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Windowsapps folder cleanup - practical solutions

Is it safe to delete WindowsApps folder?

WindowsApps folder is a protected folder on the system. We do not recommend to remove it since it will affect the applications installed on your computer.

- So here is a situation. You've been concerned about or lack of privacy in Windows 10 for a while, but while you've tried Linux, you just can't make the leap. Maybe some software you need isn't running properly, or maybe you're just a fan of Windows, other than privacy issues.

What can you do? Why not improve it? Yes, my friends, you can completely fix the problems with Windows 10 and remove the unnecessary junk that weighs on it all by yourself. So let's see how it's done and what it costs. But first, let's see how much our sponsor costs.

GlassWire is the tool that shows you in real time which apps are slowing down your connection. It is used by security professionals to monitor for malware, block wasted bandwidth, and detect suspicious activity. Get 25% off with the offer code Linus at the link below. (Upbeat music) Which means somehow improve? Well, according to the dictionary it is a verb that means to make something bad or unsatisfactory better, and that certainly seems to be the goal of Win. to be dows 10 Ameliorated edition, a small project that has been around since 2017.

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Not much information is now available on who is actually behind this, but some old links point to Actrons, a '90s kid who specifically names Outtechnology. Social sciences, philosophy, psychology and neurology, film and anime analysis and shudder as their subjects. The improved edition appears to be an offshoot of their Windows 10 install script that originally almost disabled things like Windows Update and made adjustments to Windows Explorer, but Windows builds came out with more deeply integrated telemetry, a more direct approach was needed to keep Windows from doing it to call home bloody and get all my information.

The improved edition removes Windows Update, Cortana, Activation, Microsoft Edge, Windows Media Player, and all. appx UWP applications from the installation, not deactivated, removed, no longer available. This means that the overall size is reduced.

Removing such ingrained components naturally requires the introduction of replacements in certain cases. Killing Cortana, for example, cripples the Start menu and Windows Search in particular. So Classic Shell is used as a replacement I have to give up too.

DirectX 12 may not be fully supported as Windows Update is out of the question, and of course you're stuck with no automatic updates. In fact, the update process itself is a bit tedious, requiring you to disconnect from the internet, temporarily reactivate Windows Update, and so on and so on. Suffice it to say that while this version of Windows is focused on privacy, it is a little less focused on security.

The last one the site claims, most of the exploitable apps have been removed anyway, so this point may be less important than you might think. But enough talk. Why don't we look for ourselves and see what else we are giving up in the name of improved privacy? First thing I noticed is that gone is Windows Mail.

Who is using Windows Mail? How crazy do you have to be not to just use a web browser to check your email? All right, Boomer, enjoy your Outlook. So no Windows Mail, no Windows Store, and no Microsoft Edge, all we have down here is File Explorer, that's it. In fact, I'm now also noticing a few other changes.

Where are all the drop-down lists for File Explorer? That feels like it's going to be very, very different. We also have the classic Start menu in Windows Vista and 7 -Style. And of course, because there's no Edge, Anthony helpfully thrown a Firefox shortcut on the desktop. - The default is DuckDuckGo, really? - Yes. - Is this the Firefox standard or the improved Windows 10 edition? - No, this is an improved edition.

Actually Firefox and Thunderbird. - ONLYOFFICE. - What? ONLYOFFICE and VLC media player were all pre-installed by the operating system - I've never heard of ONLYOFFICE - Apparently it's a junction from LibreOffice - Ha, it looks a lot like Microsoft Office.

Let's try and find some tech tips here. Tech tips from Linus. What's my Amazon page? This is a used TITAN X.

Okay, we need to update that. Colton! - I'm here, what's up? - Oh wow are you there? (Laughing man) That was so cool. Can I summon people just by saying their name? lttstore.com.

Hey, that's a cute shirt by the way, guys. Okay what more can we try here? Okay, where is my file? Dropdown? - This is a modification of Windows Explorer called Old Explorer that restores the Windows 7 style of Windows Explorer. So it doesn't have the traditional ribbon.

