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What is profsvc - how do we solve

What is ProfSvc EXE?

The User profile service (ProfSvc) is a Microsoft service in charge of loading and unloading the user profile. Sometimes, the ProfSvc may be disabled or blocked. Some users have associated the problem with the installation of Windows 10.

Hello and welcome to my article tutorial.

I made this article to demonstrate how to fix a specific problem in Windows 7. The problem prevents normal users from logging in. Administrators can still log in, but every time an informational message appears stating that Windows cannot connect the Group Policy Client service.

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My computer has had this problem for several months. My internet search for a fix did not bring any usable solution. Most of the recommendations have been to reinstall the operating system, which means doing everything from scratch.

I spent roughly two full days fixing the problem myself and finally came up with a solution that I want to share with you. The solution is effective and quite simple, and it doesn't require restoring from a backup or reinstalling Windows, which is best. This is my computer's desktop and I just logged in as an administrator.

As mentioned earlier, only administrators can log into the system, and once you log in, Windows will display a message stating that it cannot connect to the Group Policy Client Service. The message also suggests checking the system event log for details and when you go there you'll find that the installation attempted Windows updates and restarted the computer. However, the restart did not complete because the computer crashed.

You will also find an informational message stating that the last time the computer shut down was not clean. As a result of the crash, some registry values ​​became corrupted, which prevented the Group Policy Client Service from starting. To fix the problem, we need to restore missing registry settings.

We use the registry editor for this. To open the Registry Editor, press the Windows key and the letter R at the same time. This will open the Run window where you type regedit and click the OK button.

Regedit is a system program, and Windows will ask you for elevated privileges. Accept it by clicking 'Yes'. The Registry Editor window will then open.

Use the left side of the registry editor to navigate through the registry tree. The path shown is displayed first. This key is responsible for Group Policy Client Services.

We want to make sure it's not damaged. The GPSVC folder has several parameters. One of the parameters called ImagePath.It defines how Group Policy client services are started.

If you look at it, we will see that it calls the SvcHost program with the GPSvcGroup parameter. The GPSVCgroup parameter is what is causing the problem. It should be in a different registry path, but as we'll see it is missing.

As a result, Group Policy Client Services cannot start. Now let's go ahead and take a look at the registry path. This time it goes to & lt; reads the marked path & gt; SVChost is a kernel Windows program that performs many different services.

This registry folder contains instructions for SVChost to run each service. All services are listed on the right, with corresponding sub-folders on the left. As you can see, there is no GPSVCgroup string for the Group Policy Client Service on the right and no subfolder on the left.

That's why this service is failing, let's fix it. We start from the right side. Right click the blank field, select New and click the value for multiple strings.

A new variable will be created which we will call GPSVCgroup. Now double click on the new variable and set its value to GPSVC. Click OK.

Now we need to create a subfolder on the left. To do this, right click on the SVC host folder, select New and click on Key. A new subfolder will be created and we'll name it soon - GPSVCgroup.

We are nearly finished. This folder is empty and we need to create 2 variables here. Both variables are of the type DWORD.

Let's create the first one. Right-click the blank area again and select DWORD. Name this new variable AuthenticationCapabilities - one word, no spaces.

When you're done, double click on the new variable and set its value to 3020 in hexadecimal format. And finally the last variable. Right click the space and create a DWORD variable.

This variable must be called CoInitializeSecurityParam. Double click again when you're done and set this variable to 1. Now we're done with the changes.

We can close Registry Editor and restart the computer to make sure the problem is resolved. To be absolutely sure that the problem is resolved, let's go to Computer Management and check that the Group Policy Client Service is running. To do this, click the start button, then right-click the computer and choose Manage.

When the computer management screen opens, expand Services and Applications on the left and click Services. Center of the screen. Let's scroll down until we get to Group Policy Client Services and check its status.

As you can see, it is running, so the problem is resolved.

How do I fix Windows couldn't connect to ProfSvc service?

Some users report an error that says Windows couldn't connect to the ProfSVC service.
Windows couldn't connect to the ProfSVC service
  1. Check the responsible Windows Service.
  2. Enable the Built-in Administrator & use it to log in.
  3. Replace the default folder.
  4. Repair the User Profile.

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Why is profsvc not working in Windows 10?

If ProfSvc is stopped or disabled, user will not be able to login into the user profile. You may be facing the above issue due to the User Profile Service (ProfSvc) not enabled/started in the user profile. To enable the profile, you have to login into the user profile and turn the ProfSvc service to On and Running for the profile to activate again.

How do I enable the profsvc user profile?

To enable the profile, you have to login into the user profile and turn the ProfSvc service to On and Running for the profile to activate again. If you are not able to login into your account in safe mode, it means the user profile you are trying to login is corrupted.

What should I do if my profsvc is corrupted?

The first intention you might have is to enable the profile. For this purpose, you need to login into the user profile and change the ProfSvc service to On. Then, open the profile to activate it again. If the option to login in your own account in Safe Mode is not possible, it is likely that your ProfSvc is corrupted.

Where can I find the profsvc DLL file?

Run the Command Prompt as an administrator. 2. Copy the commands below, paste them into the command window and press ENTER: 3. Close the command window and restart the computer. The ProfSvc service is using the profsvc.dll file that is located in the %WinDir%system32 folder.

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