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Subnautica not loading - innovative solutions

How do I fix Subnautica not loading?

It's just stuck. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Or close the application and open it again.

Many thanks to Patreon Jebus for suggesting this game.

I'm sorry it took so long. While Subnautica is still an Early Access game with a long way to go to fully optimize it, the fact is that the actual game is good enough to warrant trying to play and enjoy it, too if it's on a low-end computer, and while it doesn't have configuration files like many Unity games, there are still a trick or two that can help you reduce the graphics as much as possible, distance and visual effects, because we can get this game working. The configuration screen for Subnautica is very minimalistic with just the resolution control, a general graphics quality setting that we keep at the minimum, and a water quality setting that only goes down to medium I can imagine even at low resolutions that this doesn't bode well for my IntelHD computer , so we have to go further.

skype zoomed in

First up are custom resolutions. As far as I've tested, when you add a custom resolution to your GPU control panel it will show up in the game's resolution list even if it's very low. To do this you need to go to your control panel, either NVIDIA or AMD and there should be an option to add custom resolutions to Intel, make sure your Intel drivers are up to date.

If there isn't a custom resolution tab in the Intel Control Panel, you may need to look in Windows / System32 for a CustomModeApp program that lets you create custom resolutions as if there might be something extra in the game. According to the developers themselves, there is a hidden menu with additional graphical options that can be viewed in-game by pressing F3. Usually the mouse is locked in-game, but you can unlock it and use the menu by pressing F8.

Here you can deactivate light wells, bloom and surrounding particles or play around with the level of detail of the shader or the general detailing distance of the objects. The latter is tricky, I recommend gauging something from a familiar object because if you go too deep, a lot of objects just disappear. Play around with it until you strike a good balance between performance and level of detail.

Draw the distance. You can open the menu anytime I'll show you the performance I've got on different systems and resolutions. Some of these tests were streamed.

So before you go on an expedition to explore the ocean, it is very important to collect some materials in order to make some things that we will need when we are going to expand deeper into the ocean. It is also important to catch as much food as possible, please come back here. I have to eat you OK.

It's also an excellent opportunity ... yes! that I need to expand the base, because that's what this game is all about.

Build bases deeper and deeper. Is this escape pod backwards? Oh, that's- yes. That's sad, that's- ooh! a bit disappointing.

I'm really curious, I've never achieved this e aurora so far, it took me so long to get the radiation suit, I just want to know what's in here, oh, it looks bad from up there, like it looks down here. Every time the game loads a new part of the world, it sways. Every computer I've tried.

Oh, and there's fire that burns. 'Beware. The digestive tract of nearby life forms contains traces of Human tissue, OK, that's getting more and more interesting by the minute, I have to admit that, Ooh! Would you take a look at that? We are actually in the ship now.

Hm, it seems like we're going to need the propulsion cannon again. This is how far I can get in here. Any suggestions from you, experts? ”You can enter spawn drive cannon.

Hmm, but this is cheating, but I've come this far ... ok whatever.

I'll try it. Call me a cheater whatever you want, I just want to see. I'm so curious, it's a cool way to test isn't it? 'Propulsion Cannon' Let's see.

How does this work? Oh! It is literally the gravity cannon. Ok this is funny. And yes, steel door.

I need a laser cutter or something. And here I need a password. Ok whatever.

Let's- That's enough Aurora for today. Look for passwords on your PDA. Yeah, I think I don't have one.

Oh, that's silly, yeah. 1- 4-5-4 Oh, would you check this out and the adventure continues! For better or worse, hmm reminds me a lot of the Metroid Prime inaugural mission, has anyone played the game before? What the hell is this? How do I perceive it? Ok what the hell was that? Oh here it comes again, here it comes again. Whatever, that's enough.

Do you remember the order to teleport back to a life capsule? I want to see if it's true. Oh! You weren't kidding! This was easier than I expected. That's all for this article.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the stream and donated on Patreon. See you in the next article!

How long does Subnautica take to load?

Is your hard drive in the description? Can't find it. After roughly 12 hours in, my Subnautica would take at least 7-10 Waltzes to load.

Most character-driven 3D article games can be pretty easily categorized into one of two categories: either first person or third person.

