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Speech one core - lasting solutions

What is Speech_OneCore?

The file C:\Windows\System32\Speech_OneCore\Common\SpeechModelDownload.exe seems to be a legit file in Windows from Microsoft. The file sounds like a part of Cortana (the AI assistant in Windows 10) and might be speech recognition rule downloader in order to improve Windows speech accuracy.

Ah, yes, the infamous System32 virus that exists on all Windows PCs Well, not really, of course we've all heard the joke that system32 is a virus to delete, but it's actually a critical Windows directory But what would happen if you delete system32? Obviously Windows would no longer be able to boot, but could you somehow restore it? How much damage would it really do if you deleted it and was still running Windows? What would happen? Well, that's what we're going to do in this article, we're going to do a real-world demonstration of what would happen if you deleted system32 on your computer, and did it quickly before we do, just so you had some context Why? We don't go into what exactly system32 is and why it matters because there are many Windows directories.

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So what's the big deal about this one? As I mentioned earlier, System 32 has a ton of critical files that are essential not only for Windows itself, but also for third-party programs that run on Windows. This includes shared libraries like Dynamic Link Libraries or Hardware DLLs and even some built in core Windows programs things like the Task Manager or Notepad allExist in the System 32 folder and there is actually another similar folder in the Windows directory called SysWow64 and 64 stands for Windows 32-bit on Windows 64-bit and basically this actually contains a number of 32-bit libraries and so on, while system 32 has the 64-bit libraries. So yeah, if System 32 has the 64-bit stuff and SysWOW64 has the 32-bit stuff it doesn't really make sense It's basically just for backward compatibility from developers who haven't really planned in advance, but needless to say That stuff in the System 32 folder is used by almost everything, so it would be nice to delete y a lot disastrous for the Windows installation.

Now normally you cannot delete the system 32 folder. It is protected by permissions. So, even if you tried, it would say permission to do so by accident is basically impossible, and even if you try, unless you knew how to work around these things, you have no concerns to accidentally delete system32, but in this case we really want to delete system32.

So I'm going to play around with the permissions and give myself access so I can actually delete it now. I'm not going to show you how to do and do all of this because it's a bit complicated and I don't want you to know how to prank your friends by ruining their computer to destroy a normal computer installation, we are us now in windows and i have the privilege to delete pretty much all files and there are still some weird safeguards in place. For example, I may not be able to delete everything that is in use and see ing since it is a system directory some things are used but there are still many things.

That is crucial that I can delete. So we're going to have a lot of fun here. Erase everything I can when I try to erase everything in bulk.

It kind of blocks me and just doesn't delete anything. So I'm going to try and delete large segments at once and then you can see if I'm deleting folders and DLLs they are added to the trash and when you check in there you can see a whole bunch of things being deleted, so really, I am lifting as much as possible in a big swath and delete it it seems to make me delete most of the dlls and such, but the folders don't let me delete anything in it because if there is one thing it's kind of weird, probably a lot of extra permissions and security precautions specifically included in this folder But it seems like I'm still able to delete a pretty good chunk and I guarantee this will break everything. So right now I've already deleted a lot of stuff and the system is already acting pretty weird.

You can see I can't really use many when trying to click things. Never mind, it pops up menus and it's just blank or it crashes, really no random error messages loading anywhere, and even when I try to restart by clicking the start menu, the power button doesn't show anything. So even without a restart, the system is basically broken.

You cannot see the task manager start. At this point everything is destroyed, but at least Windows is still running. What I'm going to do is manually restart the virtual machine and see what happens after that.

So now I just restart it and we can wait for it to load and you can pretty much see it Tried to switch to automatic repair right away, it knows right away that something is wrong and the Windows didn't start and it says Diagnose your computer and it has done so much damage. Now look, it says Automatic Repair couldn't fix your PC, so we'd probably have to do a full reinstall of Windows at this point to get this computer to work again, if it's a real computer, see what's there is so we can click Reset this PC and see what happens. Remove everything and even and yes even that didn't work, it said there was a problem resetting your PC so probably a lot of the recovery stuff is gone and we can even click through some of the other options in this Windows environment for troubleshooting and nothing really here will solve it.

So really this Windows installation is destroyed The computer itself is obviously not You could still reinstall Windows on it But it is really going to be a pain, so clearly from this demonstration. We can see that it wasn't a surprise. What happens when you delete system32 your Windows installation is ruined until you completely reinstall Windows and you really can't do anything with it even with the built-in recovery features.

It won't be able to fix it So now in the future if you were ever tried to delete system32 with the friends because you probably won't even be able to fix it yourself and they will pretty much be pissed off if they have to take it to a computer store to reinstall Windows and zip up all of their data. It's not really worth it. Anyway, hopefully this article wasn't too long.

I do not think so. Let me know what you think in the comments section. Have you ever accidentally deleted system32? I would love to hear about it.

And if you want to keep looking, I'll post a few other articles here. You can just click them and if you want to subscribe, I'll make a couple of new articles every week, so it should be worth it. So thanks again guys for watching.

I'll see you next time. let it be well with you

Is SpeechRuntime exe a virus?

