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Microsoft edge terrible - possible solutions

Why is Microsoft edge so bad?

It's not so much that Edge was a bad browser, per se—it just didn't serve much of a purpose. Edge didn't have the breadth of extensions or the user-base enthusiasm of Chrome or Firefox—and it was no better than they are at running crusty old "Internet Explorer Only" websites and Web apps.

In the minds of most people around the world, this symbol represents a bad internet surfing experience and for decades the internet has been full of jokes like this one claiming that the only purpose of Edge or Internet Explorer is because people still don't seem to distinguish between the two is to download a different browser.

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What was thinking to me, if nobody seems to like it, then why is Microsoft still pushing it? I'm out - out of tech, check out the 29th episode of the story behind Sears and let's talk about Edge, okay, before I condemned this bathroom for some memes from the start? on reddit let's see what the statistics make up according to statbrowser edge, a tiny comma makes up 89 percent of all surfing on all platforms. It's up from a point seventy-two percent a year ago, which is about a month's growth.Samsung browser, old Internet Explorer and UC browser practically all outperform them when it comes to o total market share now that I know the stats It's now just desktop margins close to four point eleven percent up slightly from three point fifty-eight percent a year ago, that's only half a percent of the growth in a year, and there are two major trends to watch out for this year over three percent In the same period of time, this means that people who leave Internet Explorer generally do not switch to Edge, but leave Microsoft's browser completely behind them.

At the same time, the global rollout of Windows 10 has been very quick and its market share has definitely overtaken Windows 7, making this Edge the default browser particularly surprising of Windows 10 not benefiting from its growth, this means that maybe for the first time the masses are not choosing the standard solution , and while other statistics websites show slightly different images, their overall results are a clear benefit that users don't seem to want to take over, which really begs two questions, why don't you want it easy and why is Microsoft still pushing You do it well anyway, let me start with a statement you won't hear very often right here on the internet. Edge doesn't really suck now unless you're a power user Edge works well for you the basics are covered It's quick to start performance with Vendorwell is not actually among the absolute best emitably good sites meander and work flawlessly Edge is safe, and it actually looks pretty attractive in my opinion. When I asked web developers at my company, they said they had fewer problems with Edge support than with Safari on the Mac It There are even areas where Edge does this better than other browsers.It's arguably the only browser that works well with Touch on Windows, and the only one I know to support pens at all, for example Edge had a few glaring problems on first launch, in particular it didn't support extensions and was limited to Windows 10 These two were mostly fixed.

There is now an Android and iOS app foredge that uses native browsing r technologies of each platform so they have exactly the same performance as Chrome and Safari and let you sing between Edge on the phone and on Windowsedge extensions , are also available now, although the choices here are not quite on the same level as on other platforms, either way my point is not that you the power user should switch to Edge. I'm a happy Firefox user myself, and I am think Firefox and Chrome are still better choices for most power users, but unlike in the days of unitExplorer, the quality difference between Edge and the others isn't that big and usually if the default option is good enough then Normalos or try Non-power users don't switch, so why are they switching both cases of Edge? I can think of two main reasons, firstly the branding honestly makes the Edge logo look like Internet Explorer one was only Microsoft, which shot itself in the foot, is hard to imagine a brand that is worse than IE Edge is one all new browser top to bottom it's better than IE in almost every way the whole reason I imagine Microsoft replaced IE with Edge is because the usage numbers clearly show that people didn't like IE, so why on earth would they hamstring Edge from the start, honestly i can only think they only wanted to give non-technicians who upgraded? Windows 7-10 a familiar icon, but they should just let Internet Explorer die and the second reason is simply Google's dominance over the internet and smartphones. I mean, open every google site on the sidelines n you are constantly bombarded with nasty download prompts for chrome many newer ones like cuckoofor example doesn't work at all and since most of the people around the world are leaving their Android phone as their primary computing device she uses Google services more often than her default browser on her phone affects the browser selection on her desktop and not the other way around, so it makes sense with bad branding and Google's dominance over the internet and smartphones, it's no wonder that people tend to like that Switch Chrome, but if that's the case, why is Microsoft still looking at Edge, it seems obvious that an operating system would have a default browser after more and more tasks are shifted from local apps to the web, but a built-in browser offers a lot more than just that, if Microsoft wants it To implement new system-wide functions, places are needed to showcase them, including a browser that could be controlled in the past, things like Inking with digital Pentouch support or even Cortana integrations were big pushes for Microsoft and Edge was always one of the main vehicles for them and seem big features in the future also being able to rely on Edge.

