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Supremo free scam - search for solutions

What is Microsoft supremo?

Supremo is an easy-to-use solution for remote desktop control and support allowing to access a remote PC/server or host a Meeting session.

When it comes to fraudulent call centers, India is number one.

Right now I'm sitting in front of a fraudulent call center that makes over $ 300,000 a year. Yes. Probably not the smartest thing for me to film here.

But we do it anyway. That's how I roll. But what's worse than stealing all that money from foreigners is with every single scam that's named.

They are destroying India's reputation around the world. So let's take revenge. Let's call and destroy these scammers and then let's expose the owner of this call center.

Let's give her a call and have fun with him. Before we call them, the scam works by placing advertisements on websites telling you that you have a virus. You need to call them to fix the problem.

Then they try to bill you for four hundred dollars or more, but they don't fix anything. There is no virus on your computer. It's a total scam.

So they are mostly targeting older, more computer illiterate people and making a ton of money doing it. How sad is that This is how we target old people. That's what they do.

So let's call them and yes, listen to the lies and let's destroy them. Let's give these guys a call. My name is victor How can I help? Hello, who is this? This is Victor.

How can I help you. Karl: Oh, is that Microsoft technical support? Cheater: Yes sir. Karl: Okay, good.

So I went to a website and got a pop-up saying I need to call you right away. Scammers: All right, no problem. For sure.

Do not worry. You will be given the toll-free number to call from on your phone. Karl: Exactly, I'm really worried about 65 and this is a new computer.

What happened? Why does it say there is a virus but that is Microsoft USA, right? Deceiver: Yes Karl: Where do you live? Scammers: We're in California. Karl: Okay, good. So what details do you need? Impostor: Sir, not until the fall, please tell me your name.

Karl: Roger Betrüger: Now tell me what you did on your computer and what the master view has? Karl: I've only done a few things. Do I have to tell you? Scammers: Yes Karl: I was on a dating website and watched a movie. That's okay, right.

It's not illegal. What happened to the computer Scammers: So maybe you get a popup on the internet website because on most of a social website and the pornographic website then the viruses are on the computer system and that's why you have the computer security server that is why you got the popup get up and it says you have to call Microsoft, right? Karl: YeahScammer: Okay so don't worry. We wanted to help you.

I'll make sure I resolve your problem when the call ends. Okay Karl: Okay, so we have to do it quickly because my wife is coming home soon. You understand Scammer: Okay, I see.

Okay, when does it come, how long? Karl: I'm not sure. She is in the mall. Cheater: All right.

can't encrypt folder

Okay, so okay. So what are we going to do, we are going to diagnose your computer for you? I'll connect your computer to a secure server asap and diagnose this thing for you. And tell you how we can remove this virus from your computer, alleged software to help you connect to a second secure server.

So that we can diagnose your computer. Basically, it is the diagnostic software that helps us diagnose the computer system that we run on you. Karl: How long have you been working at Microsoft, does it have to be a good company to work for? Cheater: Yes, I was here for about a year and a half.

Karl: Oh, wow, and did you have to go to college to get this job because I'm looking for a job. Scammers: Sir, we're not here for personal information as this is a company line. I can't share my personal information here? So let me work on the computer.

OK? Karl: Is that safe? Cheater: Yes, of course. OK. So your computer is currently connected to your server.

This is how you are connected to your support team. Okay.Karl: Okay Scammer: So don't move your mouse and just let me check the virus.

Okay, I'm in control of your computer now. Let me diagnose your computer. Karl: Okay, but you want to look at my files, right? Scammers: I don't look at files.

I'm working right now checking out all the things that are a little overworked. All right. Give me a moment In fact, there are some services that have been stopped on your computer.

That's why you might see the popup. Can you show me the pop Karl: I got it from this website, from this website. I clicked on it and it disappeared, it's from one of those websites.

Scammers: Okay, so you're from PhilippianKarl: No, I'm looking from Oakland. This is a dating website. Scammer: Oh, okay, so you're looking for a Filipino girl, okay over there.

Karl: Yeah, don't worry about what I'm doing man. I just have to fix this before my wife gets home. Scammers: Okay, now let me close this website for you or let me ignore this.

Karl: You can, okay. I'm worried man. I'm really worried.

Scammers: Are you worried huh? Karl: What's up, the virus. Scammers: Okay, so you watch a lot of porn or go to different websites online? Karl: No, I just got this one got new laptop and I'm just trying to watch a movie and you know you are doing dating stuff. Scammers: So actually there is no reduction if you are currently running on your computer and there are a lot of porn sites made by Your account has been registered.

Karl: Oh my God Scammers: And a file is running on your computer. Karl: Mmm-hmm Scammer: But actually Trojans. Karl: What is a Trojan? What do you mean? What is a trojan? Scammers: Oh, you don't know, just search for now, you can go online and search for it.