It has none of the other things. It's just basically all rewritten. And there is actually a configuration file that you can modify to customize it yourself.

I used them for a while just out of curiosity, but they used it here because some of the changes they made to Windows also affected Explorer. So they had to use the old explorer to fix it somehow.- Well, I can tell you now that I only have one thing I would take care of having them fix and that is when I'm looking for something and about this one Folder go when I click the folder, you bastards! That's not what i want I want it to go up in a folder.

If I want it to go back to the previous page, I would hit back. Folder up means a folder in the directory structure. So this looks like the terrible Windows 10 type of settings menu, except there's even less stuff here, a lot of it has to do with the telemetry stuff, so Windows updates, games like the Xbox stuff, the one with telemetry and making calls was connected home.

Pretty much anything that comes into question would also be deleted - can I? even set a screen saver? - I think so. It shows up, right? - I don't know, right? Wait, here it is, here it is, I have it, I have it. So you can't look for it.

I think that's probably because they sorted out the regular search as well. - Yes, without Cortana, Windows Search somehow dies .- Ha, I actually didn't know that this bubble screen saver was still built into Windows.

This is a Windows Vista classic here. That was so cool back then. Ooh, 3D acceleration on the desktop! Now it looks kind of fake actually, I just want to watch these bubbles for days - We have evolved beyond the screensavers as a species at this point - That's weird too, the Windows tab doesn't cycle through things for some reason.

All the tabs work, but why not windows? tab? Okay, that's cool. I think that's fine - I didn't really benchmark - Okay. - But it seems a lot faster than a standard Windows 10 installation should be. - I mean, the start menu pops up instantly, which is pretty nice.

But I mean how bad is this search? So let's look for Counterstrike. That's gross. Not being able to find something that is literally a shortcut on the desktop is terrible.

No worse than the one built into Windows 10, mind you. - I think it is possible to set the search folders for a classic shell or it is now called Open Shell. So if you right click on the Start menu and go to Settings you can configure everything there, but by default it isn't set up for that in my opinion.

It's just for the start menu itself. - Got it, okay. Search the internet, look for programs and settings, look for files.

It's set to search everything, sir.- Oh. Well then I did I don't apologize for that.

So what else can we try here? I mean, a game is going to be fine, right? Let's play Doom - I mean Doom should be running - There is a default password, why should that be? - Because the user account you are currently logged in with is directly a user. It's not an administrator - Why? - You are no longer receiving the security patches - Right - Most security vulnerabilities happen because users are administrators. - Right, and there's really no compelling reason to be an administrator other than just installing programs.

And if you know the admin password, you can always enter it if you want to, like you would on a Mac.- Yes.- I should just switch to Mac.Between Spotlight, and just, Finder wasn't that bad.

Me would consider it.- There are alternatives you can get.Path Finder is one.- Okay.- It's paid software, but it's actually pretty decent.- Why is everything paid on Mac? - Yes.- Because you can afford it, you bought a Mac.

Okay, yes, we're running at 90 FPS or whatever. -Yes, it's perfectly fine.-Ultra-Nightmare.

Take the monsters. -Why don't you try a DirectX 12 game like? - Oh, well, I guess that's probably probably not going to work, then hey.Okay what the --- It could be.

I got a shot from the Tomb Raider.-Oh yes it will. oh funny there is no popup in the system tray -up.- this could just be an artifact from Classic Shell. i am mine not entirely sure.

It's been a hot minute but it could also be that we don't have any hidden icons - I can't find a way to hide them. I'm in the settings now and it's just, no, you move they just. Even the moving animations are a little different.

So you might be right. It could just be a classic shell thing. Let's play some shadow play from Tomb Raider, DirectX 12.

Here we go boys. Why should Windows Update affect this? - Apparently there are enhancements for DirectX 12 that are coming down from Windows Update from time to time. So the idea is if you have a game that has an extension that you don't have, then DirectX 12 just won't work properly - Well, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a bit of an older game and it seems right at least in the menu to work what is being rendered in the engine so i would believe it will run.

