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Microsoft fingerprint reade - comprehensive handbook

How do I use Microsoft fingerprint reader?

Here's how to set up Windows Hello fingerprint logins:
  1. Go to Settings > Accounts.
  2. Scroll to Windows Hello and click Set Up in the Fingerprint section.
  3. Click Get Started.
  4. Enter your PIN.
  5. Scan your finger on the fingerprint reader.

How do I use the fingerprint scanner in Windows 10?

  1. Select the Start. button.
  2. Select Settings > Accounts.
  3. Click Sign-in options on the left.
  4. Click Get started.
  5. Enter your PIN.
  6. Scan your finger on the fingerprint reader.
  7. Click Add Another to repeat the process with another finger, or close the program.

How much do fingerprint readers cost?

You can get very basic fingerprint scanners for about -0 each. These scanners will come with basic software, but they are not without flaws. Sometimes the fingerprint readers are spotty or the software is not very user friendly.

Security - this is pretty important, today we're going to talk about 2 methods of securing your belongings, one of which is this high tech fingerprint scanning padlock from Tapplock, we'll see if we can physically hack into it and see how to do it And the second is to secure yourself online or on your phone with a VPN.

Thanks to NordVPN for sponsoring this article. Let's go. Unlocking smartphones with fingerprints has been around for years.

It's effective and damn efficient. Today we have a padlock that can use a fingerprint to unlock - the Tapplock One. It seems pretty high tech.

It was seen on CNN, Unbox Therapy, and raised over $ 300,000 on IndieGoGo last year before going into production. And as always on my channel, we'll see how it works ...

from within. You might be thinking, 'Hey Jerry, it seems pretty cool, why shouldn't I buy it?' Well let me tell you Little guy has a proprietary charging port and a power button on the bottom ...

nothing wr A click of the power button activates the fingerprint scanner, which you can use to scan one of your fingers and unlock the lock. Pretty easy right? I'm a fan of this so far. The small device can take 500 different fingerprints and has a battery life of 1 year.

It is even IP66 waterproof. As long as your treasure chest is not locked under water, it will also function perfectly in rain or the elements. Thoughs up for all of that so far.

Plus the whole thing is metal which makes it seem like it would be hard to get in, but sit down and let's find out. The scratching of the face revealed the entire front of the lock with solid metal. And the sides are made of metal too.

And even the back of the tapplock is made of metal, with no visible openings ...

at least that's what I thought ...

At first it didn't look like the back was removable - it wouldn't pry off when I was tried it. However, before I break out the heavy artillery and check this from the inside. Let's scratch the fingerprint scanner l scratch and the lock still opens fine.

You can hear the little motor inside start up the shackle and unlock the padlock. Even after a few more scratches, the lock still works safely ...

or something, at least I thought. Let us continue. I broke out the Dremel to measure the thickness of the metal but tried to cut through the stainless steel and advertised an anti-shim and anti-pry design.

My Dremel just couldn't make it through my body. Even when dremeling through the fingerprint scanner itself, there was no way for a hacker to open the lock and steal your things, like your bike or your sweaty sportswear, from this side.I pulled out the big guns that I made the fatal flaw in Tapplocks Find design.

Roger that! It was around here that I realized that the back wall of the castle was not secured at all. Right next to it is the lithium-ion battery cut in half. It just falls off this lock.

Apparently I opened it wrongly before. It can't be pried off - it's like unlocking a glass by turning it. I couldn't see that until I got a look inside, I'm about to test my twist-off theory.

Dig deeper there were three normal Phillips-head screws on the back half of the lock. And once those were unscrewed, the front of the lock fell away, revealing more normal Phillips-head screws and a metal plate that covered the motor. When these were gone and I got inside I can lift the latch in the middle and the shackle will completely detach from the case and give your goods to the world.

If my theory is correct, anyone could hack this lock in under 30 seconds with a simple screwdriver. Try it? Yes. We should.

I went out and bought another brand new $ 100 Tapplock that was available at New Egg and Best Buy, opened the box, and twisted the back of the lock off like an expensive cookie jar with a GoPro mount. Unveiling of a battery and 3 screws. And within about 30 seconds I had the faceplate off, and the screws removed, and the locking bar up and out of the lock body.

