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Watermark over picture - pragmatic solutions

How do I put a watermark in front of a picture in Word?

Select Watermark Image

Click the "Shape Fill" option, also located in the Shape Styles group, to open a drop-down menu; click "Picture" in that menu and use the window that appears to navigate to and select your watermark image file.

Hi everyone, Rhonda Jirafa here and in this article tutorial I am going to show you how to use PowerPoint to either ghost or watermark or just put text on your pictures or graphics you can put your copyright symbol there you can put things on yours Website reset your url back to your website's domain name or you know just put your name in, what you want to do here i will open that and as soon as powerpoint pops up, whoopsie i attached my camtasia to it, which is what you are going to do that you click on file and then click on new and then a blank presentation is the best thing to work on right now we're going to hit create and once you are here you don't really want that noise here so go to layout and then blink and now we have a blank canvas so let's say we want to take a picture that we took and you know we want to Um to make sure the right person gets credit for this, let's click insert up here, we click the image and you'll see here that you normally go straight into topics automatically, but I'll be picking documents and I have a ton of folders here so join me while I go through them all let's see let's go let's go with these guys do a lot of artwork pushpopcontainers mmm let's see what we wanna do let's get some pics all in folders guys it's uh just one type of something you want to do and let's just do this, okay, it's a beautiful picture, so we're going to take this picture, and now we're going to put some text on it, okay and the way you do, that's let's do that you will make sure you are here click on your homepage okay there are tons of things you can do in the PowerPoint gang but we just show you how to do it very quickly oh so click up here and it's yours textbox okay and you come down here anytime you want to put text in your picture it's ok and then you see you have a blinking cursor here and this is where you start writing your text so we know this image is part of pushing pop containers and calming them down, so we're going to make the pushpot containers calm, so we have this, it's not big enough, we want it to pop out right so let's go ahead and pick a color that looks cool, that white doesn't work because we have a bit of a white background, something that pops right, get it I didn't really want it to come out this way is.

Let's go with the lovely lovely yellow on this one and i think it's too small so i will go over here and that's a font size you know that looks pretty fair and go ahead and just bring it down a little bit, you want it to go wherever you think it will serve the picture good enough sense for these colors to really come through, that might not be the best picture to do but you will get the idea right see us i don't even like this, yeah i should have found out before doing this tutorial but look i mean now you will see that you know that in everything we do a bit of trial and error knowing one way how you can achieve that i like to have clean lines on a lot of things, if you want you can do quick styles and we can do that outokay so here is your quick styles bar as long as you are in e twas, it's gushing, it's out for you okay that looks kind of nice huh okay we want to see, I start to deal with all graphic time things and want everything to go really well, 'I'll just bring it back down here, okay , that shows up pretty well now, since we have this nice little green bubble effect, remember quick styles, it's very cool to use, I want this color to pop a little more, it's fine now, not only have I an uh you know a piece of text here, but I have text with some style behind it - ok so what is it now that we are going to create this as an image and what you need to do next to make sure this is grouped You meet? ctrl a and you will see as soon as I hit control a on my keyboard it took this picture and this picture ok too and when you do that go to the drawing tools, it's not the picture tools, the drawing tools you are on Format click 'You will see group I'll meet this group There's a lot more to do in PowerPoint, but again I'm just doing this so you can see how to do this kind of thing, all right, we have it grouped now, so what now? Regonna do, you'll right-scroll down here to save yours picture I hope you can see there is an image here with Saveas so we save it as an image I usually save stuff as PNG files You can also save it as a JPEG exchange format we will call it this is atres leches cake we make dasokay tres leche pushpop cake it will go straight to pictures let's go ahead and i leave it in the picture it no let's put it on the desktop for an easier one access and now that's saved ok, you can save this powerpoint artwork if you want, which means you can come back and fool around with it if you want, no need to i'm going to throw it away probably won't use it anymore i have that Image I'm happy with and here it is ok so now I'll double click on it and you will see the new image is being rendered How is that not so cool okay another thing i like to do is i want to open all of my pictures in microsoft 2010 this is a better editing tool for me to make you realize this is all ry big picture if i want to make it smaller , I'm going to downsize it now, it's a 625 by 489 image and what I can do with it is click here in percent and I want to cut the size in half so I'm going to take 50% and it changes it to a 313 by a 245 pixels Pic there it's okay, now I'll let that move so you can see I'm going to click on the 'My File' drop down menu I'm going to click Save As and that way I know this is going to be one smaller one i will also change the name of it because i don't want to overwrite the larger picture i want to keep this over the big pictures so we will just go pushpop cake, just like chaseokay that will change it, it will stick with this size with those pixels and I'll know it is when I snap it, okay so we'll rule that out when you click in Microsoft Office 2010. Glad it happened that you will see a pop-up saying there are changes that have not been saved. I'm going to click, not save, because when you click sa Veit takes your original picture and renders it to the smaller picture and then you lose your normal size, okay so just don't hit save if you are doing what stays regular and is here the smaller smaller version very cool how you do it, you can upload it, this is a great size for blog pages and websites and you know what to do with it and also so if you don't like the size you can do and you know you want to cut it out if you want to edit pictures a little little white space down here that i don't like copies so i will crop that i click ok there and now it's a little tidier up, so i will do the same routine again and save file as this time.

