select Share.
  3. In the first drop-down, choose if you want to share This notebook or This page . ...
  4. Enter the email address for who you want to share with.
  5. In the second drop-down, choose if recipients Can edit or Can view.

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Hello everyone. Welcome to Part Six of our Productivity Demo, Microsoft OneNote: The Basics and Beyond. This is the final section of our Productivity Demo at microsoft.com/itshowcase.

And now to Part 6. >> Now I have my OneNote on my OneDrive saved for business, now i want to share option to share, how do we share our OneNote notebooks? if we click on file and then go to share, you will now see that it says share with people, and right now you see that Default down here Shared with Brian Patrick, that's my middle name. So there it is, Brian Patrick.

I am the owner and you can now see that it is only shared with me by default. That's a fear I want to take away from you. I've moved that to a cloud storage location.

It will automatically be visible to anyone on the internet, that's not the case. I have permissions for this notebook to then take it with to share with certain people. Since I am the owner, I am the only one who can share this notebook as well.

So if I shared this with my wife I can give her edit access, she is not the owner so she cannot share it with anyone, she only has the ability to edit, add, and remove items, in which case, go So I go in and add. my wife's email, so she's had this for a long time, I'll add her email address, and I can give her edit or review access and then hit Share. What that does is get my OneNote to share automatically becomes notebook with my wife.

So now not only does she have access to it and I have access to it, you can see it appear on the right side, anytime I can remove access as needed. So, I'm back to my OneNote notebook. She has access to this OneNote notebook.

She can add any elements later. Changes are made at the same time. Many changes are made, items are removed, pages are deleted.

This also applies to your personal notebook or work notebook so clear them up first. In this case, OneNote is tracking this for us, which is great. So, in OneNote, now that we have a shared OneNote notebook, you can see above, right next to Draw, we have the option to go into history and access it.

When I click History, I can see the entire history of the item. So right now we've made this brand new OneNote notebook from scratch, so there's really no history, is there? each of these pages recreated. There was only one version of each of these pages.

But let's go to this work-life productivity online toolkit that we created in-house. So this is one that we used a few years ago and that is no longer in production, but this is a great example because it has a long history for us you can see if I make selections on each of these pages. I can then select page versions.

In just a second it will have page versions. Like this, unless all page versions have been deleted. So, in that case, let me go back to the WorkSmart, here we go.

So now I can go to the History tab in this WorkSmart- Notebook see that there are pages. There are versions on this page. And the same should be the case for, now it comes through, is this online work productivity toolkit.

Each of these pages has page versions. So if I select on a page I can go back and see, wait, something really important here has been deleted and it hasn't been clarified with me beforehand. Then I could select on the page and then click on Page Versions.

The nice thing is that under this page is an ongoing story for us. A change has been made to this page so you can see all the way back in August 2015. If I want to go through what this change was, I can select that item and see that all of the items highlighted in green on this page were brand new.

That's probably because this was a brand new page we created and all of those items went there. But I let you go through each of these pages and click and see what was brand new. So when it is highlighted in green it means that this was the new item that was included.

So this is very useful in a shared notebook environment. with great power comes great responsibility, right? We have distributed these items and everyone has access to them. Well, the problem with this is that we get a lot of hands in one place and a lot of changes are made.

The advantage of OneNote is that these changes are tracked for us and we can go back to a previous item at any time. In this case, let's assume that items were released on 02/24. were overwritten instead of overwriting the changes we made on 2/9. have made.

We can always revert to this version by right-clicking this page and then reverting to the latest version. So you can always come back and refer to it. What's special about each of these notebooks is also the ability to tell when new items have been added to a OneNote notebook.

On the left side of my notebooks, you can see that some notebooks are highlighted or not in bold. This way we can easily see when a notebook contains new information. So in this case, I can see Brian's Notebook Personal, Brian's Work, and SuccessFactorsSOP have new information.

That's because it's in bold, which is nice in OneNote, if I click on a notebook with new items, it might be bold. In this case, each of the new content sections would also be bold. As well as the pages.

