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Windir system32 snippingtool.exe - how to solve

What is SnippingTool EXE?

The genuine SnippingTool.exe file is a software component of Microsoft Snipping Tool by Microsoft. Preinstalled in all versions of Windows since Windows Vista, this application is a simple screenshot application. When used, it allows you to drag and select various parts of your screen and save the image to a file.

Oh it's Anthony and in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to solve the gray picture problem using the snipping tool.

Now you may get a gray screen or a black screen capture certain sections of your screen and you will find the Snipping Tool for Windows Vista or later versions of Windows. This is now one of my blogs and let's just say I want to take a screenshot of you who know the specific section of my page, but I'm trying to use a tool I'm getting this gray screen and this sort of thing only happened recently. At first I thought it was my firewall or northern internet security software that was causing the problem, but after doing some bug fixes I narrowed it down to Trusteer-Rapport which is essentially security software that gives any virus software an extra layer of security and it's' Recommended by many top financial institutions and sold by Mine through one of my pockets and it works pretty well overall.

Once you've downloaded this escrow reporting software, you should find it in your system tray, which is in a system tray at the bottom right of your screen. It's that little green icon with a wide arrow and when you click on it, the application will open. If you click the link for the full report, you will find that the Snipping Tool is blocked, which it did in my case, and you can change these settings to turn off screen recording or the security feature, please be aware and be aware that changing these settings can make a computer vulnerable, so be very careful, or at least temporarily.

Once you have the application open, just click that green arrow to go to the next page and then to the Security Policy section.You can basically just click this link to edit the policy and then type in the CAPTCHA letters from that you know you get them on your computer o that little box and then click OK, then go to the block screen capturing area and use that little drop down menu down there and select Never and then save it and then basically just click ok here now you may need to restart your computer for the snipping tool to work or resume screenshots now if you try to use the snipping tool to capture a screen after restarting your computer you will find it works, so it should work. One way to solve the gray or black screen problem is to close all open internet browsers, but this only works if you have screenshots of anything but the browser content and we hope this solution works for you and if you do wondering where to find the snipping tool on the computer.

I'm using Windows 7 and like I said it's available in Windows Vista and later so if you click the start button then select all programs and then go to accessories you will see the snipping tools. Hopefully this will help solve your gray screen and black screen problem while using the snipping tool anyway, and don't hesitate to leave your feedback and questions in the comment section and hope you found this tutorial useful if you knew it . Consider subscribing as you can find many other tutorials on my YouTube channel on my YouTube channel.

Thank you for watching

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Where is the Snipping Tool program?

To open the Snipping Tool, press the Start key, type snipping tool, and then press Enter. (There's no keyboard shortcut to open Snipping Tool.) To choose the type of snip you want, press Alt + M keys and then use the arrow keys to choose Free-form, Rectangular, Window, or Full-screen Snip, and then press Enter.

Okay, I'm going to give you some advice here on how to find the snipping tool.

I think it's probably already installed on your computer, it's just a matter of tidying up and how to find it easier later so I have a very small view here of Windows 7 on my computer in my office and have a bunch of Applications down here in the system tray I want you to do so when you're working on your laptop. Go down there on the Windows Explorer icon click on it so I can easily change the view here little bitokay, this will show us various computer options we have available to us that are basically following the snipping tool and if you don't see this right away you'll just want to go ahead and just click on the computer that has these options What we're going to do is locate your C drive on your hard drive with a little double click on it a bunch of folders will open, what you want to do is go to the bottom window here and then we'll just scroll you down a bit to the system32 folder and just so you can chat and make sure you get to the right place If you look up here it will show this path on every choice we made Computer C Windows System32 fine, now we are in the System32 folder I will keep scrolling down here and my scroll bars are pretty far to the right so I wanted to drag this down here. We're looking for a file that starts with the namesnipping tool, so scan down, hyoeunpretty quickokay, I'm scrolling down a little too fast, I'm going up a bit and you'll see that it's actually a file near snippingtool there and what may well happen is that the snipping tool was basically disconnected or from your start menu well i go ot the wrong menu above i didn't quite right click it but i click this line to to view all of these different options of places we can do with this link, what I suggest is that mine is pinned on my start menu I'm going to start by solving it so that it looks more like the situation you are in all right clicks see that there is this option to pin the Start menu, select that and then add it to the Start menu, which is what you should see then and we'll test this.

Move our view down here, just click the start menu and you'll see that on this list, which should probably also appear under Accessories, it may not automatically show up under Accessories, but the main thing is the pin to the Start menu so let me go back to that step back there, the main thing about the start menu is that it will open whatever that is going to go back too long, it shows up here in this list of start menu items so I just gave it atry and actually i'm too if you see that obscure menu, but or table that root there we go, so there's that snappy toolup there in the start menu and that's where it should come up again, so give it a try, it still doesn't work, let me know and I'll see if any advice I give regarding actually downloading the software, but anything I can while browsing ern on the internet seems to indicate that the problem is probably installed with windows but it just doesn't show up there, well let me know if you have any questions

How do I download Microsoft Snipping Tool?

How To Use the Microsoft Snipping Tool
  1. Download and install CloudApp.
  2. Through your web browser's download folder, select and download the CloudApp.
  3. If CloudApp does not immediately open, search for and select “CloudApp” through the main Windows 10 menu.
  4. Create an account when prompted and enjoy a free 14-day trial.

Is Microsoft getting rid of snipping tool?

Way back in 2018, Microsoft confirmed that the Snipping Tool is going away and the modern 'Snip & Sketch' would be the default app for all your screenshots. However, in a new preview update, Microsoft has finally made 'Snipping Tool' optional, which means it can be uninstalled if users wish.

Hello everyone and welcome again.

Today's lesson is about using the 'Print Screen' and 'Snipping Tool' in Windows 10. The 'Print Screen' button on your keyboard makes it easy to 'ScreenShot' an entire screen, or a specific active window . Sometimes you may need to copy some content from a webpage into a word processor, but then you have found that the right-click context menu has been disabled or you cannot select the text because the webpage is protected.

At this point, the on-screen keyboard button can be very helpful. Pressing the Print Screen button once takes a snapshot of the entire screen and saves it to the clipboard, a temporary storage application. Now, open any word processor and hit the 'Paste' button.

You will get a snapshot of the entire screen. You can then apply various formatting options to the snapshot, and if your word processor supports image cropping


Is the Snipping Tool a Win32 EXE file?

Snipping Tool files such as SnippingTool.exe utilize the EXE file extension. This file is considered a Win32 EXE (Executable application) file, and was first created by Microsoft for the Microsoft® Windows® Operating System software package.

How can I get rid of the Snipping Tool?

Copy and Paste this command into the Start Run Box %SystemRoot%system32SnippingTool.exe and see if the tool opens for you, if it does, try the procedure once more to snip. If you have no luck, then the tool may be corrupted and have to be replaced. You might be able to do this via Uninstalling, then reinstalling the tool, as per this next link.

How can I pin the Snipping Tool to the taskbar?

If you’re going to use the Snipping Tool frequently, then you may want to take advantage of one of two options in the right-click context menu on the Snipping Tool, namely ‘Pin to Start’ and ‘Pin to Taskbar’. Pinning the Snipping Tool to Start, creates a ’tile’ for the software, in the group of tiles to the right of the Start menu.

Where is the Snipping Tool shortcut on my Desktop?

Or, if you prefer, you can choose 'Send To' and then 'Desktop (create shortcut)' from the right-click menu instead. This will create a snipping tool shortcut on your desktop. Under no circumstances should you delete or move the 'SnippingTool.exe' file from the System32 folder, however.

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