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Cortana is useless - viable solutions

Is Cortana useless?

Apart from being a good accessibility option, Cortana (like all other assistants) is a useless gimmick for most people, much like Edge's "You can DRAW on webpages now!" It's "cool" for about a year tops, then it fades away like all those other fads.

Even if you've been using Windows forever, there are likely a lot of settings that you never realized were on by default and that you should probably change.

These could be settings for privacy, convenience, or just utility in general.I'll go through a number of settings in Windows, particularly Windows 10, that I think you should change right away, including things you should turn off and even features which are good but not on by default there are about 15 of these so hopefully you'll learn at least a few new ones. Here we go.

First, let's go to Windows Update Settings. To get to the main settings window, just click the Start menu, then click the Gear, go to Update & security and look for 'Advanced options'.

Why is Cortana bad?

Bad because Cortana can be tricked into installing malware, good because it can only be done with physical access to your computer. If you can keep hackers out of your house, they won't be able to access your computer. There is also no proof that the Cortana bug has been exploited by hackers yet.

What's up guys, I'm ThioJoe, and with Windows 7 officially dead and reaching the end of life, I recently talked about the need to upgrade to Windows 10.

And unsurprisingly, a lot of people got REALLY angry and act like upgrading to Windows 10 is worse than death. Maybe it was also due to the slightly sarcastic title. Now I personally find Windows 10 to be a totally fine operating system.

Not like 'yeah awesome!' As I thought Windows 7 was on release, but I definitely don't think it deserves all the hate it gets. That being said, I think I understand why some people hate it and they have some good reasons these reasons, and also why they are not as big a deal and how Windows 10 is not as bad as it used to be, when it was originally released and why you should consider giving it a try. Before we start, let me give my quick shameless plug to my really amazing Instagram account where I post the most amazing tech memes and cool pictures.

You'll literally die of amazement and laughter if you keep going there, so check this out, it's just @ThioJoe over Instagram, and if that's out of the way let's get into that. So when you ask people why they don't want to get Windows 10, you get a variety of answers. But there are only a few who really make up the bulk of the concerns that I'll just identify first, and then we can address them in more detail.I agree with all of this, I just want to show you how to fix these issues with little effort It seems to me that the absolute biggest flaws people hate in Windows 10 have to do with privacy and data collection, and also the Forced Updates, especially when combined with poor quality control of those updates.

The other main reason a lot of people hate Windows 10 is because of the terrible bloatware, along with Cortana, which some consider to be both a privacy issue and bloatware about Windows 10's privacy issues. You've probably heard that Windows 10 is 'spying on' you as well collects all possible information. Windows performs a form of data collection called 'telemetry,' which is the cause of these complaints.

Telemetry collects things like diagnostic information like errors, logs of frequently used programs and functions, and the like. None of these are purported to contain any personal information that can be used to identify you. From Microsoft 's point of view, this data enables them to identify problems with Windows itself and its features so that they can identify and fix them without relying on people to provide feedback to figure them out.

It can also troubleshoot issues that users didn't even know are problems. For example, a certain program might crash when a user runs it, but then they just run it again and it works just fine, so the user forgets about it. But Microsoft could see that same crash happened to a million people.

While it's not a big deal for any user, it's actually a big, widespread problem that they otherwise didn't even know was occurring. You can also use the data to see which features are used the most or which settings are changed the most, so you can know what to prioritize. On the other hand, from a user perspective, many people simply do not want a company to collect data about their activity, even if this is obviously not personal identification.

It is very understandable, and I f everyone in this camp where I do NOT like data collection on my devices. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce or disable the collection. The easiest way to limit the collection is Settings> Data protection> Diagnoses and feedback> Then change the diagnosis data from 'full' to 'basic'.

This won't stop it completely, but it will definitely reduce it a lot. There are several ways to stop it completely, but the easiest way is probably to use a free program that I made. The entire article from earlier was called 'ShutUp10'.

I can highly recommend this article, which I will show up here and also include in the description. I won't go into any further detail here, but it is a program from the reputed O&O software company that allows you to easily disable many settings in Windows 10, including data collection and privacy settings that you would normally have to mess around with in the registry to change. So definitely to be recommended.

