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Silverlight msi missing - how to decide

What is Silverlight MSI?

Silverlight is a powerful development tool for creating engaging, interactive user experiences for Web and mobile applications. NET framework and compatible with multiple browsers, devices and operating systems, bringing a new level of interactivity wherever the Web works.

To start with, we need to create a shared folder where we can save our applications on my ii drive which I set up to open a folder in Applications and inside it it has a couple of different MSI packages for Flash Player and 7-Zip . Now we want to right click on our folder and select Properties we are going to check the box that says this folder will be shared and for the share name we want to make this a hidden share so we are going to put a dollar sign in with it we can access the share file but it is not shown when we are browsing the network select apply click ok and then close so that we can now open group policy management tools group policy management we do a right click and select newwe call this deploy7-zipso click Right click on our new GPO and select Edit in the Computer Configuration tab We will expand the Policy folder We will then expand the Software Settings folder and then we will select the software installation, click de r right click, select new and now select the package, in this box we will enter the location for our shared folder for this instance, it would be BackslashBackslash Dioxide d c-- backslash applications and then the dollar signs because I don't should share and select Enter so that we can open our 7-Zip file and select the 7-Zip installation package and select Open Now For this we want to check the 'Advanced' box and select 'OK'. We're going to scroll down to the deployment set now and we're going to make sure we uninstall this application if it doesn't fall within the management scope.

This means that you delete the GPO that provides this. The next time the host computer performs a GP update, this application will be automatically uninstalled. We can choose Advanced and Ignore when deploying this package, but it's not strictly necessary, so choose OK and then OK again, we can close this and now we're back to Group Policy Management then want to expand our OU that houses our computers let's right click and select Link and Existing GPO We will then select the GP that we created and the 70 was provisioned and select ok so that we can now jump to our windows machine ok so what next Our Windows computer now we want to log in We then want to click on starttype CMD and press Enter Now the command prompt opens We have it, we can see that the group policy for the organizational unit of the computer has been updated and requires a restart in order for us to install our application So we can choose yes or we can use the computer start up and then just restart, and we can now see that it has started installing the 7-Zip application and we can now log in, so we will log in as a user and we will then click Start, choose All the programs off and there we have it 7-zip has been successfully installed over the network Thanks for watching If you enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to jump to the Darkside Systems YouTube channel and hit the 'Subscribe' button and stay tuned turn to for more

How do I reinstall Silverlight?

To reinstall Silverlight:
  1. Go to: https://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight/get-started/install/
  2. Click to Install.
  3. Click Save File.
  4. Double click on Silverlight download.
  5. If prompted with message: Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? ...
  6. Click Install Now.
  7. Click Close.

All right, this is going to uninstall Microsoft Silverlight or Silverlight on a Mac, good reasons why we want to uninstall Silverlight on a Mac, okay this is going to be the reason why the editor or other synergy applications won't download.

I see a white screen or several errors when opening the editor, but you will get error messages when opening the editor or adding clips or trying to trim some type of air. Usually the first step is to uninstall and then reinstall Silverlight and that's what we're going to go through today Okay there are three types of files really important files we want to remove, okay there is a Silverlight dot plugin, Silverlight -Dmg and Microsoft Silverlight littlespotlight or searchlights click on it and we enter Silverlightyou and then we do it We will click Sublight at the bottom right is showall in Finder so show everything in Finder We click on it and it is very important if we look at the top right where those files are exactly where my arrow is that says browse this mac ok not all my files search this mac ok once we click on it it shows up some files here that we want to get rid of first, the silverlight Plug-in so let's go ahead and move that to the trash and you can either click drag it to the trash or something like that You can right click and move the trash. It's probably easier not to pull with Mac at times.

