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Windirstat unknown files - viable solutions

What is unknown file in WinDirStat?

Windirstat is showing a 169GB file and it is not restore points. This is on a secondary drive that does not contain OS files it simply stores all the program files.

All right in this article I'm going to show you how to analyze your disk usage using win dir stat, also known as win directory stat or windirstat, so we have it here on our desktop we upload it okay it gives you the option of all of your to scan local drives, individual drives or folders I'll only scan a single drive, select my C drive and click OK so you can see how this little Pac-Man went to work so now it's 11 seconds took to scan that little 8 gigabyte drive, so there are a couple of pieces of whendir stat there is the grid view up here which sorts your directories on the partition, you can expand the directories and then in addition to the grid you have the tree map down here, so the treemap is just another representation of the grid.

So when we click on the window folder we see the whole rectangle is highlighted here below, when we click on a subfolder inside Windows This rectangle is highlighted here is the system32 folder so it's very intuitive as the way the treemap works One thing the thing that stands out here is that huge red rectangle when you click on it, when you click any rectangle in the tree, it automatically navigates to the file in the grid, so this is the paging file and you would expect it to be one of the largest files on If you move the mouse over the various boxes in the tree structure below, the file will be displayed in the status bar. You can see how it changes when I move the mouse around a different part of the grid. All files in the tree structure are color-coded by file extension so that those dark blues are all highlighted when you click them there the dlls red source dot system files there are the exe files so you can really use this program to control your hard drive too clean up, analyze mysterious disk usage one on this strip especially I don't really have anything but a new Windows installation so I don't really want to delete files, be very careful with what you delete, don't delete anything you don't understand because it exists the Way that you can make your computer unbootable, okay, there are a couple of different options for viewing the tree map.

Going to the options above here we can see the free space on our drive so it will rearrange everything and that big gray one Box indicates that the free space on our drive is another option for Unknown Files n and my own files are this huge yellow rectangle added here below. You can click on it and say 'Unknown' Generally this is part of the MFT zone and subscribing is beyond the scope of this article but it is completely normal now to get an unknown section that is around 50% or more of yours Drive then something goes wrong, it's usually a backup program that went nuts and you either need to adjust its settings or uninstall that backup program and find one that works correctly so I'll select these options and go into some deeper ones Options one so you have the general options here that are cosmetically related in general, what the grid looks like, you can mess with the tree map's appearance There is also a command line cleanup tool and this is really an advanced option. I don't think I need to explain because if you want to use this this article is probably useless to you, but for beginners, stay away from the advanced cleaning options, there is definitely a way that you will delete a system file and your computer will not make it more bootable, so stat is a free and open source program that is available to you if you have just resumed development.

Hopefully we'll get a new version soon, but this version is great and can really help diagnose some Phillips hard drives. If you have any more questions, visit my blog at Rest of Gas Lamp Computers

Does WinDirStat Show hidden files?

Both programs will shows things that are normally hidden to the explorer UI or WinDirStat. It could be shadow copies or a number of other things that get stored outside the normal file structure that are consuming the space.

oh and welcome to using windersstats to delete and clean files the windirstatsoftware go to the url shown on the screen it will take you to sourceforge click the green download button the download will start in a few seconds and this is where i use the chrome browser so I have to hit the save button below once a software is downloaded and then I click there to open the file and here I get the I click to accept the terms of the agreement click OK click next I can look here where I am want to download the file i will select the desktop despite a good solution then you can find it laterclick install now i click next again, here i will make sure you click this button to run windirstat and as soon as i click on it that it starts here it will be automatic j I will go to the purpose of this tutorial oh about my C drive or when I talk about maybe finding a way to make your drive smaller to find out.

As I go to see you, you can find that I can click around on local drives. I will click on a folder and I will find my drive in mine under my computer and there is my drive because I selected click OK and then for it to start scanning my drive I will click OK again click Windirstat will start scanning my drive this down so you can see the whole screen, this is better you can also maximize the window if you want so you can see all the files here that are in my drive . Let's see it takes up 1.7 gigabytes so they are so I can start looking at the files that are big I can start quoting, choose which files I want to delete to get more space in mine Drive to get.

