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Microsoft hacking calls - a solution to

Does Microsoft call you about hackers?

So, to recap: Microsoft will never call you. Calls from anyone claiming to be PC Repair, Microsoft Support, PC support, or any other technical service that you did not authorize to call you beforehand are scams; pure and simple.

Does Microsoft ever contact you by phone?

Microsoft does not send unsolicited email messages or make unsolicited phone calls to request personal or financial information, or to provide technical support to fix your computer. Any communication with Microsoft has to be initiated by you. ... Error and warning messages from Microsoft never include a phone number.

Windows 10 Keys this has been a very controversial topic for a few years now and one of the channel sponsors I have here, yes city scdkeys, I've been using them personally for years and the reason is that I actually checked it out when I did First negotiated sponsorship with them. I said, 'look, your keys have to be real if they're not real. I don't want anything to do with you. ' and so they sent me a couple of keys, but i didn't want to trust them. method i switched from a new user to a separate account and then bought some keys and tested them individually and when they were in iran two years ago they were actually retail keys - that's an end the user licenses the keys that he and you are on should use our PCs, especially if we are gamers ... and especially in the last few months I've seen messages like 'Scdkeys sell volume license keys that you shouldn't buy, they're not intended for' the individual end user 'and they have those comments possibly right with other Windows 10 key sellers, but they are actually wrong with SCD keys where a volume license key is essentially designed for companies where they would issue a single license and those companies then use the same license to deploy for everyone could use their systems that they used to save n them time, but also money, where they received this volume license key.

Now there are ebay sellers selling these licenses and essentially it's not legal but that's enough talk, I'm going to buy some licenses offebay and also buy some licenses of SCD keys and then use those licenses on the pc behind me where we can check the validity of such licenses to tell you what's going on and beyond that I even call Microsoft and ask them with today's licenses if we can go ahead and get the facts for you, so here is our first little ebay key we got here About 20 minutes after I bought it it was very quick so I suspect eBay is already filtering out these listings and preventing them from being sold on their website, though we got the message through and got a key so we can now pull that key out and see what it says so our first little ebay key has ssel here the result of a Windows 10 rtmprofessional n so it's not even a pro license but a pron license There are some differences here and that is the end of some functionality in windows and i think it requires a different installation of windows but the most important thing is that Volume Macnow Mac means multiple activation keys so this is not intended for retail channels the ebay keys, what we're going to do now is to quickly buy another ebay key and see what it turns out n volume Mac Licenses, that's two different eBay sellers, two different keys I'll say if you want to get a key from eBay, go ahead and we just bought our first key, the retail stuff is a single end-user license, but we will don't stop here. I've got a ton of different keys from this website over the years so we're going to go over a whole page of keys and just check the validity of each and every one of them and as you go through the rest of the keys there's a little twist here and that is that not all keys are base windows 10 some of them are actually windows 8.1 and the thing with that these are the, they are still retail keys and the good thing here is you can get windows 8.1 windows 8 and windows 7 keys for free on windows 10 update.