Many Edge is the only browser that runs natively in Windows Mixed Reality, which Microsoft says will be one of their main focuses in the future, and upcoming features like Sets also rely on Edge if Sets ever really make it out of the beta labs allow users to group multiple app windows like Word documents OneNote pages as well as browser tabs in a browser like Indowmit Tabs that are based on Edge technology, there are of course many more examples like this and the point is that Microsoft good first party apps and especially a good browser needs to bring their future ideas to life have a few other important implications, in particular their rendering engines are used on all operating systems, often without the user's knowledge if you don't know what is the rendering engine, then remember: Browsers consist of two main parts called the rendering engine, which receive code from a server i n convert a website by knowing it and all the things that build on it like the browser UI password manager that syncs between devices and soon a browser's engine can be used by other apps as well, not just the browser itself, Edge on Android, similarly like most other Android apps actually use Chrome native rendering engine and build features like microsoft syncing in the same way Edge and even Chrome on iOS messaging appsafari engine and just add your own customizations above and most apps With two open web content like many e-mail clients or social media apps for example apps at once one step further above these are progressive web apps where an entire app is just a fancy website that pretends to be an app This is a new technology that you can already experience on Android, and if you want to see it for yourself, I recommend mobile dot twitter com chrome and just give Firefox a try.You can add a homepage icon for supported sites like this one, which will then look and feel like a real app with offline capabilities, sync push notifications in the background and soon remember that these apps are entirely from a browser -Edge are supported to support progressive web apps in Windows 10 in the next update. They are installed first from the Microsoft Store and later directly from Edge.

Their own window without the Edge user interface and they have access to native window functions such as live tiles for notifications as well as katana and so on, just like real apps Google and Microsoft are both pushing for progressive web apps to become the next big app platform and Microsoft will need Edge to make that happen and the last notable feature of edge and mine In my opinion, one of the things that most people don't even know in my opinion is Edge is actually also an app for reading PDFs and, more recently, e-books too, Microsoft really wants to make Windows 10 an educational platform where students can read books for school, annotate them, write them with a digital pen and so on and so on the tool to back it all up is Edge, in other words, Edge goes beyond just surfing the internet 10 together, but if Microsoft really wants people to start loving Edge then I think they have another one Long Way To Go I've said Edge isn't bad and I stand by it, but I find it really confusing that Microsoft has exceeded the bar. I mean, I am expecting the company that owns the operating system that Edge runs on and that by the way is really deep pockets and the rich history of building software to build something that is better than the comp maybe a browser that for once proven to be better than the competition especially if they just built their browser from scratch a little more than just not bad but now I want to hear from you, huh? you think about it, H are you already using it, if not you can see it will become a viable competitor in the future I put together a poll on twitter which you can find in the description of this article so go there and cast your vote off while you're talking social media channels I'm techArthur on all of them and I do a lot of cool behind the scenes stuff over there, if you want to see past episodes for yourself om the story behind the series then you can check it out here look at. They're all still relevant so you can check them out and if you want to see future ones then subscribe to them and get right to your inbox.

I'll see you later

Is Microsoft Edge actually good?

The new Microsoft Edge is excellent. It's a massive departure from the old Microsoft Edge, which didn't work well in many areas. I'd go so far to say that a lot of Chrome users won't mind switching to the new Edge, and might even end up liking it even more than Chrome.

What's up folks, I'm ThioJoe, and with Windows 7 officially dead and reaching the end of life, I recently talked about the need to upgrade to Windows 10.

And unsurprisingly, a lot of people got REALLY angry and act like upgrading to Windows 10 is worse than death. Maybe it was also due to the slightly sarcastic title. Now I personally find Windows 10 to be a totally fine operating system.

like i thought windows 7 was on the release but i definitely don't think it deserves all the hate it gets. That being said, I think I understand why some people hate it and they have some good reasons these reasons, and also why they are not as big a deal and how Windows 10 is not as bad as it used to be, when it was originally released and why you should consider giving it a try. Before we start, let me give my quick shameless plug to my really amazing Instagram account where I post the most amazing tech memes and cool pictures.

