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Edit hotmail contacts - viable solutions

How do I delete old contacts from Hotmail?

Delete contacts or restore contacts in Outlook.com
  1. In Outlook.com, select. at the bottom of the page.
  2. In the left pane, select All contacts.
  3. Select one or more contacts in the middle pane, and then select Delete.
  4. Select Delete to confirm.

In this article we are going to see how to export and import contacts in Outlook 2016. The best way to learn is to start exporting. You will see what Outlook needs when re-importing.

Go to Open File and Export and click Import Export A pop-up window will give you a number of options Choose to Export to a File You now have two options An Outlook data file or PST is used solely for transferring contacts between Outlook programs used. Just use the CSV format we can view or change an Excel spreadsheet, the next pop-up window gives you a number of options to export We will be exporting all of our contacts, so we will select that option. Next, we will choose where the exported file should be saved, give it a name and click on Next, you do not want to map the custom fields for this export so that we click on Finish the export may take some time depending on the size of your contact list I only have one contact for this demonstration and here is the exported file open in excel Since every field in the contact database becomes a column in the table and there are many fields and not all of them are used, now you can edit your contact information however you want, custom e- Create mail lists, create address lists or create mail merges or simply export to another database export Now let's look at the reverse procedure when importing contacts from a list Here is an Excel spreadsheet with a small number of contacts The first thing I need to do is make sure I'm using the same field names that Outlook uses.

We have to map the columns in the Outlook database field in just a moment and by using the same field names the outlet does it automatically for you. It is worth taking the time to make sure your Excel spreadsheet is ready to be imported. Remove empty or damaged lines, correct errors and most importantly, make sure that the first line contains the correct field names Outlook field names and no data now save them as a CSV file If you don't, this outlet can't find them Once you do this your spreadsheet is ready to import Open Outlook Open the file Open and Export Import / Export Select Import from Another Program or File and click Next You now have a choice between two file types import that we want to import from a CSV file Click Next and navigate to the file you want I'll allow duplicates to import, although there are two other ways to replace or not import duplicates always the risk of missing important data.

When I click 'Next' I can choose the Excel spreadsheet to import and then I have to choose where in Outlook To import it I choose the root 'Contacts' folder so my spreadsheet will create a new folder in Outlook. This is a great way to separate my imported data from other Outlook data. Click 'Next' to go to the import screen where I can map the columns in my table to the Outlook data fields because I used Outlook field names for my table columns Outlook did the mapping for me automatically, but it's fine to check, click next and there is one final check that the data is in the correct field you can change it if necessary, but try to avoid this as it should be a long job if you should carefully prepare the table everything will be in the right place I finally click OK and done and the import starts over.

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If it's a large table, it may take a few minutes. Now all I have to do is check that the data is in Outlook click on the address book and navigate to the imported folder and there it is in my Outlook contacts folder Job Done eTopTechnology we are here to help if you got these articles please subscribe to our YouTube channel If you found this article helpful Check out some of our more recent articles and if you are looking for a new IT partner please visit our website

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How do I edit my contacts in Outlook?

Edit a contact or contact list
  1. In Outlook on the web, select the People icon at the bottom of the navigation pane.
  2. Select the contact or contact list that you want to edit, and select Edit. ...
  3. Make the changes that you want.
  4. Select.

We're in Microsoft Outlook 2016 and I'm going to show you how to create or edit a contact. In the lower left corner you can see these new 2016 icons and one of them looks like a picture of two people so let's go ahead and click on that and you can see that I currently have no contacts on my list. So if I want to create a contact, I can simply click with the right mouse button and select a new contact.

I like the file I like how it looks, I can also change it to first name last name okay I enter the job title and put in the name of the company and now I will enter email address when I click view asit automatically added the display from the file as or from the name above to the email address even now if I have some kind of website address if you happen to have a website we can go ahead and typing that they have an instant messaging address we can put that there like Well if they have a business phone number, of course, I'm sure they just have a made up number there. You can try calling them if you want but they don't know who you are. If they have a private fax or cell phone number you can click it in there too and if you want you can change this to a different type of number and if you have two cell phone numbers for example you can put this there and then put the address in everything correctly and then you can check the box for this is the mailing dress if you want and you can even click here if you want.

I don't think it will find it but we can go ahead and click on it, click on it and it will try to find that particular location so it couldn't find the exact location that sister gave us a general area in Portland alright let's see what else we have here we have some notes and we can say this is a good guy to call for widgets some other stuff email the person and you can't, we need to save our element. First let's go and save it now. We can click there.

It will automatically create an email for this user which is pretty cool. We can set up a meeting to go on and on my calendar and set up a meeting for any date or time and it will send it to that person if I want, we have some other options we can go to Example add a picture. If the person has a picture of themselves we can go ahead and find that and then select click there so we can see what that person looks like.

