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Text from 288402 - common questions

Why did I get a text with a Microsoft Access Code?

If you're receiving unsolicited verification codes, this means that someone is trying to login your account and unable to pass the verification process. Kindly see the suggestions provided in this article on how to keep your Microsoft account safe and secure.

Hello everyone again and welcome back to programming in Axis 2013.

My name is Steve Bishop and today we will continue the section about VBA or VisualBasic for applications and let's jump into our database here and you will see that I have a new form here called created frm form and i gave it two different controls i give it a text box and i gave it a command button or sometimes just called a button in the text box i went ahead and gave it a name and when you click the other tab, ok on the other tab of the properties of this text box you will see I can change the name here so go ahead and change the name of your text box and on the button i changed it to bt and go to make this a name for which has TXT output and this is named BT and goes now. You will notice that I have a three letter prefix to the name about what type of control it is, and this becomes important as you go through the code as you will be calling and assigning things to assign to various objects on your form and it helps to have some way of knowing what control i am connecting to and what is the name of the control i am connecting to and this is the textboxtxt which stands for textbox output so you can name it anything what you really want but it's important that you go ahead and name it if I drop a new text box here you will find that the default is just to give it text and then a number from to give it a new one to give unique value, and that's not helpful at all when we are ready to start coding. We need to refer to this object.

It's going to be hard to remember that Text 5 is that particular text field, so that's not what we want to do, we want to make sure we name our objects accordingly so that we can find them later with full rights, so I click the Go button here in my Design view and when I hit the Event tab you'll find that there sa bunch of different events now popping up in this particular case I want to use the on-click event and what these are all for. Certain events will happen on this control in this particular case for a button I have the option to click on it, so when I click the button what happens when I create some kind of code behind it in the on-click event, the code happens when this button is clicked so 'show access events you know, handled events in the form so I can focus on lost focus when double click mouse down mouse up and you will see if you don't know what that all is, it's okay that there is actually a macro or function down here on the left that will run if the mouse moves properly so that's essentially a brief description of what this particular event handler does and when it is triggered eon Click the event here and select the ellipse. I'm going to go to the code builder and just so you know what our macro builder is where you can create a macro that is similar to the code, but it's definitely a whole different syntax and handling events and doing different things that access it and we will don't dwell on it then there is the Expression Builder that you saw before you can build expressions or in this case we want to go to the Code Builder so I go and click OK and now we will see that the access is automatic code created for me and one of the things we want to be aware of is that we remember how we talked about how this code is grouped and organized in the background see form underscore frm formis the name of the module that goes with our frm form form linked is okay i hope that makes sense to you that is somehow important to understand the warm underscore form is the module that access e that is attached to the frm form and we can see the same thing for formfrm customer addresses, this is the form we were working on before and we have the e okay OOP I requested so we go back in here and here is where we can see a few key words I'm not going to cover this a little later but let's just talk about what we see here for now.

Private is kind of a keyword that shows how much access other parts of the application have to it and we will get into that much later in the series, but what is important, understand that this subroutine stands for subroutine okay and the other option is what we call a function, but what is automatically created and generated by the access is a subroutine for the BTN gocontrol at the click event This is very important, so the access is automatically named to this particular subroutine so that it knows that this is the event that is supposed to be triggered when someone clicks a button the go button all right, so we need to take some of the things that we have already learned. Let's take a variable so we are going to dim a good old variable we are going to call it STR text and we are going to give it a value type of stringall, so we have our syntax to dim and then there is this variable name as a string, now that we have this variable in memory we have to assign it a value that we use to assign a value to it using STR text STRtext equals and then we will pass a string hello worldall right so what happens here is that we put our variable in our Created memory and then allocated it okay this equals sign here means that we are assigning thehello world string which is a string enclosed in quotation marks, indicating that this is a string and we are assigning it to the STRtext variable somehow away to indicate this to the user because when youth thinks about it, all we've done here is we've basically got HelloWorld to a part of the computer memory but we don't show it to the user in any way and that's what the other text box is for if you remember I had a TXT output is the name of the text box I created here. Back here I'll just show you quickly, remember that text box here Note that it is fine labeled TXT output in here there will be other data here we will have the format we have the data we have the other section here and all of these are properties of that particular text box, so we have the name property, we have the vertical property, we have the tab stop property, all of these are properties of this particular control we're talking about, remember how we about classes have spoken, essentially a control is a class with properties' are really most concerned here is the one called value, okay so the value property of the txt output control field here is the output control I'm going to assign what the equal sign requires , the value we have stored in memory called STR, text, so again to repeat ourselves. re create a variable in memory we assign the texthello world to this variable and then we assign the value property of the txt-outputtextbox the value that we have stored in the STR string text variable STR text variable all rights, that essentially becomes the hello world string in our txtoutput so save this here, let's go ahead and go back to our form here and under the 'Design' tab or the 'Home' tab you will see this button up here in the top left corner and when you click on the drop down arrow we get the different views that we can go into the form view that we want.

