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Asctray exe missing - common questions

What is ASCTray EXE?

The genuine ASCTray.exe file is a software component of Advanced SystemCare by IObit Pty, Ltd.. 'ASCTray.exe' is one of three background processes in IObit's Advanced SystemCare security and registry cleaner software. It displays the ASC icon (a circled 'C') in the system tray, and a menu if it is right-clicked.

What is advanced SystemCare tray?

It is used to improve computer performance and speed. Advanced SystemCare includes a free version and a PRO version. Functions on both versions include cleaning up computer registries, do a disk defragmentation, scan for malware, and clean up broken shortcuts.

Should I remove advanced SystemCare?

If you have spotted this rogue security software on your computer systems and have doubts about its activities, you should opt for Advanced SystemCare removal to free up your disk space from useless objects. Use anti-malware software or manual guidelines to do that.

Hey this is Tim Tipis from Majorgeeks Comand This is a quick tutorial on using advanced system maintenance without iobit. I should mention that Kurz is a bit strange on this one. I don't know if I can do this in under five minutes, which is usually my goal, but I'll do my best and we'll just show you the basics of the program and then we'll briefly look at some of the additional geeky things that that you can dig into without going into too much detail, otherwise it would probably be a 20 minute tutorial who has time for it, basically if you look at the front screen the program version will keep track of the latest news to make sure that you are up to date you can click here because although this is completely free you can get some extra features I think it's around 1295 and honestly for me personally everything in the range of ten twelve dollars if I got the program like i would probably buy it just because you know it's a way to give something back even if i don't need the ext ra features There's a reason, when you click that button and in the main window, it will take you to the website, telling you what you are going to get for your twelve or thirteen dollars, you have a couple of things here, you have your main concern, just click and go, that is one thing i like about the idol bit stuff, all you have to do is just one click and you can go or you can come here to service windows and you can do both manual scan and manual diagnose and scan could come over here and just clean up if you just want to diagnose and check things out you could just come here and do that under utilities that come back to all of our pile utilities this doesn't run in the basic utilities that's all the stuff to get one Little Geek So here if we're careful it'll start with spyware removal that has left your computer with iobit stool after sp yware is being scanned try again for errors You don't usually get much performance, probably not a performance boost, but there is registry defragmentation built into the programs you can get which is always a good thing which is why I say the one- Click is great, we can do this geeky stuff anytime you want your privacy sweep wiping out your internet history and all your surfing traces, little pictures that saved the urls you went to and stuff like that, then it gets into the Skipping Carrots and actually going faster than I expected your system optimization if there are any issues you can tweak your security to prevent spyware from installing, hard drive defragmentation which is great, and finally a security analyzer to see if it there are any kidnappings or problems with the security of your computer, it gives you all the details and even while you are scanning you can click and take a look and get the details and there it is, you can actually do that.

If you are just looking for an all-in-one system to get your Cleaning machine, you're done. You can go to the program you want to close. Note that there is actually a recovery built right into the thing as you run it, but if you want to get into the recovery, here's a look at some of the scans you recently did and you can come back and undo the changes.

You can delete the backups which is great because when you have a problem your computer is probably one of the big problems for someone who isn't too geeky, if you run these programs it will go blind it will doing all these wonderful things for you and then something doesn't work right, people are scared of that, it should give you a bit of reassurance and you can just create a restore point in the program and view your system restore in case you use your system restore wanted to go back to the restore before running it I ran advanced system maintenance as it came by a different name I can't remember we've been talking for years now and that's why I've run it on numerous systems and never had a problem with that, so let's get a little geeky here and head over to the utilities, ei some of the things i can't show you this is probably my fifth take on doing this article because i kept clicking on one of the things that showed the mywindows key you have your disk cleaner shortcut you have yours Hard drive doctor shortcut I like it because it is sometimes difficult to scan your hard drive for errors. This is built into the program, it is right for you as you can see I rant the other day I am enjoying your game a lot Booster is a article of which we have your Internet Booster with a nice little program that could tweak hidden settings Personally, I'm not a big fan of most Windows 7 is well optimized for broadband, but if you're playing with the Internet booster you can do the automatic optimization and simply by clicking 'Go' select what your bandwidth is and you can click here to Test your bandwidth when you are not sure but if you are a bit geeky you live in expert mode and as you can see you can choose your internet bandwidth wherever you want and manage all sorts of things. I really went out and ran this internet booster in auto mode and had absolutely no problems with it.