I'll just overwrite it because I know I don't want that little stain. It already exists and replace it with this oneyep, we're done, okay, that's how you do it. See white is gone now is something else If you want to know how to do inPowerPoint and I'll be sure and you know, make a article about it, just ask okHave a fantastic fantastic day

How do I make an image a watermark?

Choose the picture you want, and select Insert.
  1. On the Layout tab, under Page Background, select Watermark.
  2. Select Picture.
  3. Choose Select Picture, and then locate the picture that you want to use as a watermark.
  4. Choose Insert, Notes:

♪ You have the summer love ♪ - Hey creator, Nina here.

So watermark, you're doing it wrong. It takes people way too long to watermark their pictures, articles and all that stuff. So, I'm going to teach you three different ways, that's six, so let's just do three.

Three different ways to create watermarks. The first is the easy, quick, and easy way. When you just want to do it and be done when you have multiple images that you want to create in a certain way.

The third way is when you have a lot, like a ton, how do you always do this, or when you have an Etsy shop and always need to add watermarks, ready? Let's go. (Cheers) Okay. So, for example, I just created a regular Instagram post here.

So I'm going to do the normal way that everyone probably teaches you. Right? You get your picture, let's take a picture, this is me and Shaun, Awww my friend Shaun! Okay. So here we have a picture.

You actually want to add your logo and in that case I'll be using something different. Let's do what I have here. Okay so I have Zoom Logo.

And so you can either put it in the corner. This is going to be super easy, right? I'll just go ahead and resize and stuff just to do the transparency. You don't want it friendly is so noticeable, right? So if you do it that way, it just means: Hey! This is whose photo it is.

It's probably not something you care about, whether or not people steal it. Now if you want people not to steal it, another way to put it that is and I would probably just do it that way, right? And maybe you want to make it a little more transparent, whatever. It's still there.

People really can't take it. Put it over the important parts. Correct? So let me teach you another way before I move on to something else.

Another option you can do is I usually use elements and lines. Correct? And you can do this. I'll just take this and move it, so it's like diagonally and you'll want to do it, and there is probably something like an extra something we can use here, but I'm going to make it semi-transparent again.

So you can see it, but not really, and let's actually change it in case you didn't know there are different line types in Canva when you are using lines. So you can make the line width a little heavier, right? The type of line you can make with dots, whatever. Super helpful feature at the end and at the beginning.

That should be fine. So I'm going to use Control D which duplicates this line. And so I can just do this and you can actually just pull it longer and I would go on like this. ♪ You may breathe the summer ♪ Okay, before I go on, you actually want to tick the box because you want to make sure people don't can steal your pictures, right? So I'm going to duplicate it and I'm going to take that.

And I'll just turn it the other way. And we'll do that all the way. Right.

And I probably would have made it a lot more transparent, but you can do things like that. I'm not going to finish this. I just want to show you that you can make different shapes.

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You can do it with that. You can do it with circles. You can add your logo whatever.

The whole point of this is that people don't steal your picture, okay? So that's another way of doing it. Only if you have a quick picture you want to add watermark, now we're going to show you, I'll show you, if you have multiple photos you are going to watermark on, I would suggest we do the same Instagram posts use, create the watermark first and then don't 'add the photos yet. So let's take a look, and just in case you didn't know, there's this thing called Brandfetch.

