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Hotmail advanced search - viable solutions

How do I do an advanced search on Hotmail?

What to Know
  1. Easiest: Go to the Search email box, type a search term, and press Enter.
  2. Select Filters in the Search bar for advanced search options, such as a specific folder, sender, or subject.

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How do I search Hotmail by date?

Click on the Search menu at the top on the far right had side of the search bar you will see Filters click on this and select From and To Dates.

One of the problems I have with Outlook is the time I spend looking for things. In the past I've used a tiered folder structure to archive the emails I wanted to keep, but I've found that I've organized them like the old days, e.g. a filing cabinet with lots of different drawers is not how Outlook should be used.

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So I started using Search in Outlook, but it didn't work the way I wanted it to. I got hundreds of results back trying to visually filter, you can imagine the frustration there, at some point I realized there was a lot more to search than just put a word in the search box and hit enter can actually find exactly what you want, you just have to know how to ask the right way. (upbeat music) Microsoft updated the search function for Office 365 in 2019.

Search is now faster and the search bar itself has been moved to the title bar at the very top of Outlook. This is now the same for the desktop app and Outlook for the web. To use Search, just click your mouse or u Use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Q or Ctrl + E.

This will open a drop-down menu where Outlook makes personalized suggestions based on your past activity. I don't find this particularly helpful, but repeating a search can come in handy. In the past, I've put my search terms here and got hundreds of results back, but it's like driving your car in first gear only.

It will take forever to accomplish anything. There are two ways to use search. Instant Search and Advanced Search Search, I'll show you both.

Let's start the Instant Search. So let's see I'm looking for something with the keyword XelPlus. I just type it into the search box, hit enter and get all of these results Narrowing To get to the results, I can go to the Search tab using these buttons and dropdown menus.

I can refine my search step by step. With Scope here on the left, you can narrow down or expand the scope of your search. The default is current mailbox and I'll show you later how to change your default if you need it.

As you have more accounts you may want to expand your search to all mailboxes. Another way to narrow your search is to do this to limit them to the current folder only, in my example here this means Inbox, with no subfolders, if you select subfolders you can include Inbox and any folder under it. All Outlook elements are as wide as possible.

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It is searched in all mailboxes and not only in e-mails but also in your calendar and contacts. Under Results you will get an option to include deleted items in your search, depending on your situation, this could really bloat your results so I don't recommend this. Instead, you can always search the deleted items folder separately, but if your search doesn't return you can choose what you're looking for, but it will take longer that way.

Refine here really allows you to narrow down your search results. Let's say the message I'm looking for was for me. I can click From, type Leila, and press Enter.

In this way it becomes after. searched ev everything with a keyboard XelPluswo Leila is the sender, but let's not stop there. I know the message had an attachment, so I'll choose Has Attachments.

And maybe I also know the word course was in the subject line, I can click Subject and add that to my search, and here is the email I was looking for too. When you categorize your email, you can use this drop-down list to limit your results to a specific category, or you can use Send To to search for recipients. You can search for emails that you've marked or marked as important.

These options will really help you find what you are looking for. Now let's talk about advanced search. The second method is to use advanced search, which is now more efficient and gives you even more options; instead of narrowing the search down sequentially like with instant search, you can do it all at once.

To get it, click in the search box, then click the drop-down menu here on the page. This will open a drop down menu of predefined search fields, you can choose where to look, whether or not what you are looking for has an attachment. Basically, all of the search options we saw on the Search tab can be found here too, and you have even more choices.

For example, with attachment contains you can search directly for keywords that you know are in the attachment of the message. Let's say I know that the message I'm looking for had an attachment that contained the word set one. I put it in quotes because I want an exact match with the phrase.

We'll cover search syntax towards the end of the article, so stay tuned. Now we click on search and I get two results. When we open the attachment we see that it found the phrase group in the PDF pretty cool plus you are not limited to the predefined search fields we signed in a drop down list.

Let's close this search and return to the advanced search. Notice the Add More Options button in the corner here, when we click on it we get to the Advanced Search Search Options where we can enable additional search boxes, so let's say I want the option to search specifically for recipients in BCC, check that box and click You apply on. BCC is now available for searching.

So keep these additional options in mind. If you can't find the fields, you'll need to narrow your results down to. Now we're talking about options and indexing.

As always with Office products, there are some standard application options that we should explore. Go to File, Options, then choose Search , under Results you can define the default folder for the instant search. I usually have this on the second option, you can include deleted items when you search in all items.

I usually don't enable that. You can also change the highlight color, this is the color that is used to highlight the search terms in the results have indexing options, this is an important topic when it comes to searching. Indexing helps you get faster search results and is relevant not only to Outlook searches, but to any search you do in Windows.

In essence, indexing is g of searching your files, messages, and all other content on your PC and cataloging the information. And when Outlook Search often doesn't find what you're looking for or gives incomplete results, indexing isn't working properly for indexing on Windows 10 than I can cover in today's article, but two important things to keep in mind should notice. If we click on Indexing Options above, we will get the current status.

