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Microsoft edge complaints - practical solutions

Why is Microsoft edge so bad?

It's not so much that Edge was a bad browser, per se—it just didn't serve much of a purpose. Edge didn't have the breadth of extensions or the user-base enthusiasm of Chrome or Firefox—and it was no better than they are at running crusty old 'Internet Explorer Only' websites and Web apps.

- Hello and welcome to This Is. Ken, is it time to switch to Microsoft Edge? Throw Chrome in the trash. - I think it's time to switch to Edge because it's literally everything I love about Chrome, without the awful, awful parts of Chrome. - So Edge is completely different than it used to be, right? So there was a time when Edge was like some kind of middle school.

Where it was almost like Internet Explorer 2.0, it was based on all of their own rendering technology. It was fine, but not great.

The current version of Microsoft Edge is basically a version of Chrome under the hood, but with a lot of nice things on top. Important, lots of things that made Chrome slow and puffy and streaked - Yeah, I mean, that includes a lot of stuff I'm sure to be looking at, right? As if there is a huge emphasis on privacy that can be talked about in a little more detail, but again, the main reason I like it is because it is based on Chrome. There are many reasons why people want to use Chrome properly.

Such as extensions. - Absolutely, a Chrome extension will work perfectly fine within Edge, as you said with data protection, there are a lot of things that give you a little advantage personally. Well before we go any further let's just say no, this is not a sponsored article.

We're not talking about how Microsoft pays us a ton of stuff. We both actually use Edge because I think it is for both of us, I think it's the best browser down the line. I use other browsers sometimes, and we'll cover a little bit why Edge might be perfect for everyone right now.

But I think it's a blanket statement, Edge is the best browser for most people. I can take this, I think it makes sense I think there are a lot of things that Edge gets a bad rap for. I mean, Microsoft has definitely come under fire when they forcibly installed it on people's computers, which definitely wasn't great.

But at the same time, I was already using Edge at this point. You know, while people were getting angry, I thought, 'but this thing is kind of better .'- so if you could put your prejudices aside, the blue E logo is what you get with Edgeis first of all, like we get with the Chrome -Side of things said, you get a fully compatible experience across the board.

But most of all, I think that it has the ability to use many of the good parts of Chrome like anything. But I think my favorite part of it is the fact that it just feels faster. It just feels lighter. - And when, we're talking about Microsoft Edge being Chrome based, it also has the ability to be just as bloated as Chrome if you do it that way, right. - Sure, you could do it with charging all sorts of stuff.- Yes, but anyway, with all this stuff I have on my Chrome and Edge, Edge is still faster.

Here's definitely a much better tweak and I think the best part is that it is again doesn't have all of those googly bits but you have the benefit of something that is backed by a big company. - Personally, I'm only one, this is Austin Evans' only opinion. Personally, I like sharing my data.

I don't necessarily want to keep all my eggs in one basket. I definitely have a Google account and I use it for a lot of things. But I also like to have things in my Apple ID or in my Microsoft account or whatever is the case.

There are some good tracking protections that are built into Edge Tracking Online. But Edge has a lot of good stuff built in. Supposedly, Chrome will bring out some of this at some point.

But since Google is an advertising company and it makes money by tracking you everywhere. - It's kind of sus, it's kind of sus! - A bit. (Laughs) - Edge now supports the vast majority of devices.

In addition to supporting the Mac, and now N1MAX, which we can talk a little about, it also works on iOS and Android and stuff. I actually use it as my main browser on Android. Although I'll say the only point that Edge might have a bit of a weakness is Apple devices - Yes - Safari is actually, especially on the phone, iPads, Safari is actually pretty good and has a ton of custom features built into Edge, have some arguments against it, but that's one place where on an iPhone or whatever, personally I still like Safari. - Yeah, I mean, I think it's like any other modern browser, your things are tied up in one account.

Since Edge is a Microsoft thing, it's obviously tied to a Microsoft account. This allows you to share all of your bookmarks across devices. As someone who uses a Mac and a PC, an iOS device and an Android device, much like you.

This device synergy just makes everything infinitely easier. iOS and Safari are obviously very well integrated with everything there is in the Apple ecosystem. So we are talking about things like pay pay and the like. - On such as the Mac or obviously on iOS, if you have Safari you can e.g.