You'll literally die of amazement and laughter if you keep going there, so check this out, it's just @ThioJoe over Instagram, and if that's out of the way let's get into that. So when you ask people why they don't want to get Windows 10, you get a variety of answers. But there are only a few that really make up the bulk of the concerns that I'll just identify first and then we can address them in more detail I agree with all of this, I just want to show you how to fix these issues with little effort It seems to me that the absolute biggest flaws people hate in Windows 10 have to do with privacy and data collection, and also the Forced Updates, especially when combined with poor quality control of those updates.

The other main reason a lot of people hate Windows 10 is because of the terrible bloatware, along with Cortana, which some consider to be a privacy issue AND bloatware about Windows 10's privacy issues. You've probably heard that Windows 10 is 'spying on' you and all kinds of information collects. Windows performs a form of data collection called 'telemetry,' which is the cause of these complaints.

Telemetry collects things like diagnostic information like errors, logs of frequently used programs and functions and the like. None of these are purported to contain any personal information that can be used to identify you. From Microsoft's point of view, this data enables them to identify problems with Windows itself and its features, so that they can identify and fix them without relying on people to provide feedback to figure them out.

They can also troubleshoot problems that users didn't even know they were a. are mistakes. For example, a certain program might crash when a user runs it, but then they just run it again and it works just fine, so the user forgets about it.

But Microsoft could see that same crash happened to a million people. While it's not a big deal for any user, it's actually a big, widespread problem that they otherwise didn't even know was occurring. You can also use the data to see which features are used the most or which settings are changed the most, so you can know what to prioritize.

On the other hand, from a user perspective, many people simply do not want a company to collect data about their activity, even if this is obviously not personal identification. It is very understandable, and I f everyone in this camp where I do NOT like collecting data on my devices. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce or disable the collection.

The easiest way to limit the collection is to go to Settings> Data protection> Diagnostics and feedback> Then change the diagnostic data from 'full' to 'basic'. This won't stop it completely, but it will definitely reduce it a lot. There are several ways to stop it completely, but the easiest way is probably to use a free program that I made.

The entire article from earlier is called 'ShutUp10'. I can highly recommend this article, which I will show up here and also include in the description. I won't go into any further detail here, but it's a program from the reputed O&O software company that allows you to easily disable many settings in Windows 10, including data collection and privacy settings that you would normally have to mess around with in the registry to change.

So definitely to be recommended. Okay so now the other main reason I see so many people hating Windows 10 has to do with the forced updates, especially given Microsoft's history of the absolutely TERRIBLE quality control and testing history for many of these updates. This is also very understandable as Microsoft has repeatedly released major feature updates that break things, although these feature updates should NOT be confused with security updates that are very important.

A notorious example was the October 2018 update Microsoft released which was deleting files in certain directories for certain users and no one knew why at first. This forced Microsoft to remove the update almost immediately, permanently damaging Windows 10's reputation when it comes to major updates. And I can definitely relate to that, because it seems like after every major feature update that happens about twice a year, I run into weird software and stability issues for a few weeks until the kinks are ironed out.

There's very good news, you might not have noticed, since the May 2019 update Microsoft changed how important updates are released and fixes one of the main reasons people are holding back, at least in my opinion. You see, Windows 10 is no longer going to force you to install the big important feature updates that are released twice a year, and usually these are the main causes of new problems and bugs. Windows Update will now only install the major updates if you manually choose, but will still be able to receive all of the minor Quality of Life updates such as bug fixes and security updates.

You can postpone these major updates until your current release version has reached the end of its life, which is about 18 months. So you can basically postpone these large, often problematic updates for over a year now, and by then all bugs should be ironed out. If that was the main reason you didn't like the idea of ​​Windows 10, then maybe there is nothing more to worry about.

Also, remember, if you're using Windows 10 Pro, which costs an additional $ 100 to upgrade from the Home version, you can control exactly how often you get both feature and security updates separately. Personally, I keep feature updates delayed by at least 2 months or so, but I don't and I don't think you should be delaying security updates on Windows 10 Home and Pro, I also made the article I'll have here if you do that afterward want to see. Ok, on to the next reason, we preinstalled bloatware.

