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What is www.support.me - common answers

Is LogMeIn rescue support safe?

LogMeIn Rescue is safe and secure. All communication between the customer and the technician is SSL-encrypted. ... Important: The applet is a small program that must be running on your computer for the technician to be able to help you. The applet is automatically removed from your PC or Mac at session end.

Okay, let's take a look at how to download the remote support software once I've signed up so that I can either work on your computer or monitor your computer, or you might want to choose your favorite browser first, the isbyte slaves comm and you will see a small symbol with the computer nest Deathascope. Click on it or click the link below and it will take you to the log and installer you want to check out Trusted Sources, hopefully trust me, click Next and you will get a little screen that will give you some instructions on how to install it, but it's pretty simple really. Just hit the Download Now button and if you are using Google Chrome it will be shown here at the bottom of the Microsoft window Installer Downloads gives you a little timeline of how long it will take.

Once this is downloaded all you have to do is click on the icon and you will get the Windows installation r what will start from that point on will always be the same no matter which browser you used to get the program what you want to do , click Next and you will be given some information on who is giving you that information. It's from Bytes Slaves support click Next, of course, you'll get all the terms of use if you want to read it. Feel free, otherwise just click I agree that you want to do an atypical install you will want to type the word byteslaves if you want to choose your own, that's fine.

Just send me an email with this information, otherwise just type the word Bytes slaves, you need to confirm it and click Next, it asks where you want to go to install and choose the default and it will go through and do the installation . It will take a minute or two for this to happen. Your screen may go black, or 2 or a few seconds, not working I'm just doing what it's supposed to do Check your article redirection all that will allow me to see your screen while I work and when the status bar is scrolling copied the new files.

Don't worry about LogMeIn's security, it's HIPAA Compliant, it's encrypted at both ends so anyone tapping a session between us won't see any of the data going from your computer to mine and back once your facility completed, you will see this window We want to go ahead and start You log in and click Finish The most important part here is the Summary tab When you click Summary you will see the name of your computer which is my Mac laptop and us know what the access code is because we entered that you can log me in sooner by simply right clicking this icon and saying you open me log in to show the same screen and you can turn me on always off so no one can hack my password or whatever, and it will shut down, log in and until you can turn it on again If you can't see any information on your computer remotely, just send me an email with this information

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Is LogMeIn safe Microsoft?

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Yes, indeed Microsoft agents use Logmein to take control of the computer. You need not to worry.

Does Microsoft use LogMeIn rescue?

Microsoft support uses the Enterprise version of LogMeIn Rescue as the Remote Desktop Assistance tool to troubleshoot and resolve customer issues.

Is fast support legit?

FastSupport is a legitimate website that provides a remote computer access service using the GoToAssist toolset. Note that, although this site is legitimate, cyber criminals abuse it to generate revenue.

What is support for me?

Support.me is part of LogMeIn Rescue which is legitimate. However, LogMeIn is software to allow remote access to your computer, and the people who were trying to utilize support.me were scammers and you should not allow them access. Jesstar24 wrote:

Is it support.me or a real virus suppor?

me is part of LogMeIn Rescue which is legitimate. However, LogMeIn is software to allow remote access to your computer, and the people who were trying to utilize support.me were scammers and you should not allow them access. Jesstar24 wrote: or did i catch the scam in time and I'm safe to carry on? Yes.

How can I get technical support on my computer?

www LogMeIn123 com remote support is an efficient and secure way to get Technical Support directly on your computer, at any location with a reliable Internet connection. LogMeIn123 allows your IT Support Technician to access your computer remotely, jumping directly into your desktop,...

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What do I need to know about support Me app?

Support Me app is an offline app which provides information (SIM carrier and hardware support contact details) for users with Corporately Owned Devices and for those with Mobile Connect on their personal device. Loading….

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