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Wunderlist multiple accounts - a solution to

What is Wunderlist being replaced with?

Wunderlist is officially gone, but you can replace it with one of these productivity apps. Microsoft's To Do list app replaced Wunderlist in May. Sorry, Wunderlist devotees: As of May, you can no longer use the list-making app, its owner Microsoft announced back in December.23 mei 2020

Hi folks and welcome back to the Keep Productive YouTube channel.Now you've probably come here because you've heard the Wunderlist news, if you don't have a brief recap, Wunderlist will close on May 6th and while you might want to use the application until the end of this one DateYou may want to consider an alternative to applying Now, as you can imagine, I've shortlisted some I'm going to talk about and how they might be for you, so let's start by looking at three categories, the first is in exchange, in In terms of getting your hands on almost a bicarbonate copy of the list, I'll talk about a second category called upgrade to take your application a little further, and then I'll talk about some alternatives you might want to make the switch ? In the future and of course, you will know that you can think a little more about the application.

So let's get started, let's start the exchange now. Obviously you want to exchange this application from the vendor list to Microsoft. The great thing about it is that the service is still run by Microsoft and you can easily import your lists by May 6th and in a review tree, all fashionable.

They pretty much have all of the features including new features like mybay and suggestions so you don't miss out on all of the nice things like wallpapers that the provider lists used to have and I think some of the basic experiences would list sharing etc. Now there is another application that I think is pretty close to the vendor lists in some ways. It's called any doThey is an application that has been around for a while.

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And in their premium service. I would say it really corresponds to the experience with the list of providers I would have a look at. What is very nice is that you can order everything in lists? And they also combine AI to help you organize your productivity and plan ahead, which are the two apps Microsoft do, and all should do, if you're looking for a fairly accurate replica of the vendor list experience, now if you're actually looking to upgrade, you might want to use this time to go I can do a few more functions and also a few other skills that might help me a little further.

Those are two duties and now the first two points are ticking I would say it's a really great all-rounder and gives you a really smooth experience, you can convert any of your tasks into your new Todoist account when you want to log in, and that goes for it also for ticktick, for example like going to bed every evening at 11 p.m. It's going to be a repetitive task, but it really understands that natural language typing has a wide variety of features, like being able to create subtasks that you know came from a task view, including projects and future skills like boards That you need experience a bit further now is the other application ticktick.

The reason I want to post this one is that again it has a good importer for vendor list users. But what I also like about it is that it has a lot more gamification as you work on making your productivity tick off on tasks, but it also has really awesome themes that stretch across the seasons as well. For example, if you want a nice winter wonderland theme to show up on the back of your typical account, it works really well and the great thing is that you can use Kanban to organize your tasks and it adds a whole bunch of features that you don't would have on the vendor list, so that's something to consider embedding things like priorities, knowing natural language input like you haven't done before, and also advanced project settings like smart lists to help you create those lists.

They're a bit more interactive than say even Microsoft - Duze or Vendor Lists, okay So the last ones I want to recommend are more alternatives to these two apps, although they are similar in terms of productivity as they have lists for your to- Do lists can go a little further, but I would like to introduce them. The first is now the third thing when you are on a bit more budget. Say you're using a Mac or Apple device.

This could be a really nice application for you. It's a to-do list application that costs $ 49.99 on the Mac and $ 9.99 on iOS and if you're using the iPad version that's $ 19.99 that's a one-time cost, and if you don't get anything for the vendor list, of course This might come as a bit of a shock to you, but it's definitely worth considering why I usually recommend it because it's a very neat application and if you're looking for a long-term basis, I just like the fact that you are planning and using Linking your calendar allows you to create appointments for scheduling forward, create projects and areas, and also split tasks like special for tonight or tonight, which is nice.

The application is really well designed. It was made by a company called. designed sophisticated code and it's really well put together so you can check if any of it assumes it.