Okay so now the other main reason I see so many people hating Windows 10 has to do with the forced updates, especially given Microsoft's history of the absolutely TERRIBLE quality control and testing history for many of these updates. This is also very understandable as Microsoft has repeatedly released major feature updates that broke things, although these feature updates should NOT be confused with security updates that are very important. A notorious example was the October 2018 update Microsoft released which was deleting files in certain directories for certain users and no one knew why at first.

This forced Microsoft to remove the update almost immediately, permanently damaging Windows 10's reputation when it comes to major updates. And I can definitely relate to that, because it seems like after every major feature update that happens about twice a year, I run into weird software and stability issues for a few weeks until the kinks are ironed out.But there is very good news anyway .

You may not have noticed the May 2019 update, Microsoft changed how important updates are released and fixes one of the main reasons people are holding back, at least in my opinion. You see, Windows 10 will no longer force you to install the big important feature updates that are being released twice a year, and usually these are the main causes of new problems and bugs. Windows Update will now only install the major updates if you manually choose, but will still be able to receive all of the minor Quality of Life updates such as bug fixes and security updates.

You can postpone these major updates until your current release version has reached the end of its life, which is about 18 months. So you can basically postpone these large, often problematic updates for over a year now, and by then all bugs should be ironed out. If that was the main reason you didn't like the idea of ​​Windows 10, then maybe there is nothing more to worry about.

Also, remember, if you're using Windows 10 Pro, which costs an additional $ 100 upgrade from the Home version, you can control exactly how often you get both feature and security updates separately. Personally, I hold feature updates at Delayed at least 2 months or so but don't delay security updates and think you shouldn't. If you're curious about the other differences between Windows 10 Home and Pro, I also made the article that I'll show up here if you can want to see afterwards.

Ok, on to the next reason, we preinstalled bloatware. Few things are more annoying than reinstalling Windows 10 and then you see your Start menu full of crap, including Candy Crush and literal ads for stupid apps. However, these can be deactivated immediately.

Programs like Candy Crush can be uninstalled from the list of apps in Settings, and for the ads that Windows calls 'Suggestions', they can be turned off in the Start menu settings by simply unchecking the 'Show suggestions on startup' setting . And then there's Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant that some people hate for a number of reasons. They may just find it annoying and worrying about privacy and be suspicious of having another virtual assistant follow up on their questions and searches.

I disabled Cortana myself because I never use it. Unfortunately, it's hard to completely disable Windows 10 Pro, but it's not impossible at home either; at home, it requires editing the registry, which is not recommended if you are not familiar with it. So all you have to do is look up how to do that if you want to.

But in any case, you can at least prevent most of the data from being tracked right in Cortana search settings. So Windows 10 is definitely not perfect, but most of the biggest ailments can be fixed and you only have to do this once. And I can understand why a lot of people who use Windows 7 might be saying, 'Well, why should I get this one.' do all the trouble, Windows 7 works perfectly ”.

But if you know me I'm a security freak, and I don't think it's worth continuing to use an insecure operating system, I'm just because you're not ready to spend an hour getting Windows 10 like this how you want it. And remember, you can still upgrade from 7 to 10 for free even though Microsoft doesn't advertise that, so just google how to do it, it's very easy, despite all the problems we've talked about, I think Windows 10 has lots of great features worth using. First, it IS safer, not only because it receives regular security updates, but it also has better security features in general.

For example, it has exploit protection built into the operating system that previously required separate software called the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit. It even has built-in ransomware protection that you can turn on. There are also many features that previous versions never had.

including DirectX 12 for games and other small functions like clipboard history and clipboard synchronization. As the newest Windows operating system, it also offers the best driver and software support. And with Windows 7 out of service now, developers and hardware makers Cturer may not be focusing on Windows 7, so things may not work as well in the future.

sharepoint iframe webpart

And this is just my opinion, but I actually like the new start menu and think it carried over the best parts of previous versions. Unlike Windows 8, which was an absolute abomination and only had tiles, Windows 10 brought back the list of apps on the left as you saw them in Windows 7, but you can also have tiles for shortcuts to everything on the right Pin page or remove tiles and arrange anything however you want. So if you're still a Windows 7 denier at this point, this article may have allayed your concerns about upgrading to 10, or at least only when it comes to the most common deal breakers.

