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Email1 outlook mail - how to address

How do I ungroup my emails in Outlook?

Ungroup items manually
  1. On the View menu, point to Arrange By, and then click Custom.
  2. Click Group By.
  3. In the Group items by box, click none.

Touch an iOS device that you might have been using a while ago, we made a tutorial on how to turn off Conversation View in your Gmail For those of you with iPhones and iPads, you know that the native Mail app defaults everything to a Conversation View has, in other words, it's all kind of lumped together now by that subject line iOS doesn't call it Conversational View, but for those of you familiar with that terminology, we're going to show you how to use Conversational View or the Disable sorting by thread pieces on the iPhone or iPad. This is kind of a view you might get by looking at the native Mail app. You can see here that there are small numbers here on the pages of your email that indicate how many actual emails are part of that conversation and at times that can be tricky when you have multiple people on one app reply to a particular email thread and that person is missing because you might be looking for an email from that particular person, but you may know that the person who last replied to it is the person whose name is in The email shows up so it can be difficult to find at times, so we're going to show you how to take those numbers out and sort it all out through individual emails, no more groupings.

Now the first thing you want to do is look for your settings icon while we're looking at the settings icon it won't be in the same place as me but what you're going to be looking for is this guy here, he has the type of gears and it says Settings right below it, that's the one you'll be trying to find somewhere in your icon, find your iPad or iPhone, look for that icon and tap on it that takes you to the Settings page. By default, you should probably be in the General tab that appears up here. When we've done that, you'll see that highlighting changes to the email contacts and calendar changes to the email contacts and calendars Calendars, and then you come to that particular page now, what we're going to do here is go a little further down into that particular view, so we want to tap the screen and slide our finger up to have the view us in of the list below that we want to get to a point where we can see this here sorted by thread, and that's right under the mail category that has them we're organized by threads again, that's what we're looking for and we see here by default that this is on and we actually want to turn it off.

So when we tap on it we see the little switch move to the side to indicate that it is then off. When we return to our Mail app, here we will see that those little numbers are gone. This is the same email.

Here those numbers are gone and they are no longer grouped by that topic or subject line and the view is turned off so by now you should have an easier time scrolling through your email list to find the one you're looking for. Hope this has been helpful to you I know for sure what has been helpful to me and thank you, see you next time bye now

How do I add graphics to Outlook email?

Click in the message body. Then on the Insert menu, in the Illustrations group, choose one of the options. Pictures Browse to the folder where the picture you want is saved, select the picture, and then click Insert.

If you frequently reply to similar emails in Outlook, I have a great tip for you.

You can save your repetitions as templates so that you can access them whenever you want. This way, instead of having to write your text from scratch every time, you can save time and use predefined blocks of text with one click. Let me show you. (Electronic Music) Before we start, a quick thank you to Skillshare, the sponsor of today's article.

Now I have a special link for you. It's in the description of this article, I'll be chatting more about them and their classes towards the end, so stay tuned. Now there are two great methods you can use to reply to emails with a saved reply template.

Number one, the free My Templates add-in, and number two, the Quick Parts feature. Let's start with My Templates. The great thing about My Templates is that they are saved in your mailbox.

So they're available to you even if you're using another computer or Outlook on the web. Let's take a look. By default, the My Templates add-in should be enabled in Outlook as long as you have an Exchange account.

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Now it is not available for POP or IMAP accounts. You can check if you have the add-in by clicking Add-Ins here above. Under My Add-ins, you'll see it in the Add-ins section provided by Microsoft.

It is now available from Outlook 2013. If for some reason it's not enabled, you can enable it here. How do you use this? Templates to reply to an email? When you're in the reply, you'll see Show Templates on the Message tab on the far right of the ribbon.

Click on that and the templates section will already open up some sample answers, hovering over the templates gives you the option to delete and edit templates, if you click the plus here below we can make our own templates. But before we do, please take a moment to Subscribe to my channel if you haven't already. To create our own template, click the plus here where you can add the text for your answer.

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Now there are no formatting options under the surface for the templates. So you can change the font size, color, or add links to your text, which frankly is quite limiting what you can do is write the text in another application, such as Microsoft Word. And then add any formatting you need and copy and paste your text into the template here.

That way, you can even get links too. add your answer. When you are finished with the answer, click Save to add it to the available templates.

Now just a hint! The My Templates add-in has a total size of 32 kilobytes for all templates. If you are trying to save an error message that looks like this or this, reduce the amount of content so that the total size of all templates is less than 32 kilobytes. So don't overdo it and you should be fine.