Make sure that indexing is complete. And second, make sure Outlook is included as part of the indexing, so under Index these locations you should see Microsoft Outlook, if not, select Change and click to enable it. As a last resort, if you're still If you have problems with accurate search results or indexing, you may not need to quit Rebuild the search catalog.

This will restart the indexing of your data files. Finally, let's talk about the search syntax. Now that we understand the technical details of Outlook Searchlet, we will cover some search syntax basics.

Outlook Search uses prefix matching. So if you type plus in the search box, it will find messages that contain plus, plus, and plushie, but not XelPlus or excess. In addition, it is case-insensitive.

So it will find Plus in the correct spelling and PLUS in capital letters too. You have already seen that when you want to search for an exact phrase, e.g.

B. want to define a sentence, have to put it in quotation marks. If you don't, all variations will be returned.

You can also use logical operators like, and, or, and not in your search, but you must use capital letters. For example, searching for Leila AND Gharani will return items that contain both Leila and Gharani, but not necessarily in that order. Leila OR Gharani finds items that contain Leila, Leila, Gharani, or any other combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.

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Leila NOT Gharani, finds all elements with Leila that do not contain the word Gharani. You can even use comparison operators such as B. larger or smaller characters.

For example, when entering the message size, put a colon and then the larger than 5MB in the search box. It will return items that are larger than five megabytes, pretty cool, right? If I use the received syntax that is greater than February 6, 2021, it will return all email received after February 6, 2021. There are many more options, so I'll include a link in the description of this article to a Microsoft support page that will give you many more ideas.

Well, I think you'll agree that Outlook Search offers a lot more than meets the eye. Hope these tips are helpful in helping you find what you need. As always, if you enjoyed what you saw, please give this article a thumbs up and consider subscribing to this article if you haven't already and we'll see you in the next article. (Happy music)

How do I search my Hotmail account?

How to Find a Hotmail User
  1. Sign in to your Hotmail account.
  2. Click your mouse on the Live 'Home' link.
  3. Locate the search box that says 'Search People or Web.' Click your mouse one time in the box and then click the words 'Search People' via your pull-down box.

How do I find old emails on Hotmail?

Most of the way over to the left on top of the folders, you'll see a search box. Use the search box described in the previous step. Type in whatever search term you want to use, or you can type in a to-address, or a contact name. one of several other terms.

Oh dog, come on, are you kidding? Use hotmail hotmail hellis upgrade telecom yeah i can say i wanna do this great god damn your mom is the damn prospect hey guys so as you know hotmail came out with the new update and what it says about what's new? My ass, honestly, I updated it and I'm pretty pissed off so I'll help you guys get the old Hotmail back if you like the app and you don't like the new Outlook app, so we'll pretty much do what you will just go down to your web browser, okay, in this case I have google and just type in hotmail you can use this one that I saw by chance works pretty well if you slide down here where it says You can do it right from the phone you have to download everything, just go to the big green download button and there are no mirrors or viruses or not that it should be, then click download and right here where mirror number two look at the anokay and then right here as you can automatically see that this already says the file was downloaded so let's just get out of there, okay cool and i recommend that Install the actual original hotmail before rewriting the old hotmail so it's fresh and not crashing, so go back to your normal or Android, only you know the installation is done, wait for the okay coollet, click just hit Done and if you are like me and where is a mommy alone? My main screen would like to have the Myhotmail app right there, cool oknext and you know what is obvious you know the standard process okay still okay you only know an asynchronization every 15 minutes because I would like to see if something new comes inokay next oh my god okay anyway and as you can see all my stuff comes in here coolyep ma'am and now it's done perfectly you got the original hotmail so i hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and i get the old hotmail back with it you can stick the middle finger to microsoft and seven like they say because they say their new update only fixed minor bugs so now you can give them the middle finger and say, huh I still have the old hotmail, so there you go, which pretty much you could still get that you have updates, so if you go over to my apps here and there are eight new updates expected since you got the ones before Using some version of Hotmail, well yes, now you know that yes, you got it and it works perfectly so if you liked this please comment, rate and subscribe you shouldn't have any problems but if you have any problems but if you have any problems please post a comment below and i will be and again if you screw it up it's not all my fault this article was filmed with a galaxy s3

Is there a way to search Hotmail in outlook?

Microsoft officially killed Hotmail in 2013 and transitioned to Outlook. The following instructions are for the current version of Outlook Live. To find emails while using Outlook Live, simply type your search term into the Search email field and press Enter.

How to use the advanced search in outlook?

First of all, open the Advanced Find dialog box In Outlook 2007, you can open the Advanced Find dialog box by clicking the Tools > Instant Search > Advanced Find. In Outlook 2010 and 2013, the following steps will walk you through opening the Advanced Find dialog box:

How can I Find my Hotmail message on Bing?

You can also type in a Bing web search term, to further search the web, if you don't find the intended message in Hotmail/your Windows Live account. Scroll through the list, until you've found your specific search term. Press ↵ Enter to begin your search.

Where do I find advanced find in Windows 10?

Step 1: Put the cursor at the Search box to activate the Search Tools. Step 2: Go to the Options group on the Search tab, and click the Search Tools > Advanced Find.

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