In a first person game, you see the game world through the actual eyes of the player character as if you were that character. and in a third-person game you see the player character from the outside - often behind your back or from a fixed isometric perspective. But the existence of these two perspectives begs a question: Is this what a first-person game looks like and This is what a third-person article game looks like ...

what exactly would a second-person game look like? Well, I'm not the first to wonder about this - the question of whether or not a second person shooter might actually exist is one that has plagued article game forums as long as the internet has been around. It has also served as the premise for some pretty good comedy sketches over the years, like this one from Mega64: - Introducing the world's first second-person shooter. (Video game mu sic) (rock music) - No no no no! - And this one from The Onion.- To get into the second person shooter mode, you simply move the narrative slider from the first to the second.- You Walking down a long corridor.

All of a sudden, a Nazi jumps out from behind the door and unleashes a hail of machine gun fire in your direction. - But to help us figure out what a second person game really would be, I think it would be helpful In written language, the term 'first person' refers to any script where the point of view uses expressions such as' I 'or' m 'to tell the story from the protagonist's perspective - personal pronouns - for example' he went this way, 'she went this way' etc - to talk about characters from an outside perspective. Now there is the second person writing, but it's kind of weird - in the second person the primary pronoun is 'you'. 'You do this', 'you go there' etc much less often when writing short stories, and it is actually something that you are more likely to come across in, for example, a list of instructions or a book for choosing your own adventure.

Now the article game camera's analog perspectives for first and third person writing are obvious - but what about the second person? We know what a 'me' game looks like and we know what a 'he' game is like looks like, but what about a 'you' game? Oddly enough, before I even got the question, I actually found the answer, and believe it or not, it came to me thanks to a game you may have heard me talk about - and that game is Driver: San Francisco See, for all of the interesting missions in Driver: San: Francisco - and there are plenty of them - there is one mission that I swear to God that I think about all the time. The mission in question is called 'The Target' and is the final mission of chapter six of the game. In the game, you play a cop named John Tanner who, for reasons that I won't go into here, basically has a superpower that allows you to take over the bodies of any other driver and has started that superpower to thwart a possible terrorist attack by a gangster named Jericho.

As the game progresses, Tanner decides that the best way to untangle Jericho's plans is to do it inside, and in order to do that, Tanner takes on the body of a lowly henchman named Ordelland who uses his driving skills to order Ordell to get into the ranks. The final mission in this story is for you to inhabit Ordell's body one last time to complete a major assignment from his boss Leila, who is the deputy of this international assassin and Jericho's partner Jones, who drives their iconic orange Dodge Challenger, and already soon you will deform yourself into Ordell's body with Leila in the passenger seat, where she will give you clarity about the mission. (Car engine roars) - Ordell, I just need your best today. - What's wrong? - Jericho has a problem he wants to solve.

Take me to the goal and I'll fix it.- So you go to the goals she gave you and close.As you get near your goal, this happens: (car engine roars) - Slow down.

We should grasp the target at all times now. (Car engine roars) (tires screech) The yellow Dodge, in front. Stay close but don't be obvious - ...

this is my car - what? This is the cop who gets in our way. - Are we following him to the goal? - ...

He IS the target. - It's you. You have been hired to kill yourself. (Music) Now, after the cutscene ends, you're back in Ordell's body in first-person view with Leila sitting to your right.

But then ...

realtek 8822be issues

you hit the throttle to accelerate and the car in front of you goes. You steer left and right ...

and the car in front of you goes left and then right. And then it quickly sinks into the fact that the car is actually recontrolling you, the car you are following. Your perspective as a player is completely separate from what you control as a player.

In other words, you are chasing ...

you. Now, as you can see, the car you are sitting in is moving too - but what matters most is that you are not the one controlling this car. The car you sit in moves automatically and is seemingly controlled by an AI-controlled driver who is chasing the car you actually control like a chase in any other article game like you've seen countless times - except this one Sometimes it is turned upside down.

This time you are the one being chased while at the same time seeing how everything is going from the perspective of the car. And while it's hard for me to guess how well this comes across on article, all of these elements add up to something that is very, very strange to play. It is somewhat shocking and confusing to see a first-person perspective on the screen, but not even controlling that perspective, wanting to remotely control the car you are chasing.

It's the best a article game has ever brought closer to a true out-of-body experience, and it's an experience that has stayed loyal to me since I first played this game in 2011. When I first played Driver: San Francisco eight years ago, I only played through this mission once, from start to finish, and was amazed at the unique perspective this mission gave you, but then moved on to the rest of the game . I've always felt that if I ever got back to this game I would want to take this mission apart and see how it makes it tick, and that's part of what I want to achieve with this article.