For example, use your fingerprint and Face ID to pay with Apple Pay, which is great. It's a feature that I use all the time. - Safari is incredibly fast on iOS. - That's it and that's how I feel like Chrome is the default.

Obviously there is a Chromebook and all of those devices that run Chrome on. There's nothing absolutely wrong with Chrome, right. I think by the time you made it to this part of the article, you probably want to write your comment about why Firefox is this way the best.

We could talk about some of the other browsers. I think the basic position we are in in 2021 was having browser testing all along. And there were actually significant differences between this browser and that browser, all based on different technologies and different engines.

Nowadays pretty much everything runs on Chrome or something that is Chrome based, like Edge, like Opera, like Gavaldi, or it is something like Firefox, which has a very long history, or Safari, which Apple is obviously doing its own thing, right. The differences between browsers are no longer as pronounced as they were before. Which means it's really more of an opinion of your personal taste, right.

If you are a gamer, you might want to? Use Opera GX which actually has some interesting features like you can limit memory and CPU usage and so on. And you've built in similar themes. You might want to use Firefox because Firefox has always been around.

And honestly it still has some interesting features - it's trustworthy and although I haven't used it in the last year, I've used newer versions of itversus than I used it in 2008/2009 and it has come a long way .- You have done a lot of work on Firefox. I think it was as a quantum.

That was like the first time she re ally rebuilt a lot of that foundation. But the thing is, when it comes to your browser, this is one place where we spend a lot of time. We are sure of a lot of apps and what not, but our browser is very important.

And I think having something that protects your privacy is something I value a lot, and Chrome just doesn't do that well. Well, I would never advocate this especially but Chrome doesn't, well, it has a very soft ad blocker built in. Which basically just blocks scummy ads or whatever.

You can download whatever you want. But Edge actually built this stuff in, even on the phone, right. It's a trick to turn that on.

And of course you could activate your privacy tracking protection. - I don't know, it's just like Google owns literally every part of my life, no matter what device I'm on, As if I want to at least withdraw a little. - You diversify your data.

Look, I think it's one of those things. I've had conversation with a lot of friends, especially family. I'm like, yeah, you should try Edge and everyone is like 'Edge? What's that? '- No, no, my thing is, whenever I show my screen on Discord or something, usually a friend says,' Are you using Edge? '-' Did you forget to install Chrome or something? '- It's almost like the unofficial catchphrase. 'Microsoft Edge, oops.' (laughs) But that's what I think people really need - I 100% agree.

Now if you want to try things like Opera, things like Gavaldi, things like Brave, Firefox, there are a lot of great browsers out there - I only know 3 of them. (laughs) - The thing is, these browsers have their own individual strengths and what not to complain about, but in general a lot of these Chromium-based browsers are very similar. It's just the features that come out on top.

And the thing is, Microsoft has done a really good job with Edge, constantly innovating and introducing new things, so now they like the profiles which is a really helpful thing that I think was Chrome, the first browser to come out. But there's even a kid's mode built into Edge that you can turn it on. He will block certain websites if you want to give your computer to a child or someone you don't want to mess all of your stuff on.

Edge doesn't give you an option, and a lot of people say 'no' to a notification prompt on a website, it doesn't even show up anymore. If you were using Edge it would have skipped to the last 20 seconds of this article and you would have saved yourself some time. You're welcome.- I mean ...- It doesn't work that way, it's a metaphor for annoying pop-ups, you know, so you don't want to be bothered.

So if you are using Edge it helps to be harassed and now I am harassing you by asking, yes please, sign in and ring the doorbell. But did you do it right? You actually rang the doorbell. I'm really serious.

You pressed that button- It's like down there.- It's down there.- Down here .- Yes, just press it and you You'll always be notified of our click-bait articles with lots of annoying prompts. - Matt is gone.

You made him leave. - What do you think of Microsoft Edge? Let us know in the comments below. Are you using Firefox , Chrome or Safari? There are certainly elements in all of these browsers, but I say, if anything, just try something that isn't Chrome.

In any case, we have to find Matt. - He's about to lose his head. - Wait the article can't end now.

No one is there to press the stop button. Matt, can you press the stop button? This article is going, people will be here forever, waiting for you This article is over because you didn't press the stop button. We're burning people's time right now.

Press stop, press stop. Matt, end the article! End the article, Matt! End the article!

What are the disadvantages of Microsoft edge?

