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Microsoft authenticator barcode - the ultimate guide

Waar vind ik de QR-code voor Microsoft Authenticator?

Een account toevoegen aan Microsoft Authenticator
  1. Open de Microsoft Authenticator-app op uw telefoon.
  2. Tik op + > Werk- of schoolaccount.
  3. Gebruik uw telefoon om het QR-kader op het scherm van uw computer te scannen. ...
  4. Uw account zal automatisch aan de app worden toegevoegd en er wordt een 6-cijferige code weergegeven.

Hello, this is Gary from MacMost.com. Today I'm going to show you how to control notifications on your Mac.

MacMost is brought to you thanks to a great group of 800+ supporters. Go to MacMost.com/patreon.

You can read more about the Patreon campaign there. Take part and secure exclusive content and course discounts. So when you get a notification on your Mac, it will appear in the top right corner.

Just like this one. This will simply go away after a few seconds. Watch it slide back in.

Some may stay and I'll show you how to control that in a minute. Once they're gone, they can be accessed by clicking the Date and Time in the top right corner. This will bring up the notification center.

The notification center consists of two parts. Notifications at the top and widgets at the bottom. Now there are exactly three notifications showing here, but you can see that I have an indicator here that tells me there are more.

Also notice that some of these are grouped. For example, you can see that there is a calendar notification, but there is a group of reminder notifications and message notifications. When I hit 'More' you can see that there are others here, including a group from a website and one from Screen Time.

You can always go to the right of the Notification Center here and there's a little button that lets you minimize the 'More' section. You can now easily remove these. Note: when I roll someone over, I get a little x button and can decline it.

I also have some promotions down here. The action depends on the app sending the notification. So here I have a calendar snooze button.

Memories have different things. Let me click on that group here to see both notifications of the reminder. You can see that there is an 'Options' button there.

I can click on it and choose an option that is specific to reminders. Other apps may have different options. You can also click on 'Show less' here to combine them again into a single group.

Also note that I sometimes have a little button here and that again depends on the app. I can click on it in Calendar and see more information about that particular item. There are three points here too and I can click on that and set some options here without having to go to System Preferences.

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So I can disable the calendar notifications right here or jump straight to the settings, which we'll look at in a moment. I can click here to minimize this again. If I have such a group, I can click the x button here to close one, or I can click this here to delete everyone in the group.

Let's check out these messages here. I click on it and you can see that I have the option to discard each one. I have the ability to erase everything.

I also have options here like 'Show More' which I can use to send a reply or mark this as read right here in the Notification Center. Now, if you are getting a lot of notifications and they are always in the way and listening, then you want to take control of them. To do this, go to the system settings and there to the notifications.

You will see a list of apps and system processes that are using notifications. Pick one and you'll see the notification options for that app here on the right. You could ban notifications entirely.

For example, let's go to Messages and I can turn off notifications for messages entirely. I can also choose the alert style. I see this in the top right corner of the screen when I'm doing my work and suddenly a notification pops up.

I could say no, I don't want that. I want it to be in the message center, but I don't want it to bother me otherwise. Or I could choose banners.

Now banners are displayed and go away automatically after a few seconds. Notifications will appear and stay there until you take an action. You can also choose to show them in Notification Center at all.

So if you want to receive a quick notification from an app, e.g. For example, from the music app, if it is playing a new track but you don't want the notification center to clutter, you can deactivate this for music.

You can also choose whether or not to show it on the lock screen. So before you sign up. This is important when an app tends to give you private information.

For example, with messages, you want them not to appear on the lock screen. You can see the Badge app icon here in the Dock when it shows a small number, like messages above that say I have two messages. If I turn that off for messages, you can now see that I don't have a number.

I was also able to choose whether or not to play sounds on notifications. So I could still display them, but quietly. There are also options for previews.

For example, I could display that I have a notification for messages but no preview of the message. For grouping, I could have it grouped automatically, grouped by app, or no grouping at all. So each element is there individually as it was before.

There is also the universal setting for the show preview. Note that this is shown when unlocking (default). Well, if I were to change this to 'Always', 'Always' is now the default.

So you can go through all the apps that are allowed to send you notifications and change their appearance. So you can get rid of a lot of annoying things and only have those that are very important to you. Now also notice that there is a website listed here.