See, as cool as this mission is, it's pretty linear too. The whole thing happens while you drive down this completely cordoned-off racetrack without exits or detours - almost just a direct shot to the exit. I've always assumed that the developer Reflections designed this mission because of the technological constraints on design that weird second-person person camera they built just for this mission.

Perhaps there was no way for them to get this camera to behave properly in the actual open world with all the different streets, bumps, and alleys to immerse yourself in - not to mention the other traffic beyond that they have built this mission up with a pretty strict countdown timer that forces you to hit the checkpoints in quick succession - something I've always assumed was placed on to keep you from ever straying too far and to interrupt the game somehow. Even so, I always wondered about the real limits of this mission, and I knew that this time I wanted to test whether there was an escape route or not - before I finished the mission I paused, started it over, and then instead To start the race as intended, I swung the car into a 180 this time and reversed the car in the wrong direction. Now when I do this the AI ​​driver immediately panics, turns the steering wheel quickly, trying to keep my car visible in the frame, it eventually turns 180 degrees, around the entire open world of Driver: San Francisco to reveal - seemingly 100% accessible to the player.

Now I was driving away from the circuit and starting exploring, and I kept getting ready to hit some sort of invisible wall or fault condition for getting off course, but it never happened. Everything really worked. I got into traffic and the second person camera followed me, jerking and meandering flawlessly through the other cars on the street.

It was around this time that I noticed ...

there was no timer. It turned out that Reflection was generous in that this mission was designed, intentionally or unintentionally, so that the mission countdown timer doesn't actually start until you reach the first checkpoint - meaning that if you never get to that first checkpoint, you can drive around forever. (Car engine roars) (car drives by) properly honking) This led to what I can only describe as a transcendent article game experience.

It felt like I was seeing something that I should never see. This opportunity to explore the city as much as I wanted, all from this completely unique, extremely surreal second person perspective: it felt like a magical experience and one that almost no one else had experienced for themselves. Now revisiting this mission and managing to escape the limits set by the developers ars before, I really wanted to try and push this thing to its limits.

I couldn't stop breaking something: I was driving the car off ramps into the oncoming traffic, everything. But surprisingly it held together perfectly. That is, until I tried a certain thing.

See, I've never talked about it before, but this mission actually has an error condition, there is a health bar in the lower right corner of the screen that shows the Health represents from Tanner's car: the car you chase / drive. But if you get into one too many collisions while driving this car in second person, you can actually lose health, resulting in Tanner dying and the mission ending in loss, which is by the standard they set -Mission path actually pretty hard to get to, but driving in oncoming traffic lanes and driving off car transporters had taken my toll and I only had a tiny bit of health left. I want to explore this mission for as long as possible, I carefully pulled Tanner's car into a narrow alley and then decided to try what I hadn't tried yet: I turned around and drove the car, in the second person, right at myself (Music) That put the AI ​​driver in a strange position.

He had to drive backwards now just to keep me in the frame, and it was also wedged tightly between the two walls of the alley so that there was almost no wiggle room. I kept driving towards me, applying pressure, getting closer and closer and then ... (car engine roars) (car squeaks) (cars crash) - Nice work - it broke.

Suddenly the second-person vehicle shoots into a wall, cuts through it, and then flings hundreds of meters into the air. Briefly, one picture at a time, we can take a look at the chaos that was unfolding: We see the car in the wall, then we see the front console of the car upside down; we see what looks like the bottom of the sea and then the sidewalk from below; we see roofs, the driver's arm, the sky, trees, abstract geometry - and then the city from above, flooded with uncharged geometry. After that, we see the car spinning and turning in the air, giving us a view of San Francisco from above, before finally rising so high that nothing can be seen but an endless ocean.

And then black. (Music) All of a sudden all of a sudden the car raced back to earth. The health indicator for Tanner's vehicle turns blinding white, and then the second person's view fills with an orange-yellow hue: Tanner's car.

It quickly becomes clear that the second-person car somehow appeared in Tanner's vehicle that is causing infinite damage to the car. (Cars crash) A deafening crash sound is heard and broken glass flies everywhere, and then, just before the end of the mission, the camera inexplicably shifts into Tanner's car, where the car is balanced on his nose, his windshield Crashed, impossible to push through another vehicle. And then the camera horribly cuts through the back of Tanner's partner's head and shows us the back of his eyeballs and tongue: a really terrible second-person perspective, if there was one. (Music) Shaken by my otherworldly encounter, which seemed to be triggered by pushing this already existential mission to its limits, I reset the mission and played it one last time from start to finish - this time carefully doing it the right way not wanting to disturb whatever disturbs me if I abandon the mission in advance.