So I can identify the single page that has the new sequel when I look at it from this screen. Now, if I don't want to go through all of this work, maybe it is deeper into a couple of the sections, I could always go through and click Next Unread. Well, you can see now that I've read everything in this notebook, but I could easily click Continue Unread.

And go to the next item that's new in the OneNote notebook. I can also go through and if I don't even want to go through and check out everything these items, I just want to start over, I can always go through and mark as read. So, exactly the same as in Outlook how we can mark all of our emails as read, we can do the same thing in OneNote. we can also mark all items as read.

Again, one of the really nice things about OneNote is that it keeps track of our history for us. So we can always come back later, in which case we say it's that family notebook all over again. And I want to see the latest changes that have been made.

In that case, I can go through the Re and review Cent edits. And I can filter those recent changes by a specific timeframe, so in this case, I'm going to say, let's look at the most recent changes over the past seven days. Well, this one Case because this is a brand new notebook, every single one of the pages will be on the right.

But I can see each of these items show up on the right. And I can go through each of these pages and click on it to identify what was added. So, I can see the shopping list for the birthday party here.

So when I click on that it comes up with these articles, food ideas. It will all be highlighted in yellow, the new items that have been added. So we can go through one more time and look at all of the changes that were made.

You don't want to go through this, see recent changes, maybe you want to find them from someone specific. Maybe I don't want to see the items I added Check out the items my wife added. In that case I could always search for an author.

So, every person who makes changes in the OneNote notebook, OneNote tracks that for us. And then you can see my name here next to pizza, popsicle, and lemonade. When I hover over it, it says Brian Moring.

Now, right now In this notebook, you can see that I'm the only author. That's because I shared the notebook and no changes were made. But I was able to expand the list and see all the changes Brian made right away.

I can also browse additional notebooks. You can change the scope of your search. So for now we're just browsing this notebook.

But we can easily search through all the notebooks. So you also have this option. And you can see we're starting again with you seeing more and more names appearing on the right.

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That's because it will now traverse all of my notebooks. The last thing I want to deal with history is the idea that we have this shared notebook location. We have a common notebook, we.

We work together. And maybe items were accidentally deleted. Maybe we got this budget page that we worked so hard on creating ed this excel spreadsheet.

We got this beautiful chart. Maybe it was accidentally deleted. What do we do with it now? It won't be in my trash on my desktop.

So where does it live? Every OneNote notebook has its own recycle bin. So I'm on the Brian notebook. I can go to the recycle bin.

A second. It will update. But if your notebook doesn't sync, you can always go to the right click on your notebook and then sync that notebook.Now it will sync with the cloud and also update the cloud with your latest information.

While that works, it will be synced, I can go to the Work Smart Experience Notebook here and show you the notebook here as an example Trash for this notebook. Now every notebook has its own wastebasket again. If I clicked on this notebook, I could see that all the pages I added would be in the Deleted Pages section.

If a section was deleted, it would show up here too. And every time I want to restore that I would just ri right click on that single page and then click move or copy. Now if you click Move or Copy you can move them to another section within your open notebooks, or just move them back to where they were originally, in which case I might want to move this to Brian's notebook.

I can select this notebook from the list and then, for example, go to the shopping list and click Move. Now when you click Move it will physically move that page to the new location. If you select the copy, the exact copy will be made in the new location.

So you have that ability too. So if we go to Brian's notebook where I just copied this page, it is now available in the shopping list, and here it is. This is the page that we were able to copy into our notebook.

The last thing I want to talk about is the option, sorry. The last thing I want to talk about is the ability to review. As with all Microsoft products, we have a spell checker built in and we have the thesaurus, but we also have researches available too.

So take full advantage of these built-in tools that we have with OneNote. Because here, too, it offers you a lot more advantages than just happening to assume that you wrote things correctly. Which in most cases I haven't done.

In that case, you can run your spell check whenever you want, just like in Word and PowerPoint and all of your additional Office products. Probably my favorite aspect of OneNote and I know we're getting close to our time. So probably so, my favorite feature in OneNote is this idea of ​​linked notes, so you can see on the far right here in the review that we have this ability to create linked notes, why should we do this? Well, I've used this several times in the Framework of research projects.