I will make sure to complete the link in the description and the second application is an idea and while I don't necessarily always recommend it for Taskman agement, I think this application introduces things like tabular databases that you might have heard of and them actually allow you to organize and schedule tasks by using checklists to create an idea, but it could also help you coordinate some of your work. I know the only reason I recommend this is because I know a lot of the other users on the vendors list like a fairly relaxed light setup and I think you can do that pretty well inside of whether this via a so called table database or via a weekly agenda which is just a very simple check box to get you started. So there are all of my recommendations, guys.

Let's just go through this for exchanging applications. Maybe you want to do or do Microsoft if you want to update, check out Todoist or Tick Tick and if you are looking for a slightly different alternative that can push the boundaries of your productivity. These are all my recommendations and of course you can read all the details for these applications below, but if you have a specific question you would like some advice on e.g. what to do with this application.

Should I address a few of the situations Are you currently using your application? to the email francesco at t - productive peace and I will try to recommend a few for youI am always interested in helping you with an application in the long term with Vandellas five three four Years or five years six years seven years And I'm really eager to help you with a new application that will hold up for quite a while It has been a pleasure seeing these alternatives if you are new to staying productive. Make sure to subscribe and I will be speaking to you very soon. And if you've actually moved already, it would be great to hear some of your thoughts below, so feel free to come up with some of your suggestions.

Anyway, guys, a big thank you and I'll be talking to you very, very soon. Cheers. Everyone. bye

Why did Microsoft kill wunderlist?

“Why can't you keep Wunderlist running?” it asks itself in an FAQ. This is the answer: “Since joining Microsoft in 2015, we shifted our focus from building Wunderlist to developing To Do. We've stopped releasing new features and updates to Wunderlist, and it's becoming more difficult to maintain the app as it ages.

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You will get a bit more detail on the monks relying on the application and how to start moving your lists if you want and I am very you will know this clearly if you have a very similar experience in relation to that Service like the vendor list want I've also kept a vendor list of sorts for a while, and I've been speculating about it for a while now, obviously Microsoft approved it so their main focus was on focusing on getting people to know about that service bring up and get rid of the bottom list now allows them to centralize all the records and really get their foot on the promotion because I think the vendor list has had a lot of signups lately, especially last year because people are still going Signed up to sign up for the service doesn't allow new signups so I can see a lot of people e have a vann list on their phone like they were something like the Flappy Bird Stays as some kind of memento of the application nBut that will officially get rid of the application now a few months ago, I think about two months ago, Triskin Reber was the ex -CEO of the new list actually tried and tried to get it out I wouldn't call it a campaign but some sort of approach on social media to try and buy back when the list obviously didn't work and Microsoft, as you know, is just plain the killing.

There has obviously been a lot of speculation now as to what they're going to do with the service, and I literally just think they'd just close it and put it on the shelf, obviously they can't really do much with it now and obviously the entire marketing and design team and now to do at microsoft. The ones that were a vendor list, so of course they are going to invest their time and attention in them now. Of course, you know there are some good things I would do about Microsoft that it actually has most of the feature set.

There's a really useful table available under the Come On list that lists the features that were there in the Analysts versus the features that are currently to be done in Microsoft, and we're here to go through them at least I 100% think they did a great job. You know these functions are taken up. I think my days and suggestions are the things that take it a bit further, but some of the original list backgrounds and others y you know that the task viewing abilities are very, very similar to the vendor lists.

So you almost made it a bicarbonate copy for you to enjoy, so folks, I really love hearing your thoughts and opinions. Maybe Even Share Your Supplier List Trip If your Supplier List User explains in the comments below, you know this could be some kind of obituary For the application and sharing and you know how you love the application and how they tell you about the Time has helped over the years, and it's just a small thank you to the company I'm not thinking of Microsoft, but from the list that will help you be productive so guys, we all analysts have this role and I look forward to some of your questions in the description below all the comments below and we guys thank you so much, be sure to subscribe and I'll be talking to you very soon. Cheers everyone.