You will notice that we have the form view here emory, and then we have assigned that value to our textbox, so these are some of the nice things you can do in VBA. We're going to go through a lot more of course, but just give you a sneak peek of what it's like to create a variable it's value and then assign it to some kind of control on your form and display it to the user, that's pretty cool knowing everything right. Hope you learned something and as always, go ahead and subscribe to your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your dog whoever they heard about this article series and hopefully they can learn some too

Why did I get a text from 22000?

There is a scam going on though and you need to be aware of. Say somebody guessed user id and password to your Google, bank, credit card or other account and all he/she needs is verification code. They may call or text you, tell you some sometimes very convincing story and ask you to send them or tell them the code.

The President: We had a very good day today.

The Republican Party. Our country. There was no defense of what Robert Mueller was trying to defend to be fair to Robert Mueller, whether his performance was bad or good.

I think everyone understands that. I think everyone understands what's going on. There was no defense against this ridiculous hoax.

That witch hunt that's been going on for a long time since I came down the escalator with our first lady. And it's a shame what happened. But I think today it proved a lot to everyone.

In fact, some of my greatest opponents today wrote things that I wouldn't have believed they wrote, and I appreciate that they did. That was a very bad thing for our country. And despite everything we've been through, it's been an incredible two and a half years for our country: the administration, our president, me, we've done a great job.

We have the strongest stock market, the best unemployment figures, the most people ever to work in our country's history. Almost 160 million. Our military has been rebuilt and is getting stronger.

We did a great job and we did it under that terrible false cloud. A false cloud. That was all.

And they should be ashamed. Absolute shame. And you know who knew it was more than a fake cloud? Schiff and Nadler and Schumer and Pelosi, each of them.

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They all knew it was fake stuff. And check out the polls. The polls show that maybe it is more than everyone else or something else.

And I've had my best polls, and I'm not saying why, but people see what happened in our country with this whole thing. I've been through it for three years. Since three years.

All nonsense. So, that was a very big day for our country. It was a very big day for the Republican Party.

And you could say it was a great day for me, but I don't even like to say that. It is great. I tell you what.

I really appreciate these incredible warriors you see on TV today. Republicans who defended something and defended something very powerful, very important, because they really were defending our country more than anything. They defended our country.

But they were warriors, and they have been warriors for a long time. And everyone knew it was a joke, especially the Democrats. I wish we could be a fly on the wall in the rooms where the Democrats speak before and after the meetings.

And they laughed and smiled and said, 'Can you believe we can get away with this?' But in the end they couldn't get away with it. Yes. The press: (inaudible) The President: Well, there is no such thing.

He had no right to discharge. And, you know, it's very interesting. People mention discharge.

That was something he totally gave up because he never had the right to exonerate. And it was covered very well by Congressman Turner and brought to a close. We were - if you don't just look at the report, beyond the report.

Don't look at what he said, look at what he had to say. And even your networks and your network and your network, and each of those networks, they raise their hands. You know, we've had a couple of cases, actually we've had about six cases where they asked our people, our agents, 'Televisionnetworks, please don't come in tonight.

We're not going to do much. ' And the reason they aren't because it's over. Go on.

Die Presse: (inaudible) Are you concerned that you could be charged so much (inaudible) about WikiLeaks if Robert Mueller calls it problematic? The President: So WikiLeaks, like everything else, is a joke, and all these crime-related problems were the biggest hoax of all. It was a witch hunt, a total witch hunt. And when you saw Robert Mueller's statement, the earlier statement, and then he made a summary of a correction later that afternoon.

And you know what that fix was. And you're still asking the question. Do you know why? Because you are fake news and you are one of the most.

multi screen screensaver

And just let me tell you. That you asked this question in the first place is fake news. Because you know what, he corrected himself totally that afternoon.

And you know that as well as anyone. Kaitlan, Kaitlan. The press: (inaudible) The President: I don't know whose answers weren't.