So when I click the little plus arrow next to a folder it expands and I can go even further and click the plus button and even click a folder in that folder so that I can see here that my MSU campus images folder is the largest folder that takes up 55% of that part is largest or just find a file that I no longer need and I can delete it. Just delete things by clicking on the item and right click and going down I'm I can get it back out later, you can also delete it by clicking Clean up and you get the same, so I'll highlight a file and click on clean up then i can do the same so you can right click or click the drop down menu so clean up now so i can open upwindirstat for my desktop so i can find the icon where i put it and somehow looks like a little tree there you are I can see where there are individual drives, but here I still have this folder down there so I can click OK and again all these files will be put there. You can see them all.

You can see again that this top file is 51 percent of the clothes, which I'll just click X in the top corner to conclude our little article on using windirstat to clean up some files

How do I remove unknown files in Windows 10?

In Disk cleanup, select Clean up system files.
To delete temporary files:
  1. Search for Disk cleanup from the taskbar and select it from the list of results.
  2. Under Files to delete, select the file types to get rid of. To get a description of the file type, select it.
  3. Select OK.

Hello YouTube.

This is Praveen for TechEmpty. Here in this article, I will show you the process of removing cache or junk files to clean your Windows 10 computer manually. I suggest you make a backup of all your important files that are in a temporary folder, such as game related files or saved game data.

So, without further ado, let's get started. First, let's clear the Windows update data. To do this, open drive C, then Windows, then Software Distribution and select Download here.

We have about 1 gig of Windows update data and we don't need it. If the system needs a file, it will be downloaded again. So no problems.

Let me delete everything here in this downloads folder to remove junk files to clean up Windows 10 computer now the second let's delete the temporary & prefetch files to do this, open run by clicking with right click on the windows icon and select 'run' here, enter% temp% here and select ok, now you will see all the temporary files and delete them all by saving any of the work you did are just doing one of the applications. Open Run again by right-clicking the Windows icon and now just type in temp. This is the other location where the temporary files are stored.

Just delete them all to clean up the temporary location. Now let's delete the prefetch files. To do this, open the Run dialog box by typing Windows + R keys and typing prefetch at the same time.

Here, select all files and folders and delete them. How to remove junk files to clean up your Windows 10 computer. Now the third.

If you're having problems with the Windows Store, just do it without changing your account settings or deleting any installed apps. By opening the Run dialog box, type wsreset and clicking OK, the command prompt will come up with a blank screen. You have to wait a few seconds to complete the reset process.

Once you're done, you'll get the Windows Store on the console. Fourth, will clear Microsoft Edge and Chrome browsing history while I have them. You can try clearing the browsing history of all browsers that you have.

Now go to the Edge browser, open it and choose those three dots right here and choose Settings. Now click in the middle under 'Clear browsing data' on 'Select what should be deleted'. Tick ​​what you want to delete and select 'Delete'.

Alternatively, you can select the 'Always clear when I close the browser' option if you want to periodically clear browsing data to remove junk files to clean up your Windows 10 computer In the Chrome browser, follow these steps to view browsing history Open Chrome and select these three dots to expand the options available, select 'More Tools' from the menu, then 'Clear Browsing Data'. You will get a window with basic options, navigate to the 'Advanced' tab and select the time period, what things you want to delete etc. and click on 'Clear Data'.

That's it. Fifth is to flush the DNS cache. If you are having problems with internet connection, you can run this command to clear the DNS cache.

To do that, find cmd and right click on it to run Command Prompt as administrator. Now enter the following command; ipconfig / flushdns and it will immediately clear the DNS cache for you. Sixth is to clean the hard drive and open it, select the hard drive you want to clean and here I choose drive C.

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Now choose the files you want to clean and choose ok, it will then clean up the junk files that are located on drive C. Seventh is to free up the space with the recovery point. To do this, find the restore point and open it.

Once you have the System Restore Point window, select the C drive and select 'Configure' to search for the space that was used on the restore point. Now I have about 2 gigs here and all you have to do is delete it by selecting Delete and pressing OK. Now create a new restore point and name it whatever you like.

