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Is ultraviewer safe - Complete Manual

Is UltraViewer secure?

UltraViewer connections when connecting to the server and partner computer are secured using public / private RSA key and AES (256-bit) session encryption. This technology is used in HTTPS / SSL web platform and is considered to be completely safe according to current international standards.

There are a lot of desktop software to choose from these days and the good news is that a lot of them are free.

Let's start with Windows Remote Desktop. If you are using Microsoft Windows, this is already supplied with your PC. It's stable, easy to use, and you don't need to download any other software.

But the problem is, it's only available on Windows. For example, if you have Macor Linux it won't work for you. Also note that the host computer or the computer that you want to remotely connect to must be running Windows Professional or later.

So if you're running Windows 10 Home, for example, it won't work for you. Another app that you can use to remotely connect to another computer is Google Chrome. One reason Google Chrome is ideal is because it's so popular.

For example, Google Chrome was the most popular web browser in 2019. And most likely, now you have to use Chrome on your PC and now you can use Google Chrome to remotely connect to another PC and interestingly, you can also remotely connect using your mobile device like your smartphone or tablet. Another app you can use is TeamViewer.

It's definitely one of the most popular standalone remote desktop apps out there, and it has great premium features for free. Free for personal use only. For example, getting paid to remotely connect to someone else's computer to fix something is considered commercial use.

But as free software, TeamViewer offers amazing features. Next on our list is Cloudberry Remote Assistant. It's not nearly as popular as TeamViewer and not nearly as sophisticated, but as free software it also offers great features.

As free software, it includes additional features like encrypted connection, file transfer, unattended access, and even text and voice chat, plus a nice, simple user interface. So it's easy to use. Now let's see Cloudbery in action.

I will be using it to connect to my laptop remotely. See the article description for the links to download Cloudberry and the other remote desktop software. Once you've downloaded Cloudberry, install it on your computer and the host computer and open it.

As I mentioned earlier, the user interface is really simple. When you open the app, you'll see these two buttons in the top left. The top one with the down arrow pointing to the computer means that this is the host computer, meaning you will be using another PC to connect to the one you are currently using.

And the one with the up arrow pointing away from the computer means you are connecting to a host computer. So the other PC that you are not currently using. On the computer you want to connect, make sure you are on this screen so you can see the computer ID and PIN number.

On the computer you are using to connect to the other computer, make sure you are on this screen so you can enter the computer ID and PIN number. Also, as you can see, you can allow unattended access. Now there's a setting that is very, very, very important if you don't just want to control the computer you want to remotely connect to.

Click the menu button in the upper left and select Options. Go from the left to the point where there is an incoming connection. and then where it says Default Access Level for Inbound Connections make sure you choose Full Control, not just View as it is by default.

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Once you do, you will have full control over the computer that you are remotely connected to. And that's it! You are now ready for the remote connection. Now all you have to do is go here and enter the computer ID and then the PIN number for the host computer.

And that's it! You are now remotely connected and in full control of the host computer! As you can see, Cloudberry Remote Assistance is great, great remote desktop software and the truth is that there are other effective free remote desktop software besides Windows Remote Desktop, GoogleChrome, TeamViewer, and Cloudberry. So if you know any, please write them in the comments below. For more interesting, straightforward articles like this one, please subscribe and thank you for watching.

How do I get rid of UltraViewer?

Option 1. Uninstall UltraViewer via Control Panel
  1. Type in Control Panel in Windows search bar and hit Enter.
  2. Go to Programs > Uninstall a program.
  3. From the list, find UltraViewer.
  4. Right-click on it and select Uninstall.

Alright, in this tutorial I'm going to discuss how to remove programs that you can't uninstall using traditional methods, such as: For example, the Programs and Features want to uninstall a program and you try to uninstall a program but it still fails during the removal.

The next step is to use an application to uninstall an uninstaller. Okay, instead of just finding the program and deleting the files folder, okay. Because if you just delete the files folder, you will most likely leave leftover files and other folders that you know you don't know 'they are found and they will also be a ton of registry entries that you are likely to overlook too.