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OK. So officially DirectX 12 is a no-go, but unofficially, if you try it from game to game it might actually work fine then.- Yes.- You shouldn't be here, but I like it.

New task manager is here. That's nice to see. Got your GPU usage and all that good stuff, although I don't see temps here see So that's at least one iteration back - It's actually based on Windows 10 1903 - Got it - It should be possible to do it with 1909, but the official pictures are 1903.Okay, you might then notice in the lower right corner that you have an icon to connect to the internet wizard.- Oh, I do.- Yes and that is --- That's because that Windows cannot know that I have an internet connection.- Right, because it is not able to call home, it cannot.- Got it.- So it only knows that you have local connectivity.- Interesting.

Even though all of the telemetry stuff has supposedly been removed we're still up to date I have to fool Windows that it has no reason to use it because I don't have an internet connection - Yes - Oh, Creative Cloud probably won't know I have an internet connection too.- yes.- oh i bet there will be a lot of stuff that goes down because it thinks you don't have an internet connection.- because they can't ping their server.

You can't call home - so it turns off telemetry for other applications as well - I think Adobe is one of those applications that hooks into the Windows API for this, and the API itself has been removed. - I opened the Creative Cloud desktop. A new version is available.

Go ahead and update. Let's see if it gets her. Let's see if you can get a water bottle on lttstore.com Okay, it won't finish.

It's been sitting here for ages now - I take back everything I said about high quality Adobe software. - Okay, so we have svchost, like the task manager. Wow, there really isn't much in there - yes, and in keeping with the spirit of the OS, I also used NVCleanstall to install the NVIDIA driver.

So we only have the bare minimum for that, too. - Oh, I think that explains why it feels so fast. As you know, sometimes even on a fast computer you open local hard drive C and it takes about 10 or 15 seconds for no apparent reason.

It needs to update like a log in the background, that needs to go - Exactly. - On Microsoft and all that crap. One wonders how much stuff is actually in the vanilla version of Windows. - No kidding, like even if it takes a second to open and fill a directory listing, it takes a second, not 10 seconds.- Yes, accessing the vault or one of our other servers usually takes that long.- One long time.

That's great though I'm in the bank right now and it's responsive enough considering it runs on spinning g over a gigabit connection - yes - hey, MS Paint is still there - MS Paint is none Spyware.- I knew I knew you were good all along. That's pretty cool would be like an embedded version of an officially slimmed-down version of Windows that we actually talked about when we made a article about Windows 9, and more since all of the telemetry is gone.

But from a legal point of view, this is all a gray area, so to speak. According to the website, the project is now perfectly legal, based on EU Directive 2009/24, which gives them a tailor-made interoperability base by downloading telemetry images, including activation, from the website itself, even though you are essentially pirating. It is possible to do so legally, however, if you modify a Windows image for yourself, and they have full documentation of the process, as well as a repository of open source scripts that they license and a download of Windows 10 1909 should do it yourself, although the pre-built images are all based on 1903.

Legality aside, the utility of a Windows image like this one is pretty great for someone who wants to run it in a VM on a Linux machine for example. For everyday use I don't know. If you don't need some of the things of those we've found they aren't working properly, and if you don't mind jumping through some hoops trying to update or run something that requires administrative permissions then we're honest, our better recommendations are just give in and Windows or just run Linux if you want privacy with no hassle.

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If you enjoyed this article, maybe check out the article that we did under Windows 9. That was a really cool project too and well worth a look.

How do you clean Windows apps?

  1. Select Start , then select Settings > Apps > Apps & features. Or just click the shortcut link at the bottom of this article.
  2. Select the app you want to remove, and then select Uninstall.