And all of my things that were previously locked in the shackle are no longer my things. Obviously, a thief walking around with bolt cutters could totally steal your bike in about 30 seconds. But no one is ever going to call the police about a guy with a screwdriver.

This lock just doesn't do a good job of locking it. Tapplock could easily fix that problem, by welding the back, or even using proprietary screws instead of a regular Phillips head. I'll be more than happy to do a follow-up article if Tapplock decides to fix these issues with the next version of their lock.

As of now, however, the lock costs $ 100 and can easily be hacked in 30 seconds by anyone with a normal screwdriver and GoPro mount. So I don't really recommend anyone buy it. Bad guys will always find a way to figure out how to do bad things, so if there's a bug in the system or not, it's good to find them away from the good ones.

And speaking of good guys, the PC Magazine number one in the virtual private network isNordVPN. They had nothing to do with this lockdown situation. I seriously thought this thing would be fine.

A virtual private network does a couple of different things. It encrypts your network traffic from one location to another so that your information cannot be tracked when you are on a public WiFi network such as an airport or hotel. Everyone knows that virtual private networks or VPNs can be used on computers, but they can also be used on cell phones such as Androids and iPhones and Windows phones.

And with NordVPN, you can back up 6 devices at the same time: your computer, your laptop, and all of your mobile phones. And since NordVPN has over 4,000 servers in over 62 different countries, it can seem like your traffic is coming from anywhere. And you can bypass country-specific censorship laws, like in China and the Middle East.

Or if you want to access a YouTube article that is not available in your country, you can just skip ahead to another server. For a completely risk-free trial of NordVPN you can use the discount code 'jerryrig' and get a 77% discount on a 3- Get annual plan. I think it's $ 2 and 75 cents a month www .nordvpn / jerryrig and if you don't like it you are at least protected for those 30 days and 24/7 customer support takes care of everyone Fall for you.

It's probably a lot safer than this thing.If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. And if Tapplock ever upgrades or updates their lock to make it more secure, find out here first.

Thank you for watching and we'll have a look around.

Does my computer have a fingerprint reader?

To see if Windows supports the fingerprint reader on your computer: At the Start screen, type device manager to open the Search charm, and then select Device Manager in the search results. In Device Manager, click Biometric or Biometric Devices to expand the list of recognized biometric sensor devices.

Hello, this is James with LotHill.

Today I will do the installation of the uareu4500 fingerprint scanner by digital persona. This is the scanner we use with our TimeDrop software to automate the clocking in and out of comm / downloads or you can insert the CD and just run the installation next next next next completely by installing the standalone -Version of time drop Next install the u.are.u 4500 driver so that the scanner can communicate with Windows and what to do insert the CD go to your file explorer open the CD you will see the contents of the CD listed there there is the installation guide user manual and there is also a folder for you ru driver double click uru driver next you will need to determine what type of system you have, is it 64 bit or 32 bit to do that , you can right click on your windows start menu this applies to windows 8 and 10 click on system and right in the middle you will see sy root type - 64 bit on a windows 7 system let me switch to this so I can show you what this looks like you will click on your start menu right click on computer go to properties and you will also see the system type, this 64 bit how to check your system type and once you know the 32-bit system uses x86 for 64-bit systems use x64 double click on the appropriate folder then locate the setup.exe file and double click on it to open the InstallShield installation wizard, if the driver for the biometric scanner is installed, when you see the User Account Control messages, click Yes to continue and start the installation.

Click Next, accept the license agreement, click Next and then you can usually set the installation folder here, you can just click Next to accept the default. We will do a full installation. Click next and then basically install Next Next Next click all the way through click install at the end this will install the driver for uareu4500 biomet ric fingerprint scanner click finish and then you need to restart the system now When you restart the system you will see a blue light for the scanner so you know the scanner is properly connected and working, once you restart your computer go ahead and open the timedrop manager or sign in as it was called earlier when using the evaluation Click Start The default username is Manager and the password is a password that can be changed later by going to Employee to highlight your employee, double-click or click click edit, go to security and then change username and password first we connect d en scanner with the system, so go to manage system options click on the terminal you choose digital persona is the scanner type can already look like this go on and click on digital person from In the drop down list of the scanner you should have a whole bunch of See letters with the name indicating that this is the scanner, select that and click Save I've connected my scanner so I go back to manage the system options and the digital person is selected then choose Turn off the scanner and you will see something similar in this drop-down list.

