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How do I contact Xbox enforcement?

If you need assistance, go to https://enforcement.xbox.com to view your enforcement history or start a case review if applicable. Most enforcement actions are straightforward, but we know that some are more complex and you may not be sure exactly how they work or affect your Xbox profile (your account).

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No live demo. We weren't sure if we would have bandwidth at Con, and even if we did, I didn't like the idea of ​​requesting an escort from the PAX under armed guard because suddenly everyone in the convention center discovered that I had a laptop got that can ban or unblock your buddy from Xbox LIVE. One last caveat and then I'll get to it.

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Vulkan isn't our only tool, that's not even all of Vulkan. For security and privacy reasons, I had to remove or skip a few things. Okay, enough of my blabby-blabby warning crap.

Let's get down to business. For most of the articles you will see a top view of my desk. Vulcan can be controlled with a combination of mouse and keyboard and optionally with an Xbox 360 controller.

Oh yeah and the boxing gloves? It's just my way of cheering myself up for a day at the office. We all have our thing. This is Vulcan.

We'll start with the gametags complaint queue. As you can probably expect, the left stick is used for navigation. Press and hold up or down to quickly navigate the gamer tags column.

Agents can also use the D-Pad, but to give them a higher level of control, the cursor is not moved continuously when the D-Pad is pressed, only the cursor moves once per press. As I showed on a previous slide, each of our decision types corresponds to a color on the Xbox 360 controller. Red for exact, green for imprecise, yellow for escalate, blue for sensible.

Once a law enforcement officer knows that color codes they can literally sit back in their office chair and pronounce enforcements. Here's a look at how a law enforcement officer can scroll through the queue with the push of a button. The cursor simply advances to the next item once a decision is made The bright, shiny color changes clearly indicate that a decision has been made and the automatic transition to the next element allows the agent to focus on the decision rather than the user interface.

Of course, a law enforcement officer can change his decision if he makes a mistake or reconsiders his decision. He can switch between the columns and simply press the button that corresponds to his new decision, when this point is highlighted, you can see it up there. They do this by holding down the left bumper and pressing the button that corresponds to the decision you want to pre-fill.

This is useful, for example, to set all the gamertags in a column to a sensible decision, which is quite common, and then change each gamertag individually. It is entirely up to the law enforcement officers' preference. I should mention here that we have a security in place.

The agent cannot set an entire column to exact, but only to reasonable, inaccurate or escalate. So let me take a step back from the application itself and mention some terminology I had no idea how to name some of these things in the user interface. We called the right side the decision queue.

This is where the enforcement officers ultimately make their decisions. On the left is the enforcement queue when the decisions are flowing here. As just happened, we're recording the decision in Vulcan and reporting the enforcement to Xbox LIVE.

You can switch between the decision-making and enforcement queues with the right analog stick or keyboard combination. I'll show you that in a moment. Finally, the decision queue is divided into three sections: active, runway, and hover.

Active is the place where the enforcement officer is currently working. Runway are the incoming complaints that need to be handled by the agents, Limbo is the place to go when decisions have been recorded in the application but not yet recorded or submitted for enforcement. An agent still has the option to hover and change their decision.

OK, let's get back to the application. First, I'll switch between the decision queue and the enforcement queue here. You will find that any inaccurate decisions will go away very quickly.

columns in onenote

The decisions were recorded in Vulcan, but there are no enforcement actions against them so they don't have to stay around. What remains, however, are all of the gamertags that need to be enforced. You will see the Activity LED come on as we record enforcement and make the necessary calls to the Xbox LIVE service.

Once the enforcement is successful, the item disappears from the enforcement queue. All of this happens in the background while the agent continues its decision-making process or can turn around in the queue and watch enforcements happen in real time. So gamertags are pretty simple.

Profiles, on the other hand, are a bit more complicated. I'll switch to this part of Vulcan and show you how that works. Another quick UI, Rundown.

Decision queue on the right. Enforcement queue on the left, just like gamertags, with an active column at the front. Limbo column on the left as with gamertags, but Limbo for profiles only has two columns as we need the extra space for the profile card.

This is the new item we don't have for the Gamertag Complaints, this is where we can see the contents of a user's Xbox LIVE profile after a complaint is made against them in the Profile Category, as well as showing their avatar. This will allow us to find the modified ones. OK Back to the application.

Profiles work similarly to gamertags. Navigation is the same. Decision buttons are the same.

Even the process is very similar. Agents make decisions in the active column, the color changes, and the decision is eventually pending and put on the enforcement queue. When an agent marks a complaint as correct, they must also mark the individual fields that violate the code of conduct, also mark the gamertag.

Why are you doing that? Well, because if we send an email to the user that the content on their profile is violating, we will include that profile content in the email. In this way, the user knows exactly what violated the rules in their profile. As you can see, this article continues to play a role in how a single keystroke allows an agent to make an inaccurate decision on one profile and focus simply shifts to the next.

Again, the efficiency is great, but we cannot sacrifice its accuracy. After all, this is your paid subscription. So if an agent marks a complaint as applicable in the active column and then doesn't mark any profile fields as applicable, we delete their decision to ensure that there are no inadvertent enforcement against players.

OK, I'll get on here real quick and show you one last thing. One final feature I want to show on profiles is basically a warning to players who think it's smart to draw content into the bio field of their profile. The Vulcan user interface is set for textual content in narrative format, but some players cleverly format their text so that it appears as a drawing on the console or on xbox.com.

searchindexer.exe windows 10

Basically the Xbox equivalent of ASCII art. What you see here is our ability to view this content. With a simple click and drag, agents can reflow the text to fit any width.