Obviously, I can't address every single one of the complaints people have, and I'm sure in the comments, many of you are going to have other more specific issues that you have regarding Windows 10. And at the end of the day, it's up to you, but I just want to make sure you're fully informed as to why you're upgrading or not, but anyway, if you want to keep watching, here are a few articles that I mentioned earlier about the 'ShutUp10' software and the differences between Windows Home and Pro. So thanks for looking, and see you next.

Is Cortana actually good?

In fact, the general consensus is Cortana isn't useful at all. However, if you mainly used Cortana for work, such as opening Microsoft apps and managing your calendar, you may not notice much of a difference. For the average user, Cortana isn't nearly as useful as she used to be before the May 2020 update.

- So here is a situation.

You've been concerned about or lack of privacy in Windows 10 for a while, but while you've tried Linux, you just can't make the leap. Maybe some software you need isn't running properly, or maybe you're just a fan of Windows, other than privacy issues. What can you do? Why not improve it? Yes, my friends, you can completely fix the problems with Windows 10 and remove the unnecessary junk that weighs on it all by yourself.

So let's see how it's done and what it costs. But first, let's see how much our sponsor costs. GlassWire is the tool that shows you in real time which apps are slowing down your connection.

It is used by security professionals to monitor for malware, block bandwidth wasted, and detect suspicious activity. Get 25% off with the offer code Linus at the link below. (Upbeat music) Which means somehow improve? Well, according to the dictionary it is a verb that means to make something bad or unsatisfactory better, and that certainly seems to be the goal of Win.

to be dows 10 Ameliorated edition, a small project that has been around since 2017. Not much information is now available on who is actually behind this, but some old links point to Actrons, a '90s kid who specifically names Outtechnology. Social sciences, philosophy, psychology and neurology, film and anime analysis and shudder as their subjects.

The improved edition appears to be an offshoot of their Windows 10 install script that originally almost disabled things like Windows Update and made adjustments to Windows Explorer, but Windows builds came out with more deeply integrated telemetry, so a more direct approach was needed to keep Windows from doing it to call home bloody and get all my information. The improved edition removes Windows Update, Cortana, Activation, Microsoft Edge, Windows Media Player, and all. appx UWP applications from the installation, not deactivated, removed, no longer available.

This means that the overall size is reduced. Removing such ingrained components naturally requires the introduction of replacements in certain cases. Killing Cortana, for example, cripples the Start menu and Windows Search in particular.

So Classic Shell is used as a replacement I have to give up too. DirectX 12 may not be fully supported as Windows Update is out of the question, and of course you're stuck with no automatic updates. In fact, the update process itself is a bit tedious, requiring you to disconnect from the internet, temporarily reactivate Windows Update, and so on and so on.

Suffice it to say that while this version of Windows is focused on privacy, it is a little less focused on security. The last one the site claims, most of the exploitable apps have been removed anyway, so this point may be less important than you might think. But enough talk.

Why don't we look for ourselves and see what else we are giving up in the name of improved privacy? First thing I noticed is that gone is Windows Mail. Who is using Windows Mail? How crazy do you have to be not to just use a web browser to check your email? All right, Boomer, enjoy your Outlook. So no Windows Mail, no Windows Store, and no Microsoft Edge, all we have down here is File Explorer, that's it.

In fact, I'm now also noticing a few other changes. Where are all the drop-down lists for File Explorer? That feels like it's going to be very, very different. We also have the classic Start menu in Windows Vista and 7 -Style.

And of course, because there's no Edge, Anthony helpfully thrown a Firefox shortcut on the desktop. - The default is DuckDuckGo, really? - Yes. - Is this the Firefox standard or the improved Windows 10 edition? - No, this is an improved edition.