What's going on today guys, we'll show you how to tidy up your Windows10 PC. I know we have made several other articles on a similar topic, but here we have a lot more new things to share with you guys and guess what it's worth to watch while you expect one better responsiveness and of course a lot more space on your hard drives, so let's start with step number one Windows Settings Free Up Space Today we're going to show you how to free up your C drive space from your Windows settings, which we all normally know your Windows is 10 is installed in your C drive and when it's full or some kind of space you will have lag issues in a number of ways. In this step, we are going to clean your C drive using Windows Settings.

It's a pretty straightforward process, once you know how to do it let's get started, let's see how to go to your Start menu, now click the Settings gear icon that will open your Settings Window Now we get the memory settings and we need to go from here You click the Share Now hyperlink which looks for any unwanted or unnecessary files that you no longer need to add to your C drive in a variety of categories. By default, marked as certain items they have been cleaned by default, so what I suggest you, to get the maximum space from your C drive, to select each option listed here, don't think twice, all are unnecessary Jiangs even if we have the Don't need previous Windows files unless you want to go back to A previous window is spilled I have no plans to revert to an earlier build. So if you're like me, you can choose to drop the boxes to clean, when you click the Remove File button above and it will be cleaned in no time.

Now check your sidra for let mebeat you will see at least a free upspace of up to 10 to 20 gigs here is the after and before screenshot from my CDrive for a better understanding step number 2 disk cleanup the result of the display isk clean process is similar to that Which we achieved with the previous term because it also helps you clean up disk space by removing unwanted files from your hard drive. Just go to the start menu and look for disk cleanup. Launch it and here you can see that we have access to all local hard drives on the computer we only know to see drive and so it is different from the previous cleaning process select every single local hard drive from here after the other I'll show you how it was done with a single local hard drive so follow me and click ok and you If you want to see this article now, check the quick delete, feel free to check all, click ok and click delete, In order to clean the respective local hard drive or partition of those unwanted files and free them up with much more space like I told you before, do the same process with all other local hard drives too to get the most out of it.

Thanks Step Number 3 Clean Larger Files Files On A Computer You No Longer Need I know it's possible to check the file size of any file or folder between your Windows File Explorer, but it is very time consuming to compare the file sizes among each other compare and get a big picture, but don't worry, how? Freetool called Tree Size Free we can use this to define the large files that are taking up more space of your hard drive space and you can delete them directly from your UI, but double check before deleting anything because if you accidentally delete something , we take no responsibility for your loss tree size reason there absolutely free of charge i will provide the link below in the article description if you are interested feel free to watch it once you have it installed start it you can set the tree size to it two ways to run it for free you can either start it normally from the start menu but if you want a change in tree size also freeze available all the time in your right click menu now you will see the tree size free window but for more control i recommend you can do it with Run administrator rights, so click the Tree Size button ße start for free as administrator in the menu the program will now restart with administrator rights as we need it Now you can just go to the scan tab and from here click on selectdirectory and select one of your local hard drives as you can see all the necessary Information is displayed to help locate the larger files on their respective partitions. So check them out carefully. If it's an unwanted file, you can right click to delete it and select Delete Some Money.

If you have multiple partitions, you can check the other local hard drives for the big files on your computer, so let's move on to the next cleaning place number four where we will show you how to get rid of the blood scuff on your Windows 10. My definition block contains various and unwanted software that is included by the manufacturer on a new computer or mobile device I hope you know that these unwanted apps were installed in your Start menu for the first time in Windows 10, for example the Xb ox app in your Start menu normally we can remove some blocks without going in an official way. Going back to the previous explanations, we can't officially remove some of them as we don't see in an installation option when you right-click on the Xbox app icon, today I'm going to show you how to do this Remove unwanted blocks that the microsoft force loaded with their operating system by giving you the idea of ​​milking them in the future.

We can use Command Prompt to do this, but we found an easier way that this tool is called Ten Apps Manager and it is portable, meaning you can run the app without installing it on the system. Just download it from the link I provided in the article description and it will be a compressed or zip file, click on the ten App Managerdot exe file and the tool will run as you can see here. You have an option to uninstall the entire blood mass, but I don't recommend just the most unusual or ra.