So some of the keys may be different versions, but those versions are being updated and the good thing is they are all retail keys it's finally time to put that bogus accent on call microsoft and see if those keys are real thanks for calling from microsoft thanks for calling microsoft support a pc from facebook and my buddy said i should just check if my uhwindows 10 is ok, so windows 10 works on it m on ityeah it says it is activated but my friend said i have to watch out what the key is you have to watch out what like when you buy like some people buy keys on ebay and they are not real Microsoft keys so me only if your window is already activated you don't need a key okay so that's uh okay thanks so mine windows says it's activated and okay with a digital license i just keep watching it give me a few minutes bryano ne your last name would be simpsonright yeahyeah i got i got the key here, if you just want to check it you see that this is absolutely fine, it shouldn't be required. I just confirm a few things for you and make sure your device is ok and bryan I have to tell you that if your system is activated via a Digitalline license it will stay activated on this computer kay on this pc and you need to find out about it don't worry, so that all the functions of Windows 10 would be unlocked and you can use your device without difficulty and access all its functions resokay yes thank you buddy okay i won't waste your time anymore thanks buddy you are very welcome brianand so there it is from microsoftsupport themselves they basically said if your windows 10 is activated you don't have to worry and i was a bit surprised because i didn't mention that i look, i bought this keyoff marketplace and it could be a key that my friends use Warned about keys on ebay and that hasn't changed uh, the customer support team just sat gt, look, if windows is activated you are as good as done, we will now move on to uh for example go to trustpilot, this is a big topic because some people connected me to trustpilot where got cd keys for example . I would say their competitors are giving fake reviews because I have never had a problem and have a lot of friends who use scd keys too, we have never had a problem with the service they log into the website quite often with the paper I use Paypal to buy the keys and they are delivered right away to show the key and then your keys there and all the keys worked and here is the best thing about today's article with std keys because I went to them and said look i will do this article but can you give big discount to viewers and they said look it is? In the month of Black Friday we will give 30 discount for people who use the coupon from bftycan.

When I bought the keys today, I'm using this in a two-for-one combo so they'll sell two retail keys a little cheaper than the price of buying two individually in a pack and this is a great option if you have more than build a PC as here with the cost we see it's a little over $ 9 for a single Windows 10 Pro license and they are a retail key so the bottom line with SCD keys the channel sponsor here they are absolutely fine. I'm adding a link in the description below with the coupon code for that month even though it's Black Friday. The bftyc call it the big fat discount for November when you get 30 discount and they also have other products I have Office 2016 that I have activated for my Microsoft account, for example when I have made pcs or upgraded my PC, I can then simply log into this account and I have office2016 available there, so really practical, really good service and I vouch for sponsorships here at tech Yes, city, so if you have any further questions or comments about CD keys and Windows 10 , be sure to leave a comment in the comments section below, but there's one more thing, and that's when you get older PCs like in Taiwan, remember we were in a junkyard and we have Windows 7 keys on these old computers when you want to get a free key.

It is possible to reuse older Windows 7 keys motherboard put it in another case, for example I was able to upgrade this Windows 7 key to Windows 10 and I didn't have to pay a Windows 10 license at all, so there is that option anyway, folks, we have the question of the day come from mr. max gas and you ask the lg cx supports variable refresh rate right what about the c9 now both the c9 and the uh cx they are the lg 4k 120 hertz oledtvss they both support it because it is baked in the hdmi is 2.1 standards so you shouldn't have a problem, it's just the firmware update and also the update of the device used, be it a Playstation 5 or an Xbox series or a PC graphics card, it's up to this manufacturer to do this TV to work that works right so yes it can work just whether it works and how long it takes for that to work is a different matter anyway Le Hope this answers that question and I'll catch you in another tech article soon

Does Microsoft call you about your computer?

Neither Microsoft nor our partners make unsolicited phone calls (also known as cold calls) about your computer security or software fixes.