Microsoft Edge does not have Extension Support, no extensions means no mainstream adoption, The one reason you probably won't make Edge your default browser, You will really miss your extensions, There is lack of full control, An easy option to switch between search engines is missing as well.

Is Microsoft edge browser any good?

The new Microsoft Edge is excellent. It's a massive departure from the old Microsoft Edge, which didn't work well in many areas. ... I'd go so far to say that a lot of Chrome users won't mind switching to the new Edge, and might even end up liking it even more than Chrome.

With Microsoft about to recapture first place in internet browsers, let's take a look, as always, welcome back folks, if you're new with Windows 10 released in 2015, but it was bad, it was sluggish, really few additions , it was pretty useless, especially when you pile it up against Google Chrome and Firefox in fast forward through December 2018. Microsoft admitted defeat, saying they would rebuild the edge from scratch to recreate that using the open source Chromium developed by Google, and in the end it was a minor feat when it was released this January. It met with widespread approval, and the reason it didn't, is that it's a seamless transition now it's built on chrome looks almost the same but has its own little tricks, some of which I want to explain in this article Edge is already coming on top of that, it has better privacy settings and prevents more phishing sites than Google Chrome, which is always a good thing, it's less resource hungry than Google Chrome Chrome has been known to consume computer resources, which will slow your computer down using Edge less for a faster experience, more and more people are now using touchscreen devices as their main PC, and Edge is miles better on touchscreen devices and from what I've tested, it's better for article playback.

Let's not forget that this is a Chrome browser and when you switch everything looks very similar works the same there are a few things that are better specifically for edge I would now like to show you my five pot features of the new Microsoft Edge the first one, which i use when switching over as i find it very useful especially since i started youtube channel is now collections collections is a way to put websites in a category and you don't just have to save your websites that you can save Web images and text and you save those and then known as collections that you can share with others. You can export them to an Excel file. It's a great idea, okay, so I was just working on showing you how to use collections so that you can open your web pages, whatever one you want, we're just using a few examples here from the Edge- Homepage.

Let's go for this Onenow webpage that opens you need to get to the end of the address bar where you will find some icons, now the middle icon as you can see like two squares with a plus in it that's the collection icon you click now I have it already saved as i said in the article i use it to collect topics for mine, some of my research for my youtube articles is there today but to start a new startlocation give it a name and then keep looking if you can find a webpage you want just add it to the collection find another yes that has to come in there so add it to the collection and you can just keep adding webpages they will not be included in you ju you have to add webpages when you find a picture you want to save you can click and drag the image, if you want to save text you can just go here under this icon here and it's add a note, copy and paste your text and you are all saved and stay there as long as you keep your collections like I said when booking a vacation to have vacation destinations or maybe a city to visit and visit different places you want to visit there when you're done just tick there and clear, what you can do too is back on the collection, share the three buttons and more you click on them and you can use them open all so that all are open in a web tab when you've loaded a copy of everything, send to word so this is a really good thing to just paste it into word and it just adds it to the hyperlinks in word Format Add to All Websites It shows you the photos you've saved, shows you the text you've saved, and even adds references there and there you go, that's just a Word document you can save nnen, stick in an email and share very well have a goyourself the next one i started to use pretty much actually converting webpages into apps seems a bit of a mess, essentially it's just a webpage, which opens an edge.You can convert it into an app, it will be added to the system tray with its own icon. The first thing I did is open up YouTube.

Convert to App Now I essentially have the YouTube app in my system tray, but when it opens? Takes away all of the address bar and your favorites bar and that opens up and looks like an app It looks like an app but all that does is make an edge quick and easy. Let me show you okay, so I just wanted to quickly show you how to add a website as an app so that you can get your website up and running again.I just show you with YouTube that you get to the settings on the top right right side the three dots you come down to where it says manage apps apps if you have more than one, but you'll get to installthis site as an app a and it's just a press of the button that shows you this Icon shows and you can name it, rename it if you want to hit install and it would open as an app.

