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Split io sec - how to handle

What is split IO SEC?

Split IO/sec is the rate physical disk requests were split into multiple disk requests during the sampling interval. A large number of split IO/s indicates that the disk is fragmented and performance is being affected.

In this Videoman review, I'm going to show you some advanced article hosting technology that not only allows you to host your articles but also create them yourself, including a ton of additional tools that make this super cool and make sure you stick with it at the end of this review as I'll also show you the different Otos and upgrades so you know exactly what you're getting into when you decide to make a purchase. If your new to my channel my name is Mike Thomas I am a seven figure affiliate marketer and I do these reviews every day so that you can get the best deals on upcoming software courses if at any time you want to try Videoman out during this review, click Just click the link below. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? Please like this article too as it really helps me with my YouTube channel and I appreciate it.

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Other platforms such as wistia and vimeo are also very expensive on a monthly basis. This is an alternative where you can pay a one-time fee and the ability to host all of your articles in one place and not distract your articles. Also, it has a article editing with a timeline so it has a simple editor for easy editing Video assets it has loom like article screen recording if you are not familiar with loom Loom is software that allows you to record your screen.

You can put your face on it if you want, if you don't. Neither does it have to and you can share these links over the internet. You can use it to record article just like I am recording with this technology right now.

So, if you weren't wondering how to like recordings like me, you don't have to buy expensive software like the one I use. It also has artificial intelligence based text-to-speech creation so you can enter text and a voice will be created for you. So if you're one of those people who don't like to talk, uh, or like your face, or talk on article then you can use that too and it has thumbnail and image design to make these like uh these animated gifs and everything for you right inside me '.,. these animated gifs, and all for you, right inside me.

I'm going to show you everything in the review here today so it basically says you just upload your article with one click. You can take a article from like YouTube and upload it to the system, you can take it from several different platforms and record it and paste it right there, that's pretty cool. I'll show you that here today too, uh, and you can just edit it, uh, and then you add it.

You can uh add voice overs if you want to use it to convert any text into speech.

Customize your articles, then post a and then monetize your articles. They have a lot of testimonials here from people who have used this Um talk a little bit about article marketing blah blah blah we don't have to watch it all they talk a little bit about why using youtube is not a good idea like i said before if you don't you're someone who is actively building a YouTube channel, don't use YouTube, I'm a YouTuber, I'm building my channel, that's why I use it, uh, but if it wasn't me, I wouldn't use it on my websites because it's external Contains links that people can be taken away from even as if they had other articles showing up there too So just so you know how if.

You see this example here, it's a bit small, if I can zoom in a bit, you can see all the different ways people can scr to go to other articles here uh, it can be distracting for users who try to consume your content and who tell them here are other platforms vimeo with the article that are expensive. there are monthly fees if you have a big budget and want to pay monthly but if you are someone trying to save money then probably a one time fee will be better for you you have an easy to use timeline for article editing, so you can edit your articles. Access to a built-in premium HD stock library The article screen capture is pretty cool the ai text-to-speech thumbnails You can use this for marketing articles - got me into doing an affiliate review article.

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You can do it with the software here and host it directly on their platform. Now they will have some more detailed demos on the sales page uh i wont play themplay demo for i will make my own and show you a bit more but if you want i will be like their demo. You can go to the sales page and see their demo there in that link too, uh below, so let me bring you here They are going to have a standard license or a commercial license, and with the standard commercial license that most people have want, get the best value, you get 50 gig of space which is a fair amount of space you can add up to 50,000 articles um and there is no bandwidth limit i asked them about that.

Is there a bandwidth limit if you pick this up during the introductory phase? There is no bandwidth limit and which one? means they won't stop you if your article goes viral they won't stop playing your article because it is getting too much traffic, so you get unlimited traffic to your articles here you have all these other things, all these other things uh things here Commercial rights so you can use it for commercial purposes, uh, if you want and that's going to be a one time price here. Beware when you get to the sales page, uh, there might be a discount code there if it's not activated, you can ask me what it is there. You should find it.