I think his answers weren't. Because if you look at the whole report, look at what they did. Some of the things he didn't even know about.

Some of the things he didn't even know what was going on probably got through for him. The performance was obviously not very good. He had a lot of problems.

But above all, it showed that the whole thing was three years of embarrassment and a waste of time for our country. And you know what ? The Democrats thought they could win such an election. I think they hurt a lot for 2020.

Do i have what Press: Has your son, Donald Trump Jr. spoken to Robert Mueller? THE PRESIDENT: I ​​don't know. I really do not know it.

I never - I don't know. Yes continue. I mean, honestly, whether he did or not, I wouldn't care.

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Because he didn't do anything wrong. He didn't do anything wrong because it's so unimportant. It was always a very unimportant meeting.

It was only important for the fake news. Go on. The press: (inaudible) The President: No, he didn't.

Say that. Again, you are fake news and you are at the top of the list. Just let me tell you, come back to this - it's not what he said, read his proofreading read his proofreading, if you proofreading his you will find out, so people don't bother with you, because you “I'm not an honest reporter.

John. The Press: (Inaudible) The President: John, you are devastated. The Democrats lost so much today.

Your party is in ruins right now where even you look at the clerk and you look at so many of the people who have been the most outspoken and you say this has been a devastating day for the Democrats. And you know, John, and everyone else knows! This was a devastating day for the Democrats. The Press: (Inaudible) The President: No, no.

A very stupid and very unfair question. Because if you look at his correction, he has completely taken that out of the game. He made his decision based on fact, not a rule.

So you shouldn't even ask this question because you know it's wrong. Go on. The press: (inaudible) The Democrats had nothing.

And now they have they less than nothing. And I think they are going to lose the 2020 elections very much, including the congressional seats, because of the path they have chosen. But I'm just saying that I know them too well.

You will never give up. You go back into the room and try to find out something. This whole thing was - frankly, it was collusion.

It was an arrangement with the media. They were agreements with other countries. This was a disaster for the Democrats.

And I think we're going to win bigger than ever. Now me - I'm going to West Virginia, one of the big states, a state that does - if you look at the percentage, I think it's number one or number two in the country. And nobody would have believed that.

West Virginia is great. So I'm going to West Virginia. We had a big case today.

You know we won the Washington asylum case, which frankly you should be asking about Believe how nice you are today. Make a question. The press: (inaudible) The President: No, because we didn't do anything wrong.

The answer ist quite easy. Nothing was done wrong. It was all a big joke.

And if you look at this today, nothing has been done wrong. Well, I think you will find that you will find many things that have been done very wrong. But that's happening now.

That's something you haven't written about, and it has to do with the other side. It has to do with a thing the investigators are investigating. Lets see what happens.

It's going to be very interesting. The Press: (inaudible) The President: Look, I think Robert Mueller did a terrible job today, and in terms of the investigation. But, to be fair to Robert Mueller, he had nothing to do.

You know, builders can be, but if they don't provide you with the right materials, you won't make a very good building. Robert Müller had no material. He had nothing to work with.

Obviously he did very badly today. I don't think there is anyone, not even among the counterfeiters, I don't think there is anyone who would say they did well. I looked at your people there and said it was devastating for the Democrats to have the two most disgusting and nauseating networks, both of whose ratings have plummeted.

Even they said this was a really bad day for the Democrats. So Robert Mueller did a bad job. David.

The press: (inaudible) The President: Look, I saw what he did to people. How he ruined people's lives for not remembering a date or something very small. He ruined people's lives.

The Democrats took people away and they ruined their lives. They went bankrupt because they couldn't afford the legal fees and were good people. Lots and lots of people.

If you ask me this question, all you have to do is - see how beautiful this weather is? When I made a mistake and said I was talking to the media and it was a little rainy, a little cloudy, they said, 'Well we have to - he lied. Let me tell you, I saw what they did to people. I've seen them destroy people like ...

GeneralFlynn and so many others what they did to people. No, I did the right thing. The press: (inaudible) The President: Well, Mueller had no material .For sure.

Mueller had no material to work with, and he did a terrible job. Obviously, his presentation was a long way off, but that's fine. It does not matter.

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He had no material. Nothing was done wrong. Indeed, things were done right.

Nothing was done wrong - I mean look. I read the papers and I read the press and I read the internet. And if you see what's going on on the internet, when you hear the internet, that was one of the worst Achievements in the history of our country, so you know that.

You know that very well. But I don't think anyone could have done well. He had no material.

