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Remove legend excel - listed questions and answers

How do I get rid of the legend key?

Legend key names can be edited by clicking on the filter option and change the series name. If we want to remove the Legend from the chart, we can remove it by disabling the legend option from the “+” sign or select the Legend and click on delete.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to add title data labels and legends to your chart as you can see.

I currently have a short predefined chart type with no title legends or data labels and I'll try entering a chart title first, to do that select a chart and then the chart tools become available, choose the layout, go to the chart title, you can see that currently none is selected as there is no chart title available in the default chart type I selected, but you can choose the centered overlay title which in this case I don't really like it so I will choose the chart title above, now you can Paste your Christian text here and exit to save it. What you can also do is that you can link the title of your chart to a cell on your worksheet, so in this case I have selected The chart title I type is the same and I select the cell on my worksheet that I type want to link to the title. In this case it will be sales numbers and I will type in you can see that the title is no w is directly linked to the cell on the worksheet.

Now when I have a title I go to the axis titles and add those first. I'm adding a horizontal axis title under the axis value so in this case I will enter the value Step out now We will add a vertical axis title that you can choose from several options I will select the rotated title option and also enter my baptismal title and stepout, so my chart now has both a title and an axis title, it's time to add data labels if you want. In the chart tools and the Layout tab you can select the data labels There are currently no data labels that you can also view.You can see the values ​​taken from the worksheet and displayed as data labels in your chart if you want to hide them again, it's now easy for the legend you have several options in terms of the placements and whether or not it will overlay the chart so play with the option that you like the most and select the I prefer the legend option to the right of my chart for you can see the legend is automatically inserted into your chart and add it if you want to make changes to the format of the text or titles or even in your charts you can select the applicable field and either right click, to show the toolbar, for example if I want to make it red I will select it from there en, but another option is to go to the Format tab and choose one of the quick styles such as pick the one you like the most and be sure to select the element you want to apply it to is currently my entire chart area is selected, which means that the selected formats the selected style will be applied to all text in the chart area, but you can also choose to only apply the horizontal axis title for example and apply a different style there.

In this tutorial, I showed you how to add or remove data labels and legends from titles to your chart.It was also shown some options to customize the style of the text in your titles

How do I edit a legend in Excel?

  1. Select your chart in Excel, and click Design > Select Data.
  2. Click on the legend name you want to change in the Select Data Source dialog box, and click Edit.
  3. Type a legend name into the Series name text box, and click OK.

How do you remove a legend label without deleting the data series?

Replies (1)  In Excel 2016 it is same, but you need to click twice. - Then click on the specific legend which you want to remove. - And then press DELETE.

How do you remove a legend from a chart in Excel?

When we click on More options, on the right side format menu for legend will appear. Show the legend without overlapping the chart option is available with a tick mark at the bottom of the Format legend. If we want to remove the tick mark, click on it. Then the Legend will overlap with the chart as below image.

Where do you find the legend in Excel?

A data table displays the values that are presented in the chart in a grid at the bottom of the chart. A data table can also include the legend keys. Select a chart and then select the plus sign to the top right. Point to Legend and select the arrow next to it. Choose where you want the legend to appear in your chart.

How to edit legend in Excel ( visual tutorial )?

There needs to be a decision, on the modification of data label, a good way to accomplish this is by proceeding to the format tab seen in the tools, pick the labels you feel appropriate from the ones present, at the bottom of the menu, a button appears, click on it.

How do you delete a legend in Google Docs?

- Click the legend to select total legend - Then click on the specific legend which you want to remove. - And then press DELETE. If my reply answers your question then please mark as 'Answer', it would help others to find their solution easily from your experience.

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