I found one here earlier. Here we go 15 is one of them and if you are checking here to see if this discount code could change during the launch, just check to see if there is no discount code um you could if you're not sure you can't find it ask me easy you can reply to an email you get from me you can comment on my youtube channel, whatever if you can't find it, just create make sure you use the discount code i want around the To get the lowest price, that's the front-end offer, let me take you to the back-end area and show you how it works. We are in the backend area.

They have a ton of different things on offer here, uh, that I can't show you all of them, but I'm going over here briefly for these demo purposes so that they have a thumbnail maker here so this will actually be able to do a thumbnail for you use your royalty-free images here if you want to search for a specific keyword, for example. You can find one of them. Take it you can customize it.

can't create homegroup

You can insert something like that, if you want to add some text about it, I could make the text bigger like this so I can say it, how do you click here now and I could then take this and make this bigger Text make the move. . 'and drag on the corner to make it bigger and of course I would probably want to change the color here so I can make it like purple or whatever color I wanted to make that black I can italicize it center it if i want i can crop the picture i can add different symbols and so on that you want to insert here you can register a custom symbol here.

If you want you can add different shapes uh you can add like another uh you can draw in there, if you want you can paint it uh, you can make a circle, triangle or whatever you want to do here, tons of different things you can do with your pictures in this little editor and these will go over the edge of your article but they also have the animated gif that i am going to show you in a moment they have a perfect background uh music so there is different music that you can use for your uh for your articles back here you found the perfect article footage you can record these royalty-free articles and you can even edit them in the software. You can use them and use them in your various articles here, so uh, that's all uh, you can just edit, download, use them how you want so that's another part of that software that's included with the. Front-end offer and then they have the lyrics to human-sounding voice-overs.

You just enter your text and you can use it too. You have to go live and record whatever allows you to create audio and article.

You have to go live and record what you can do. You can create audio and article.

Video only Audio only Picture and picture You can record from your desktop. You can just take a screen capture if you want, if you just want to like your screen with no audio when you are trying to show something or you want to have audio and screen and not have your face on it, you can record your screen, to record audio and make a article, uh, like a screen share and an audio that's kind of cool too. Now you have your articles here for you to uh uh. you can import articles that's kind of cool yo you can actually import articles from other sources from google drive vimeo facebook dropbox.

If you find a YouTube article just enter the link here and you can upload any YouTube article from that link. Obviously, you want to make sure that you have permission to do so from the person you're doing it from, but it allows you to record YouTube articles as well. You can also upload your own articles from your computer so you can create up to 10 files at the same time avi mp4 mkv all these different file types now with a maximum file size of five gigs which is quite large, which is a lot bigger than other platforms I use have seen in the past that have smaller restrictions so this is a pretty big upload uh size for it here so then you There will be an area where you can have all your different articles in one place and this is one that I actually uploaded from YouTube.

I took one from Gordon Ramsay here and uploaded it right here, it's kind of cool that you can take your article os uh and you have all these different things that you can you can download it. You can get direct links to All These Screen Captures I Took Here. You can see they are right on the platform and I can uh analytics is an upgrade in my opinion and I'll show you that in a moment, but it will show me all the articles in GIFs so you can record a article and make an animated gif out of it you can start a screen recording and then create an animated gif from this screen recording.

I have a ton of different media in here, tons and tons of stuff that is in this platform, but essentially the big thing behind it is the fact that it's a place that you can add. ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️.️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ in your articles and you can host all your various articles within the platform.

That's the big selling point all of these different options he got some of them, like the email, leads to one. I believe this is an upgrade so I'm going to show you on the way down and the call to action is an upgrade, but you can change the look and feel of this e.g.

B. just change the color of you to how you want it to look, let me change the thumbnail so I can change the thumbnail to a simple picture. I can use the standard picture.

I could pick one from my library so I can go in here and just grab this one right here and make the picture I want to put here Player Controls I can add these in different types of player controls here and again some of them are our upgrades I'll give you show we're going through the player role actions here, they all have overlay ads here but you can share your article then um and you can change that uh, it will be responsive so it will be responsive so of course we will be shown on mobile er and different options here for it, so that's essentially the front-end offering, without an hour for this review e.g. u waste it.

