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Two csrss exe - common questions

Why do I have 2 Csrss EXE running?

If you see two files this might mean that one of them is safe and other one is not. Or those files are duplicates of one virus. Trojan horse might be designed to spread malware further, to infect the system with other viruses like ransomware or csrss.exe trojan is a virus itself.

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Can I delete Csrss EXE?

Look for the csrss.exe file in the list of processes. Right-click on the file and select 'Delete' from the context menu. If Windows prompts you with a message box, it means the file is not infected, so do not delete it.

Is Csrss EXE safe?

No, it is not. The true csrss.exe file is a safe Microsoft Windows system process, called 'Client Server Runtime Process'. However, writers of malware programs, such as viruses, worms, and Trojans deliberately give their processes the same file name to escape detection.

Why are there so many Runtimebroker EXE?

This is usually caused by your antivirus, but you can fix that issue by changing your antivirus settings. Runtime Broker multiple instances – If multiple instances of Runtime Broker appear on your PC, be sure to end all processes from Task Manager and the issue will be resolved.

Hi everyone, and as you can probably tell from the title of this article, today we're taking a look at the 'YouAreAnIdiot' trojan. This is probably the most requested malware I've ever had on this channel, with literally hundreds of people requesting it over the past seven or so years, and I've heard many outrageous claims about the harm it can do from the full Destroying your hard drive can be enough to erase your BIOS, and I'm telling you today that it doesn't do any of those things. It is a very simple JavaScript trojan that is meant to annoy you.

So let's take a look at the flash you are probably familiar with (if you are familiar with this malware) YouAreAnIdiot.org simply plays the flash in a browser window. Never mind, you can go back, even close your browser; Everything is OK.

However, if you go to a page with the original JavaScript, which I have a copy of here on my site, we will see the exploit it uses and what it does to your computer. So when we run it we can see that the site is now jumping around on our desktop, going nuts. And when we click ... it goes a little faster, that could be a byproduct of the virtual machine, it's just the virtualization speed ... but we'll see if we can close it here if you hit Ctrl + Alt + F4 sometimes ...

Here we go. It thought we tried to close it so it brought out many more windows. Sometimes when you press Ctrl + Alt + Del it will open a window - and there you go - 'You're an idiot' trying to stop me from closing, and trying to close them will open more windows.

This is ... pretty much it, this trojan doesn't wipe your hard drive, it doesn't delete files, it doesn't put itself on your C: drive.

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It exists on the internet and creates windows, and that's it. If we use Alt-F4 it will open many more windows. It gets very loud so you might go deaf, I mean this could be an issue to worry about but nothing physically will happen to you computer, nothing happens digitally to your computer as this will go away after you restart.

It is plausible that the trojan ...

I can't get the restart button. But it will be plausible ... for it ... to be rewritten so that it could contain an exploit, something similar, but ...

So it looks like the original variant doesn't do any of that here. Just spawns windows and annoys you, and when we restart it goes away. Okay, I think we restarted.

We'll see if it actually reboots. It's definitely trying, but it kind of fails ...

Let's go. I like that this is going crazy. I took off my headphones because it's really loud by my side.

It's a lot quieter in the article, but it's really loud. And it doesn't stop ...

Holy shit. Look at it! This is madness. Can we ... can we restart please? I can't even click anymore.

Uh, uh ... let's go.

Yeah, I want to close. Okay, we're just going to do a hard reset and I'm going to prove to you nothing happened to this virtual machine. Oh yeah, one cool thing I found out about OBS is that you are the inside You can draw the window from the virtual machine and then restart it, if it goes to a lower resolution, you can draw on the black part.

Okay, let's go. Ok, and as we can see, we booted Windows well. Nothing wrong here.

Everything is fine. None of your files will be deleted, you can ... look at your hard drive, your Windows directory is fine, nothing has been deleted, nothing is executed on startup, and although there may have been some variations that move your homepage to the webpage or something like that, nothing like that happens here with the original, so that's it for the YouAreAnIdiot trojan, thanks for watching, I hope it was informative Thank you for watching.

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Why are there two csrss.exe files running?

Csrss.exe is the Client/Server Runtime Subsystem. One instance is running for system processes and the other for interactive logon sessions. You can actually have even more than that running if other users are logged on. (because they would have their own session)

Is the csrss.exe process dependent on power management?

In mobile devices such as notebooks and laptops, the process csrss.exe is closely dependent on power management schemes implemented by the system as defined under the Control Panel option.This process should be treated as suspicious if there are two instances running.

Is the csrss.exe Trojan a Trojan Horse?

Csrss.exe Trojan is a malicious Trojan horse designed to perform numerous malicious activities on user's computer. Keep in mind that there is an entirely LEGITIMATE Microsoft process running under the same name – csrss.exe. It is designed to manage graphical instruction sets under Windows OS.

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