I went to a website that I know has notifications. Now Mac Rumors is doing everything right. You actually need to make a request from the website.

You will not receive one of these notifications asking you to accept notifications every time you visit the website. But I was now able to control this website's notifications right here. You can also do this in Safari.

You can go to Safari, Preferences, and websites from there. Here you will see a list of open websites and websites that you have allowed notifications on. Here you can disapprove or allow or just select and remove it so it looks like you have never visited this website before.

Now you can see that the website is missing from the system settings. So some other tricks here at Notification Center. You can control-click or two-finger click on a trackpad at any time to get some options here, deliver quietly, or deactivate options for any group.

Also, if you receive a notification, whether it is a banner or a notification, you can click and drag it to the right to take no action. Just kind of get it. It will still be displayed here in the notification center.

Now also here in the system settings, Notifications, the first element is not an app, but your 'Do not disturb' settings. Here you can automatically enable 'Do Not Disturb' by selecting 'From' and setting a time to turn on and a time to turn off. You can have it turned on when the display is asleep or when the screen is locked or when you are mirroring on the TV as a projector.

In other words, you're giving a presentation or watching a TV show that you're airing on AirPlay. You can also turn on Do Not Disturb by going to Control Center here and then clicking Do Not Disturb. You can activate it for an hour, until the evening, until tomorrow, or just permanently.

So when I put it on when I get a new message, nothing happens. I won't let it appear here. However, when I clicked on the Notification Center, I could see that the message actually got through to me and is showing up in the Notification Center.

I didn't get the notification on this screen because I turned Do Not Disturb on. You can also permanently add a 'Do not disturb' message to the menu bar by opening the control center and dragging 'Do not disturb' to the desired position in the menu bar. So now you have this little moon.

You can click on it to turn on Do Not Disturb or view the current status as if it was 'off' and now you could see that it is on. So I think that this is an inevitable task for any Mac user to go into System Preferences and check your settings. Use your apps and customize them.

Otherwise, you'll either get too many notifications and they'll be in the way, or you won't get enough notifications. You don't know when you get new messages if you're not looking. Notifications are a very useful part of using your Mac, but you need to take control of them to get the most out of them.

Hoe ontgrendel ik mijn Microsoft Authenticator?

Uw Microsoft-account ontgrendelen

Als u uw account wilt ontgrendelen, moet u zich aanmelden om een beveiligingscode op te halen. Tips: U kunt een willekeurig telefoonnummer gebruiken om de beveiligingscode aan te vragen. Het telefoonnummer hoeft niet aan uw account te zijn gekoppeld.

Hoe account toevoegen aan Authenticator?

Uw Microsoft-account toevoegen aan de app
  1. Open de Microsoft Authenticator-app op uw mobiele apparaat. ...
  2. Selecteer in Android de optie account toevoegen in de rechter bovenhoek op het pictogram aanpassen en beheren . ...
  3. Kies op de pagina account toevoegen de optie persoonlijk account.

Wat doet Microsoft Authenticator-app?

Deze app laat je je aanmelden bij je persoonlijke Microsoft-account zonder wachtwoord. Voor beveiliging gebruik je een vingerafdruk, gezichtsherkenning of een pincode. ... De app Microsoft Authenticator is beschikbaar voor Android en iOS. Je kunt de app gebruiken met een mobiele telefoon of tablet.

Where can I get the bar code for Microsoft Authenticator?

I downloaded the App for my Windows 8.1 phone and it says I can scan a bar code or enter a secret key. I have neither. what can I do? where can I get the bar code for microsoft authenticator? I downloaded the App for my Windows 8.1 phone and it says I can scan a bar code or enter a secret key.

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How often does Microsoft Authenticator change my barcode?

However When I launch the Authenticator it ask me for my account which I select and instead of letting me scan the barcode it shows the normal Authenticator code which changes every 30 seconds. Back on my Surface I try to put in the code generated by my phone and it is of course wrong.

What does the Microsoft Authenticator phone app do?

The Microsoft Authenticator phone app gives you easy, secure access to online accounts, providing multi-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.

Where can I find the QR code for Microsoft Authenticator?

Scan the provided code with the Microsoft Authenticator app QR code reader, which appeared on your mobile device after you created your work or school account in Step 6. The authenticator app should successfully add your work or school account without requiring any additional information from you.

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