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What I mean exactly is that it opens as a webpage, but it has taken everything away so the tabs the address bar is your favorite menu and everything looks really clean when you need to open something website-wise that you have a normal webpage, click On the three dots, you have your extensions you have all of your normal menu items there and the only thing you have to do, if you want quick access to it, is pin it to the system tray. Instead of coming down and opening the edge, all you have to do is come down, it's pinned to the system tray, click on it and your YouTube app will open and this can be done for any website, so try it out, I got a little with number three cheated for putting the two together but I think they go hand in hand so the first is what is called an immersive reader, now it's a big bogeyman of mine with some of the websites you visit and it seems a lot To be news websites. You're just so full of ads and pop-ups and little articles here and there that you really just want to read the article well in the margin, now you can activate the so-called Immersive Viewer, which is not yet available for every website, but I am sure it will come now by clicking the icon on the right edge of the url and removing anything that is not required You can now see what you want to read The reason I am adding these two points together is because of this that the icon to open the Immersivereader also opens another function that allows you to have a website read to you.

This has obvious benefits for people with disabilities seeing, but it also allows you to listen to a webpage, you don't have to sit down and scroll through it, you can keep doing what you're doing, almost like listening to a radio station, you just listen to that website You the key points and when you do it? research write them on n stop go back very clever the next one is actually pretty simple to run but it makes a big difference now chrome was crashing all the time and what you had to do is close the entire window, even if only it was a tab that ran slowly meaning you lost a lot of work, it has its own little built-in windows task manager as such you can close the offending tab without closing the whole window. This feature also lets you see which tab is using the most memory and close it and the next one is actually the bug with the original Edge its extensions or its add-ons just weren't comparable to Firefox and Chrome and now this is it built and Chromium, not only do you have Microsoft add-ons if you want to use them, but you can use all the extensions from Google Chrome that are not set by default. You just have to change the setting to allow add-ons from other sources, but all of your normal extensions that you use in Chrome ad now available in edge and the bonus tip you always get a bonus tip there is a hidden game in the search bar you just type Edge Colonslash Slash Surf there is a little game called Let's Surf move a little surfer left to right speed up slow down get power-ups and see how you're doing, maybe we start a little league in the comments browser changing is not for always, as long as you have a browser you can access the internet a lot of people are happy, but it is these extra features that set browsers apart from their competition and this is one point where Edge now stands out by being so Chrome on for the foreseeable future will not be ousted from the top position in the foreseeable future, at least not in the long term, at least it can in the Coming in second place depending on which source you're looking for market share already second and defeated Firefox others say differently, whatever they say it's certainly a massive improvement and it will only gain popularity as long as they keep it that long improve how they do this I'm doing this now folks, there were so many features I want to talk about.

I could do a second part of this because there are others that I believe will be of benefit to others. So if you want part two let me know in the comments, just add part two and we'll finish it you check it out give it a try you can run Chrome and Edge side by side and see which one you prefer let me know how you get by so i hope you've found this useful food for thought would you switch from chrome to chrome edge some people just can't some people just can't go to microsoft but we'll see if you liked it just give me a like I would be happy if you can subscribe to it, which is up here and there is another article, if you want keep watching until the next time, see you later guys

Can I trust Microsoft edge?

Edge has a built-in tracking prevention feature and a potentially unwanted program blocker. ... If you prefer and trust Microsoft more than Google or if you simply want a browser with built-in tracking protection features and Chrome's engine, you'll probably prefer the new Edge browser over Google's Chrome browser.

>> Hi everyone. My name is Colleen Williams and I am a program manager on the Microsoft Edge team. I look forward to speaking to you on this Ignite.

Let me talk to you about the top reasons customers love Microsoft Edge, and what we've heard straight from customers over the past few years. First, we celebrated our one year birthday in January, and in January 2020, we released Edge on Chromium after we announced in December 2018 that we would be moving to the Chromium open source project. 2019 SaaS released preview builds including Can, Dev, Beta and finally the stable channel in January 2020.

It was a big year. I've been on the team for a very long time and the growth, insights, and customer responses to Microsoft Edge have been heartwarming and I want to thank you for giving us feedback and your willingness to learn and grow with us. NPS has improved 30 points over the past year.

Thank you again and please continue to help us on our way. I want to make sure everyone knows where we are. We are everywhere.

We use Windows Client, Windows Server, Mac, iOS, Android and most recently M1 Mac devices. We also released preview builds of Linux in October. I also want to make sure everyone knows about IE mode.

There are many line-of-business applications that require IE 11 for some reason, and a recent Total Economic Impact survey conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Microsoft in January 2021 reported an average cost of $ 335,000 to upgrade a website or application Imagine you have hundreds or even thousands of these sites, it can be overwhelming to think about. The good news is that IE mode is available in Edge on Chromium. This allows your users to use a browser for both backward compatibility and modern sites to a browser without spending any money to modernize those LOB apps, and IE 11 is no longer needed.