Karl: Trojans, what is that? Scammers: What, what, what are you talking about? I'm talking about the Trojan virus. In fact, Trojan horse is a virus that is designed to infect computer devices and you can also read and detail Google and its various websites. Okay, indeed, sir, there are viruses that run on a computer system and your various services stop stopping. let me just go ahead and check if your email id is infected with it or not too. ok, and then.

Can you please write down your email address here? Karl: Okay, sure. Scammers: Some of the information has been verified. Karl: Oh my god.

Scammers: You could be scammed. Karl: Oh my god. Oh my god, that scares me.

Scammers: don't worry. Here we will help you. Karl: I'm worried.

I am really worried about this. Scammers: What general purpose are you using this computer for? Karl: I told you. Cheater: Okay, do you remember my name? Karl: No Cheater: It's Rob, oh there is a telephone connection in the computer system.

Karl: WhatScammer: If that's what you're seeing, there's a phone connection I made on your computer. You can see what? Karl: Oh shit! Scammer: So, in order to remove these people, what they're doing, they're stealing your information. Karl: You have to stop.

Scammers: I'm just checking what other devices are connected to the computer system? So several foreign connections have been made on your computer system. We need to remove this asap. All right? Karl: All right.

Scam: Okay, so to set up Microsoft security on your computer system, sir. Karl: Mmm-hmmScammer: There are several safeguards to level the wireless protection market. But that will only solve the problem for the viruses but now there are more infections on your computer system is a complete package.

We need to install this on your computer to protect it from hackers. Karl: Good. Scammers: Okay.

Okay, so we're going to put essential security in place for Microsoft Defender to address this issue. It will cost you about $ 399Karl: how much? Scammers: $ 399. So this is protective software that we have to use.

Karl: Okay. Scammers: On a computer system, okay. And that will fix your problem.

Let me work on it. Karl: What was your name again? Scammers: My name is Robert. Karl: Robert, okay from California.

Scammers: Mmm-hmm Okay, put your account number away. Karl: Okay. Before I pay you, I have to thank you.

OK. I really appreciate you helping me. So thanks for your help.

OkayScammer: Thanks for nah Karl: no, no listen to me, listen, right? Are you not an Indian scammer. Scammer: No Scammer: What are you saying? Karl: No. Thank you, you are an Indian scammer.

Is your mother's cheater too? Cheater: I'm not Indian. Karl: You are an Indian from Delhi? We all know what happens to these scams. Here you are man.

Scammer: No sir, where are you from? Karl: Delhi But I was born in Rohtak in Haryana. Cheater: Why did you call? Karl: kidding with you to waste your time. To tell you that you bring shame to all Indians.

You're not even a 2 rupee person. Cheater: what do you mean, what do you mean? Karl: So you don't speak Hindi? Cheater: I am not Indian. Karl: Don't lie.

You are a liar. Everything you told me is a lie Cheater: Why should I lie to you, you're telling me the lie. Karl: No, you're telling me that life is not a virus there, man.

You are just a scammer from India. We all know, man. Scammers: I only provide the protection software, nothing else.

Karl: No. Why do they do that? Are your parents proud of you You are a scammer. Scammer: I am not a scammer, I just provide the supporting software for you.

You can see that while you are still pulling on the map. Karl: No, you scold. Who do you think brought the pop-up? Who do you think brought the pop-up? You put the pop-up on the website.

csrss.exe no description

People call you and then you offer fake service. What do you do not understand? Cheater: You are wasting my time. Karl: Yes, I do and you cheat people.

Cheater: We don't cheat people, brother. Karl: You are, you cheat up here. Scammers: Okay, this is a waste of time.

Let it be well with you. By the way, what's your name, Karl: You'll find out my name soon. Do not worry.

Cheater: All right Karl: Okay, cheater: Thank you, thank you. Cheater: I told you I didn't understand much. I can't speak much.

Goodbye, have a nice day. Karl: That guy was such a liar. So that's what happens, right? We call these numbers because we think we have a virus and then they say we would fix it for $ 400 when in reality there is absolutely nothing wrong with our computer.

It's fine and they won't fix anything. It's all wrong and a lie. And if you thought I was being too strict with this guy the way I talked to him.

There was a time when these call center reps actually thought they were working for Microsoft, but there is so much awareness of fraudulent call centers these days. There have been so many police raids here that all these call center workers now know if they work for a fraudulent call center. You can no longer rely on ignorance.

You saw how much this guy just lies to me. Tell me he's not even in Delhi. I know for sure.

Now we are confronting the owner of this call center, Himanshu Nigam, from Uttar Pradesh. But before that, I have some good news for you about the call center and some bad news for me. So the bad news, obviously, I'm not in the same place where I took the rest of this article, am I? I was gone for four days.

I came back and my wife had cleaned the house. Which meant that she had thrown away the dining table I was working at and I had been relegated to the sad little corner of the desk. I will take revenge on her.

This is the bad news for me. The good news for you guys about this call center is my friend on YouTube JimBrowning, he's flooded your call center with calls in the past few days. He got people refunds from visas.