All right, this geek tip I want to show you how to manage your Windows computer using the Microsoft Management Console.Now the Management Console came out virtually in Windows95 and Windows NT 4, so it's been around for a while and if you've ever opened it but Computer Management Performance Monitor or a couple of other programs actually used in Windows actually use Windows Administration or Microsoft Management Console, but you can make your own custom console and I want to show you that I do now in a run dialog and then save your console somewhere and then you can start it from there, so basically let's start it when you create a console, you have to open the management console from the run dialog so we're onWindows 10 I'm clicking with Right-click on the Windows logo in the start menu, call up the power user menu and we choose Run now we can in another lecture we can actually use the windows logo key on the keyboard plus the letter R and that opens the run dialog to run MMC as you can see here Microsoft Management Console and we click OK yes we will be prompted to enter admin rights we will click yes and now we have a completely empty console so let's go ahead and start adding some add-ins to staphons here, add a couple of folders to my snap-ins in order to get it in order, and to do it properly you have to hit the 'advanced' button here and select the loud change of the parent snap so we can actually add snap-ins to the specific folder we want them to be in carry on there we have our folders let's rename them I will do this one administration and we will remember this security and there we are now er renamed folder let's remove snapping back to add and for maintenance or administration I select the parent administration and want to enable computer management and give us the option to use a local computer or another if you are in a domain of you know you can manage multiple computers this way you know if you wanted you could actually have a folder called Bob's computer and put all the snap-ins for Bob's computer and blow a lot, but we're only going to do the local computer , so we will leave it at the default setting and click on finish, so now we have the management book yourmanagement is locked in there let's go on I also want to put one in the security folder and normally I like to have a windows firewall and of course a local computer that can we make it then let's go back here and I'll show you the ve Manage the computer and there we go, we actually have all of these separate programs and these are all separate snap-ins themselves, but if you select Computer Management you get the full boot, the full boot of it you get jammers with computer management, so I recommend always that you know that the computer management snap-in is working fine and then of course we have the windows firewall imean down here which also gives us all the options so that we can know all kinds of management of the firewall in the computer, but let's move on there are a couple of the things here there will be snap-insi want to add an activex control and i will add it to the admin folder so there is a really cool activex control here i know consumers won't be interested but the system monitor control is pretty interesting because you can actually add counters for different parts of your computer Control, we're on the move during nothing, we didn't add any counters so we're going to add an encounter and of course, as you can see, we have a lot of c counters built into Windows so you know you can monitor your hard drive activity using your storage Your cached processor do you know Yatta Yatta I mean there are a lot of these in here but we will move on and since we have the processor selected by default we are going to do that and we are going to check it out and see, yeah that's all that is under the processor that you can actually monitor, so we can pick you to know one of them. We're going to select Total Add Grand Total now click OK as you can see that we now have color - coded lines here on our diagram, showing us that you know exactly what is happening with our processor privilege, on time interruption time I mean you can actually go through here and you can actually see the cache 1 2 3 times type of graph that is being displayed generate a report a lot of different options here you can do it with the system monitor but we can actually do it when you want to start a program and not finding it we can actually add the add-in in a task pad view so we right click on the console rope and we add a new task patent view.

So let's go ahead, we can either run it vertically on the page or we will have it horizontal or web, basically I have no style at all, but I usually like to use a horizontal list if it gives you a little more space. It only occupies the bundle bottom of the console, not along the horizontal or vertical edge, so don't think about that much space we have, so let's go on and we'll go to all the elements and we'll say yes on the console route and automatically the new task assistant Start So We Can Actually Run Various Commands You can actually start a program web page and run a script that you do a bit out of thin air, but we're just going to open a simple program and use WordPad. It's right here in the Windows and Program Files Windows NT Accessories directory so let's give WordPad a call, now we can use an icon built into the Microsoft administrative console.

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They look like Windows 95 years and since we've been using Windows 10 let's get something a little more modern, so click on a custom icon and of course browse Windows System32 to see these are the icons built into the Microsoft management console but let's search the windows system32 directory and actually find what we see is the dynamic link libraries the dlls that come with windows has a wealth of cool icons so let's go ahead and open that up and you like you can see, yeah, we have a lot of the nice soft ones you know they didn't look really nice and the others are basically Windows 10 icons so just take one of them? looks like a document and uses it so let's go ahead and now you see that we have WordPad down here Any program you like and paste it into the system tray down here. You can also add multiple console tabs if you want to tell me it's fully and completely customizable and remember, when you're all said and done you can hit save it's pretty easy to find and we will Click save and if we go on we're actually closing it well, the console is there if we want you to know that we can just open it again Boom Boom Boom and there we go and we wouldn't go straight into all of our programs that We're adjusting and so for more geek tips that passed on to geeks in Phoenix

Can your phone be hacked through a call?

But they can't break into your phone's software and modify it through phone calls alone. That being said, your phone can be hacked through communication apps with poor security. In 2019 hackers compromised a smartphone with a single Whatsapp phone call.