Later in the presentation I will show you how to disable IE 11 in your environment without affecting IE mode need anything, we have more resources available, I talk to clients every day, that's my job. What Over and over again, we've heard from a lot of different customers, it's not only that Edge is a great product, but Microsoft's offerings help make the decision to have Edge in their environment easier. Let's go through these programs.

We have App Assure. So if a site works in IE 11, Google Chrome, or any version of Edge, it should definitely work in Edge on Chromium. If not, give the App Assure team a call.

We have FastTrack on hand to assist you with your deployment efforts. If you're a Windows customer, we buy over 150 licenses for business, call the FastTrack -Team and they will help you with your deployment. Finally Unified Support.

The BetaThe and stable channels of Edge are supported by Unified Support and are already included in your support contract. No additional costs. The amount of support available from App Assure, FastTrack and Unified Support along with an amazing product is often referred to as ou it is a key component in customer decision making.

We even had a customer who told us they can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in support costs by canceling a third-party support contract. However, it's important to understand what we've done with Edge on Chromium and where we're going, it's important to understand what's going to happen to Edge Legacy over the next few months. If you rely on Edge Legacy, please make sure you know what happens over the next several months.

Visit aka.ms./EdgeLegacyEOS, which details what to expect and when.

By the end of the presentation, you will see that Edge has what you need and you can easily move from Edge Legacy to Edge on Chromium. First things first, if you have a product it has to be safe. In this next section I'm going to talk about Edge's security features and why customers love these features.

Edge protects corporate assets, data, and end users and customers choose because of privacy - and security call for Edge n from Microsoft. Using Edge as part of your M365 portfolio reduces reliance on other third-party applications or plug-ins. It just fits together.

We live in a new reality. We can no longer believe that everything behind the corporate firewall is secure. We cannot work according to the old principles and we need new principles.

There are three pillars to keep in mind: Check explicitly. Authentication and authorization always based on available data points. These points can be: user identity, location, device health, service or workload, data classification and anomalies.

The second pillar is using the least privileged access; restricting user access with just-in-time and just enough access to protect both data and productivity. Ultimately, you assume security breaches, minimize the explosion radius in the event of a breach, and employ a security strategy to prevent sideways movement. Our security technology works together to provide the right solution for customers and has been recognized as best in class by many influential analysts, including Forrester, and 451 Research.

Here you can see how Gartner ranked Microsoft a leader in five key Magic Quadrants for security and compliance - ss Management, Cloud Access Security Broker, Enterprise Information Archiving, Endpoint Protection Platforms, and Unified Endpoint Management Tools. Microsoft Edge is set to the same high bar One of the top concerns about working with browsers is the potential for a security incident. The average cost of a data breach is approximately $ 3.86 million.

Browsers remain a vulnerable surface for malicious actors to access the corporate network, data and information. In addition, end users can accidentally exchange data. It is very easy to get a user to click something, open something, save something, etc., which makes the computer and data unsafe.

We all did it to the chagrin of our red teams. Security is always a concern and Edge helps with that. In fact, Edge is more secure than Google Chrome for your business on Windows 10, let's talk about the Edge features that customers rely on every day to keep their businesses safe and compliant.

SmartScreen. This is an industry leading and best rated anti-phishing and anti-malware support feature. This is a reputation-based URL and app protection feature that blocks unwanted apps and websites.

Application Guard. Natively supported in Edge and allows sites on untrusted sites to be opened in a separate container. With this function, Edge ensures that no access to the coordination of resources of any kind is possible.

We have added additional features based on customer feedback, such as: E.g .: expansion support, diagnostic page for troubleshooting and traffic identification.

Conditional access. This enables organizations to define specific conditions for user authentication and access. This function is natively supported in Edge and does not require any extensions.

Endpoint DLP. This is no longer in preview and made available in October. This feature is natively supported in Edge and helps businesses identify and protect sensitive information.

No third-party extension required. Now we've covered what's in Edge was available for security Let's talk about what's new. As Build 88 Microsoft Edge offers an integrated strong password generator.