I am calling it recovery here and it will take up less space now. Here's how you can remove cache or junk files to clean up your Windows 10 computer manually without using any software. That's it for this short article.

Hope you found this article useful. If you do, please hit the 'Like' button and subscribe to this channel for more great articles like this one. Your contribution is more to us.

This is Praveen signs. Hope to see you in my next article. Thank you!

How do I remove unknown files in Windows 7?

About This Article
  1. Press Windows + S.
  2. Type cleanup and click Disk Cleanup.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Click Delete files.
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Here's a lot of stuff now, what people on YouTube are going to tell you, right click the folder, go go to properties, go to security, go to advanced, go to owner and make sure your username for the computer is set as owner after clicking edit, username will be clicked whatever your username for the computer is click on apply click on ok click on ok again and then in this box right here under the security tab click on edit and make sure that the administrator has full control and your user has full control and click then OK and now click OK Videos on YouTube tell you what to do and then you are supposedly you can do the filing er delete unfortunately that doesn't work because it still says you need permission from the pc owner so i will show you the real way to delete this, unfortunately now we have to go in this folder and actually go file by file, to delete stuff this is the only way i can do xact samething so um we will or you can check some files that you can delete like the ones that you can delete, that you can delete, that I could delete that I could delete, that I could delete, that I could delete, just let me see that you can delete the last two too, I think I can sort it out really well, yeah so I think it's this folder here that's causing all the corruption and yes, okay, here's a problem, whatever files you can delete, you can also go and delete, what you want to do is go into the folder as far as you can, like that as far as possible I going to the folder can see the windows mail we have to go all the way to the en-us folder to see what the cause of this, if a file causes corruption, the whole folder is not deleted, so obviously these two files are causing the big mess, so are we going to do it? Right click on that file and go to Properties and go ahead for security, we go on I'll be an owner and as you can see the trusted installer is the current owner so we don't want that to be ours o edit and you will click on your username - Damian As if you don't know your username, you can click the start button here and it will show you what your username is here. After clicking on the username click on the message that appears, press ok press ok again and then when we press ok again and then we are still I have this little box here under the tab ' Security 'is created and hit edit and you'll make sure users are in full control.

I'll click 'Apply' I'll click OK I'll click OK and now you should be able to delete it so that it deleted the same thing. With this one you don't have ownership of this one so I'll right click Properties again I'll go to Security Go to advanced owner Change ownership to edit click your username click OK click the message press OK OK go to edit Make sure you have full control over the users in this field, right here under Allow click Apply and click OK and then OK delete this with When all the content is gone, you can also delete this folder and you can now delete the main email folder which is why other people on youtube showed you how to create the main folder because some folders will work if you want to delete a folder can try the Trick to do with the main folder but it won't work an app to go into as often a message will pop up saying b it says that access is denied. So if it doesn't work in the main folder, go in and delete as much as you can and what you can't, keep going in the folders until you get to the files that corrupt the whole thing.

That way, you can delete everything in an organized way and you can delete the entire folder with no hassle, but this is the only way to do it is what I know of and probably the only way on the internet anybody can knows, so do it that way. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial who gets it, and that's GSman smart and d I'm coming sooner than you think I'm going nowhere

How to reduce the size of WinDirStat file?

You can delete the restore points but the disk space is still allocated. You need to delete the restore points, turn off protection or reduce the size for the disk then reboot. That is listed under games, do you have star wars the old republic installed?

What is 169gb unknown file in WinDirStat?

169GB unknown file in windirstat Windirstat is showing a 169GB file and it is not restore points. This is on a secondary drive that does not contain OS files it simply stores all the program files.

How big is the unknown space in WinDirStat?

Previously had 60GB unknown space in windirstat and now, after turning off drive protection, it has reached the extremely high value of 0 bytes. Thank you carwiz. This was driving me nuts on my Dell I-570. Almost half of my 500G hard drive was occupied by 'unknown' according to windirstat.

How to find hidden files in Windows 10 WinDirStat?

Run it as admin, so that TreeSizeFree shows all hidden/system files. Running Windirstat as Administrator will reveal most of this. In some cases it can be system protection files, corrupt files, old installers, or in my case, the Recycle Bin.

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