All right, so one of the utilities we actually use to remove stubborn programs is revo uninstaller. So, I'll just go ahead and open Google Chrome and go to Google. If I can actually type it right.

I just type in inrevo and then uninstaller, or at least part of it. Now you can see it's at revouninstaller.com.

So I'll go ahead and click on that link. Okay so now the program is definitely worth buying, okay, definitely worth buying, but if all you need to do is uninstall, you might be familiar with a few programs that I would just keep going - it has one, they offer a 30 day free 30 Day version to Trial. And this will definitely serve your purposes.

So I click the download, the button on the left, it's currently ten point two megabytes. And then I'm going to select to open it and then 'Run'. And then yes with the UAC.

Select okay for the setup language. Next up and accept the agreement, next create a desktop icon. Next, and then install.Alright, since this is where I checked to see if the uninstaller can open after the installation is complete.

So I click finish. And then I close the browser. Okay so the first thing you'll see is a list of installed programs, but this will be the same list you most likely won't want to see in Programs and Features, well if the application you want to remove isn't listed here, you have to actually find them in other ways, but let's just use this for example.

For example, suppose the application is listed here. If so, right click and then select 'Uninstall'. All right, if it's not listed here, you'd force-uninstall it up here.

Then just click on Force Uninstall. And then you'd find the program's folder. Okay, let's say we're going to find the folder.

Okay, what I'm going to use as an example of this is winzip. So, let's just find it - it's in the program files, and then in Winzip. Okay, I'll click 'Okay' Okay, that's the name.

We received an uninstall command. Okay, we're going to leave our scan mode on 'Moderate'. And then we also have 'Run The Selected Built-in Uninstaller.' 'Okay, so it will try to use the uninstaller that comes with WinZip.

If that doesn't work, the files and registry entries will still be removed. So I'm going to click 'Next'. Okay so it will do a registry backup first and then it will create a restore point.

And .......

and take a second to create the restore point. Okay so now we have one, this is the uninstaller that actually came with Winzip. So I'm going to click 'yes'.

And it's done by the uninstaller, but remember, if your program crashes, if the uninstaller for your program crashes here or errors out, that's fine because Revo is still removing the ugly application components. Okay so we're just going to walk through the steps here. Because one thing to be aware of is that even if the uninstaller works correctly, there is still a very good chance it will leave a residue.

Okay, all right, the program, the built-in, now the uninstaller that actually came with the program I wanted to uninstall is complete, some I will click on 'Scan' in the lower right corner. And we will look for and check for remnants of the program that I just removed. Okay, now you can actually see that these are all registry entries, registry entries left over from Winzip.

All right, so the easiest thing I'll do is just go 'select all'. All right, which contains all the keys - all registry entries okay. I will click on 'Next'.

and then asks me to confirm, click 'yes'. Okay next, there's a leftover files folder, I'll go ahead and click on it, and then I'll hit 'Finish' and then click 'Yes' again, okay, and that's it. The application is gone.

Okay, okay, and that's basically uninstalling programs that aren't installed by traditional means. Just use the Revo Uninstaller okay. And let's just close all of these things.

Okay, we're done. Thank you for watching.

Is UltraViewer free to use?

You can download UltraViewer here (free for personal use) and click here to see the price table of UltraViewer , you would be surprise about the cost of UltraViewer compare to TeamViewer.

In this article I will show you how to multitask with multiple windows on a single monitor, ultrawide or otherwise, absolutely for free.

Okay, you've bought your brand new ultrawide monitor, or giant 4k monitor, or any other widescreen monitor and you want to make the most of all of that real estate, so in this article, I'm going to show you a couple of methods that you can use that are absolutely free, and me gonna mention a few that you want to use to the fullest are not free so here they are the first option for multitasking is to use the built in windows snap features basically take the window the way you take it. I don't know why this window has disappeared if you take right here and click right here is right so with this function you can split your window and your monitor into two parts with ultra-wide monitors it is really good really practical because you have a lot of real estate here and you basically have two monitors with no bezel in between, but you have a widescreen monitor that is a little smaller, it could be a little narrower and for some people it may be less comfortable for me not i have this windows snap feature always used in the past before i got my ultrawide monitor but now i need to use more windows because i can use more windows so it is not enough of an option for me, now the next couple of options are not for everyone, because it's either for a specific brand of monitors or they aren't free. I'm talking about LG split screen software that can only be used for LGultrawide monitors, and I'm talking about the DisplayFusion software, which costs $ 30 in US on Steam and $ 16 for Tier 2 countries how i live the option i am going to show you is absolutely free and as flexible as any other paid software and now let me introduce you to WinDock this is software that it is so you can use multiple windows anywhere on your monitor.