Is wunderlist going away?

Microsoft to finally shut down to-do list app Wunderlist on May 6, 2020. Today, Microsoft is finally announcing a shut-down date for Wunderlist of May 6, 2020. After this date, Wunderlist to-dos will no longer sync, but users will still be able to import their content into Microsoft's own To Do app.

Can wunderlist be shared?

Wunderlist, one of the best task managers on the App Store, has a number of features that make it easy to use it for team projects or for sharing lists with family members.

Hello everybody.

In today's article, I wanted to talk about the Wonder List, which is one of my favorite apps that I use every day, and it's a checklist-to-do app. So if you're trying to keep track of both personally and professionally, Wunderlist is the one app I recommend the most and I've been using it for maybe two years now and using it every day. I have tasks for the day, I have tasks for the month, and I have a full year plan, almost like a roadmap that I have in another folder.

So I want to show you how to get Wunderlist, how to set it up, and how to organize the app so that it gets the best performance out of the app every day, and you can sync it between your devices so you can have it on your phone be on the go and then jump into the computer and vice versa and have everything synchronized on all platforms that use all the different devices that are using. So let's jump into the computer. I will now show you the download process and the setup process.

Now, if it's your first time here, I do technical tutorials and app tutorials, just like this one five times a week. Please consider subscribing. To get Wunderlist, check out wunderlist.com.

I have a link in the description of the website and it's available for all of these platforms. So if you are using a Mac in this case, it will work on a Mac iPhone. It's actually automatically connected between my Mac and iPhone between the devices as soon as I log in, so whatever I do on the Mac happens on the iPhone, including the iPad, but when you do on the Android or window phone is the same scenario and download it when I hit download here.

I need it to show it on the App Store and since I am already using this app I already downloaded it so let me go ahead and hit open but if you don't let me just go ahead and do the usual download Go through the process. Let me go ahead and minimize these, once you download and open Wunderlist, this is what the app looks like on a desktop. So you need to go ahead and either create a free account or log in.

Since I've been using this for a long time, I'll log into my account and once you're logged into the app it will look something like this, obviously that part of the app is blank for you but I've been using it for the last couple of years so I've built a lot up here by the side, but I'm going to show you how to create tasks, how to organize them, how to create folders, and essentially the way I've used it and I just want to show you how I can get the most out of this app soon. If you're using this app, here are your credentials and you can just click Sync. When you've downloaded these and other devices, they'll sync.

Now you don't have to do this all the time. It actually does it in the background and it works very quickly. So when I add a new task here, I usually see it a second later on my other devices.

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This app didn't need to sync now as it does it automatically and you could sign up to become a Pro member which just gives you some other options, unlimited file storage, some unlimited subtasks, and things like that that you can in the free Version does not have execution. That's about five dollars a month. I won't do that now.

You can change your background here. So if you want a different background, you can easily change that here, but let's say we stick with that background. I'll show you the most important part that creates a task.

So add a to-do list right here. So your to-do list could go to the gym, this could be a to-do list and you could just hit ENTER and once you hit enter that task would go to the Check box that you ticked here, so this is my inbox. Here I made that and I'll show you a few other settings so that when I click on it it gives me all the options on the page so I could set a due date so let's say this is due today and I could do it any day to repeat.

So if I wanted to go to the gym every day I could remind myself daily, hit Done and you could set that reminder to a specific time at 6:00 PM. You'll create a subtask under this task so you can do subtasks like cardio for the gym. That might be a sub-task under this big task, so when now I click on it I can see what to do under this main thing.

So this is a great way to organize it more like a roadmap. So let's say you didn't want a task of what you created, go ahead and select it and you can easily delete that by just hitting the trash can here. So if I press the trash can it will extinguish to do that.

I click on it again. You can also add notes to the task, add comments to the task, and add them to your favorites. So when you click on the star, it becomes a priority.