I think I made a article about it. I don't know if it's finished yet, but I'll show it so let's pretend we are and now let's say we're Spotify today, right? Okay. So i go back We don't need anything other than that.

Same thing, but when I know I have multiple pictures I just resize them in the middle, make it semi-transparent. Correct? and maybe make it a little bigger if this is your logo. Maybe you can make it a little more transparent.

Okay. The great thing about it is that we can now duplicate this image over and over and then when you need to just drag your image into it. So let me explain So I'm just going to duplicate, duplicate, duplicate, duplicate, right? So if you have five pictures, do it five times.

And then we have your uploads or your pictures. So just drag this to the background, right? - You might want to test it out with one before duplicating it, but maybe we'd like it a little darker, right? But the great thing is that now you can easily take your photos. Click on it first and then make sure it's clicked in the background.

shutdown exe 00

I click, right click and set it as wallpaper. Just a little tip for you in case you've never used it before. And now have your watermark on it, so this is a lot easier than creating it over and over again.

So let me go ahead and show you This is if I had an Etsy shop, or if I was using this all the time, I would watermark as an image and then reuse it all the time. So me - I have a regular Instagram picture up here, or a square picture, basically. I'm going down to My Folders, go down to share with you and your logos.

When you set up Canva, your logo should be here. So I have my logo here. Let's just use this one.

Correct? So I actually do multiple logos when doing Etsy items, right? So I do them back to back and I have some types of shapes in there. So I'm going to do this and then make it semi-transparent. I do it when you don't want anyone to steal your pictures.

So I'm going to do this, Control D, to duplicate it a million times, and then I'll just move it around a template. So you can use them with your pictures and it doesn't really - I would actually make this a lot bigger than an Instagram square just because you can use it on any picture, right? But for now, let's do that. And if you want, you can do something like a dotted line or a circle.

Correct. You want to do this in the middle. You wanted to get it - you don't want to take it - out of the picture, but you know it just depends, you're doing this or lines or whatever, right.

For that I'll just leave it as my logo. Okay. So when you download it, you download it with a transparent background, download it, and then you basically just upload it back to Canva.

So let's do that with mydownloads, you'll upload it back to Canva, so you have it in your branded kit. So I go back, put on my branded logo kit. You just go back and upload it as a logo.

So whenever you do a new design post on Instagram again because you know why not? And then you have your photos. So you upload your photos whatever it is. Let's go ahead and take that.

I have no idea what it is. Right click, let's set it as the wallpaper. Then we go to our folders shared with you, go to your logos and now you have (trumpet playing) your watermark that you actually created.

Ain't that cool I was actually just thinking about doing it. So today, when I was recording the article, I thought, oh that's cool. Correct.

Now you don't have to do that every time you have a new article. Hopefully you enjoyed that. I didn't mean to give you the same old tip everyone else gave you, but please let me know.

Do you like tips like this? Want more tips like this? Bye. Oh dont forget to check out my other Canva articles and other talk about other things besides Canva, like Tik Tok and Instagram. I actually have youtube articles.

How to teach you, like all that stuff, but you love Canva. You love, love Canva. Okay.

Peace. (Happy music)

How to put a watermark on an image?

Because the :after element covers the entire image we could also apply a semi-transparent background to slightly obscure the watermarked image. Another way is to create a relative div and put it in the flow of the page, placing the main image first and then place the watermark on top. Or you could overlay your image with watermark text.

How can I change the size of my Watermark?

Once you find the picture you want, select it and click Insert. Select one of the options in the Scale box to set the picture size; choose Auto to show the picture at its best size. If you want the picture to appear distinctly, uncheck the Washout box; if not, leave it checked and your watermark picture will appear faded.

Can a watermark be cropped out of a photo?

A large watermark covers more of the photo, making it almost impossible for someone to just crop the watermark out of the image. As you can see in the photo included above, someone could crop the small watermark out of the image, leaving a large portion of the image still usable. Apply the watermark.

How can I increase the transparency of a watermark?

Select your preferred font style, size and color in the Font dialog box. Click the “Text Effects” button in the Font window. The Format Text Effects window opens. Select “Text Fill,” and then click and drag the Transparency slider bar to the right to increase the transparency of the watermark.

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