To uninstall it, rely on using Apps or Bloodrare and you can do so by simply clicking on the specific app and clicking Yes in the dialog box. Now you get a sexist message and there we have successfully uninstalled your first blot Veron Windows 10. So take your time and find and delete every other unnecessary blockThe number 5 step of Big PC Cleaner for extra cleaning of unnecessary files You can use the bigger PC Cleaner, it's a Microsoft Store app, and you can get it for free.

Just use the link below, once you get it it will ask you to confirm your system CD which is usually a C drive nothing complicated, it just asks you to confirm your Windows installed partition so click Next to view the system drive, click Select Folder and off you go I'll see this window Start Evil Scanning, you can look for unwanted files in the following categories, such as: B. System cache application tion Cache Mail Cache from its cache browser cache downloads large files larger than a hundred and more, once it is finished it will be displayed to you, the result you can see how many files are in the The following categories were found, as well as the larger files up here, from this point on, it's just a matter of selecting the category it has found the files song and click on clean now we will clean these files from the computer within a very short time hope you like it, let's throw a solet take a look at the next step number 6 to uninstall space-hungry applications in this step we are going to show you how to remove large programs like games or applications that you no longer need. This allows you to free up a lot more space and of course some of your system resources, which definitely results in better performance.

Let me show you how to do it, go ahead and launch your Start menu and from here click on the gear icon that takes us into Windows Settings from here. Now if you have to go back into the Apps menu, you will see all of those installed apps and programs and games all over your computer. So look carefully and find any baseless or rarely used programs or games, once you find them, click on the app in question and you will see Uninstall button click on it, which will bring you another uninstall button next to the warning message.

Click on it too and follow the instructions on the screen. You are now done.You have successfully removed that particular program or game from your computer, another program or game that you no longer need for your absent future coworkers, and I bet you will find your computer a lot better than removing step number seven before from duplicate files and here we are going to show you how to find and delete all the duplicate files on your Windows 10 for this you don't have to search for each duplicate file manually, instead you can use a software called Dude Guru it's free and you will find the link at the bottom of the article description as always when you're at the dupe guru, go ahead and hit the plus button which will allow you to choose a local folder to scan for duplicate files.

I recommend you add a local hard drive or folder or locations because it will scan the entire partition and find any duplicate files present. Now click the plus button again and add the next partition or local hard drive and repeat the same step until you add all local hard drives or partitions, in case you have multiple partitions on your computer you can finally get all the files on your computer Duplicate Computers Without Skipping a Single Location Once you've made your selections, hit scan and I'll start looking for the duplicates. It may take a while, depending on your hard drive capacity and the font size acquired by the partition, once the scanning process is complete, you will now see the result.

error code 0x80070008

Check the Only duplicates box and you will only see the duplicate file, if you want, you can manually browse the list of duplicate files and select a file to delete, or you can click an empty space in the list and press the Ctrl + Delete keys on your keyboard to select all duplicates. Now go to the 'Action' tab and select the option Remove from results and you will get a warning message from here choose Yes and off you go. It still eats up all of the duplicate files on your computer or from the particular location or partition you chose to scan your hard drives and that's another way to free up more space.Step number eight, stop unnecessary startup programs, but in this step I'll show you how to stop unnecessary startup programs.

This can help you get better boot time and overall system performance because so few programs are running in the background and Windows Stonehouse will start unnecessary programs when it boots, so let me show you how to do it.You need to open your Task Manager and you can do this by simply right-clicking on an empty space in your system tray and selecting Task Manager from this menu as soon as you are in Task Manager or you understand services that start in the background every time you start, so drive You go ahead and choose any unnecessary launcher that you don't want to run forever in the Windows background or you don't use as much to disable the program from the automatic launcher, we can't do this with all of the other launcher programs, but you think that it's unnecessary or you rarely sing, but I don't recommend disabling everything, especially Microsoft services like Windows Defender and that's all you can do Hugh hope you get better boot time and our system performance from troubled step number nine complete virus removal through this step you can make sure your computer computer is not infected with some kind of virus , and if it does, it will show you how to completely remove it to keep your computer extremely clean. It's not a false promise, it can only really do it because I made a separate article on how to remove viruses from your window stand everything is explained so deeply and it's an easy article to do and watch follow the instructions and make sure your computer is virus free, and if it works again, no matter if you have a virus and what the tray tease is and of course it's also completely free and there aren't any hidden ones Fees and that's all for today to win the tab