Actually Firefox and Thunderbird. - ONLYOFFICE. - What? ONLYOFFICE and VLC media player were all pre-installed by the operating system - I've never heard of ONLYOFFICE - Apparently it's a junction from LibreOffice - Ha, it looks a lot like Microsoft Office.

Let's try and find some tech tips here. Tech tips from Linus. What's my Amazon page? This is a used TITAN X.

Okay, we need to update that. Colton! - I'm here, what's up? - Oh wow are you there? (Laughing man) That was so cool. Can I summon people just by saying their name? lttstore.com.

Hey, that's a cute shirt by the way, guys. Okay what more can we try here? Okay, where is my file? Dropdown? - This is a modification of Windows Explorer called Old Explorer that restores the Windows 7 style of Windows Explorer. So it doesn't have the traditional ribbon.

It has none of the other things. It's just basically all rewritten. And there is actually a configuration file that you can modify to customize it yourself.

I used them for a while just out of curiosity, but they used it here because some of the changes they made to Windows also affected Explorer. So they had to use the old explorer to fix it somehow.- Well, I can tell you now that I only have one thing I would take care of having them fix and that is when I'm looking for something and about this one Folder go when I click the folder, you bastards! That's not what i want I want it to go up in a folder.

If I want it to go back to the previous page, I would hit back. Folder up means a folder in the directory structure. So this looks like the terrible Windows 10 type of settings menu, except there's even less stuff here, a lot of it has to do with the telemetry stuff, so Windows updates, games like the Xbox stuff, the one with telemetry and making calls was connected home.

Pretty much anything that comes into question would also be deleted - can I? even set a screen saver? - I think so. It shows up, right? - I don't know, right? Wait, here it is, here it is, I have it, I have it. So you can't look for it.

I think that's probably because they sorted out the regular search as well. - Yes, without Cortana, Windows Search somehow dies .- Ha, I actually didn't know that this bubble screen saver was still built into Windows.

This is a Windows Vista classic here. That was so cool back then. Ooh, 3D acceleration on the desktop! Now it looks kinda fake actually.

I just want to watch these bubbles for days - we evolved as a species beyond screensavers at this point - that's weird too, the windows tab doesn't cycle through things for some reason all tabs work, but why not windows? tab? Okay, that's cool. I think that's fine - I didn't really benchmark - Okay. - But it seems a lot faster than a standard Windows 10 installation should be. - I mean, the start menu pops up instantly, which is pretty nice.

But I mean how bad is this search? So let's look for Counterstrike. That's gross. Not being able to find something that is literally a shortcut on the desktop is terrible.

No worse than the one built into Windows 10, mind you. - I think it is possible to set the search folders for a classic shell or it is now called Open Shell. So if you right click on the Start menu and go to Settings you can configure everything there, but by default it isn't set up for that in my opinion.

It's just for the start menu itself. - Got it, okay. Search the internet, look for programs and settings, look for files.

It's set to search everything, sir.- Oh. Well then I did I don't apologize for that.

So what else can we try here? I mean, a game is going to be fine, right? Let's play Doom - I mean Doom should be running - There is a default password, why should that be? - Because the user account you are currently logged in with is directly a user. It's not an administrator - Why? - You are no longer receiving the security patches - Right - Most security vulnerabilities happen because users are administrators. - Right, and there's really no compelling reason to be an administrator other than just installing programs.

And if you know the admin password, you can always enter it if you want to, like you would on a Mac.- Yes.- I should just switch to Mac.Between Spotlight, and just, Finder wasn't that bad.

Me would consider it.- There are alternatives you can get.Path Finder is one.- Okay.- It's paid software, but it's actually pretty decent.- Why is everything paid on Mac? - Yes.- Because you can afford it, you bought a Mac.

Okay, yes, we're running at 90 FPS or whatever. -Yes, it's perfectly fine.-Ultra-Nightmare.

Take the monsters. -Why don't you try a DirectX 12 game like? - Oh, well, I guess this is probably probably not going to work, then hey.Okay what the --- It could be.