There are other demos that you can check out the sales page in more detail, but I just wanted to give you an idea of ​​what you will get on the front end. Now let me bring you over and show you what these upgrades and Otos do to be okay, here the first oto is the first upgrade that unlocks 30 functions, it will have unlimited access to all Videoman functions as well as the kit of sophisticated article controls interactive call-to-action buttons unlocked for team members that you can give other people access to, and a lot more will add a ton of stuff here, unlimited articles hosting the game, unlimited client articles, uh, so you won't have any restrictions what you can do with it uh it has a play bar enable features one click volume control share and embed uh playback speed control full screen mode mode rewind article resolution so people can choose the resolution they want to continue playback uh enable cinema mode, so I think that is how you see your audience You can send players to product lists, Amazon products, shopify products, and you can add sub-users. So if you have someone who should access your account and not give them your main login, it's probably pretty dangerous if you don't know the person well Well, uh, you can create teams, add team members, manage teams with one click, team settings, privacy, easy on and on and on this is probably going to be a pretty popular up class, you don't have to get it, but i just think a lot of people would want to buy this one with all of these extra features on here.

It's going to be a one-time price and that's here from 97 because that's the first or next upgrade. You can run ads and capture unlimited leads from your articles to reproduce how YouTube makes money You can build a list You can add an autoresponder integration without knowing the code You can build your email list and Earn money with your articles at the same time. So if you want to make money from your articles other than what you're doing now, add ads and get leads from them then you can post article ads there, pixel integration sab split tests and more if you really want to know what Your advanced analytics are in your articles, and want to see exactly what's happening so you know what's working, what's not One-click pixel integrations add the map information Buy Insights Pageviews Appointment booking Split-off tests for you to test Which articles perform better, which articles get more clicks Opt-ins Average stick length Clear viewers Uh disconnection rates In-depth analysis You get all of this with this upgrade, well, that's the third upgrade and the fourth and, uh, I think the last upgrade is the agency license uh, so you can go out there and actually uh start selling this as uh as software here al so if you want to be able to make money from it you can use their pre-made, proven sales materials you can happily sell articles to people you can actually create accounts for them which makes this uh so much more powerful you can get up to 300 Subscribers add that it's up to you what you want to do with your license and I think this one will be pretty popular too and this one will of course cost more, uh, because it's a pretty big opportunity here, but uh, it'll be for the people for whom it's right, so what do I like about Videoman and what do I dislike about when I say something I don't like about it.

I'm a YouTube guy so I like putting my articles on YouTube because I like the traffic YouTube brings me. I'm getting organic traffic from YouTube. That's a big reason why I use it personally.

So if you're looking for a platform that will bring you free traffic, it probably isn't for you, what do I like about it? um, it doesn't bring in free traffic like youtube, essentially what you could do is upload your articles to youtube and in articleman you could actually link your youtube articles to your articleman-uh pages to get the free performance You can take advantage of, uh, YouTube and be able to host your articles on Video Man too so you like it when you have a sales page or a review page or whatever. Creating a YouTube channel is a great opportunity for everyone who host their articles and the fact that they give you unlimited bandwidth throughout the introductory period means you don't have to worry about being too successful to get articles playing too much and then paying for bandwidth too have to. That's one of the problems with other platforms: once you get a lot of views, you're billed for the bandwidths, so you don't have to worry about it being a one-time payment and you're good to go.

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Thank you for checking out my review today. If you want to check out the article just click the link below and like this article on YouTube as it is really helpful to my channel and I appreciate it and hit the subscribe button and bell notification as always, thanks for watching and see you again in my next article, thanks

What is Splitio?

Split is the feature delivery platform that pairs the speed and reliability of feature flags with data to measure the impact of every feature. With Split, organizations have a secure way to release features, target them to customers, and measure the impact of features on their customer experience metrics.

Hello! I'll show you how split I / O works. So right now I'm logged into Splits I / O and that's where all the games I've uploaded over the years are running. Down here I can see all of the people I follow on Twitch who have also recently uploaded runs to Splits I / O.