You need to reply to a message, just click View Templates and choose the one you want, copy the text into your reply, just two clicks and you're done. And of course, you're not limited to just these reply templates. You can also use them when composing a new message.

The other option is to use Quick Parts, a feature Microsoft introduced in Outlook 2007. With Quick Parts, you can now basically save reusable content and galleries. They can contain text, images, tables and even formatting only available locally on your computer.

They are not automatically synchronized. I'll show you. To create a template with Quick Parts, either enter the text you want or use the text from an existing one Answer: Mark the part of the text that you want as the standard answer.

Then go to the Insert tab in the text group on the right, you will see Quick Parts. Click on it and you will be given the option to save the selection as a so-called building block in the Quick Parts Gallery. In this window you can give this Quick Part a name.

With the drop-down list for Category you can organize your Quick Parts in separate groups, to create new categories. Now I don't need that, so I'll go with General. Click OK.

The next time you want to use this text, when you reply to a message, just click Insert Quick Parts and choose a template you want. A faster way is to add the gallery to your quick access toolbar. Just right-click the icon on the ribbon and choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

Then you can make your selection from here. And an even faster way is to use autocomplete. Just type in the name of the quick part, in my case it's a test, hit F3 and it's there.

It is not even necessary to enter the full name, as long as it is unique; in my case, it is enough to type te and then F3. The big advantage of Quick Parts is that the building blocks are not just limited to text. So in this case we are saying we are out of stock for a specific item.

and we would only respond to customer inquiries that come with an alternative item. In my saved answer I've included some text to respond to the customer's request. I've also added a picture of this alternative product and its specifications, all conveniently saved and available with just a few clicks.

Right-clicking on a saved answer gives you the option to organize and delete, from here you can see all the building blocks you have, you can edit their properties, delete them, or insert new ones, I mentioned that earlier the quick parts are stored locally on your computer so the last thing i want to show you is how you can export them. The folder in which they are saved is called NormalEmail.dotm.

To find it, open Windows File Explorer and enter this link in the address field. When you're done, hit Enter and I'll find the NormalEmail.dotmtemplate file that you can export to another PC.

I hope these two options help you save time composing emails or answering repeated inquiries. Now, if you want to learn new skills or improve your existing skills, make sure you check out the courses and workshops at Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community that offers courses that are designed for real life.

You can learn and grow with short courses that fit your busy day-to-day life. Now you will find a wide range of topics. My favorites are productivity, freelance and entrepreneurship, business analytics, management, marketing and sometimes a little course from here and there to explore new fields.

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And if you want to improve your skills, consider subscribing to this channel. Thanks for Watch and see you in the next article. (Electronic music)

How do I check Outlook email?

Go to the Outlook.com sign-in page and select Sign in. Enter your email address or phone number and select Next. On the next page, enter your password and select Sign in.

Is there a free Outlook email?

Outlook.com is a free web-based e-mail service provided by Microsoft. If you have a current Hotmail or Windows Live account, or a Messenger, SkyDrive, Windows Phone or Xbox LIVE account, you can log in directly.

How do I set up email using Microsoft Outlook?

Setting up Outlook Open your Outlook program and then click 'Tools' from the menu bar. Select 'Accounts' towards the bottom of the Tools drop down menu. Click the 'Add' button to add a new email address. Select 'Mail' from the drop-down menu that appears. Type in your email address and password. Select IMAP from the 'type' box.

How do I get a new email address in outlook?

Setting up Outlook Open your Outlook program and then click 'Tools' from the menu bar. Select 'Accounts' towards the bottom of the Tools drop down menu. Click the 'Add' button to add a new email address. Select 'Mail' from the drop-down menu that appears. Type in your email address and password. Select IMAP from the 'type' box.

How do I find an email in outlook?

In Outlook, use Instant Search to quickly find emails in your crowded inbox or in one of your many folders. Select the search box in the ribbon. Type what you're looking for, like part of a subject or a contact's name. If you want to narrow your search, select one of the options in the Search tab that appears: Select Calendar or People.

How do I send an e-mail to an email address?

Choose Preview Results, and then choose Next or Previous to see the names and addresses in the body of your letter. Choose Finish & Merge > Send E-mail Messages. In the To box, choose the email address column or field from your mailing list. Note: Word sends an individual message to each email address. You can’t Cc or Bcc other recipients.

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