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Win7 slow shutdown - comprehensive reference

Why does Windows 7 take so long to shutdown?

This is usually because you have an open program that needs to save data. Halt the shutdown process by clicking Cancel and then make sure you've saved your data in all programs open. ... You can also try manually terminating the program with Task Manager before shutting down your system.

How do I speed up Windows 7 shutdown?

You can control this tool through the command line, but a much faster alternative is to create a shortcut.
  1. Right-click your Windows 7 desktop and select > New > Shortcut.
  2. Enter > shutdown.exe -s -t 00 -f in the location field, click > Next, give the shortcut a descriptive name, e.g. Shut Down Computer, and click Finish.

Why is Windows shutdown so slow?

Windows 10 Slow Shutdown Issue. ... And the main cause of this error seems to be corrupted Windows Files or Drivers which won't let Windows shutdown completely. Again sometimes incorrect power configuration Also cause this issue.

How do I fix slow shutdown?

You can try Power Troubleshooter to fix the slow shut down issue.
  1. Press the Windows logo key + I to open Settings.
  2. Click Update & Security.
  3. Choose Troubleshoot in the left pane. ...
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.
  5. Reboot your computer to apply the changes.

Why is Windows 7 so slow to shut down?

Some of the reasons behind the Slow shutdown of Windows 7 or Windows in general includes below problems / factors which need to be addressed to make Windows shut down faster: Too many tasks / programs or applications running preventing shutdown Problem With Internet Explorer Temporary Files Cache

Is there a way to speed up Windows 10 shutdown?

If you have experienced slow shutdowns in Windows 10, you should know that the operating system has a hidden option to speed it up. With a few Registry edits, you can speed up the shutdown process significantly. When you turn off your computer, Windows waits for a response from running applications and services.

How long does it take Windows 7 Ultimate to shut down?

I am using windows 7 ultimate. I am using NOrton 360 on my PC. It's startup is very fine, less than a minute, performance is good, Not having any virus at all (fully protected and updated). But it is taking long time to shut down, more than 3 minutes.

What happens when Windows shuts down the computer?

At shutdown, Windows closes all running tasks and services and clears up some of the memory areas etc. before it safely shuts down the PC. In this process, certain things may create problems as mentioned above. Let us looks at these problems one by one and share their solution:

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