I got a shot from the Tomb Raider.- Oh yeah that will do it. Oh weird, there is no popup in the system tray -up.- This could just be an artifact from Classic Shell.

I'm m ir not exactly sure. It's been a hot minute, but it could also be that we don't have any hidden icons - I can't find a way to hide them. I'm in settings now and it's just, no, you just move it.

what is s.yimg

Even the moving animations are a little different. So you might be right. It could just be a classic shell thing.

Let's play some shadow play from Tomb Raider, DirectX 12. Here we go boys. Why should Windows Update affect this? - Apparently there are enhancements for DirectX 12 that are coming down from Windows Update from time to time.

So the idea is if you have a game that has an extension that you don't have, then DirectX 12 just doesn't work properly - Well, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a bit of an older game and it seems right at least in the menu, too work what is being rendered in the engine so i would believe it will work. OK. So officially DirectX 12 is a no-go, but unofficially, if you try it from game to game it might actually work fine then.- Yes.- You shouldn't be here, but I like it.

New task manager is here. That's nice to see. Got your GPU usage and all that good stuff, although I don't see temps here see So that's at least one iteration back - It's actually based on Windows 10 1903 - Got it - It should be possible to do it with 1909, but the official pictures are 1903.Okay, you might then notice in the lower right corner that you have an icon to connect to the internet wizard.- Oh, I do.- Yes and that is --- That's because that Windows cannot know that I have an internet connection.- Correct, because it is not able to call home, it cannot.- Understood.- So it only knows that you have local connectivity.- Interesting.Although all of them Telemetry stuff supposedly removed, we're still up to date I have to fool Windows that it has no reason to use it because I don't have an internet connection - Yes - Oh, Creative Cloud probably won't know, so do I an internet connection.- Yes.- Oh, i I bet there will be a lot of stuff going down because it thinks you don't have an internet connection - because they can't ping their server.

You can't call home - so it turns off telemetry for other applications as well - I think Adobe is one of those applications that hooks into the Windows API for this, and the API itself has been removed. - I opened the Creative Cloud desktop. A new version is available.

Go ahead and update. Let's see if it gets her. Let's see if you can get a water bottle on lttstore.com Okay, it won't finish.

It's been sitting here for ages now - I take back everything I said about high quality Adobe software. - Okay, so we have svchost, like the task manager. Wow, there really isn't much in there - yes, and in keeping with the spirit of the OS, I also used NVCleanstall to install the NVIDIA driver.

So we only have the bare minimum for that, too. - Oh, I think that explains why it feels so fast. As you know, sometimes even on a fast computer you open local hard drive C and it takes about 10 or 15 seconds for no apparent reason.

It needs to update like a log in the background, that needs to go - Exactly. - On Microsoft and all that crap. One wonders how much stuff is actually in the vanilla version of Windows. - No kidding, like even if it takes a second to open and fill a directory listing, it takes a second, not 10 seconds.- Yes, accessing the vault or one of our other servers usually takes that long.- One long time.

That's great though I'm in the bank right now and it's responsive enough considering it runs on spinning g over a gigabit connection - yes - hey, MS Paint is still there - MS Paint is none Spyware.- I knew I knew you were good all along. That's pretty cool would be like an embedded version of an officially slimmed-down version of Windows that we actually talked about when we made a article about Windows 9, and more since all of the telemetry is gone.

But from a legal point of view, this is all a gray area, so to speak. According to the website, the project is now perfectly legal, based on EU Directive 2009/24, which gives them a tailor-made interoperability base by downloading telemetry images, including activation, from the website itself, even though you are essentially pirating. However, it is legally possible to do so if you modify a Windows image for yourself, and they have full documentation of the process, as well as a repository of open source scripts that they license and a Windows 10 1909 download should do themselves although the pre-made images are all based on 1903.

Legality aside, the utility of a Windows image like this one is pretty great for someone who wants to run it in a VM on a Linux machine for example. For everyday use I don't know. If you don't need some of the things of those we've found they aren't working properly, and if you don't mind jumping through some hoops trying to update or run something that requires administrative permissions then we're honest, our better recommendations are just give in and Windows or just run Linux if you want privacy with no hassle.