Go ahead and select that this is the hardware identification for this particular scanner select this option Let the scanner run in the background This is important if the software is running in the background, i.e. behind another window, or if you have something minimized on it it means the scanner is still working and you will still be able to clock your way in and out without bringing the time drop forward.

You can request the scanner to be used for clocking in and clocking out. This hides the username and password fields so only the scanner input works to clock in and out that way.Employees cannot enter their friend with a username or password so they have to be there with their finger in hand and you know That you clock yourself in on the business tab, there is another option to clock in and out with username only.

This option can be enabled if you want to allow them to clock in and out with just your username, you can either use their fingerprint or they can log in with their username, if you don't enable this you can use it and you leave it disabled You can log in with your fingerprint or you can use your username and password if you are using the fingerprint you are using - you don't need to enter the username or password. All you have to do is press your finger on the scanner, it will clock you out internally, if you choose to use username and password then you can do that too unless you just required using the scanner when you tick this all you will see is a tiny fingerprint on the screen indicating that you are using your finger, that's it, so I'll uncheck that for now and hit save. In the next step, close System Options, now that we have let the scanner configure it to change the employee so that you double-click the particular employee or click Edit.

Go to the Security tab and we will register a fingerprint for your particular user so that you can click the finger you want to use You need to scan the finger four times, the scanner will glow blue when it is ready to scan. I've done it four times. Just hit Close and click Save Now do username or path and password in this particular case both fields are available indicating that both are required or you can use your fingerprint in my case I used part of my palm and it's hard for me because i don't have my fingerprint on the article so you would tap that particular screen with your finger and this is what it would look like manager since you would see this that you are not clocked out and then when they clock in, you will see the manager is now clocked in and will disappear after 4 seconds.You can go back to manager login by using this menu option here Manager login allows you to use your fingerprint or credentials for some extra performance or as well no performance If you have little additional information about this watch in the Uh r off the screen, you can associate a picture with a specific person so I'll add my picture here then when you clock in or out manager password there you have your photo and then you can also set this delay if you don't want to that the delay is 4 seconds, you can change this by going to the system options the clothing confirmation for stamping message you can conclude that you can leave it open all the time until you click OK.

You can change the time to 2 seconds 4 seconds is the default and hit save and then X. So if you come back here and the manager password or you go? can touch your finger you will see it for two seconds and then go away let's go and I'll log in again or stamped out so that's it for setting up the biometric fingerprint scanner with time reduction if you have any further questions, feel free to comment on the article or send Email us at product.support@LotHil.com, thank you very much.

Can you use a fingerprint reader in Windows 7?

How to Use a Microsoft Fingerprint Reader in Windows 7 (DigitalPersona Password Manager) If you have a Microsoft Fingerprint Reader, Microsoft will tell you that it won't work with Windows 7. If you try to install the driver software anyway, Windows blocks it for 'compatibility reasons.'.

How do you set up a fingerprint reader?

Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your fingerprint log-in. You'll be prompted to lift and rest your finger on the fingerprint reader repeatedly until your entire fingerprint is captured. Make sure you tilt your finger to capture different angles of your fingerprint. When you're done, you have the option to add more fingerprints.

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What to do if your fingerprint reader is grayed out?

Refer to the manual that came with the external fingerprint reader if you have one. If the option is grayed-out, you'll either need a new fingerprint reader, troubleshoot the one you have, or set up a different type of sign-in. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your fingerprint log-in.

Can you sign in with your fingerprint on Windows 10?

If your laptop has a fingerprint reader, Microsoft allows you to log into Windows 10 using your finger (s). Here is a look at setting up the option with Windows Hello. When it comes to signing into your computer, Windows 10 has an array of options. Sure, you can use a traditional password or PIN to sign in.

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