Few things are more annoying than reinstalling Windows 10 and then you see your Start menu full of crap, including Candy Crush and literal ads for stupid apps. However, these can be deactivated immediately. Programs like Candy Crush can be uninstalled from the list of apps in Settings, and for the ads that Windows calls 'Suggestions', they can be turned off in the Start menu settings by simply unchecking the 'Show suggestions on startup' setting .

And then there's Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant, which some people hate for several reasons. They may just find it annoying and worrying about privacy and be suspicious of having another virtual assistant follow up on their questions and searches. I disabled Cortana myself because I never use it.

Unfortunately, it's hard to completely disable Windows 10 Pro, but it's not impossible at home either; at home, it requires editing the registry, which is not recommended if you are unfamiliar with it. So all you have to do is look up how to do that if you want to. But in any case, you can at least prevent most of the data from being tracked right in Cortana search settings.

So Windows 10 is definitely not perfect, but most of the biggest ailments can be fixed and you only have to do this once and you and I can understand why a lot of people using Windows 7 might be saying, 'Well, why should I.' do all this trouble to me, Windows 7 works fine ”. But if you know me I'm a security freak, and I don't think it's worth continuing to use an insecure operating system - I'm just not ready to spend an hour getting Windows 10 the way you want it to be .

And remember, you can still upgrade from 7 to 10 for free even though Microsoft doesn't advertise that, so just google how to do it, it's very easy, despite all the problems we've talked about, I think Windows 10 has a lot of great features worth using. First, it IS safer, not only because it receives regular security updates, but it also has better security features in general. For example, it has exploit protection built into the operating system that previously required separate software called the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit was.

It even has built-in ransomware protection that you can turn on. There are also many features that previous versions never had. including DirectX 12 for games and other small functions like clipboard history and clipboard synchronization.

As it is the latest Windows operating system, it also has the best driver and software support. And with Windows 7 out of service now, developers and hardware makers Cturer may not be focusing on Windows 7, so things may not work as well in the future. And this is just my opinion, but I actually like the new start menu and think it has carried over the best parts of previous versions.

Unlike Windows 8, which was an absolute abomination and only had tiles, Windows 10 brought back the list of apps on the left as you saw them in Windows 7, but you can also have tiles for shortcuts to everything on the right Pin page or remove tiles and arrange anything however you want. So if you're still a Windows 7 denier at this point, this article may have allayed your concerns about upgrading to 10, or at least only when it comes to the most common deal breakers. Obviously, I can't address every single one of the complaints people have, and I'm sure in the comments, many of you will have other more specific issues that you have regarding Windows 10.

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And at the end of the day it's up to you, but I just want to make sure you're fully informed as to why you're upgrading or not, but anyway, if you want to keep watching, here are a few articles that I mentioned earlier about the 'ShutUp10' software and the differences between Windows Home and Pro. So thanks for looking, and see you next.

Is Microsoft edge the worst browser ever?

Microsoft edge is the worst search engine. Edge isn't a search engine - it's a web browser. It comes with close integration to Microsoft's own search engine, Bing, but it's entirely up to the user which search engine to use.

- Hello and welcome to This Is.

Ken, is it time to switch to Microsoft Edge? Throw Chrome in the trash - I think it's time to switch to Edge because it's literally everything I love about Chrome, without the horrible, awful parts of Chrome. - So Edge is completely different than it used to be, right? There was a time when Edge was like some kind of middle school. Where it was almost like Internet Explorer 2.0, it was based on all of their own rendering technology.

It was okay, but not great. The current version of Microsoft Edge is basically a version of Chrome under the hood, but with a lot of nice stuff on top and puffy and streaked - Yeah, I mean, that includes a lot of stuff, I'm sure the tracking- Stuff right? As if there is a huge emphasis on privacy that can be talked about in a little more detail, but again, the main reason I like it is because it is based on Chrome. There are many reasons why people want to use Chrome properly.

Such as extensions. - Absolutely, so a Chrome extension will work just fine within Edge, like you said with privacy, there are a lot of things that give it a little advantage personally. Well before we go any further let's just say no, this isn't a sponsored article don't talk about how Microsoft is paying us a ton of stuff.

