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Hotmail emails gone - comprehensive handbook

Why have my emails disappeared from Hotmail?

If you are not using your account regularly and you have no success login attempt for a year, your data is deleted due to inactivity. If you were using your account regularly, without disruption, all the emails should be there. Please try to select all emails within a specific range.

(light electronic music) - where is this email? Where is the table? Do you sometimes try to find something and put in the name exactly as it is and nothing? You use the little search command in your email and put someone's name in it, do you do it 10 ways from Sunday, still nothing? I'll show you how to master the Find command, also called Spotlight on your Mac, so you never lose anything and you're a wizard of searching. (Electronic theme music) I'll show you the quick version to get your stuff easy first And then I'll go into a little more detail in the second part so that you can better understand it and get the exact results you want. So let's start with Mail and do a simple search there.

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Let's say there was a beautiful pool swimmer that you saw in one of your favorite newsletters. So you would enter in the search field from: swissmiss, what der. is newsletter and you want to ignore the little drop-down menu, I'll talk about that later in the article.

Now press Return on the keyboard, then type pool float. And nothing comes up, you also want to choose where to look in this almost invisible little gray bar here, where it says Search and that's because I'm in the 'Sent' folder, click on All, then this message will appear. And you can click on it, and the amazing rainbow pool swimmer is right there.

Let's say you want to find an invoice that you received from a great Mac In Home advisor sometime in July. You go to the search box and type From: Aaron and hit Enter. And then you would type Subject: Invoice and hit Enter.

And then type the word July and hit Enter. And now you will see all the messages that E -Mails you got from Aaron in July and there is a little difference here between looking for the subject or searching the entire message and you can click that little little arrow here and say I got the entire message want to search the word invoice so it's not just looking in the subject. And let's say this is what you want, you can open it up and do what you need.

Now let's say you want to find an Excel document on your Mac that you looked at in July and it's on your Mac somewhere and you don't know where it went. You can get into a Finder window here by clicking the Finder face. Type the word Excel in the small search box and you will see in the dropdown that you get the Excel selection Document here so you can hit the down arrow key in Excel and hit enter and then you want from this little one Button here to switch to list view, make the window a little bigger and you want to see where to look because it could be searching the desktop or you could be searching the whole mac, and in this case i want to search the whole mac and then when I go under Last Opened Date and look at the date, this is what I'm looking for.

It opened in July and is an Excel document. It even shows you where it is on the little path above the b. ottom is located here, and now let's say you want to find a Keynote pitch somewhere in your Documents folder, so if you go to your Documents folder and then type Keynote in the top right corner of here and then use the down arrow keys to go to the Keynote Run Document, and when you type the word Pitch, it will search for it too.

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And just hit Enter there. Clicking the Documents folder here will only look inside the document and there is the one that I needed. (electronic theme music) And now for the second part of this article, these are the six most important things you should know in order to really be in control.

Get the results you want with search and find. (electronic theme music) First and foremost, you want to be in control of where to look. When you don't want to search everywhere and get far too many results, getting to the right starting point first helps.

So if I wanted to search in my Documents folder I would click Finder, then I would click Documents d then up here I would type Excel, hit the down arrow a couple of times, select the Excel document, and then click here to search documents. I still have the option to search anywhere on this Mac. In Mail, if I first go to the Sent folder to search there and look for emails to James, then I have the choice between All Mail or just search in the Sent folder.

So it helps a lot to know where you are. (electronic theme music) And next, you want to choose what kind of thing you are looking for. So if I go to the Finder and type in the word Keynote and look for it all over this Mac, you get it all.

If you search for Keynote and then choose the Keynote Document type, it only shows Keynote Documents Keynote and the Name Matches Keynote then you get you the only true ng that matches the name Keynote, which is the application itself. In mail, same here. If you type Andre, just the text Andre and you search for All, you will see every single instance of the word Andre in every email, anywhere in Mail; if you type To: Andre, you will see all the emails sent to Andre anywhere in your email, and if you select this little drop-down menu here and choose: Andre, all the emails will be shown to you.

Mail from him. So you can choose different types of searches. (Electronic theme music) Next, you can combine multiple search filters, so if you know you have a good PDF chicken recipe, you can open a Finder window and you can type in PDF and the kind is a pdf document and you want to search all over that mac and then you can type the word chicken and hit enter and it will find any PDF that has the word chicken somewhere in multiple search terms. and when you go to mail go, you get different results if you say Arron Invoice vs s From: Aaron and then hit Return.

And then you say PDF and it has an attachment of a PDF document and then you type in the word Invoice and hit Return. And You will receive all of the invoices from Aaron, they have a PDF attachment in them. And you can even say July and it will show you all that is in July. (electronic theme music) The next tip is to search in natural language.

This is the search of the future and I think we're really there, it's not perfect yet. That's why I wanted to show you the manual way first. Just to make sure you find your stuff.

You can use Siri commands in your own words that Mail calls Natural Language. but it still has to fit into a formula. So you could say like From Aaron and you could say To Aaron.

You could say From Aaron yesterday, there is nothing. You could say about Aaron in July and you could say Andre about Hot Spot, that's the hot spot article that i did. You could say starred emails See, and then just use plain language.

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I would just experiment with it and find the things that actually get the results I want. (electronic theme music) For tip number five, I'm going to show you some cute keyboard commands and keyboard shortcuts. If you want to do a search in the Finder, it is Command + FF as in Find.

When you go into Mail and run Command + F in mailit, it searches an email message. So this would work, if I wanted to look for that pool float thing, it would open up this tiny little search box in the message here and then you can click Donew when you are done with it. But to get into the search box at the top right, it's Command + Option + F and then you can type something there.