Now, if you want to use ASCII graphics to tell everyone what a real clutch pro you are, that's cool. But when we see a middle finger robot, expect suspension. By the way, our enforcement agents were so good at detecting middle finger robots in the old version of Vulcan that we almost didn't have to do that function.

Absolutely correct.

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How long does the Xbox Live enforcement action last?

http://enforcement.xbox.com should show you the length of your suspension. Generally suspensions go from 24 hours, to 7 days, to 14 days, and then permanent. Since it is a communication ban, then yes, you won't be able to communicate through your mic.

How do I uninstall Xbox enforcement?

1-800-4my-xbox. They will be the quickest option to reach out to Xbox Account Support to help remove a suspension.

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What is an Xbox enforcement action?

If your profile received an enforcement action that restricts specific Xbox Live features, you'll receive a message when you try to use that feature on your Xbox One console. This message lets you know that can't use the feature because of an enforcement action.

What's up guys, money here and today i have pretty good gameplay guys, as you can see here i'm 18 and oh is a bit sluggish this game i apologize right away for that it is probably really annoying but that has made us talk to guys about it, not the gameplay the game i want to talk to you guys about what happened to me the other day just a little story maybe i can help you the xbox one seems to have an enforcement action now folks, let me tell you how long i have xbox i have had xbox 360 for at least three to four years before that decent other consoles but i have never gotten anything like enforcement now let me tell you what that is if you don't know what that is an enforcement action guys is basically this new thing on xbox live not really new but when? Xbox One came out on Xbox Live.

They created an enforcement action team that basically sends messages to people who either did something wrong or did something, sent a message to communicate, or just anything you do wrong on Xbox and they ban you first, depending on how long um I've never been in all of my calls for three years or in my Xbox years this had happened to me and yeah, I sent bad news, I said bad things about people online because somebody comes to you having a bad day and you say come over uh I don't mind that or if you're just advocating for other people on the internet there is nothing wrong with that, but these people seem to think that you don't have freedom of expression on Xbox there is like that something like a mute button and a block button that if someone annoys you you can just hit or block them. I don't get her sorry for the laid back guys, um, so let me go back to my story so I can get this message enforcement action open it and I see I get a four to five day ban on communication which means that I posted a message or said something online that was inappropriate, so I'll check it out and it doesn't tell you what you did, doesn't tell you the reason Sonit just tells you what your thing was, a mindless communication so i have 45 days and it doesn't tell you and what you say that was wrong it just says youthis so i call a manager on xbox on microsoft and what is that what that thing tells you? I call them and they say we can't help you An enforcement team is a team that even Microsoft doesn't know how to contact directly I asked them they said we can't help you, it's different from us That's not part of their job the enforcement team's work and we don't have a part of them, if you don't have a part of them then why are you doing it at all, why are they doing so even with people who would review the Xbox on Microsoft like that I call them, they say the enforcement team then they can, 'I'm supposed to be calling so I'm pissed off so I go to this website, but if you go on a safari to see a Newsearch Enforcement Team action or something like that for Xbox Live search and you will be able to file your complaint in a day or two, they will tell you that you are sending something back and you will have to do a survey like they will give you a greeting nd resend and maybe get your special or something my ban was four to five days it's not because i am sending a message that says she should follow my complaint that shouldn't say anything that you know free speech everyone on Xbox you've known since I got Xbox 360, berating, swearing, you know you do all these bad things when they really try to get rid of it, so you have to get all of what you do know trolls and nobody wants you to know these people are funny, you gotta have all that stuff, there is such a thing as amute and a block button and if you don't like someone i'm always at parties, so I don't even say to people unless someone sends me a message. Any kind of message back, you know if you get to me I'll get back to you but um, guys, to fix this, just send an application to the enforcement team, you can put them into one thing and then they will Reply to all of them but you can't call them, you can't message them, there's no contact or message for them Don't even try to call Microsoft because it won't work I'll come out with the article tomorrow guys hopefully from me melee weapon assembly I have Made some melee weapons, my kid even dropped it, I don't care about my KDin Black Ops Three, it's Black Ops Three, it's not a Kady game, so um, I'll be finishing this pretty soon folks, but um basically I just wanted to tell you, um, thanks for watching guys, hopefully this helped you just submit an application when you have this problem and when you have this Have problem contact me and um leave me a message about what you are doing, what happened to you? I think it's kind of funny at this point because you know how stupid Xbox is, you know their prices are high just to do this to us, how come on, really um, i'll buy the game i play I'll talk to you guys later I'll be uploading a melee game tomorrow and probably some gameplay this gameplay was a 52 and 3 gameplay not too impressive but i was like flawlessly most of the game um japeace out

Is there a number for the enforcement team?

To answer your question there is no number for the enforcement team they only handle things through their website. Was this reply helpful? Sorry this didn't help. Great! Thanks for your feedback. How satisfied are you with this reply?

How to contact the Xbox LIVE Enforcement Team?

Here are the direct links to contact the Xbox Live Enforcement Team, just remember that unlike Xbox Support, the Xbox Live Policy & Enforcement Team (XBLPET) has no live chat or phone number, the only thing you can use to contact them is by submitting a case review if you’re eligible. How do I submit a Case Review?

How do you get in contact with law enforcement?

The only way to get in contact with the Enforcement team is through a case review if you are eligible.

What should Microsoft do about the enforcment team?

Microsoft really needs to rethink this whole system and get fire the current enforcement team for negligence if their even played employees at all. To me it seems more like the same structure as the YouTube Heroes system that everyone was against.

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