If it is malware or virus it might be running in the background. The .exe extension of the SpeechRuntime.exe file specifies that it is an executable file for the Windows Operating System like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Can I delete speech one core?

OPen Ease of Access then Speech Recognition. Then on the left select Advanced speech options. Here you will find under User Settings Run and Speech Recognition at startup, uncheck the box and click Apply.

If you are dealing with an addicting generation this is a time bombardment this is no accident it is indeed intentional i mean seriously it was my fault i mean i think we can all feel it when we try to make these products as an extra dopamine spike know that many of the major social media companies are hiring people called attention engineers who, among other things, borrow principles from Las Vegas casino gambling to try to make these products as addicting as possible.

The desired use case of these products is for you to use them in an addicting way because that will maximize the benefits that can be drawn from your attention and data.It is literally a point where I believe we have tools The tearing apart social fabric of society companies offer you shiny goodies in exchange for minutes of your attention and bytes of your personal information that can then be packaged and so what happened is that the attention economy has become and has been more competitive in this race for attention The more competitive it got to get people's attention to a news website, the more they have to add those design principles in order to have more manipulative design tactics to hold your attention to - you don't realize it, but you get programmed with social media tools are designed to be addicting that did Spatial Design The desired use case of these tools is for you to fragment your attention as much as possible during your waking hours. So these tools are designed to work well - a growing amount of research tells us that if you do a big one Spending part of your day in a state of fragmented attention, so large parts of your day we constantly pause your attention to take a quick look, just to check it out, just take a quick look on Instagram that it can permanently reduce your ability to concentrate This is what worries me especially when we look at the younger generation when you find out which technology is most saturated it is very addicting because if you draw enough on the slot machine you will win and you never know which fool will reward you This is an addicting behavior and it is dopamine that causes this addiction drives.

What happens to social media is Robert Sapolsky - the basic research on this Stanford calls it the magic of maybe when you look at your phone and maybe there is a text message there and maybe not and you don't know when it comes up that high that you get that is the dopamine, maybe it's the magic, maybe it will be, maybe it won't when it shows up, maybe dopamine levels go up 400 cents, that's about the same amount of dopamine that you get of cocaine, a little less than an extremely addicting drug like cocaine and that's what happens, we really care what other people think of us you know for example when you upload a new photo of yourself to facebook, is this a moment when our minds are very prone to knowing When other people think of my new profile photo and when we get new likes on our profile photo, Facebook could be with this knowledge n actually send me a message and say, oh you have new likes on your profile photo and far know that we will be vulnerable for this moment, because everything is really important to us when we are tagged on a photo or when we have a new profile photo and the thing is they control the rotary dial.The tech companies control the rotary dial of when and for how long your profile photo appears in other people's newsfeeds so they can orchestrate it so that other people like your profile photo more often over a delayed period of time, for example so that you have to come back more often and see what the new likes are and it literally rewires our brains even social media the challenges you know with those terms like facebook depression and all because it is that this is a social media -Depression is because where do everyone look at their feed and compare their lives with others? People that they are high points in other people's lives and there is actually less satisfaction or sadness, depression and the like, and it's interesting because when you think of things that you know routinely produce a lot of dopamine alcohol, there is for Example a correct drinking age, we drink something the alcohol releases a lot of dopamine it makes you a really good feeling we say okay you can have that but you have to wait you have to be 21 years old we don't do that with social media where you know that it is essentially addicting putting drugs into the hands of children before they have a natural defense against them and what you see in internet addiction using social media is always the same for people trying to change their state of consciousness with a device that tries to getting to the underlying neural chemical chemistry and it's very, very addicting, so I'd say the problem with the gadgets and i mean they are amazing that they interfere with them interfere with about medium to long term goals i would say and i think the first thing you have to do to get them under control is find out what is that their use bothers them must be something important so you think well that I want to do something important, what is that it could be personal maybe you want to have a relationship you want to get married you want to have kids you want to have a meaningful career have you know you want to have a life you want to have an Abrahamic adventure and be the father of nations let's say we can't rattle around on your phone and do that and i think part of that i think is part of Set high goals and make a plan and figure out who you could be and see if the obsessive use of smartphones fits that vision of Adel and it becomes in part because they are unfair supposedly powerful communication devices but so often it is for lack of better things to do and it bothers you to know and imagine how you take this to the extreme where you know bad actors can now manipulate large crowds to do whatever you want. It's just a really very bad state and we compound the problem by curating our lives around this perceived sense of perfection because we are rewarded with these short term signals, hearts like thumbs up and we merge that with value and we merge with the truth and instead it's really a false, brittle popularity that is short-term and that leaves you even more behind and admit it empty and empty before you've done it because then it forces you into this vicious cycle that you are like that like what I have to do next now because I need it back, think about what is made up of two billion people, and then think about how people then react badly to other people's perceptions so we know about it Research literature suggests that the more you use social media, the more likely you are to feel lonely or isolated.