He has closed the call center phone numbers and is in the process of reporting them to the US and Indian authorities. So go check out Jim's channel. He's basically a one man army against these fraudulent call centers here in India and he's taken them down one by one.

Let's call Himanshu Nigam now and see what he says. You are Himanshu Nigam, the head of a new technology restricted who runs a fraudulent call center in Rohini Sector 3 and in fact I did an investigation into your operation, just a fraudulent call center and a article will appear on YouTube if there are multiple articles about your fraudulent Call center come and you could? Jim Browning noticed this week that he was flooding your class with calls. He shut down your phone numbers and Visa issued refunds.

And we know about Mahir Shah too. He is your contact in the USA. And you have been reported to the Indian police and the US police.

Okay, it might be time for you to move your office. No, brother, you lie, you lie completely. So Himanshu says that he has nothing to do with it.

He's innocent, but if you just dig a little deeper. You will find all the information you need to prove that he is just a complete liar. So, they run these fraudulent call centers behind legitimate companies.

They are fake deals. They are letterbox companies and if you are looking for renewed tech Private Limited and check out this facebook page you will find in 2018 that they are hiring candidates for the US and UK shifts. The very same people who cheat them, he told us that he does search engine optimization SEO, right? Complete liar.

There, look at the username; HR and Nigam. He set up this page and he posted on this page. There you have the address, Rohini.

Exactly where this call center is. Now if we go to the website it is the fake website, the shell company they are using to hide the call center for new technology. Check out how fake that is, the sites aren't even finished yet.

It's just super generic. It's not a real website and if you just go to the 'About Us' page it says here. Dedicated call center.

This is the mailbox company that runs the scam call center and you know the first rule to get wrong is never admit your crime if you get caught, right? So that's all Himanshu does, all the evidence Jim has shown me shows that he is absolutely the owner of this operation, our reputation around the world. When foreigners get these calls from these rogue call centers they start to think that all Indians are like that, but that's not true. It couldn't be further from the truth.

Indians are the most hospitable people in the world, right? If you want a full investigation and see all the evidence against the fraudulent call center head over to Jim Browning's channel, watch this article. I have a link to it in the description and if you want to support my work and become a member -onlybenefits, head, join the button and become part of the rock army. Long live India.

Is supremo a malware?

Yes it is not easy to remove this software! To remove this scam software: Sstop the Supremo service in Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc)

Should I remove supremo?

Supremo cannot be uninstalled due to many other problems. An incomplete uninstallation of Supremo may also cause many problems. So, it's really important to completely uninstall Supremo and remove all of its files.

Silence shared in wordsGiftsThere is no future for religion Stop bothering to go to synagogue, temple, church because they have deceived you enough for years and all their consolations have been passed out.

You have to turn from politicians, from religious people to scientists. All of humanity must focus on science if it is to get rid of misery. And I call my religion the science of the inner soul is not a religion, it is exactly a science.

Just as science works in the objective world, so does science work in the subjective world. Remember, outside science can help immensely in reducing your suffering and misery by nearly ninety percent suffering and misery - which are physical, biological, and scientific can very easily eliminate them, then the remaining ten percent of misery becomes first Learn to be. Right now it's lost in the mess of that ninety percent misery. 'Then you will be able to see that all this misery was nothing compared to that ten percent, that ten percent is the real agony.

And that can only be transformed inward movement: call it meditation, awareness, alertness. But that ten percent misery is of enormous weight. The ninety percent is nothing, it's just hunger ...

the food you need, shelter you need, work you need, and all of these things can be addressed by science. Remove the priest entirely. It has no function for the future.

He's done enough mischief already. Focus on science and then you will immediately see a new dimension arise in you that you were not aware of. It was there, but a hungry man how can he think whether life has meaning or not? A hungry person cannot think whether the flower is beautiful or not: he is hungry.

You can't talk to him about music and poetry and painting. That will humiliate him; it will only be an insult, an outright insult. But when these problems go away, then for the first time he will begin to explore real existential questions that can only be answered by subjective science.

So religion has no future an objective science to deal with objective things and a subjective science to deal with your internal affairs. One takes care of your physiology, biology. The other takes care of your psychology and your ultimate center: the soul.

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Is it easy to remove the software Supremo?

Yes it is not easy to remove this software! Find the folder supremo is located in and delete the folder, if necessary take ownership of the folder first Power to the Developer! Was this reply helpful? Sorry this didn't help. Great! Thanks for your feedback. How satisfied are you with this reply?

How many people are using Supremo for free?

Supremo is a fairly new product; the final version was released in September of this year after two years of development and beta testing. It's free for personal use and requires a subscription for commercial use. It has about 172,000 users, having built up a large following during the public beta, Costantini said.

When did the Supremo app come out for free?

Supremo is a fairly new product; the final version was released in September of this year after two years of development and beta testing. It's free for personal use and requires a subscription for commercial use.

Where do I find supremo on my computer?

Supremo does not install itself, it just runs from an exe file. Find supremo.exe, it's likely in your downloads folder, and just delete it. See this article from Supremo.

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