Finally, I thought I know that every mission in Driver: San Francisco ends with an option to continue and retry, so if I really wanted to re-explore this mission, I could always hit the retry button to try again, after going through them normally. So I completed the mission as intended - a mission which, by the way, ends with the antagonist Jericho actually taking over your act body and trying to drive you into a fatal car accident: (car engine roars) - You mean ...

Jericho! - Lean get back and enjoy the show. Not many people can watch each other die - ...

disturb a problem that Tanner decides to solve. For the first and only time in the game, he slips into the body of his partner Jones. Yes, that partner - What the hell is going on here? - Anyway, I am finishing the mission the normal way, staying on my path, and full of anticipation awaiting the restart option that appears after most missions to show up .

Instead, I come to the end of the mission, and - for some reason I still can't explain - the only option was next. The reset option was gone, quickly hit ALT + F4 and the game existed in the hope that I could load my save file and go through the mission again, but it was too late, it was already automatically saved over my file and the mission was up gone with no way to play them again. (Music) Look, Driver: San Francisco is a game full of weird, interesting, and eye-catching missions - but to me, 'The Target' has always been the perfect example of what makes this game so special .

Video games are an entire medium built around taking over the bodies of others, and Driver: San Francisco is a richly existential land meta-textual reflection of that idea. This mission in particular brought these ideas to light in ways that I wasn't fully prepared for and that I'm only starting now, years and years later, article felt like an overwhelming exercise explaining something that is borderline inexplicable. You really have to play it yourself to get a full feel for how crazy this mission feels.

Reflections used decades of 3D article game conventions in developing this mission, and it activates your mind to create a truly out of body experience. For me this is an achievement worth celebrating. Please play Driver: San Francisco. (Car engine roars) - When you are here who is in your body? ? - Well, nobody ...

oh god. (Door closes) (key ring) (car turns) - All right, so a few quick updates on the 'Driver: San Francisco' situation. -list the game I mentioned at the end of my last article is now at over 70.00 0 signatures which is insane, please if you are interested in this game please sign this petition it feels so now like 100,000 within range, which is crazy and I can't believe I'm saying it, but it could happen - which feels like an unmistakable number to me.

But! As you may have noticed, Ubisoft has not listed the game again in the meantime - they have ignored the 70,000 signatures we have. And on a completely unrelated note, not at all connected, driver: San Francisco, since my article was last month, was in the top 10 most downloaded games on The Pirate Bay ....

there's no relationship there, let alone . I'm just saying the game is unavailable and it is also one of the most widely pirated article games out there. and was in the top 10 most stolen games last month.

Just a coincidence. Also, regardless of the fact that this game is apparently very popular at Pirate Bay, did you know that if you go to NordVPN.org/babylonian you can access illegal or non-illegal websites without going through your ISP or being followed to anyone else? So that means, for example, you go to a website that allows you to download it - and I'm not saying you should have a article game that is no longer available and can be easily pirated in just a few clicks and if you don't get mad at E.

If you want to get emails from your ISP telling you you can't, you should invest in a VPN. (laughs) If you visit NordVPN.org/babylonian and use the coupon code 'babylonian'

Why is Subnautica not loading on my computer?

2) You may have Citrix workspace installed. There is a known incompatibility with this software and to play Subnautica you will need to uninstall Citrix and reboot your machine (off/on again) in order for Subnautica to load correctly. If the game just hangs while loading the game please be patient.

How do I get mods to work on Subnautica?

Do a fresh download and install of the latest version of the QModManager and then once that successfully installs and creates the QMods folder, then extract the downloaded mods into the QMods folder. All of the instructions for this are very clearly explained. Use this site for the mod downloads: https://www.nexusmods.com/subnautica/mods/top/

Why does Subnautica not go past the title screen?

The second save never stopped saving, after 30 minutes of sitting waiting for the saving icon to go away, I had to close the game. Loaded the game back up, and now the title screen just says 'Loading...' indefinitely. Waited 30 minutes at this state. Uninstalled and then reinstalled the game. Still the same thing.

Where can I find the latest drivers for Subnautica?

If you use Steam, Steam can also help you search for the latest drivers. In the Steam menu navigate to Check for Video Driver Updates... and let Steam guide you through the process. Subnautica uses the FMOD audio libraries. Unfortunately FMOD crashes if the sound card is not installed properly.

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