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Okay, I'll explain how it works, as you can see using the Windows Snap feature that we left as it was before you could split the screen in two, but the WinDock lets you do it in that way share as many parts as you like with the window sizes as big as you like I created the Nyxson Multi Window profile here for me This is the profile I created basically this is a profile that came with the WinDocksoftware but well I've updated it for my needs my main workflow consists of three windows side by side I'll show you how it works okay I'll open a new tab here I'll take this one and move this window here and basically as you can see that it snapped right here when it docked itself on the left edge of a window, so next I'll take another one and put it in the middle BAM it has in the middle one n and third window right here and it snapped the way you can see I'm working with three windows now s which is a lot more practical, an ultra wide monitor that is on top of a widescreen monitor can come in handy for widescreen monitors too, if you have a big monitor bigger than 35 inches, at least like 40 inches like yours on TV 4k TV or your monitor or anything else as you can see, now I can multitask a lot better than I can without the snap Function, but it is not so and for example if I want, if I will play my article here, my last not so I want to do it right here so my previous article I want to run it on the big screen I am watching my article here i do my stuff here my googling i browse a few games here and i want it to be okay beforehand and i want my article to get bigger i will put this in the Middle, as you can see here, there is a space between the windows I'm going to put it between the windows and now snap it takes two thirds of a window if you want to see how i do the youtube big screen post in the comments below will teach you as best as possible Now look, I'm looking at it on a huge screen as this is as big as my previous monitor here on the right and I'm browsing my games on the left but there are other things I might I want to do more windows for myself Okay I'll pause this I'll open this up like this and I'll make more windows like I'm taking a snapshot here a nap okay let me take this one little snapshot here to take a nap right here take a nap right here again here and I'll do it right here BAM I have four windows and I can go here without any problem I work with four windows which is very practical for the not ultra wide monitors with ultra wide monitors the monitors are very narrow, it somehow creates an ultra ultra wide probably aspect ratio maybe I don't know maybe it's my ultra wide exactly like that, but it does so is pretty small for a 35 inch - maybe if i had the bigger ultra wide it would be better but now it's pretty small but for that huge 4k mums it would be more conv easier than maybe a three part split because yeah , I can work with three different four different windows, but I'm going to teach you how to create your preset on WinDock to increase your versatility. What will i do I have created a preset in which I can insert this on the sides as you can see when I drag it into the corner it will be this size again from this size and this size again, but I would also like to put a single window in the middle this is not a problem i can take another window and put it right here because i programmed this edge to dock my window right here but it might be a little inconvenient, if you maybe want more windows we can do this, but there is a problem if you take this window and snap it on top it will the frame number below goes to the center i want two windows when i get to the top would the bottom half of the center of the monitor snap to the top half and me want another window to snap into place on the lower half so how can i? do one thing okay, I'm adding a preset or my window profile by the way, although this profile is added in the description below and if you want to know more about my monitor that I am currently using, the Massdrop Vast, to now be on a YouTube To be card that I made a review so we can look at this too Okay so let's go and add another preset. First you need to understand that there are two parts to triggering a preset first, which basically you understand what the preset is triggering and then there then is a dock position which essentially determines the size of the window and where it is placed becomes.