And again, even for family times, vacation research, this idea of ​​creating linked notes about one place. So we could use the web, we can link notes to this website, we can link notes to them a PowerPoint. So in this case, because I've opened a Power Point, I'm going to click Linked Notes.

Now what I can do is click on a specific spot that I definitely want to have in my Brian's notebook. And on the untitled page so I'm going to click OK. So what I'm going to do now is I have the PowerPoint open on that left side.

So I can say these are my linked notes. So grab it, and then when I start typing you see a little see window pop-up on the screen. It says we will automatically create links in your notes to the documents or web pages.

Why should I do this? So I'm going to click OK just to show you the benefits. So I'm going to say that access from any device is really important. And then let's move on to this next slide, sharing, and collaboration, which we covered earlier.

onedrive activity log

We can say that sharing and collaboration is one of the main advantages of OneNote. I spelled it wrong. Every time I can right click on it and spell it correctly.

So there we go. We changed parts of it. So now I'm going to expand this back to full screen.

Now the real benefits of these linked Notes, you can see when we go over Access from any device, a little PowerPoint icon will appear. When I hover over this PowerPoint icon, it actually shows the exact page that we have links to. So again, very useful when we go to multiple sites, multiple pages, referring to different documents.

I can easily return to these pages by hovering over my notes at this point. There we talked about this page. I can click on the file directly from this location.

Click OK and this page will go straight to you. Thank you for coming today. Hope you found at least a few tips to use with your OneNote usage, it's one of my favorite tools.

Because I can use it not only to manage my work life, but also my private life. And the real advantage of OneNote is the ability to have several notebooks open at the same time - if you have one on your hard drive, on your OneDrive or on your personal OneDrive on your OneDrive for business, on a SharePoint site. You can have all of these locations in a single view.

So once again very helpful to be able to navigate to each of these locations. Thank you for coming and I hope you had a good time. Thank you. >> We're at the end of part six, we hope you enjoyed this productivity demo.

IT Showcase has events every month to see your Answer questions live. We hope you'll be back and bring your colleagues with you. For our schedule of upcoming events, as well as on-demand articles and other content, visit microsoft.com/ITShowcase.

Thank you again.

How do I email a page from OneNote Windows 10?

To send a static copy (or a screenshot) of the current page in email, do the following:
  1. In OneNote for Windows 10, open the page you want to share.
  2. In the upper right corner of the app window, click or tap Share. ...
  3. At the bottom of the Share task pane that opens, click or tap Send a copy.

- Hi everyone, Neil Malek, Knack Training brings you another daily Office article and in today's article I want to discuss how and why we take emails from our inbox and move them to Microsoft OneNote. So OneNote is a great tool for being able to summarize information from anywhere. From websites and from real life and the like.

And of course we receive information every day through our inbox. And it's nice to do something like this email from Michelle, and make sure it's saved in OneNote, not just because of the content of the email, but also because Michelle has been adding an attachment for a long time View important to me. So when we switch to Microsoft OneNote, we'll open that.

We could choose to click the drop-down menu here and create a new notebook for a specific project that we have in mind. So I click on Add Notebook here a notebook In my OneDrive for business account, I click 'Browse Here' and I name this an important project I have to face. So I call this project Yosemite.

And then, as you can see here, I'll save it to my work OneNote, excuse me, OneDrive account. From there click Create and I've created a new notebook in OneDrive. I'm not going to invite anyone just yet, and let's say there will be sections for people for this project, sections for financial information, sections for planning, and sections for execution.

Okay so we have sections for various information and when I go back to Outlook for example and see this email from Michelle and there is a table in it, maybe that email with its table should be included in the finance section of this new notebook that I have. At the top of the screen, I have a Forward to OneNote button, a Send to OneNote button if you will. I click when sending to OneNote and here under all notebooks you can see that I have the Yosemite project as a possible option.