Intelligent defragmentation that you might know from iobitregister defrag. I think this is probably worth playing with Registrydefrag as opposed to registry cleaning you can actually get a small performance boost from these invalid shortcuts and the smart RAM that manages your RAM as you can see your settings to have. You can take a look at how much memory you are using, how much is free and you can absolutely excuse me for optionally unblocking your ramp undersecurity tab you have your driver backup you have your paper shredder to get rid of the files completely iobitsecu rity 360 d .

H. Security assistance, which can come in handy because you can envision your plugins, your browser helper objects, and other things. It's always a good idea to take a look to make sure nothing is hijacking your browser system backup system file checker management tools automatic shutdown search for clone files context menu manager disk explorer restore center we showed you uninstall already unwanted app which is essentially the IObit uninstaller is up and hopefully removes everything for you startup manager you have to be a little geeky This guy is careful, I have my antivirus running my RSS reader that you don't want to 'disable all your security stuff so if you are often unsure, you can google these things too to see what somehow you can't get rid of.

Cannot Remove System Information If you are working remotely on your computer, you have to tell them what is on your computer. I can't start and will finally remember that time because I have had my Windows key for over six years Giving away minutes in bloom and your windows manager I'm probably going to kill this here because we've been going a lot longer than I wanted to, but I think the big point I want to get across is that you can just download this program , click on careemanager machine and a simple click or you can get as geeky as you like and while I hate running a little longer the options are a great example, there isn't much you want here to play i always remove start at windows start withwindows i'm not a fan of it integration with the right mouse button basically show your balloon tips and here a lot of this time ug you really need to know what you're doing here if you're a geek reading you know what you can and can't do but you can automate things optimize whenever you want to choose what level of optimization you want for basic home users want to have etc large files in defragmentation I mentioned in other tutorials we did and intelligent defragmentation which is under the pro that intelligently optimizes your drying system which is not included, advanced system maintenance, your update options, your backup -Options and 9 and 9 a-9 Wego it might still take a while to try the program, there is a link in the description below. I hope this helped you and see you next time thanks

Which is the latest version of asctray.exe?

Asctray.exe is a type of EXE file associated with Advanced SystemCare 6 developed by IObit for the Windows Operating System. The latest known version of Asctray.exe is, which was produced for Windows 7.

Why is my asctray not working on my computer?

Most of these ASCTray.exe error messages mean that Advanced SystemCare Pro was either unable to locate this file on startup, or the file is corrupt, resulting in a prematurely-aborted startup process. Generally, Advanced SystemCare Pro will be unable to start without resolving these errors. ASCTray.exe - Bad Image. ASCTray.exe Application Error.

Is there an asctray.exe message for Netflix?

I uninstalled FF6, reinstalled FF5, uninstalled Silverlight4, reinstalled version 3, and still get the popup window announcing the ASCTray.exe message, rtl120.bpl is missing. Everything I can see, so far,seems to work, except my NetFlix, which is the most important to me. Anyone out there run into this?

Where do I find asctray in Windows 10?

It also starts 'ASC.exe' which runs in the background but can be stopped using the icon menu 'Exit' option, or via Task Manager. ASC has three versions, free, Pro (paid), and Ultimate, and ASCTray will be present whichever is installed.

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What is ASCTray EXE? The genuine ASCTray.exe file is a software component of Advanced SystemCare by IObit Pty, Ltd.. 'ASCTray.exe' is one of three background processes in IObit's Advanced SystemCare security and registry cleaner software. It displays the ASC icon (a circled 'C') in the system tray, and a menu if it is right-clicked.

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