You can set follow-up flags to remind you to call that person or email them, also zoom in if you want to see things a little more clearly, you can change that too, insert things as you can Attach file if you want to attach a file then of course you can do that so we just go ahead and click on it and we can paste it in a tab le images many other things we can do here you can also change the text formatting if we can want it to be a bit easier to see and we can zoom in or out on the text here too and when you are done creating the contact just hit save, and you can also just go ahead and click close or click the X. and now this contact is saved

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How do I manage contacts in Hotmail?

Open outlook.com > top left next to the logo Outlook, there is a down arrow > click the arrow > click People > All your contacts are now listed on the left. Scroll down to see each contact. To Edit your Main contact list : Click at the contact's name ( NOT its check box ) > toolbar at top, click Edit.

Where are my contacts in Hotmail?

Saved Contacts

Log in to Windows Live with your Hotmail account; you can do this at hotmail.com or live.com. Once you're logged in, hover over the 'Hotmail' on the top navigation bar and select 'Contacts.'

Hi everyone, Daniel here from TwinBytes with another quick tech torial for you. This time we are going to talk about Microsoft Outlook auto complete about email address auto complete in Outlook why you shouldn't rely on them instead of your address book. where the limits are and how to deal with them.

Outlook lets you type the first few letters of something you are looking for and then you can select that person to send an email, but the problem is with a lot of people they rely heavily on and they do Don't put anything in your address book, and what you don't know is that those email addresses come and go as this list is just SMTP addresses, old ExchangeDN entries, and friendly names for people you contact previously sent an email. Most of you may not know half of what I just mentioned here, but the most important thing is when you email someone, when you reply to an email they sent you, they will automatically added to your auto-complete list when you type a letter they'll show up in this drop-down list and if you keep typing it will narrow it down until you find the person you're looking for; and it's also important to know that for Outlook this list is specific to Outlook and is not shared with Outlook Web Access, the online equivalent of Outlook Now there is a limit here and a lot of people don't know that there is a limit of a thousand Entries out there, and a thousand may sound like a lot, but when you consider how many people you email you? I've already seen this on myself, that there is someone I haven't emailed them in a while, and then I wanted to email them and look because they weren't my address book and they weren't there, because I've written so many other emails to people since then, it automatically maintains this list for you and removes anyone who is too old. So the limit is limited to a thousand entries.

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In 2003 the limit was a thousand and Outlook 2007 had a limit of 2,000 entries, but then they realized there was too much corruption going on, so they set the limit back to a thousand entries in 2010. So you need to know that you are When you want to keep someone in your address book to make sure you don't lose them and contact them again later, you can't just rely on AutoCompletion, now you can manage this a bit. What you will find is, if you start typing the name of someone you want to get rid of, then you can find it in the list here and when you hover over each name it shows an x ​​on the far right then you just have to click on that x and it will delete you from that list and it will reveal a name from the thousand entries you have.

That's one thing you can do to manage it. Now the problem is if you just go through the alphabet and go through all of the A's, B's, C's, just type in the first letter and you get just some of the names. While I'm still typing a letter, I'm given a different name that wasn't on this original list.

So if I had like cb now, I take the band out and say cc, then I get other names again. So it can be almost impossible to go through the entire list and find people you no longer need. You need to know who you're looking for, specifically who you don't want there anymore, and type in just enough to find them, and then you can remove them from your list.

You can also toggle this on and off. If you go to Options under the File menu in Outlook and then go to the Email tab, down to the sendmessages section and here below you will see Use the autocomplete list to suggest names as you type. So you want that enabled if you want to use it.

If you want to make sure you don't rely on this feature and rely on your address book specifically, you might want to turn this off, but it helps if you just temporarily reply to someone and try to remember who they were, but you don't really want them in your address book permanently, this comes in handy. But as long as you know that once you hit the thousand line you are constantly at a thousand, you are constantly deleting the oldest and keeping the newest ones that you use the most. If there's a problem with this and you need to fix it or just want to start over, there is a button here to clear the autocomplete list that will clear it and allow you to start over.

That's it for this short technical guide. Hope you found it helpful and if so please give it a thumbs up, subscribe if you haven't already, and we'll see you in the next article. Okay thank you very much! Goodbye!

How to add or delete a contact in Hotmail?

To edit your Favorite contacts list in Hotmail Live Hotmail classic: 1 Select Contacts from the left navigation bar. 2 Check the contact you want to add to or remove from your favorite contacts. 3 Click Edit. 4 Check or uncheck Mark this contact as a favorite. 5 Click Save. More ...

How do I edit a group contact list in Hotmail?

There is no longer a filter/arrow by 'All', and the way you add and delete contacts is different. You now have to find your group amongst all the other contacts, click on it, then use the edit tab in the menu to add and delete contacts. As described in this question.

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How to edit a contact in Microsoft Outlook?

Edit a contact 1 Edit a contact #On the Navigation Bar, click People. 2 Double-click a contact to open that contact. 3 Add or update information for the contact. 4 Click Save & Close to update the contact.

How to edit a contact in Google Contacts?

Edit a contact 1 On the Navigation Bar, click People. 2 Double-click a contact to open that contact. 3 Add or update information for the contact. 4 Click Save & Close to update the contact.

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