And then I can choose to save this email in the Financial Information section of the Yosemite Notebook Project. Click OK and the email information will just be added to this section for that list on the pages over here and if I need access to that Excel spreadsheet, the Excel spreadsheet will be available for me to open. So it says I'll open the attachment there.

Okay, that's one level. You'll find an email as soon as it comes in and you say, “I know where this goes, I'll send it to OneNote, and I'll tell you not only which notebook, but also which section in that notebook I'm going to use. 'But there is another way to deal with it because sometimes we are not sitting in front of our desktop computer.

Sometimes we have this where we're constantly sending information over there, just constantly pushing information into OneNote and going on like this - going through the whole process could get a little bit of a chore, so let's look at some of the options that are available to us, if As I go to this web browser here, you will find that when I go to OneNote.com/EmailToOneNote I can set it up that way. Every time I forward an email to me@onenote.com, I see this address exactly there, it will automatically be added to a OneNote notebook.

So I click Set up email to OneNote. I may be asked to just log in here as myself for a moment, okay, so now I've entered the email address and in the drop-down menu here I can specify where I want to save this would like and notice here that the Yosemite project is one of those places. So I'll send this to the planning section of the Yosemite Notebook project by default, but notice here on the right.

So if you forward to me@onenote.com, email everything to me@onenote.com, it will automatically be added to the Yosemite project notebook and the planning section of that notebook. but on the right here all you have to do is go into the topic ct linesomewhere and add the @ symbol and then the section name.

So I'll hit save here and let's just see if that works or not, right? The e-mail settings have therefore been saved accordingly. Here, let me go to Microsoft Outlook and see if I can forward something to me@onenote.com.

So here is an email from Leticia, I decide I want to send this to me@onenote.com right away. I could hit forward and then paste me@onenote.com right here, what I'm doing a quick step for that instead.

So I click Create New, I'll call this one on to OneNote, and of course, as you can imagine, the action will forward the message to me@onenote.com. There it is.

So I click on finish and now instead of pressing the forwarding button and having to fill in the information, I have to press this forwarding button to OneNote, which I press, press send and let's see if it ends up in the Yosemite Notebook project. So we sent it to the Yosemite Notebook project and specifically to the Planning tab of that notebook. And there it is.

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You can see that it's not quite as nice as the push button option because it added the signature and forward abbreviation to the beginning of the title, but it's in there if you were on your phone and clicked me@onenote.com would it would appear in this section of your notebook immediately and you wouldn't have to be on the desktop version. Additionally, if you didn't have the OneNote plug-in working, you can still use me@onenote.com, take a quick step to forward it, etc.

So it's valuable to push a button and do something on OneNote Being able to send and forward an email to OneNote is also very valuable. (lively music)

How do I send an email to OneNote from Outlook?

In your desktop version of Microsoft Outlook (for example, Outlook 2019 or 2016), do the following:
  1. Open the item that you want to send to OneNote by doing either of the following: ...
  2. On the ribbon near the top of the currently open message or meeting window, click Send to OneNote.

How do I export a OneNote page?

On the page you want to export, click File > Export. Under Export Current, pick what you want to export. Select PDF (*pdf) and click Export. In the Save as dialog box, choose where you want to save your file.

You ever have OneDrive syncing issues like these. It's a common problem, along with a few other things that happen with OneDrive, and I'll show you how to fix it. Here are the steps I take to fix these common OneDrive sync issues.

The first step - hover your mouse over it and see what it says in it. Notice that Sync Files 1 Remaining appears. So there is a file that has right click issues, if there is a problem with syncing you will be given a menu option 'View sync problems' which in this case is absent.

So we know we have a file, so all you have to do is look at that file and find out what's going on. Select Open your OneDrive for Business folder from the menu and look for an unchecked green check box in the list. You can see right here that this project folder is not properly synchronized.

Open it and look for the file that was not syncing and you can see here that this 2018 project list document file is not syncing. The quickest solution I usually do is to take this file and drag it to your desktop. Make sure it has been removed from the list.