You are right at the top of the to-do list and if you click on it here it will go away. So I'm just going to go ahead and remove this daily reminder here and when you are done with the task all you have to do is hit the check mark and it will appear under the complete task and it will look like this anytime you accidentally press that you can go ahead and press it again, and you'll skip a different folder here, so that wasn't my inbox here, I go to Daily Tasks and when I click on any of these tasks here, for example this one creates one five times a week Tech article, could I share this with someone else so I can add people other than my members to my to-do list. This is my personal account so I don't do this, but this is a great way to collaborate with other tasks you have due so you can create and create folders for work.

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So now create a task, share it, and create tasks for yourself. Now let me show you how to organize this by folder. On the other hand, all of these are basically ways that I organize my tasks so that I can have daily chores.

These are due every single day of the week. I could have tasks for a quarter, so I had a lot of tasks for Q12018, and you could do monthly tasks, weekly tasks. However.

You want to organize it. This is a great way to organize a time for 2017 for example, I did a lot of daily tasks so I put in the date, woke up, organized the things I had to do that day and organized it this way and for example That day, it looks like I did 30 things that I completed that day and I organized them as soon as 2017 was in this folder for this channel for the youtube channel, I have a lot of articles that I will be recording So I made a to-do list so let me show you how to create this folder, hit the plus sign down here and go ahead and list a name so you want to create a new list, let's get this one Call articles. I will go ahead and press OK.

I don't need to list members, but you can do this right in advance to create the list and once that list is created you can right click or command here and create a folder so I'll create a folder and name this folder so now I have something to do in this folder so I can go ahead and expand it like Finiti if I had all of my duties, what I'm doing here. I could go on and see all the different things, so all the different YouTube channels I have here are their own lists, all in this primary main folder, and you could always grab things that I put in different folders, easy so and really bring them out fix this and you can always right click on it and rename it and ungroup a folder so that it just comes out of the folder and if I want to delete this task I could do that again right click or come and click and just delete it and it will just go away so I organize my tasks in folders and sometimes I put them in the inbox where I have to delete them immediately Create the daily to do list I made so that there are many different ways to organize this and get the most of it. Just let me show you one last thing, when you get to the Wunderlist settings, or on a PC I think it's under the file settings, go ahead and look under Notification and you could set it up this way that a desktop notification will be received so on a Mac these will pop on my desktop, or you could get an email notification that is the email you signed up for that account with.

So if you're using Gmail or Facebook, that's the email I attached I'll be on my desktop for quite a long time. I actually turned off the email so I don't have to check email from the wonder list But this is a great option for keeping track of what you need to do and when you need it I hope this has been helpful to you, if you use a checklist like this, it has been one of the most productive things I've done in the past few years that has really outpaced my growth on YouTube and the things in my business and personal life. Hope you could really use this app, if you like this article, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel.

I post tutorials on this channel just like this five times a week so hope to see you in the next article Thank you for watching this article

How can I add todos To my Wunderlist?

The best part is that Wunderlist keeps everything magically in sync across all devices. Email to List – Here is a lesser known feature: you can email todos to your Wunderlist. Simply email “me@wunderlist.com” and your task is added to your Wunderlist. (Subject is the list you want to add to, and put todos in the body of the message.)

How to move from Wunderlist to Microsoft to do?

Microsoft To-Do finally added this feature to the right menu when you select a task. Just select Add step and type the name of that step. Hit enter to move to the next step and continue until done. When finished, you’ll see a count of the tasks in the main task description (a feature lacking from Wunderlist). 4. Task Notes

How do I add a task to my Wunderlist?

Simply email “me@wunderlist.com” and your task is added to your Wunderlist. (Subject is the list you want to add to, and put todos in the body of the message.) This is handy when you are working your email and need to add a todo based on a message you received.

Where do I Find my Wunderlist email address?

Select the settings icon at the upper right corner of the Microsoft To-Do page and select the Import button under Import from Wunderlist. In the first step of the process, you’ll see the Wunderlist account that Microsoft recognized under your email address.

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