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Synaptics touchpad v7.2 - workable solutions

What is a Synaptics PS 2 port touchpad?

Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad: These devices are touch-sensitive pads that sense the position of a person's finger on its surface to provide screen navigation, cursor movement, and a platform for interactive input. ... Customizable Tap Zones: Users can program areas of the TouchPad device to perform specific functions.

People who recycle laptop parts from broken laptops usually recycle the touchpad thing, but in many cases the old keyboard is thrown away even if the keyboard is broken and replaced bysynaptics company is called a touch stick and this little device can be extracted and for example used for connection to Arduino. I'm going to show you how to find out the pinout for touchpads and pointing sticks and how to connect them to Arduino successfully. The example here is from Synaptics so you can see that I already extracted it from the keyboard that was a broken keyboard, and I just extracted this thing that was under some tape on the back of the keyboard.

Let's look at how to find out the pin for such a small device, even if you can't find that particular part number on the internet, the method I'm about to show you will help you figure out the pinout and connection points for each Type of touchpad or pointing stick, regardless of manufacturer and regardless of whether there are pinouts on the internet, the first thing to do when trying to pinpoint the pinout for your touchpad or pointing stick to find the ground use that Multimeter and what you need to do is find a contact where you can clearly see the base, for example around the frame of the touch stick I'm sure there is contact to the ground on this and then all the soldering points or continuously try the test points on the board okay so this one clearly not this not okay so this one, which has the number 23 on old PCBs from Synaptics, used to be e in letter T before the numbers but this has been removed in the newer models, for example this model here which I estimated to be around 2013 so number 23 is sanded and it's a good idea to make some notes to make this number 23 as next ground is ground you need to find out if the VCC or power supply these devices normally run on five volts and you need to find the pin that corresponds to the five volt input. The trick you have to use when looking for a power supply for such a device from any manufacturer is to look off for all the pins that don't go directly to the chip like all these connections here, but the pin that goes through one Kind of resistor and a capacitor goes, and as you can see here there is a resistor here and a capacitor next to it that is labeled as c2 so I'm assuming this capacitor is between the power supply and ground. So let's check whether I will also use the test point the ground test point, which is 23, and test whether the ground to the capacitor is actually OK, this side is not OK so this side is the ground supply and that means this side is the ground contact and that means the other side is probably the 5 volt power supply now let's try to follow where that contact goes the other contact f rom capacitor so obviously that it goes to the resistor and goes from the resistor to this point.

Here you can hear the sound even though there is resistance as the resistance is very low so point 22 is most likely the power supply point and we can check which one? Number of the pin that is on the plug, so the ground is pin 3 on the plug and this one pin 22 is the number 1, so these different signs indicate that this will most likely be the power supply when I solder the dots, think so i that this will be 5 volts because it goes to the resistor and then to the capacitor and the other side of the capacitor is the ground contact, all other points go straight into the chip so unlikely they are the power supply because you have a resistor and need a capacitor, and again for simplicity I'm going to mark the pins I already figured out so the first pin in number 1 is 5 volts and that is the third pin is ground the next step you need to take is soldering the test wires so that you can connect them to the power supply or already to the Arduino and look for the other pins important pins the clock and also the data, whether arguably this is a 2013 unit, they still use the ps / 2 protocol in synaptics, so you'll have to look for clock and data pins, but all other pins are probably related to some type of buttons or some extra functionality, however for the purpose of this article I only care about the pointing stick itself, so the clock and data so that I can get the readings when I move the pointing stick after soldering the power and ground contact pads and see which pins they correspond to, since we found out that pin number 1 is 5 volts and pin number 3 is ground go in g to test the contact pads for this one, that's pin number 4 and pin number 5 times see what the contact pads are for these Okay, so pin number four Pad 25 no connection 6 no ok, so connection 11 Pin number 4 is T11 what about pin number? 5ok, so pin 5 is T10 I suspect these two will be my data and clock pins. Let's solder some wires to pins 10 and 11 on the board and connect all of those pins to the Arduino on the right so that Terminal 10 will be green over here and Terminal 11 this one will be the white, let's shake it up on Arduino, load the code and start testing so I'm using a sample code provided by the Arduino CC website, the pins that will be used for data and the clock connections will be pin number 5 and pin number 6 on the Arduino ground goes 5 volts here, although I know I need to connect my white and green to 5 and 6. I don't know in what order to connect Ineed so I'm just going to do trial and error, first I go 6 white and green turns 5 l let's load the sketch into the arduino and see if the serial monitor is providing data so you can see I can see that I'm getting some readings now Let's see if the pointing stick works I'll turn it over and turn it upside down so I can test the pointing stick and do some tampering .. .

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Great! that's up top that's bottom left right perfect now that the pointing pen is working let's change the code to just output it to the serial monitor once the correct readings are in, not all zeros great so i don't get readings, it unless i start moving the mouse that's it for today as i mentioned earlier this is a great little device i want to use to build a little remote control with a mini joystick for myrobot. Actually I'm giving you a hint in ninety percent of the pinouts that can be seen on the internet The Synaptics devices all used the same pin numbering when it comes to the terminal sensor pins, those golden circles here 22 is always 5 volts 23 is always mass T10 is always clock and T11 is always data 90% of the peanuts I have seen on the internet have the same match as I found out here in most cases the same terminal numbers also apply to your device and these are not just the pointing Sticks but also the touchpads for example if you disassemble the IB M keyboard you will also find the pointing stick, it's synaptics too, but if not, you can connect the pointing stick to Arduino using the same principle. Thanks for watching and if you found it useful please click the Like button below

What is Synaptics touchpad driver and do I need it?