What is C :\ Program Files WindowsApps folder?

Windowsapps folder is where all the Modern apps data is stored. If you install any apps from the Windows Store is also stored in the same location.

Hello Windows Universe! This is Michael from the Windows Club. Time to jump into another exciting adventure to make your digital life a little bit easier. So, you want to take a look at the Windows apps that you have installed on your computer.

You have a rough idea of ​​where to look, but when you look there you just don't see it. Check out this article to learn how to find them. And as usual, we link a great article at the bottom of the description that offers step-by-step instructions and goes much further in depth.

The Universal or Windows Store applications in Windows 10 are stored in the Windows App folder in the c. installs drive program folder. Now it's a hidden folder.

To see it, you first need to change the settings to reveal the hidden folder. So let's get started. But first, let's create a system restore point.

Well, did you really think I'd let you play around with the Windows without telling you to create one first? Go ahead, create one, I'll wait! Okay, let's look at the folder options first. Just type it into the search menu and click on the application. Go to View, and since you can see hidden files and folders, click onShow Hidden File Folders and Drives and click Apply and then OK.

So, okay, so let's take a look under Program Files and we can now see the Windows app folders. Now when you try to click it it will tell you that you do not currently have permission to access the folder and will ask you to click Next. If you keep clicking Next, you will still be denied access and it will tell you to use the Security tab.

Click on it, go to Advanced then click to continue and we want to change the permissions or change the owner. You need to give yourself permission. So, I'm going down, click on me, and as you can see, I've changed ownership to myself.

In the end, I gave myself blanket permission to save time. If you'd like to grant restricted permissions now, read the step-by-step instructions in the linked article. The permissions will be changed and you will see a dialog box.

You should be able to go to the folder and view its contents. As a warning, any hacker or malware that gains access to this folder could potentially modify the app's source code. For this reason, it is a good idea to reset the permissions to the default settings once you are done with your work.

What prompted you to access this folder? Do you have other ways to find the apps? Let us know in the comments below. For that, and for hundreds of other tips, tricks, hacks, fixes and the latest Windows news, visit our website thewindowsclub.com and don't forget to give this article a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to our channel we are constantly on add new articles that should make your digital life a little easier.

Thanks for watching and have a nice day!

Do I need the Windows apps folder?

From a security point of view, restricting the WindowsApps folder makes sense. By sandboxing Microsoft Store apps from the rest of Windows, and limiting ownership of the files to a hidden TrustedInstaller user account, Microsoft Store apps have limited access to the rest of Windows compared to standard desktop apps.

I'm sure many of you have at least seen or heard of the app data folder in the window, probably while trying to find a configuration file for a program, perhaps to change an advanced setting, but there are several cryptically named directories in Appdata and sometimes what you are looking for is in the roaming folder sometimes local or even the local lowfolder, but what is the point of these different folders and how is app data related to the program data folder you may have seen elsewhere too? the secret in this article and even if you know what app data is, we're also going to talk about other cool stuff that you probably don't know. If you liked this article, lightly tap the like button and subscribe to future articles first, what is the app? datafolder anyway every windows user has their own and their own username and then app data, it's a hidden folder so you have to h. enable Identified Items to see, which is easy enough to toggle InWindows Explorer at the top under the view ribbon.

