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Symbol for subsection - possible solutions

How do you insert a subsection symbol in Word?

Instructions for Word on a PC
  1. Click on the “Insert” tab at the top of the screen, so that the Insert ribbon appears.
  2. Click on the “Symbol” button all the way to the right.
  3. Select the “More Symbols” tab.
  4. Select the “Special Character” tab.
  5. Select the Section symbol.
  6. Click on the “Insert” button.

I am a professional editor who shares real world writing tips on my blog erinwrightwriting.com. Today's tutorial shows how to insert superscripts and subscripts in Microsoft Word using three different tools: the Superscript and Subscript buttons, the Symbol dialog box, and Keyboard Shortcuts.

Note that you can also insert superscripts using Word's footnote and endnote tools This method is not included in this tutorial because the superscripts created with these tools are dependent on the corresponding note - the note, the superscript is also deleted. I have a separate tutorial on using the footnote and endnote tools in Microsoft Word that is on the information card and linked in the description box below. I am using Word for Office 365, this is currently the same as Word 2019, but the steps are the same in Word 2016, Word 2013, Word 2010, and most earlier versions of the software and will be used for numbers, letters, or symbols in your document.

To get started, select the Home tab on the ribbon. Then place the cursor where you want to insert the superscript or subscript. Or select the existing text that will be saved as a. formatted to be superscript or subscript.

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For this example, I'll put my cursor where I insert a superscript number 1. Next, choose the Superscript or Subscript button in the Font group, the button's background will be a darker gray than that surrounding ribbon when formatting is on. Now enter the text you want to make superscript or subscript.

This step is not necessary if you previously selected existing text. When you are done, choose the Superscript or button again Subscript to turn off formatting. The background of the button corresponds to the surrounding ribbon when formatting is disabled.

The Symbol dialog box provides superscript versions of the numbers zero through nine and a small collection of other superscript characters and d indexes, mainly used in equations and formulas. Note that symbols are part of the font files installed on your computer. Therefore, the symbols available depend on the font you are using; however, all commonly used fonts such as Ariel, Times New Roman, and Helvetica should contain the symbols shown here.

First, place the cursor where you want to insert the superscript or subscript. Then select the Insert tab on the ribbon. Next, select Symbol in the Symbols group.

Followed by More Symbols in the drop-down menu. Make sure you are viewing the Symbols tab in the Symbol dialog box. Also make sure that Plain Text is selected in the Font menu so your superscript or subscript text will match your current font.

Select Now, select superscripts and subscripts in the Subgroup drop-down menu, then choose the desired superscript or subscript from the menu. After making your choices, click the Insert button, you can move the cursor around the document and insert additional superscripts and subscripts while the Symbol dialog box is open. When you're done, click the Close button to close the Icon dialog box.

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Windows users can use the following keyboard shortcuts to make numbers, letters, or symbols superscript or subscript in your document. Place your cursors where you want to insert the superscript or subscript. Or select existing text to be formatted in superscript or subscript.

Then enter one of the following keyboard shortcuts. Superscript is Ctrl, Shift and the plus sign. Subscript is Ctrl and the equal sign.

Use the plus sign and the equal sign on the main keyboard as their numeric keypad counterparts are unlikely to work. Now enter the text to be made superscript or subscript if you didn't select any existing text Finally, hit the keyboard shortcut again to turn off formatting when you're done. The related blog post for this article along with loads of other writing tips will appear on erinwrightwriting.com, that's lin ked below.

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Feel free to tell me leave a comment if you have a question about Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat for me to answer in the future, and please subscribe to my channel and give this article a thumbs up if you found it helpful. Thank you for watching!

How do you make the double S symbol?

Below is a break-down of the steps you can take to type the Double S sign on your Windows PC:
  1. Place your insertion pointer where you need the Double S symbol.
  2. Press and hold one of the Alt keys on your keyboard.
  3. Whilst holding on to the Alt key, press the Double S symbol's alt code (0167).

Hello, this is an instructional article on how to get Alps number codes on computers if you don't know what that means using the number pad on your computer and the Alt key located here and here to enter special codes in Windows after that I will do a tutorial on how to have a mac to get any special symbols and characters you want.

Go to this website the Alt-Codes is Alt-Codes Dotnet This gives you a list of 255 Alt-Codes that you can use to get special symbols right now Failed to Understand These Notes Eighth notes down here there is one that looks especially like me who is, where is he, where is he oh here's an overly lucky guy, now i'm going to do this guy, i mean how you do that is you wanna hold the alt key, I showed you before that you hold this down the whole time while repeating this command, it could be any search bar I could go here I could go here and do this I could even go into Cortana, but you can don't even see Cortana, I don't think you can. I'm not entirely sure but it doesn't matter so I just type that into a google search bar and now you want to hold Alt for the whole thing like I said and since the code for that is 1 5 4 you want enter these numbers very quickly and you can only enter them in this combination which is 154, so let go of 1 letgo 5 for like oh and there's the overjoyed guy and he's pretty cute, uh, you can all use this type so quite a bit uh i just do a normal random 1 2 3 5 oh i pressed the windows button don't do that and it only works on a windows computer by the way there will be a tutorial for the mac 2 3 5 there it is that thing whatever that was where it used to be, but that works on each of them. You can visit this website on all of your Windows computers, even Macs, but it won't make any sense to you because you still can't get the number codes to Mac now, one thing I forgot about Windows if you did holding the alt key i just press the c key the alt key you can't really use these keys up here, so um some people only have one keyboard, that's just that and i get it, but you can use these keys not get out by pressing as far as I know, you can't use this top number here you use outsand this is the numpadnumber pad that has seven eight nine four five six 23 and that is what you have to use for have a number pad, they have just these above but you can still use all sorts of special characters Macs are a little bit different but you can still get the same codes still using the alt key surprisingly so this is pretty similar to Windows this is just Chrome and that's Doge right here, but aside from being a lot simpler on the Mac actually, you can't search all of them now, but I find them more fun to look up around easy to find them yourself It's fun looking for Alt keys but you won't know if it actually shows up but these are the Mac home keys.

You can just press any letter that you hold down and you get a letter or anything or a symbol so the noun on the key on the keyboard should be optional and it says: Small text out and you can just do any other Press key, there are no key combinations or anything. I just hit T so do T over and when I hit the option on Equal it does and um an unequal sign I think if I hit the option on K it makes it a degree symbol I think 0 another degree symbol the Illuminati, oh my god, the Illuminati are confirmed

How do I enter the section symbol §?

(1) Hold down the key and on the numeric keypad press the digits '0', '1', '6' and '7' in that order, then release the key. Alt 0167 = § (2) Hold down the key and on the numeric keypad press the digits '2' and '1' in that order, then release the key. Alt 21 = §

How to insert a section symbol on a Mac?

As soon as you release the Alt key after pressing the alt code, the Section symbol will be insert into your document. The Section symbol shortcut for mac is + . To type Section with this shortcut, press and hold the whilst you type the number key on your keyboard.

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What is the alt code for the section symbol?

The Section symbol alt code is 0167. The easiest way to type the Section symbol is to use the Alt Code shortcut method. This method is used to type symbols and characters that has not been assigned a key on the keyboard.

How can I copy and paste the section symbol?

It contains the section symbol you can easily copy and paste into your work. It also has the section symbol Alt code as well as the keyboard shortcut. To type the section symbol on windows, hold down the key, then type the symbol Alt code ( 0167) on the numeric keypad, then release the key.

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