To get to Spotlight, it's Command + Space. Well, I haven't talked a lot about Spotlight just because it's more automatic and has less control. But you can often find what you want very quickly if I just typed Chicken PDF, then it comes really quickly and you can use the arrow keys to choose See What You Want.

When you hit enter, that thing will open. However, if you go back to Command + Space for Spotlight, find the thing you want and then hit Command + Enter to actually display it in the enclosing folder on your computer which is awesome! (electronic theme music) If you find that thing, where the hell was it? In Mail, once you've done your search in the top right corner, you'll see where This E-Mail is in the messages in tiny little text. This is located in the inbox and this is in the All E-Mails folder.

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When I do the Spotlight search on my Chicken PDF and then use the arrow keys and hit Command + Return to bring up this item, if you want to know where this is and where that folder is, just go under the View menu and point Then you look at the path bar which is amazing it shows you where you are. And it will show you where that document is Finder Find where you are looking for an Excel document and you found this July in your list here, just click the o If you want, press Command + R and it shows where that is and it shows the path bar too as you enabled this earlier so you know exactly where it is. Boom! (electronic theme music) Mac Enlightenment! Hopefully you found this helpful.

If you want someone great and absolutely not condescending to come to you and get all of your technology challenges out of their mind, head over to macinhome.com because you have much better things to do with your time. (digital beeping) Where is that? this document, where is that-what are you doing, you are in my recording! where is my document?! (digital beeping)

How do I recover my Hotmail emails?

Therewith, you can quickly restore deleted Hotmail emails.
  1. Open the Outlook, Sign in to the Hotmail email address.
  2. On the left side of the screen, Right-click 'Deleted Items'. Click 'Recover Deleted Items'.
  3. Choose the emails you want to restore. ...
  4. Click 'Recover' and 'OK'.

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Oh dog, come on, are you kidding? Use hotmail hotmail hellis upgrade telecom yeah i can say i wanna do this great god damn your mom is the damn prospect hey guys so as you know hotmail came out with the new update and what it says about what's new? My ass, honestly, I updated it and I'm pretty pissed off so I'll help you guys get the old Hotmail back if you like the app and you don't like the new Outlook app, so we'll pretty much do what you will just go down to your web browser, okay, in which case I have google and just type in hotmail. Dotapk must be good, should be in this form Hotmail apk and right here what says Android right here dot-com or you can draw a real version you can use this one that I happened to see works pretty well if you're here all the way slide down where it says you can do it right from the phone you have to download everything, just go to the big green download button and there are no mirrors or viruses or not that it should be then hit download and accurate here where mirror number two says look at the anokay and then right here as you can automatically see that this already says the file has been downloaded so let's just get out of there, okay cool and i recommend installing the actual original hotmail before you rewrite the old hotmail so it's just fresh and not crashing so go back to your normal or android just you know it's installed , wait for the okay Coollet, just click on Done and if you are like me and where is a mom alone? On this, my main screen would like to have the Myhotmail app right there, cool oknext and you know what is obvious you know the standard process okay still okay you only know one asynchronization every 15 minutes because I would like to see if something new comes inokay next I don't want to sync all mycrap no don't sync calendar no i still didn't want to stick my calendar oh my god okay anyway and as you can see all my things come in here coolyep ma'am and now it's done perfectly you have the original hotmail, so i hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and i get the old hotmail back so you can glue the middle fingers for microsoft and seven as they say because they say their new update only fixed minor bugs, so can You put your middle finger on them now and say, huh I still have old hotmail, so there you go, which pretty much you still have that you have updates so if you go to my apps here and expect eight new updates since you are using the previous version of hotmail, well yeah, now you know yeah, you got it and it works perfect so if you enjoyed this please comment, rate and subscribe you shouldn't have any problems but if you have any problems but if you should have any problems please post a comment below and I'll be back and again when you get it screw up it's not all my fault this article was filmed with a galaxy s3

Why have emails disappeared from my inbox?

Typically, emails go missing when an email is accidentally deleted. It can also happen if the email system incorrectly flags an incoming message as spam, which would mean the message never reached your inbox. Less frequently, an email can go missing if it's archived and you don't realize it.

Where did my old Hotmail emails go?

Where have all my old Hotmail emails gone? - Microsoft Community.
To recover your email do the following
  1. Sign in to your Outlook.com account (via a Computer/Laptop).
  2. Go to your Deleted folder (found on the left pane under Folders).
  3. Look for 'Lost a message?', and click 'recover deleted messages'.

Why are all my old Hotmail emails gone?

The possible reasons why e-mails suddenly disappear in Outlook.com 1. Messages were manually deleted either due to accidental deletion or were moved or deleted due to your account filter settings. 2. Messages were deleted due to account compromise issues where a hacker might have gained access to your account and deleted the emails.

Is there a problem with my Hotmail account?

Hotmail and Outlook down, or login problems. The transition from Hotmail to Outlook hasn’t been without problems, in fact there’s been a few outages with users reporting Hotmail or Outlook has gone down throughout this year at different times.

What to do if your Hotmail account is down?

Also, leave details about problems you have or if the email service is down today for you. When Microsoft offers official statements in regard to Outlook, or Hotmail, problems then you can be sure to find them below.

Is it possible to recover emails from Hotmail?

Losing emails is one of the worst things that can happen. Without a proper backup, emails deleted from the server cannot be recovered. The transition from Hotmail to Outlook wasn't without issues for some users. Let's see why.

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