Fifteen Clear Signs That Your Phone Has Been HackedWe often see our smartphones as safe digital havens where we keep our most personal information. From pictures to credit card details, some people even save their passwords in notes. That's a bit too much, right, you've probably got all of your text and email communications, including work materials, based or synced to your phone, if you think it's your private zone you can be very wrong up to now no such device that cannot be hacked to reduce the potential risks we figured out three things how to hack your phone, how to detect it and how to protect your phone from being hacked, let's start with the first important question and see How your cell phone can be hacked The easiest way is to take possession of your cell phone for a few minutes and install spy apps like Spy Phone Appspies II or Spy era, these apps are basically mobile trackers that track the incoming and outgoing phone calls and record text messages.

Keep parents safe and help business people monitor their employees. When in reality these apps are often used by those who don't care about the safety of others Over an unprotected Wi-Fi network in a coffee shop or airport yeah It's that simple that we all love to find free Wi-Fi spots at airports and restaurants, especially on Have you ever used free wi-fi travel? Click thumbs up if you have well, by using the means of public wi-fi, you share all of your traffic with everyone around you. Keep this in mind next time you want to check in to an exotic location.

It's worth waiting until you reach a more reliable networkWhen charging your phone via an unknown USB, even on a plane or car, there is a risk of all of your data being revealed and transferred Different smartphones have different security features, so not all of these will share the same amount of information when connected to a PC, but they can reveal your device name in a narrow serial number, its manufacturer's operating and file system information and electronic chip ID that is a lot of information that can be used against you SMS phishing that happens when you have one Message with received a link stating that it is, for example, your bank statement, a money transfer or your photos, so click on it, download the file, and then reveal the entire contents of your phone to hackers using the signaling system 7 or SS 7 Used by most phone stations across the world, Hackers can read your text messages, eavesdrop on your phone calls and track your cell phone locations, but if you are not a celebrity then there is no need to worry, you will see hackers attacking your phone in many ways Now is the time to answer the question. We all care how to tell that your phone is number 15. You can find new apps on your phone and don't have them installed yourself Sometimes phone manufacturers and service providers can actually install new apps on your phone if you update it, but it's better to be safe than sorry, so you need to make sure the apps are real You can search them on Google and see what other users or better yet reliable websites are saying about the apps, if neither the manufacturer nor you have installed the app, it must have been hackers works like before While new apps that you never installed are work fine on your phone, your old apps are having problems.

Something is interfering with their proper functioning and it is most likely malware on your phone number 13, your phone suddenly runs out of juice very quickly when you find that your phone's battery life is way too short. There must be a reason, this can happen if your phone is running an unknown app, such apps or in background mode without notice, so you don't even have to launch them, but they still take power from your phone number 12, your smartphone seems slower than we think often that a slower operating speed is the reason why our phones are old? Just like shorter battery life, this can be caused by malware running in the background on your phone - these bad apps transfer data from your phone so it's performance drops badly A smartphone is smart, but hackers are even smarter sometimes, number 11 if your number 11 Phone gets warmYour phone gets warm even when you are not on the phone or working on it You are probably used to feeling the warm touch of your communication tool, and you might even like it, especially when it gets cold, but warming up for no reason is not a good sign either What this means here is that there is some unknown app that is working your phone so hard it heats up, dials numbers or launches applications, you might want to believe that self-restarting or dialing numbers is the result of some paranormal activity, and you are about to call Ghostbusters appear in your recent calls and it costs You hackers can use your device to proxy expensive international calls. You can also use your infected device to make calls to companies who charge you for them.