You can use this generator when counting sign up for a new ac or changing a password, just look for the drop down list for the browser suggested password in the password field, if selected it will be automatically saved in the browser and between devices Synchronized. Password Monitor. The underlying technology ensures the privacy and security of the user's passwords, which means that neither Microsoft nor any other party can learn the user's passwords while they are being monitored.

Password Monitor will scan for matches on your behalf and is Enabled by default and notifies the user when they need to change their password, now that we've talked about the security features that customers love, let's get to the features that users love. At the end of the day, we are all users of the browser, regardless of where we are in our company. In 2020 we all worked differently.

Microsoft published some research in January that showed how our working day has changed during this time. The working day was lengthened by at least three hours, the lunch break was omitted and the weekends were shortened. We lived at work and our work machines were always available and in front of us.

I saw a lot of people who had worked remotely for years prior to 2020 communicate, this wasn't working from home, it was life at work. Personal surfing on work machines increased. When a machine is up front of you and you need to do something in a browser, it doesn't matter if it's a work machine or during work hours, you want to get that job done.

Edge has the features necessary for both personal and work needs. Go through these features to show how useful they are during your work day or before and after your work day. In previous research, we've often found that users use multiple browsers to separate browsing based on their roles.

With Edge, you can create a profile for each of your roles to keep your work and personal browsing separate without having to use a different browser. Some other common use cases we've seen for using multiple profiles are school and home, multiple people using the same device, work and management duties, consultants, and work and development tests. We know profile separating can be difficult to enforce, so we've tried to make it easier in Edge.

The automatic profile switching prompts you to switch profiles if you find that you are trying to access work content from your personal profile. You can also choose a default external link profile. While some end users have the option to create multiple profiles We also get feedback from people who don't need or don't want to separate their profiles.

For those people, if they were signed in to an Edge profile with a Microsoft account and are trying to access a worksite, the Conditional Access requirements would give them Deny access to this site. A new feature is available as build 88. On a managed device, you can select the last option under Profile Settings, Allow SSO to work or school sites with this profile.

Also we are working on several profiles for progressive Web apps. If you install the same site or PWA on more than one Microsoft Edge ren profile, we have introduced a profile switch in the title bar of the application. You can switch between profiles within your app.

For your work dashboard we have introduced a new function as Build88 that names your day at a glance. This is enabled by default. This provides users who are signed in with their work or school accounts with personalized and relevant content that is supported by M365 Graph.

Users can quickly scan the Your Day at a Glance section to keep track of meetings, track recent work, or quickly launch apps they want. Microsoft Search enables users to search both the Internet and intranet using this feature. Your employees can search for files, calls or internal websites directly from the browser using simple search terms.

Remember, the results belong to your company and are not shared with Microsoft and not available on the web. Microsoft Graph supports all of this. Administrators can easily customize the experience with bookmarks, Q&A, acronyms, locations, and more.

This feature is built into your M365 subscription and directly into Edge. Additionally, you might be surprised how much search can improve your employees' daily work lives. Employees save an estimated 5-10 days a year, and this feature has been proven to reduce support tickets by 30-60 percent.

Edge brings your company information closer to your employees through Microsoft Search and is one way of making a big impact on your business with little effort Now you can sync your history and tabs in addition to favorites, passwords and autofill information is available on desktop and mobile to all customers signed in with the same profile. To enable syncing of history and open tabs, go to Edge Settings, Profiles, Sync and toggle the toggles on. Collections lets you add a url, images, or save text from a webpage.

It also allows you to write your own notes and comments. We have had great feedback on Collections. Users love the ease of use.

We have made improvements based on feedback. We have an add. added button, just hover over any collection, click the 'plus' icon and it will be added to the current collections page.

Users always ask for better tab management features and vertical tabs help and has been a top hit with users. On the left side of the address click the rectangle box and your tabs will move vertically, not horizontally. Click again and you will be returned to the horizontal tabs.

Smart copying makes it easy to select, copy, and paste the exact content you want from the web and keep the Rich Web format. You can use the cursor to select any area or type of content. Paste will change the formatting including any images or links.

Having to reformat everything is a hassle so this feature is amazing. Currently available in preview channels available. Sleeping tabs is a feature we've had in preview for a while.

But good news, it is now generally available as build 89. Having multiple tabs open frees system resources for inactive tabs to support new or existing tabs as well as other r applications. This prevents slowdowns and indolence.