OneDrive tries to sync the file again. Now take a look at your OneDrive and you will find that it no longer has any problems with syncing. In this situation we can drag this file back here and it will sync again and the issues are resolved.

skype without camera

Now when you find this file you will see that it has a green check mark on it. If you see View Sync Problem on your menu, it is usually because you have violated one of these file and folder restrictions. You cannot sync individual files over 15 GB.

The maximum file name is 400 characters. You cannot use any of these invalid characters. You cannot use these file names either.

And you can't use these names for folders. Also note that if you exceed 100,000 files, you will experience some serious sync performance issues and, finally, OneDrive for Business limits each user to 1TB of total storage. If you've tried removing the file and restoring it back to the OneDrive location, and you've also fixed all of the view syncing issues, but you're still having problems syncing to OneDrive, there is another option that I think succeeds is repairing your office installation.

Go to Control Panel, go to Programs and Features, find your Microsoft Office 365, click the Change button and do a quick repair. Click the Repair option to close all of your Microsoft Office applications and perform a repair. When the repair is done, check it out and see if it works.

Another thing to check that can affect synchronization is Windows updates. Make sure you don't have any pending updates or updates that require a reboot as shown here as this can disrupt the sync process. If you've exhausted other options and are still having problems with syncing, you may need to stop and run the sync process again, which I can show you here.

Right-click OneDrive, choose StopSyncing a Folder, click Stop Syncing, and click Yes. Click OK and the synchronization will stop. Now, before you sync again, it's a good idea to go to your C drive and look at your home folder and switch to your particular user account.

You'll notice that there are a OneDrive and OneDrive for Business out of sync changes, sometimes multiple. Look in there and see if there are any files that haven't been synced. If there aren't any, I prefer to actually remove these folders and have them re-created when I sync again.

You can also see your OneDrive file location and all of the folders. It can be beneficial to move these files out of the OneDrive sync location, run the sync so it's really fast, and then copy the files back when they're done. So I'm going to select all of the files, move them to my desktop, or some other location.

Now I right click on Sync New Library again and it should show the options to sync with your folder. Occasionally you won't see a location and then you may have to go back and do the repair of your folder and install Office again before actually syncing, but in this case I'll sync now. It formally asks me for contact information.

I choose a work or school account and sign in just like I do in Office 365 and sign in. It will start syncing the files and you can click the button to see the location. You will notice that the green check mark is enabled for the folders that are being synced and a 1 is added to the end of the folder name to separate it from the original one I synced earlier.

You will notice that both are listed here. To see the status of the sync, you can go to the OneDrive and see that there are 161 left. Once that's done you should see the green check mark there and nothing left on your OneDrive sync.

Now you can compare the files here to the ones you moved from the old location if you just want to check that nothing is lost, and you can now delete the original OneDrive location as it's empty and no longer needed. Hopefully one of these solutions worked so that you can fix your OneDrive sync problems. If you have any problems please comment.

I am happy to answer any of your questions. Thank you for watching. Hey, if you want to see more articles like this please subscribe and if you liked this article click the thumbs up and leave a comment.

I really appreciate your support!

How can I attach a OneNote note to an email?

If you don’t have Outlook 2010 or later, you can attach a OneNote note to an email messages. On the OneNote page that has the notes you want to send, choose File > Export. Under Export Current, choose whether you want to create a copy of the current page, the whole section, or the entire notebook.

How can I share a page of OneNote notes?

If you use Outlook 2010 or later, you can share a page of notes in a message. On the OneNote page that has the notes you want to send, choose Home > Email Page. In the message window that opens, fill in the To, Cc, Bcc (if available), and Subject lines. Add any comments for the recipients of your notes, and then click Send.

Can you email a page in OneNote 2016?

In OneNote 2016 the user can email a page in a Notebook using the tab Home - Email Page command. Where is this command in the Windows 10 OneNote app? OneNote for Windows 10 is designed like phone App. It can share data with other Apps.

How to send a page of notes in outlook?

Send a page of notes in Outlook 1 On the OneNote page that has the notes you want to send, choose Home > Email Page. 2 In the message window that opens, fill in the To, Cc, Bcc (if available), and Subject lines. 3 Add any comments for the recipients of your notes, and then click Send.

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