The Synaptics TouchPad driver is responsible for running and operating the TouchPad on a notebook. By default, the Synaptics driver is preinstalled with compatible operating systems; however, if you're unable to use the TouchPad, you can reinstall the driver quickly and get back to using your notebook.

Hey how are you? Dave2D here, so this is a article that is not part of my regular hardware articles. It's about something that has plagued Windows laptops for a long time. It's this problem that keeps popping up here and there and it doesn't matter if your laptop is new or old or. ..expensive or cheap, it doesn't matter because this problem can still happen It's the trackpad, there are a lot of Windows laptops that have really crappy trackpads, and it boils down to one thing ... software.

If you have ... great hardware like this, glass top, great key mechanics ...

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Elan drivers are running, and if you are one of those laptop owners who run something with an Elan driver or Synaptics driver, you are not having a good time with that Trackpad At least you can have a better time using the trackpad with Windows Precision drivers, bagaimana, and the article explains how to install these drivers on your existing laptop, so first you need to find out if your laptop is running Elan drivers or Synaptics drivers and go to it You just go to Control Panel, check Device Manager, and you can see what you're doing, and if you don't do either, you're either already using Windows Precision drivers or you're doing something weird that this article can't help you with, OK if you do Once you've figured out which one you have, either Elan or Synaptics, you download one of the two files i.e. ie linked in the article description, one is for people with Synaptics trackpads and the other is for people with Elan trackpads, and whichever one you have, just download the appropriate one.

But in case you're wondering, both files are actually from Lenovo; they weren't meant for the kind of 'hack' we do. They were obviously meant for something else, but it worked perfectly for this way of replacing the Synaptics or Elan trackpad drivers. Once you have the file extract it by either running the 'exe' or unzipping it and all the files will put in the file a folder called 'Drivers' in a route, and then go back into your device manager, right click on your trackpad, whether it's Elan or Synaptics, and then go Go to 'Update Driver', 'Browse My Computer' Select 'Let me pick' then click 'Have disk' Now if you have a laptop with Elan drivers select the file 'ETD.inf' and for laptops using the Synaptics trackpad select the Synaptics driver.

So basically you're replacing the existing drivers on your laptop, whether it's Elan or Synaptics, and you're replacing them with Windows Precision touchpad drivers, which are SO MUCH better and the biggest difference you'll notice is that tracking is smooth and all tracking is just a lot more accurate with Windows Precision drivers. But the big thing is gestures The ability to use Windows 10 gestures both accurately and reliably makes the trackpad so much better Okay, before you do this I have to leave a couple of kinds of disclaimers with you. First, you do this at your own risk This obviously tested this on many computers Probably 40, maybe 50 laptops, and for the laptop that worked they were great, but the ones that didn't explode.

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No, for the ones that didn't work, the drivers will just not updated. Windows will say, 'Sorry buddy, we can't take these drivers' and that's the end of it. But the other thing to be aware of is that Windows can't overwrite your new drivers like an automatic Windows update, which is very, very annoying because sometimes you won't even know it is being updated and suddenly the trackpad is back in its old disgusting self and you need to find out Hey, it's because Windows overwritten it.

You'll have to repeat the process, so all you need to do is make sure you download the appropriate update. You don't want to download something like the new Elan or the new Synaptics driver. You want to avoid these, and the other thing to keep in mind is that if you want you should probably back up your old existing drivers, or find a backup in case you want to go back to them, go to your manufacturer and download this one Download drivers beforehand before you do these things, before you try.

I really hope that was helpful because ... (sigh) This has been around for probably over a year.

Somehow it's gotten better over time, especially with the new Lenovo driver that just came out recently, maybe two to three weeks ago, it's a lot better now, this works on a lot of laptops, good fun, ok thumbs up if you liked this article, subs, if you liked it, see you next time!

What happens if I uninstall Synaptics touchpad?

If you remove it from your device list, you will lose your trackpad. Even if, like me, you hardly use it, there will be those few times when you'll scream because it's non-usable.

How do I know if my touchpad is Synaptics?

To open it, right-click the Start menu and select the “Device Manager” command. Expand the “Mice and other pointing options” category. Check to see whether you have aSynaptics” or “ELAN” input device.

Which is the latest version of Synaptics touchpad driver?

Here's other similar drivers that are different versions or releases for different operating systems: Synaptics TouchPad Driver 15.2.7 for Windows 32-bit Synaptics TouchPad Driver 10.1.8 for Windows 2000/XP Synaptics TouchPad Controller Driver 17.0.19 Synaptics TouchPad Driver 15.2.7 for Windows 64-bit

What is the touchpad driver for Windows 10?

Synaptics TouchPad Driver for Windows 10.

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Which is better Clickpad or Synaptics touchpad?

Synaptics pioneered touchpads in computing and since then has expanded its TouchPad line for a host of other emerging applications. Less is better -- at least when it comes to touchpad input. By removing external buttons, ClickPad gives users an highly integrated 'clickable TouchPad' with a larger input area.

Is the Synaptics program compatible with Windows 10?

Developed by Synaptics, the software works primarily with the trackpads they developed, but it is compatible with most laptops. Most recently, they have been optimised for working with Windows 10. Their programmes are consistently developed to work with the latest versions of Windows.

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