Of course, they don't call abroad themselves, but offer this paid service to their customers, with it They make profits Number eight your phone sends and receives strange text messages Just like unknown numbers in your recent calls, you can find text messages They didn't actually send from your phone It can also happen to your email if you are using it from your phone, if you don't yourself Your friends or co-workers might tell you about it when they get strange messages from If you don't ignore number seven you can't turn off your device, when you try to turn off your device, it starts opening different apps, increasing joy, etc. It is very wrong and it is most likely not the fault r manufacturer number six, there are noises or echoes during calls, if you hear noises or echoes during a call, and you haven't had them in that location before it means someone else has access to your phone, you can track your phone and your conversation eavesdropping browserThis can be a sign that someone has installed malware on your phone.It can read your online communications and track your activities.It sits somewhere between your browser and the internet, preventing the sites from viewing normally.Number four you have an elevated Mobile Data Usage Detected If you have a data monitoring app you can sometimes see your mobile data usage growing way too fast, it can be an additional cost it's when you pay for a certain amount of traffic per month, and this is one of the signs that your phone is down Not only is used by you, you can also try to find detailed app traffic usage in your phone settings, it tells us exactly how much mobile data each of your apps has using you recently installed this app from a new source and it is eating your data.

How crazy the app could be malware. Delete them. Number three pop-ups appear out of nowhere on your device, you will likely see it on your computer a lot, unless you are.

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If you have good antivirus software, it will inform you that you have just won the lottery or have a new iPhone, all you have to do is click a button and it is yours. Such pop-ups on your phone are likely generated by malware. They don't do what they tell you to do.

Number 2 Email Sent From Your Phone Is Blocked By Spam Filters It May Be Assigned To Have A Third Party Read Your Email How About They Have Control Of Your Phone? It could have changed your email configuration, sending all your email through some unauthorized server hackers, you probably have direct access to this server number, you cannot make calls or they will be dropped, if you find calls dropping the inability to make calls to do when you have good signal strength or strange noises appearing during your phone calls Something may be wrong Usually these issues indicate technical issues unrelated to a security breach, but this is not always the case when you experience these symptoms briefly after noticing an action that you now regret, it is a good idea to consider whether or not it is necessary to take corrective action if you see any of these signs on your phone? Try running anti-malware mobile software. Delete any apps you have not installed and unreliable apps that are consuming too much traffic, if possible, you can also reset your phone and return to its original settings, if that is not enough for you, then contact a professional that we all know That prevention is better than cure, so here's what you can do to keep your phone safe from hackers if you get a message with a link and you can't see the full url, never open it when charging your phone from an unfamiliar computer, when connected, select charging only Don't use the save passwords feature turn off automatic connection to public Wi-Fi networks instead select it manually One more thing about Wi-Fi networks Avoid networks with suspicious names like free internet or Wi-Fi -Fi free Select those that are password protected Especially if you are in a coffee shopNo online purchases or money transfers on public Wi-Fi networksIf you are using Android, install a reliable antivirus and of course add a password to your phoneWe hope you found this article useful, if it is, give it a thumbs up, keep your phone safe now you know how to subscribe to our channel so you don't miss any updates, always stay on the positive side of life

Do you get unsolicited phone calls from Microsoft?

Microsoft does not send unsolicited email messages or make unsolicited phone calls to request personal or financial information, or to provide technical support to fix your computer. Any communication with Microsoft has to be initiated by you. If a pop-up or error message appears with a phone number, don’t call the number.

Who is the Chinese hacking group targeting Microsoft?

The Chinese hacking group, which Microsoft calls Hafnium, appears to have been breaking into private and government computer networks through the company’s popular Exchange email software for a number of months, initially targeting only a small number of victims, according to Steven Adair, head of the northern Virginia-based Volexity.

How is Microsoft responding to the recent hack?

A Microsoft spokesman said in a statement the company is working closely with Cisa, other government agencies and security companies to respond to the hack. “The best protection is to apply updates as soon as possible across all impacted systems. We continue to help customers by providing additional investigation and mitigation guidance,” he said.

Why are there so many attacks on Microsoft?

A sophisticated attack on Microsoft Corp. ’s widely used business email software is morphing into a global cybersecurity crisis, as hackers race to infect as many victims as possible before companies can secure their computer systems.

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