So when you log into Splits I / O, you generally upload your most recent run first. So I'm going to upload my Tron Evolution Run, a game I've been playing quite a lot lately. And in a moment we will see my last attempt here.

Each of these colored segments is a split in the run, sometimes called a level. And on the right here we see my total running time over the years that I've played this game. So I've really improved quite a bit, but as you can see I have some peaks here and there that we can see later that I need to improve.

So if we scroll down we can see some individual segment statistics here. The high bars are generally bad. Blue means that my difference between my average time and my best time is really, really bad.

So I should probably work on making this segment consistent. Below is the number of resets. I generally reset most of the time during the first segment just because it's the easiest to reset - that's a very common pattern - but other than that, I reset a lot at the beginning of the Abraxas fight so I may have to work on that too .

can't create homegroup

And down here, because I'm a Patron, I can see that all of these blue dots are PBs that I hit on the y-axis. And on the x-axis is the total number of hours I played the article game when I got that PB. And with some regression analysis, we can see how much more practice I'm going to take to get an even better time.

So if I try another 38 hours of trying, I should expect to get a 1: 08: XX. As we scroll down through each segment here, you'll notice that some of these stats buttons are blue, which is generally average. However, some are red, which means that my standard deviation is very high given the length of the segment.

So these are some specific pointers for things I need to work on; Segments that are likely not as consistent as they need to be. It looks like I've figured this out for the most part, but it's just not so consistent that the standard deviation has been reduced. So all I really need to do is keep practicing, further grinding this segment to make sure it comes in a reasonable range.

If we upload a run that I haven't had any portal experience on but have done more recently, you'll see that there's this new button up here called Auto Highlight. And what this does - it actually looks at the timestamps on my splits that I just uploaded, and it looks at my Twitch account that I already linked to my splits I / O account and finds a past one Broadcast during which I streamed this run. So when it finds one, it'll show that auto-highlight button and I can click it to flinch right away, with the start and end timestamps correctly set to ten seconds before my run starts and ten seconds after it ends.

And if I want, I can adjust them a bit too. And then I can click highlight and come back here and paste it here - which I've done in the past so I won't do it again - and if we remove that barrel and go back to my old portal barrel, which is actually mine is an official one that I do not use for demo purposes. You will see my run embedded in the page with an arrow showing the time it is there and I can click any segment to jump to the beginning of that segment in the article.

Like I said, this was my first run of the portal so there really isn't any data here to display and most of my segments are pretty bad. Another thing you can do inSplits I / O is set rivals. Jamacanbacn, for example, is my rival in TronEvolution because he and I play this game a lot together.

And I'm currently beating his best by 6 minutes, but if I want to see where he stands compared to me I can see our two runs together and if I were behind him I would see some suggestions here on where I can improve , but because of my time my is already a lot better than him, I don't see any suggestions. From here I can watch his run and see where he can improve and maybe give him a few tips that I know he won't. Thanks for looking at Splits I / O!

What does split Io mean in Windows 10?

From a graph, we see 120 disk transfers/sec and 50 Split IO/sec. Does it mean that the disk served 70 'non splitted' IOs and 50 IOs resulting from IOs that were splitted ? Explanation from TechNet does not help. 'Reports the rate at which the operating system divides I/O requests to the disk into multiple requests.

When does a split I / O request occur?

Explanation from TechNet does not help. 'Reports the rate at which the operating system divides I/O requests to the disk into multiple requests. A split I/O request might occur if the program requests data in a size that is too large to fit into a single request or if the disk is fragmented.

What causes a high rate of split I / O?

A split I/O request might occur if the program requests data in a size that is too large to fit into a single request or if the disk is fragmented. Factors that influence the size of an I/O request can include application design, the file system, or drivers. A high rate of split I/O might not, in itself, represent a problem.

How are IOPS determined in A multidisk array?

Four primary factors impact IOPS: Multidisk Arrays – More disks in the array mean greater IOPS. If one disk can perform 150 IOPS, two disks can perform 300 IOPS. Average IOPS per-drive – The greater the number of IOPS each drive can handle, the greater the the total IOPS capacity. This is largely determined by the rotational speed of the drive.

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