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What is msert.exe - how to deal with

Can I remove Msert?

Msert.exe is a Microsoft Support Emergency Response Tool that belongs to Microsoft Anti-Malware Signature Package, Microsoft Safety Scanner or Microsoft Malware Protection. However, users can remove msert.exe from the machines because it's not a critical Windows file.

Attackers installed malware on Microsoft's Exchange servers after the servers were exploited so the attackers could still access them The Microsoft security scanner I am referring to in this article is msertor The scanner looks for these known malware files , including web shells and usually removes a web page that an attacker could install on your web server to control it remotely.

It walks you through the process of downloading the scanner and running it in various ways to remove any known web shells that may be on it, updated regularly to detect new malware, should you run it multiple times over several days You always download the latest version and do not reuse the one that has already been downloaded. The version you see in this article is likely to be different from the one you downloaded, and that is expected for the sharing takes advantage of what fi If an attacker falls off after being exploited, first make sure you be on the Exchange server you want to scan, open a web browser and go to the security scanner download page, a link to this page will be included in the description for this article, click Microsoft Security Scanner 64-bit, and then click You must run the scanner with administrator rights. Open the folder and double click the msert file if you are already running as an administrator If you are not logged in as an administrator right click and go to Run as administrator check credentials and accept the license agreement and then note, that the msert tool is not a replacement for a regular anti-malware solution, then click Next the first time you run the scanner Choose a quick scan from web pages that may also contain the attacker's web shells Click Next and the scan will start and you will see a progress bar which files the scanner is currently viewing the total number of files scanned the total number of files found that are infected The quick scan will now take a few minutes, so we will fast-forward the article a little to skip Some of the waiting, we see that the scanner is an infiz ied file Now the article jumps to the end With the scan we just ran, you can see that malware has been detected and that the malware has been removed The icon is a yellow sign with an exclamation mark, click on the detailed results of the scan to to see what it was found under malware, in this case it will show the type Backdoorasp Chopper with the scan results that it has been removed Click OK and then done, when the scan is complete and no malware was found, the window will show after the scan green sign with a check mark, if the scanner cannot find a web shell and you believe the server has been compromised based on the output of running the test proxy login, then we recommend running a full scan next a full scan may vary depending on your system Last hours or days.

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So open msert again accordingly. Accept the license and click your way through the welcome screen and then select the full scan. The output of the full scan is the same as the quick scan, depending on whether malware was found or not completed after the scans Consider installing an antivirus or anti-malware solution on the system Watch the article in the series to install Microsoft Defender for Endpoints to prevent attackers from installing Webshells in the future.

This documentation will also be included in the article description

How do I use Msert?

How to run a scan
  1. Download this tool and open it.
  2. Select the type of scan that you want to run and start the scan.
  3. Review the scan results displayed on screen. For detailed detection results, view the log at %SYSTEMROOT%ug\msert.log.
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Does Microsoft Safety Scanner remove malware?

The Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free stand-alone virus scanner that is used to remove malware or potentially unwanted software from a system.

Is the Microsoft Safety Scanner legitimate?

Microsoft Safety Scanner is a legitimate scanning software developed for the security of your computer. Microsoft Safety Scanner is a great option for quick malware removal. Although, those who do not want to re-install antivirus every ten days might choose another security software.