Ignoring these subfolders in there for a minute, simply entering app data is used to store additional data that programs use or create that are not part of the original installation files, so basically when installing a program, usually all the files that are required to run , into the directory of program files that most people are familiar with, and then things like configuration files, temporary files, file caches, whatever else is in app data, technically this doesn't always have to be the case, but we'll get to that later. It might be surprising why not simply use the directory with the program files where the program is installed and keep all settings and files in one place where the advantages are of keeping them separate. First, remember that every user on a Windows PC gets their own app data folder when you reinstall a program easier to manage multiple user settings this way because you just inst everything once in program files and then these files, to actually run the program remain the same, but if a user changes their settings, these adjustments can be saved in each user's own app data directory, it is also more secure because users cannot access another user's app data folders with it Nobody can mess anything with your files or settings for this program, the permissions for the user directory are also different and the program files directory App data is in each user's personal directory so they can access it, but program files are located further up directly in the directory the top one n level, as it contains programs that are intended for all users, but only someone with administrator rights can write to program files, so if settings have been saved there, users might run into permissions problems if they are not administrators a developer might choose , not even a. to use pp-data and just put all user settings in the installation directory if you really wanted to.


I don't know of any advantages, but if the program requires administrator rights or something anyway, I'll also point out that sometimes entire programs can be installed directly into app data, so not just the settings, but the entire program, which can be good if you want to install the program for one user only, but be aware that occasionally app data is the default installation directory for certain programs but usually they either just go into the program files or ask the user which one and a fun fact if you ever ask a program You will be asked whether you want to install for all users or just Methis, whether you want to install in program files and be accessible to all users or your individual app data folder. See that now it all comes together The program is installed and cannot find it in the program files. Don't be surprised if it's in the Appdata folder somewhere, okay, so no we know what the app data directory is for in general, but what about those three subfolders, local local low and roamingwell, all three folders contain basically the same thing File type custom files and preference settings some temporary things, but each folder serves a slightly different purpose, but only sometimes, so let's go local androaming first, as these are the most common, the local folder is the simplest and is called local as it is used for Files is intended to only stay on that particular computer, although it will be easier to understand if you compare it to the Roaming Folder which is intended for files that may be the user in a domain environment and that is the key.

This could probably be an entire article by itself, but simply put, in a Windows domain, many computers are centrally managed, like for a business or school, the organization creates a set of general rules and guidelines that apply to all computers in that domain , and then user accounts are created that can function normally on all computers that are part of that domain. These computers are usually also locked and the users do not have administrator rights, so they may not be able to install things, for example, but users can re-access their account on not just one computer but many, like in a school or a company. So the purpose of the roaming folder is to store app data that is synced and accessible to users regardless of which computer in the domain they are logged on to.