So let's start with a trigger type all corners in order, there is a corner edge and an area I already use all corners, if I place it in the corners it will snap into place the corners are edges good the edges are also used somehow when I go up am it snaps in here on half another upper oven another half the lower ones are used for thirds the sides are used for fourths and b ut i mean dividing the monitor by four parts so i will be using an area here i am going to use an area so what I need is that when I drag my window around this area here, not all the way up, but where my address bar is from, that the window takes up the top half of the middle third of the monitor, basically this side right here and it would be exactly the same size as all the other windows with the percentage spacing from left to right and top to bottom just with this gene outside measurement from left to right from top to bottom so I want it to trigger to start somewhere here which is about 33% so I want to start from 33% of the window I want to end here that is approx 67% to the right 67 to the right you cannot swap, since left should always be smaller than right and right more than left should be the same with thetopic but above should always be less than below and below should always be more than above, so what I do want I don't want the top 0% here I want it to be around 2% I'd give myself a bit of space from the edge and I don't want maybe 50% here but maybe about 10% lower 10% basically this means that this area right here around this line right here is a trigger area for me, but now I also want to make a dock position before I can continue I want the dock to start at 33% from the left and end at 67% to the right I want the dock on top to be 0%, that means the very top tail is 50% down, that is in the middle, if I hit add and will hit plat, hit apply okay, it said the Nyxson Multi Window I'm going to take this now I'll finish this, if you see if I go to the edge it will show up in full screen but if I go down BAM a bit right now it will fit right where I do we need it if i go a little deeper it comes with me, if i go higher it means from 2 to 10 percent it will snap that it's out the lower you are, the smaller the area of ​​the trigger the better for You because if you make it too big you can see if I'm moving the window inside a trigger, the moving window should be as small as possible and now we're adding one more from the bottom I'm adding an area here again from the left 33% and from the right who because it's 67 percent, that means the line, but and now I want it to be a bottom line of this, it's 100% below, no, it's 98 percent, so it doesn't go to the edge and here it's 90 percent and for the left it is 30% from the right it is 67% from the top 50% because i want to start from the top 50% and from the bottom it will be 100% i will add and i will apply now when i do another one Add Windows If I go right here it doesn't snap, as you can see it doesn't, but when I go down right here BAM it snapped right there and I have six windows to work on on my ultra-wide monitor me would use it that way because I would have a main window in the middle where I would work and information windows on the sides where I could get all information and entertainment, for example I would have a YouTube or Spotify or I don't know anything else Musi k app that runs there I would have an info app for me on the right and at the bottom left I would have everything else maybe a Discord server for my communication my friends maybe there is a Facebook or something else but basically the left side is entertainment right side is information Middle page is work This is basically the way I work and you can do it in another way, for example when I'm doing an edit that I can do and in another way that I could do a premiere like this at this window size and I would have two windows here, one for example a tutorial and the second and information or anything else or I don't know my scales ries or mywindows explorer or anything else basically so use WinDock well, that was me for today hope you found this article useful and enjoyed it. All the links including the WinDock download link and profile I use in WinDock are shown in the description below below like the article if you liked it, subscribe to more articles like this my name is Nyxson and take care

What's the difference between UltraViewer and teamviewer?

The difference between Teamviewer and Ultraviewer is that Ultraviewer offers the same service as Teamviewer but at a much affordable rate. To be honest, Teamviewer's premium charge is justified as it's been in the game since 2005 which is almost thrice of that of Ultraviewer.

Is it safe to use ultraviewer on my computer?

If you let a stranger remote control your computer to help you, you may worry if they can stole some sensitive data on your computer. But do not worry too much, UltraViewer is designed with safety controls under the supervision, meaning that all activities of the controllers can be observed on the screen.

How can I control my partner on ultraviewer?

You enter the ID and password you got from your partner into the UltraViewer, click Connect. After pressing the connect button, just wait a few seconds, the screen of your partner will be displayed and you can control the mouse, the keyboard of your partner like working in front of the screen.

What's the best way to get rid of ultraView?

Therefore, the only way to get rid of the RAT is to get professional help. The Dieviren.de team says that the best solution for safe and quick Ultraview removal is a robust antivirus. You just need to download it from verified developers and run a full system scan.

Is the ultraviewer site a security threat?

Concerned that it could be a security threat once installed. Take a look at the site, even the site is very much a ripoff of Teamviewers site. www.ultraviewer.net. The site itself seems safe. Edited by hamluis, 29 August 2016 - 03:06 PM.

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