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If you enjoyed this article, maybe check out the article that we did under Windows 9. That was a really cool project too and well worth a look.

Why is Microsoft killing Cortana?

The Redmond giant has announced that it will be killing its Cortana smart assistant on Android and iOS (among other devices) as part of an effort to transform the AI into a full-fledged productivity-focused helper.

Hey guys and welcome to today's article I'm going to check out the top 10 Microsoft Cortana fails on the law's worst digital assistant and these clips prove that Cortana is not listening or doing things completely wrong and just for fun, comment below if you've used Cortana and used if you like this article please give it a thumbs up.

Descriptions are listed for more weekly list style articles so let's be in the top 10 Microsoft Cortana fails First article in the top 10 Microsoft Cortana fails We seem to have one simple choice between Titanfall 2 or Titanfall 2 but no Cortana gets that wrong too Hey Cortana play titanfall2 ok which one doititanfall 2 or titanfall 2 titanfall 2titanfall 2 or titanfall 2 titanfall 2sorrytitanfall 2 sorry I don't get it heyCortana start titanfall 2 titanfall 2 ortitanfall 2 titanfall 2 ortitanfall 2 ortitanfall 2 titanfall 2 sorrytitanfall 2 sorry I don't get it, don't know how Katana could have got it wrong, but she does it Corta na started for me League of Legends okayopening grand theft auto 5 Seymour the next clip is from the official Microsoft launch of Katana and even they have it managed to screw things up so I can get started and in fact, thanks to Cortana, I can even put it in my voice command so I can just go ahead and ask, show me the most vulnerable opportunities no it is not what If the right app manages to open it seems to have trouble getting it right Open our Bytessure thing Starting MalwarebytesAnti-Malware This guy is trying to open an app with Cortana Listen to his voice he's about to kill him hey Cortana start QuickBooks Pro 2016 I don't want to search the web, you can't open an app This guy found the really useful Katana the only thing that seems to have done right is well remember me sucking eggs later, when would you like to be reminded in two minutes, sure I'll remind you to suck some balls at 1:13 in the morning e Hatano hears him in the last 5 minutes to what if all he does he swears it but still doesn't hear it why don't you listen to your stupid words in Good Old Britain for the next and he asks Cortana, whether it's raining and she gets it wrong Cortana is going to rain it today, although the prediction is unlikely to be stupid okay here, at least it may tell you its name or it may not know it can say my name in the last article Top 10 Microsoft Cortanafails This guy tries to open Portal 2, it recommends about three other programs and none is it? Correct open Cortana portal - Jim - bitmap - material - or BIOS hoc - thank you for watching the top 10 MicrosoftCortana files and how you got this file and would like to subscribe to the listed for more weekly articles the other articles that are on appear on the screen while I'm talking, see you next time Cortana youlater

Is it true Cortana has become useless for me?

Cortana was never highly useful, to me, but it has been going downhill for some time. Hey Cortana went away, way back, and has never reappeared. This is ridiculous! Today, I brought up Cortana and said 'set a timer for 10 minutes' she replied 'I'm sorry, but I can't help with that yet'.

What do you need to know about Hey Cortana?

You have to make sure that the 'Hey Cortana' feature is activated. You need to tell her the exact name of the app you wanted to open. When you ask Cortana for something that she doesn't know how to answer, it will automatically route you to Bing search for some results. We appreciate your feedback regarding Cortana.

Why was Cortana taken out of Windows Phone?

It is a marketing speak that Microsoft discontinued Cortana's consumer facing features because Microsoft no longer sells Windows Mobile phones and never sold smart speakers in the first place. Cortana lost to Alexa, so Microsoft is leaving the business altogether. Whatever happened to Cortana?

What do you need to know about Cortana and Bing?

There are some terminologies and commands that Cortana might find confusing. You have to make sure that the 'Hey Cortana' feature is activated. You need to tell her the exact name of the app you wanted to open. When you ask Cortana for something that she doesn't know how to answer, it will automatically route you to Bing search for some results.

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