We are both rightfully using Edge because I think it is for both of us, I think it's the best browser down the line. I use other browsers sometimes, and we'll cover a little bit why Edge might be perfect for everyone right now. But I think it's a blanket statement, Edge is the best browser for most people.

I can take this, I think it makes sense I think there are a lot of things that Edge gets a bad rap for. I mean, Microsoft has definitely come under fire when they forcibly installed it on people's computers, which definitely wasn't great. But at the same time, I was already using Edge at this point.

You know, while people were getting angry, I thought, 'But this thing is kind of better .'- So if you could put aside your prejudices about the blue E logo, Edgeis is the first thing you get like we did with the Chrome- Side of things said having a fully compatible experience across the board. But most of all, I think it has the ability to use many of the good parts of Chrome like anything else.

But I think my favorite part of it is the fact that it just feels faster. It just feels easier. - And when we talk about Microsoft Edge being Chrome based, it also has the ability to be just as bloated as Chrome if you do it that way, right - Sure, you could do it with all of them possible stuff.- Yes, but anyway, Edge is still faster with all the stuff I have on my Chrome and on my Edge Here is definitely a much better optimization and I think the best part is that it is again doesn't have all of those googly bits but you have the benefit of something that is backed by a big company. - Personally, I'm only one, this is Austin Evans' only opinion.

Personally, I like sharing my data. I don't necessarily want to keep all my eggs in one basket. I certainly have a Google account and I use it for a lot of things.

But I do also like what things are in my Apple ID or in my Microsoft account or whatever is the case. There are some good tracking protections that are built into Edge Tracking Online. But Edge has a lot of good things built in.

Supposedly, Chrome will bring out some of this at some point. But since Google is an advertising company and it makes money by tracking you everywhere. - It's kind of sus, it's kind of sus! - A bit. (Laughs) - Edge now supports the vast majority of devices.

In addition to supporting the Mac, and now N1MAX, which we can talk a little about, it also works on iOS and Android and stuff. I actually use it as my main browser on Android. Although I'll say the only point that Edge might have a little soft spot is on Apple devices. - Yes - Safari is actually, especially on the phone, iPads, Safari is actually pretty good and has a ton of custom features built into Edge, have some arguments against it, but that's one place where on an iPhone or whatever, personally I still like Safari. - Yeah, I mean, I think it's like any other modern browser.

When you have it all Your things are tied up in an account. Since Edge is a Microsoft thing, it's obviously tied to a Microsoft account. This allows you to share all of your bookmarks across devices.

As someone who uses a Mac and a PC, an iOS device and an Android device, much like you. This device synergy just makes everything infinitely easier. iOS and Safari are obviously very well integrated with everything there is in the Apple ecosystem.

So we are talking about things like pay pay and the like. - On such as the Mac or obviously on iOS, if you have Safari you can use Fingerprint and Face ID, for example, to pay with Apple Pay, which is great. It's a feature that I use all the time. - Safari is incredibly fast on iOS like Chrome is the default.

Obviously there is a Chromebook and all of those devices that run Chrome on. There's nothing absolutely wrong with Chrome, right. I think by the time you made it to this part of the article, you probably want to write your comment about why Firefox is this way the best.

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We could talk about some of the other browsers. I think the basic position we are in in 2021 was having browser tests all the time. And there were actually significant differences between this browser and that browser, all based on different technologies and different engines.

Nowadays pretty much everything runs on Chrome or something that is based on Chrome, like Edge, like Opera, like Gavaldi, or it is something like Firefox, which has a very long history, or Safari, which Apple obviously does its own thing, is right. The differences between browsers are no longer as pronounced as they were before. Which means it's really more of an opinion of your personal taste, right.

If you are a gamer, you might want to? Use Opera GX which actually has some interesting features like you can limit memory and CPU usage and so on. And you've built in similar themes. You might want to use Firefox because Firefox has always been around.

And honestly it still has some interesting features - it's trustworthy and although I haven't used it in the last year, I've used newer versions of itversus than I used it in 2008/2009 and it has come a long way .- You have done a lot of work on Firefox. I think it was as a quantum.

That was like the first time she re ally rebuilt a lot of that foundation. But the thing is, when it comes to your browser, this is one place where we spend a lot of time. We are sure of a lot of apps and what not, but our browser is very important.