If you get a personally assigned laptop, the files in the roaming folder should in theory also show up when you log in to a desktop or computer lab or whatever the local folder on the other side is just the opposite, these files don't follow you and stay on this computer so the names probably make more sense now, roaming is for files that are running around on different computers and local is only local on this one computer now I know many of you are me guess wait wait, my computer is just mine, it's not part of a work or school domain and on t he admin why i still have a roaming folder that is used with stuff? Well the roaming folder still exists even if you are not part of a domain, it only contains files that would be synced if you were a user on a domain, but if you are not theroaming and local? Folders do exactly the same thing, but that still leaves some questions unanswered when they do the same.Why use programs locally while others are using roamingor, even both at the same time, even if users are not in a domain roaming folder, whether a user is in located in a domain or not, which means that it will work in both scenarios, regardless of what this also ensures that the files have the same file path regardless of the environment, which also means that any documentation about the program and the locations of files is always consistent , for example next question what or who determines what goes into each folder and that is entirely up to the developer, if you are looking for the folder with the settings for a specific program, there is basically no way of knowing whether it is local or roaming without seeing that the developer doesn't care about the settings being synced, and i hn just put in the local folder Use both folders for a program for example Adobe Here there are a lot of program folders in Photoshop Camera Raw probably more in roaming and local I will also point out that sometimes for example large files are specially saved in local, too if it were ideal if they could sync because they would just be slower to sync the domain and other things like this that would definitely be better just to keep them local so basically there is no hard and fast rule for that Folder a program will use so you just have to check both and in fact many programs don't even use app data and can only do settings and so on in the user document directory many article games do this with sav efiles because they know that users are more likely to know that you can see all rights in the documents folder as in the hidden app data, so now on the third ten folder in appdatalocal low this is actually the same as local, but with the so-called low integrity level now Windows integrity levels could probably also be a whole article, although integrity level means the trustworthiness or privilege of an object or program other that are not trustworthy, the even under are low and the installer which is a special one and is beyond the scope of this article anyway, each level can only access things in its own level and lower, so certain programs are run at higher risk than low integrity for more security as it severely restricts which files and folders they can access for example web browsers m If the program or something it is downloading is infected, it is isolated in specially marked folders with low integrity and the Process Explorer program is indeed can be used en you see the integrity level of various running programs and you can see most of google chrome for example are running in untrusted and as mentioned yep the local low folder is marked as low integrity so low integrity programs can only write to it which keeps it from the rest of the more trustworthy files, but wait for there to be another folder related to app data which is program data as opposed to app data which is stored in any directory program data is actually stored in the top level of the drive just like program files specifically it is in c programdata when you access it you will see even more settings folders for programs and some that we have already seen in local androaming, I mean seriously, but unfortunately the program data actually serves a purpose they have data for the program and files that are back in are not part of the basic installation, but also not user-specific, but intended for all users, so it makes no sense to put them in just one user directory, so program data is basically for resources that are used by and by the program shared to all users, for example a program could download a dictionary file that can be used regardless of which user is logged in and it's nothing that an individual user changes, so it goes into the program data or maybe an antivirus is running a scan and stores the results of the login program data so that the results are accessible no matter who is logged in so another fun fact in Windows XP program data used to be the directory of documents and settings of all users application data and nowadays when you try to see all users only get far to the program data and if a program tries to write to all users, which doesn't really exist anymore, it will just write it too and instead redirect to the program data, so that's just backwards compatibility with old programs for xp now still exist one last thing you may be wondering if you are already familiar with windows you may know that the abbreviation for appdata percentapp is data percent, if you type that into the start menu it will take you straight there, but actually it goes to the roaming folder Why? is that fine, supposedly the roaming folder is usually considered the default a developer can choose what to use, but apparently the common practice is to only use roaming unless you have a scope to use local for However, the locallow folder is not linked to the topmost app data folder, because no program should ever write to it and it always has to go to one of these sub-folders anyway. By now you should be an expert on what all those weird article folders are, if you liked it and subscribe to new articles every week, if you want to keep watching, check out my article on why some websites start with ww1 or ww2 instead of just www , the link is right there, you can just click on it, thanks for watching guys, I'll see you in the next one

How do I delete a windowsapps folder in Windows 10?

Simply click on the Yes button to continue. Now the window will show you all the permissions of the WindowsApps folder. As you can see, this folder belongs to the system, thus you are not able to access it. To change it, click on the Change link appearing next to TrustedInstaller.

Where do I find the Windows app folder?

In many cases, Windows keeps its files organized in certain folders. As a result, there is a folder for almost anything, from Windows Updates to Windows Apps. The WindowsApps folder can be found in C:Program Files and it contains all the applications and their respective data.

Where to uninstall apps from the Windows Store?

Microsoft.BingMaps_1.2.0.136_x86__8wekyb3d8bbwe is the app package name, which basically is the folder that you find in C:Program FilesWindowsApps. To uninstall apps installed from the Windows Store, the command is Remove-AppxPackage.

How big is the windowsapps folder in Windows 10?

WindowsApps Folder Size: 3.08 GB (3,318,742,747 bytes) Hard Drive Free Space: 47.6 GB After running that command, WindowsApps Folder Size: 2.40 GB (2,579,496,387 bytes)

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