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Watson reports on the trick hackers use to break into your computer and compromise your personal information, and it's really easy to fall in love with the fact that a member of our team actually became the victim, now national investigation correspondent Jeff Rossenis here with more thanks for setting up jeff hey guys good morning but we're all pretty smart. So if we fall for it you can probably do it at home too, knowing we talk about it, when you are online you are likely getting pop-up ads all the time trying to sell you something or click here to win, but now an official looking warning pops up stating that your computer has a virus, it has been blocked, call this number to fix the problem would you believe it this morning, how to shut it down before you lose everything and when you think i would never click? To do this, we reveal the host of the Today Show who just fell for itYou are surfing the Internet and an important security message pops up out of nowhere, this scary warning that your system was infected, it was hijacked and your personal and financial information is not risky and the only way to fix it is by calling the number on the screen, it looks real like it came from your own computer but it's actually a fake, it's really a pop-up ad I just opened the door and just let someone into my computer it happened to Natalie when she was online, she panicked and called the number they told me they are a reputable company that works with Apple and Microsoft, so they did it right away asked for access to my computer through LogMe I don't know, I shouldn't have done it, you did it, you didn't care, yes I did Jeff, me know once inside they cheated on her hard drive and told her it had a virus but good news for $ 400 they will fix it, it was kind of like the lightbulb went off because at that point i knew what they offered, wasn't it true security experts say these pop-up ads are misleading and dangerous, it looks like a warning but it's not real, it's just a picture I'm calling you, something is wrong with your computer but there's something really wrong with your computer, we're going to try ourselves, we're going to call one of the companies that are sending out those pop-up alerts, went to the store, bought a brand new MacBook Air laptop, and you can see it's straight out of the box, we brought our computer expert in Jim Stickley here when they tell us on the phone that there is a virus, which means they are trying to rip us off or still shut down hey they are trying to fix their own malware i get my phone, we call them i saw a pop-up supposed to call this number because of a computer virus. Can you help me, the tech immediately asked to tap into my computer and once inside we watch him rummage through my laptop in real time and within seconds he has bad news so why not maybe someone try other access to rep├║blica that's right he says not only is there a virus on my computer someone is trying to hack it k in I'll give up this machine and do the pickup then you come here, hey you bought the thunder but remember That this computer is brand new then comes the sales pitch What will it cost me to fix it, if people have a one year contract, will it call you a hundred? Ninety nine nine bucks time for the big reveal My name is Jeff Rossen I'm the national investigative correspondent for NBC News and this is a brand new computer that just came out of the box ok ok ok i'm not going to show me the virus, where the virus is i will tell you the letter you tried to sell us a package our computer expert says we didn't need it it is a brand new computer i am not trying to sell a package and provide new tech help just you don't let me show you after a few minutes, he still can't show us any virus and then look at that he starts surfing the web you type yahoo.com into google you can let go of the remote connection, thank you very much for your time Whether you're smart or stupid, or you're old or young, it's just one of those things that, when caught by surprise, falls for an urgent warning to scare you off I learned a good lesson, next my gut says what Jeff Rossen would always give good advice, which these technicians can be persistent by the way, Natalie found out, but no matter how official they sound, we have Apple and Contacted Microsoft, both told NBC News that they are not affiliated with these companies that create the ads.

The best advice, if you get this popup on your screen, hit Escape and Natalie I know you. Come from LA, you should be on the run now I know, well, I tried, but it was just that they froze again and so was the way that my information could be compromised, that you know i was going to get hacked Imean, that was kind of scary for me i know i'm not the only one falling forward like you mentioned, hundreds of others and probably thousands of others including my father-in-law have exactly the same thing and Natalie spent some money on it too, but she had to bring her computer, take your computer to someone else, and spend hundreds of dollars to make sure the virus didn't get on it.Yes, I just took it to my computer expert to make sure it hasn't actually been compromised or hacked Well the good news is Jeff you have a new computer that I'm sure of I sure did and I'm not giving it back either, haha, thank you for being a good sport now Jeff, thank you, good lesson, thank you, thank you

What does msert.exe stand for in Windows 10?

Microsoft Corporation. 'Msert.exe', the Microsoft Safety Scanner, (formerly 'Emergency Response Tool'), is a self-contained executable file that scans a computer for malware and reports its findings.

Is the msert.exeon file an executable file?

The .exe extension on a filename indicates an executable file. Executable files may, in some cases, harm your computer. Therefore, please read below to decide for yourself whether the msert.exeon your computer is a Trojan that you should remove, or whether it is a file belonging to the Windowsoperating system or to a trusted application.

How to extract the mrt.exe file from the package?

Extract the Mrt.exe file from the package that is named Windows-KB890830-V1.34-ENU.exe /x. Create a .bat file to start Mrt.exe and to capture the return code by using ISMIF32.exe. The following is an example.

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Is there a 64-bit MSRT for x64?

For 64-bit x64-based systems: Download the x64 MSRT package now. The tool can be deployed in an enterprise environment to enhance existing protection and as part of a defense-in-depth strategy. To deploy the tool in an enterprise environment, you can use one or more of the following methods:

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