And I think having something that protects your privacy is something I value a lot, and Chrome just doesn't do that well. Well, I would never advocate this especially but Chrome doesn't, well, it has a very soft ad blocker built in. Which basically just blocks scummy ads or whatever.

You can download whatever you want. But Edge actually built this stuff in, even on the phone, right. It's a trick to turn that on.

And of course you could activate your privacy tracking protection. - I don't know, it's just like Google owns literally every part of my life, no matter what device I'm on, it's like I want to at least withdraw a little. - You diversify your data.

Look, I think it's one of those things. I've had conversation with a lot of friends, especially family. I think you should try Edge and everyone is like 'Edge? What's that? '- No, no, my thing is, whenever I show my screen on Discord or something, usually a friend says,' Are you using Edge? '-' Did you forget to install Chrome or something? '- It's almost like the unofficial catchphrase 'Microsoft Edge, oops.' (laughs) But that's what I think people really need to give him a chance. - I agree 100%.

Now if you want to try things like Opera, things like Gavaldi, things like Brave, Firefox, there are a lot of great browsers out there - I only know 3 of them. (laughs) - The thing is, there is nothing wrong with these browsers in their own right and what not, but in general a lot of these Chromium-based browsers are very similar. It's just the features that come out on top.

And the thing is, Microsoft has done a really good job with Edge, constantly innovating and bringing new things to the market, so now they like the profiles which is a really helpful thing that I think Chrome was the first browser to come out becomes. But there's even a kid's mode built into Edge that you can turn it on. He will block certain websites if you want to give your computer to a child or someone you shouldn't mess up with all your belongings on.

Edge doesn't give you an option, and a lot of people say 'no' to a notification prompt on a website, it doesn't even show up anymore. If you were using Edge it would have skipped to the last 20 seconds of this article and you would have saved yourself some time. You're welcome.- I mean ...- It doesn't work that way, it's a metaphor for annoying pop-ups, you know, so you don't want to be bothered.

So if you are using Edge it helps to be harassed and now I am bothering you by asking, yes please, to sign in and ring the doorbell. Did you do it right though? You actually rang the bell. I mean it really seriously.

You pressed the button- It's like down there.- It's down there.- Down here .- Yes, just press it and you will always be notified of our click-bait articles with many annoying prompts gone.

You made him leave. - What do you think of using Microsoft Edge? Let us know in the comments below. Do you use Firefox, Chrome or Safari? There are certainly elements in all of these browsers, but I say, if anything, just try something that isn't Chrome.

In any case, we have to find Matt. - He's about to lose his head. - Wait the article can't end now.

Nobody is around to press the stop button. Matt, can you press the stop button? This article is going, people will be here forever, waiting for this article to be over because you didn't press the stop button. We're burning people's time right now.

Press stop, press stop. Matt, end the article! End the article, Matt! End the article!

Is the new Microsoft EDGE bad?

If you wish to stay up to date, then sure – leave the new Edge on your computer. It's not an awful browser since it's based on Chromium. It has way more security, stability, and performance than previous versions and that of IE.

Why is Microsoft Edge so bad for Windows?

If you look at things from a simplistic point and use all your development arsenal, you can easily develop something that can be used on any device and browser. That is, if you have a deep arsenal. Now, deep is toward deep knowledge of the core front end development concepts. Are you trying to get the latest and greatest to be cross browser?

Why is this'new'edge so horrible?

Edge itself does not show up on the volume mixer/control so I can't individually mute it. All your answers you have given to prior user is just the same run around, none of those options work. Ads still play even thought the 'block' option is chosen, and sound doesn't show up on the volume control, so can't mute it.

Is the Edge browser a good or bad browser?

Microsoft Edge is terrible. Please give my computer browser choices back to me! - Microsoft Tech Community Microsoft Edge is terrible. Please give my computer browser choices back to me! Jul 03 2020 11:37 PM Jul 03 2020 11:37 PM Microsoft Edge is terrible. Please give my computer browser choices back to me!

Why is the search bar missing in Microsoft Edge?

Scroll down and select 'view advanced settings'. Find 'search in the address bar with' and click on the change button. Select a search engine from the list, and click on 'set as default' to make it the new default search engine in Microsoft Edge. An easy option to switch between search engines is missing as well. 4. The Missing Address Bar

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