It was fake facts that the Democrats used - and others were trying to really commit an illegal coup that we will find out. The press: (inaudible) The President: Well, the asylum is a big one - say it. The press: (inaudible) The President: So the asylum is a very big judgment.

That was a great verdict today, we appreciate that. And we respect the courts very much. That helps us a lot at the border.

The numbers are at the very bottom at the limit, that's a good thing. Fears are far lower, as Mexico now has 22,000 soldiers. And they mean business because they know what's going on.

The alternative is not good for them. It is also good for Mexico what they are doing because the cartels have controlled the entire border for years. And Mexico says, and the President says, 'We have to clean it up.' So you have 21,000 soldiers.

They will likely accommodate more, but this judgment on asylum today is a tremendous judgment. The press: (inaudible) The President: So Guatemala gave us their word. We wanted to sign a safe, third agreement, and then suddenly they agreed.

They said it was their Supreme Court. I don't think so, but they use their Supreme Court as a reason they didn't want to do it. Either we make tariffs or we do something.

Regarding Guatemala, we are looking at something very serious. I've already cut all payments. I did that a year ago.

I've cut all payments to Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. We used to send them $ 500 million for free. For free.

They did nothing but set up caravans. So, Guatemala, we'll take care of it, and it won't even be difficult. We're going to do it - we're looking at a few different things.

One of the very difficult things, as you know, is that Mexico brought 6,000 people to this border. The press: (inaudible) The President: Let me tell you something. I know you always are - you always have a question.

The Press: (Inaudible) The President: You mean my White House advisers are lying? THE PRESIDENT: What about his advisers? What about Mueller's advisors? The press: (inaudible) The President: He didn't say that at all. You are untrue if you ask - you are untrue. If you are asking this question, if you are asking this question, you are untrue.

And do you know who else is untrue? Do you know who is still untrue? His helpers. And Weissman was untrue, and Weissman got caught just like ArthurAnderson, where he lost nine to nothing in the Supreme Court. His aides were very untrue, and they put Mueller - and they put Mueller - not in a very bad position at all.

His aides put him in a very bad position. And if you were ever honest you could write the truth. Press: (Inaudible ) The President: No, I haven't, but I'm very happy.

I didn't call Boris, but I'm very happy that he won. I am very, very happy. The press: (inaudible) the charges against Strzok and Page and the investigators -.

The President: So what happened to Strzok and Page, the two lovers, is a shame. Because they had a lot of text messages and Mueller has illegally deleted those text messages, he didn't know much. He didn't know anything.

But Strzok and Page were texting. Remember, they were the ones with the 'just in case' you should lose. We'll have an insurance policy. ' They are the same Strzok and Page.

So that was a very, very bad situation. What they did and what Mueller did. He deleted their texts back and forth, probably thousands of them.

This is a serious problem. Die Presse: (inaudible) How will Müller affect the 2020 elections? The President: I think it will help us because now everyone can see that this is taking so long. It was long before Mueller.

That took some time after we came down the escalator, and I got great polling. Because I was in the lead from the start. And that really happened sometime, right after we came down the escalator.

The first lady and me. And I'm going to tell you something, I think it's going to have a big negative impact for the Democrats in 2020.

What is a text from 288403?

The SMS short code 288403 was last registered on 12/9/2015 for 131818 Cosmo Device Alerts. For more information about the short code 288403 text HELP to 288403. You can unsubscribe from these text messages for 131818 Cosmo Device Alerts by texting "STOP" to 288403.

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What is Microsoft Access code for?

CODE is a Microsoft Access database provided free of charge for not-for-profit work. It collects data in the CORC+ format. The program cannot be modified, copied or distributed. CODE is only for scoring paper version of questionnaires.

What does 288402 mean in a text message?

288402 is being used to send text message notifications to their list of different users who have opted-in to their SMS notification program. If you believe you are receiving these messages by accident or you did not give consent for the sender to send you text message alerts, please let us know below.

What does the short code 28849 mean on a phone?

28849 is a short code number. Short Codes are generally 5 or 6 digit numbers that can send SMS and MMS messages to mobile phones. The short code number 28849 is a registered short code. For more information about the short code 28849, text “HELP” to 28849. Would you like to stop getting texts from the short code 28849?

When was the last time the short code 288403 was used?

The SMS short code 288403 was last registered on 12/9/2015 for 131818 Cosmo Device Alerts. For more information about the short code 288403 text HELP to 288403. Did you receive a text message from 288403 and you want to unsubscribe?

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