Using hibernation tabs on Microsoft Edge typically reduces memory usage by an average of 32 percent. It also increases battery life, as a hibernation tab uses an average of 37 percent less CPU than a non-sleep tab. Have PDF built right into Microsoft Edge, which covers everything from ink to accessibility to security features.

Now that we've talked about the security features that security teams love and the end-user features that they love, let's get to the features that IT administrators love. Let's face it, we all need to make life easier for all of the administrators in our lives. Let's start with IE mode.

IE mode provides a native experience designed for maximum IE 11 compatibility. This allows customers to use a single browser for both modern apps and sites and legacy line-of-business sites. We have new areas for IE mode, the ability to share cookies between Microsoft Edge and IE.

A policy that allows organizations to use IE 11 without affecting IE mode and the ability to map file types in IE mode. Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Edge is fully manageable in MEM. We have some new features to discuss there as well.

Target version override is available. Rollback to previous versions is also available. Intune integration with Kiosk mode.

Finally, App Configuration Policies or ACP. This feature applies settings or policies that take effect whenever the user has this account with a profile linked without having to manage the device. We have a public preview for the second quarter of 2021.

Edge and IE processes do not share session cookies. This can be annoying when a user needs to re-authenticate in IE mode or when they log out of an Edge session and not log out of an IE mode session - think of different transactions that require different user logins. The user has to authenticate himself every time.

We have simplified that. You can now pass cookies from Microsoft Edge to IE. You can configure cookie sharing in the XML site list.

You can now use the Enterprise Site List Managerin Edge right in the browser. You no longer need to use the standalone Site List Manager tool. Once you enable Group Policy, you will see the Enterprise Site List Manager option under edge: //compat.

We have Heard from customers that they want a way to prevent end users from opening IE 11. This muscle memory is difficult to change. Great news, a policy is available in the operating system that allows IT admins to disable IE 11 without affecting IE mode.

Enabling this policy will prevent IE 11 from starting, restrict the use of IE to IE mode, redirect all attempts to start IE 11 to the Edgestable Channel, and override any other policy that redirects to IE 11. You can now map file extensions in IE mode. This feature allows you to open local files in IE mode without the site list.

How cool is that It should be used by opening it with the context menu of Windows Explorer. You can open file extensions such as MHT, HTM, XML, and Visio documents as examples. As you can see in the article, the user wants to open an XML file, right click, open it with Edge in IE mode and off you go.

On the next tab you will see that the user is in IE mode with the IE icon in the address bar. With this new feature combined with the previous deactivation policy, policy IE 11, you can switch to IE mode by default if you are dependent on certain file extensions. You can confidently get rid of IE 11 around you.

Good news, kiosk mode is generally available starting March 2021 and includes signed access, single app support, and integration with Intune. For more details, see our kiosk mode article at aka.ms/edgeyoutube.

Some Microsoft features announced the end of support for IE 11. Check out the list on the slide and make sure you're ready. These features all work on Edge and IE 11 is not needed.

Thank you for learning why end users and IT administrators love Edge. We covered a lot of information. Please check out these resources and I love to hear from customers.

Feel free to contact me on twitter and thank you very much.

What are the main problems with Microsoft Edge?

The 5 Biggest Problems With Microsoft Edge 1 A Subpar Library of Extensions 2 No Mobile Syncing Capabilities 3 Few Quality-of-Life Features 4 Its Unique Features Don’t Set It Apart 5 The Stigma of Being Internet Explorer’s Successor

How to submit feedback to Microsoft Edge team?

There are three ways to submit Feedback directly to Microsoft Edge team: 1) Send feedback through Feedback option in Microsoft Edge , which is fast and convenience but normally we won't see how well our feedback has been evaluated.

What to do if you have a complaint about Microsoft?

Microsoft complaints contacts. Call Customer Care on 1-800-MICROSOFT (1-800-642-7676) Visit Microsoft Customer Care. Email Satya Nadella (CEO) on satyan@microsoft.com. Tweet Microsoft Support. Watch Microsoft Microsoft Brands

Is there a way to turn Microsoft Edge around?

We discuss its biggest problems and how Microsoft could turn Edge around. Microsoft Edge should have been a big deal for Microsoft. Instead, it's an awkward half-baked experience that most Windows 10 users don't bother with. Over two years after Windows 10 and Edge's release, the browser still isn't seeing widespread use.

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