It is carefully positive curates the rest of their lives and makes you feel inadequate and can increase the rate of depression and something I think we will hear more about in the near future. I said there's a fundamental discrepancy between the way our brains are wired and this behavior of exposing you can stimulate yourself with intermittent rewards throughout all of your waking hours, so it's one thing to spend a few hours on the slot machine in Las Vegas, but what if you take the slot machine with you and pull that handle all day, when you wake up when you leave? to bed we're not wired up from it it's shorts to the brain we find it has actual cognitive ramifications, one of which is the kind of pervasive background buzz of fear. Here's the thing that the world we live in isn't really social media andby design social media rewards us for showing our best lives but you never see real life, the 99% of our lives , behind the scenes, this unglamorous, unfiltered, boring normalcy and you compare your behind-the-scenes look to other people's false highlight role and use others as a mirror for How You Should Look How Successful You Should Be, or How You Should Live These False Comparisons will only serve to make you feel inadequate and inferior to something that even real research doesn't show that comparing your life to someone else's creates envy other people and no matter what i say, you wont stop because comparing one thing with Another is a natural human thing, whether we want to admit it or not, an important reason why anything is hasvalue, because there is something worse, better to compare everything, to think about an old cell phone building block with a big antenna just as amazing ina world in front of the smartphone the carriage is only considered a phenomenal means of transportation until the car comes by the answer is not stop comparing because unfortunately we cannot control that, but you have to change the object of your comparison from someone else to yourself You have to measure yourself against yourself and with that you start a starting point where you think you are perfectly fine just as you are, but it is also the most effective motivational and healthiest way to improve yourself.

You will be happy when you hear on pressuring yourself to be more like someone else and when you start comparing real with real, We're in really bad shape right now in my opinion, it undermines the basic fundamentals of how people relate to and with one another, and I don't have a good solution, you know my solution is that I have these tools just not using them i have been using them for years, it has created great tension with my friends great tension s in my social circles, if you see you know my facebook fee, if i probably not i have maybe twice in seven years three times five times posted just it's less than 10 and it's weird i guess i just naturally didn't want to get programmed so i just turned it off but i didn't face it and now to see what happens is it really it really, it really wrecks me, in the 1970s, early 80s at Xerox PARC when Steve Jobs first came over and saw the graf ic user interface The way people talked about influencing the world was a bike to our minds, you take a person here and they have certain skills and abilities and then give them a bike and they travel all these new distances can you are empowered to go to these brand new places and do these new things to have these new skills and that has always been the philosophy of people developing technologies, how we make bikes for our minds and empower ourselves to feel and move now consume more when the first iPhone was introduced it was also the philosophy of these technologies how we empower people to do something more and what and then it wasn't manipulative because there is no competition for attention, photoshop tried not how much attention to maximize it cost you, it did not measure success this way and the int Ernet wasn't designed from the start to maximize attention, it was just there to get things out, publish things, create those message boards.It wasn't designed with all this compelling psychology that our burns later, when you beast feeding this beast will destroy you if you push it back we have the ability to control it, contain it and there is a time when people have to break hard from some of these tools and the things you have left you focus on the short term dopamine driven feedback loops we have created destroy the way society works no civil discourse no cooperation misinformation miss the truth and it's not an american problem this is not about russian ads this is a global problem mr. Zuckerberg would you like to share the name of the hotel you stayed in last night?

How do I get rid of speech runtime exe?

To remove Speech Runtime Executable from your computer, please follow the manual instructions below or use an automatic uninstaller product.
  1. Click the Windows Start Button.
  2. Type the word uninstall.
  3. Click Add or remove programs.
  4. Now locate the program in the list of displayed applications.

Even if you've been using Windows forever, there are likely a lot of settings that you never realized were on by default and that you should probably change.

These could be settings for privacy, convenience, or just utility in general.I'll go through a number of settings in Windows, particularly Windows 10, that I think you should change right away, including things you should turn off and even features which are good but not on by default there are around 15 of these so hopefully you'll learn at least a few new ones. Here we go.

First, let's go to Windows Update Settings. To get to the main settings window, just click the Start menu, then click the Gear, go to Update & security and look for 'Advanced options'.

How to create your core values speech with example?

There is an example in the book Traction which is where I started. That being said, I think the only real requirement is to include all of your core values and elaborate on them. From there, it’s really a blank canvas for your creativity. Start with your core values. I first wrote a paragraph or two about each of our core values.

How to use system.speech with NET Core 3.0?

System.Speech is a native .NET Framework 4.x, 3.x assembly that implements speech related functionality including text to speech and speech to text. This post is not about System.Speech, but how to use it with .NET Core 3.0.

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Where are the registry keys for Microsoft Speech OneCore?

However, it is possible to copy the registry keys for these new voices from 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftSpeech_OneCoreVoicesTokens' to 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftSpeechVoicesTokens'. You have to do this in c:windowssyswow64egedit.exe in order for NVDA not to throw a com error upon selection.

Why are speechruntime.exe and speech _ OneCore problems?

Thanks for your feedback. Thank you for getting back to us. Just to set your expectation, it is possible that the program Norton already corrupted the system files or the registry. If you are using a program that can tweak or get into the registry/system core, computer is more vulnerable with issues like this.

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