You will probably need your password and user information when we have that we want to get rid of the Silverlight dot dmg silver as well dmokay and the last thing we want to get rid of is that we want to go to the 'Applications' folder, okay, we shouldn't go to the 'Applications' folder and we want to get rid of Microsoft Silverlight ght now as soon as we are pulled out of the trash we want to empty the trash so let's go ahead and open the trash and empty it is very important now and today that sometimes there are some Silverlight things open and you may not be able to empty all of the trash we can make sure it all gets emptied so we open the trash again just to confirm everything is out there if there is anything else in it when there's still something in the trash even after you've emptied it.If it still won't empty you try to get it, restart and then try the trash again restart empty computer then empty the trash again Okay all right, when we're done, let's finish this now these next steps are very very very important and they sound they sound crazy they sound stupid they sound crazy but it is very important that we Follow these steps so that we want to be the first to open Safari, or whatever browser is open, don't force it, but quit, to do that let's go to the top left, okay, it's a little icon that says Safari, and then we scroll down to exit Safari, okay, we click on it, now we open Safari again, so we open Safari again and open part or in st. Beard but we just close the little red or close the little red circle up there we are just going to close it or close it normal ok and now we open safari ok again and the problem is if you don't what will happen? If you can't reinstall it, it will still think Silverlight is installed.

It is very, very important that we follow each of these steps. OK to install it. Just choose Google GetSilverlight or enter the url www.microsoft.com/downloads through lightand then what we'll see if it's uninstalled properly will see a purple button that says you need to click to install, that is the important button so we're going to go ahead and hit thatyouokay and then we're going to do what is done with the installation what was done is going to be silverlight dmg and so we want to remove the previous dmg so we don't get confused okay so again when it's done we click the silverlight dmg sometimes it hides behind okay and a If you can see the application is not found, just click the little arrow up there find it again, click ok then click or double click the Silverlight dotpkg and we will go through the installation process so we can go ahead and install and rewrite them W e will probably need your user information and when that is done we are not done yet because we have to go through this stupid, stupid, crazy process again so we want to go back to the Safari tab in the top left corner.

Quit Safari and then open Safari again and now we want to close Safari X again from the little red dot now we want to open Safari again and just to confirm that Safari is installed, if we google you get Silverlight again and you will see that someone's installed you're ready to use MicrosoftSilverlight so we're good to go and that's basically like uninstalling and reinstalling satellites on a mac thanks for signing up with us today

Where is Silverlight installed?

Navigate to C:\ Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight, here you can see it's version number.

I will be using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate which you can easily do these tutorials I will be doing these tutorials with Silver I work with Visual StudioExpress or another version that supports Silverlight 4.

So let's start by clicking on new project ok and I am assuming that you have already installed the S Ilverlight release candidate, which not only contains plugins but also all of the SDK information and also all of those nice little starter kits for ours Visual Studio templates installed. The one we're going to start with is the Silverlight application, the business application is nice when you're canned only bother because it stops you from doing many of your own things and you really depend on what they do as fast application development as opposed to designing your own abstract and custom tools and user controls and all those nice things, so the first thing I'll go to is to click on Silverlight application, okay, while we're going through other tutorials from the show we go through many of these others. I'll name the first YouTube whoops, I could spell you two, and I'll just take that and put that under Projects and we'll hit OK.

I know this is going to make a crea directory for a solution something completely different if you are working with multiple developers and they are all trying to work with the same basic solution and each of you takes a piece of the code and changes it, so I click on ok and that will ask you one more question it will ask you if you want to host your civil application on your website i would always recommend saying yes and you correct me however you like but i would keep the point net so that You can tell the difference between the two projects, which I'll show you in a minute. New project should always be asp.net web application project and the Silverlight version should be for you, you can choose three if you have this SDK if you are familiar with some are familiar with Silverlight, that's fine and I would always recommend that you enable the WCF Ria services as we progress in the tutorials about that talk about what WCF ria services are and how to use them, but I would get into the habit of using them because I activate them afterwards, I believe it is a studio from 2010 at least in time to heUltimate Edition the Properties in the solution's properties, I think you can add them to enable it, but I'd still enable it here just because if you're using a different version of Studio you may or may not have it.

up to date on the older versions, so definitely, so just check long history, quick check and click OK, everything works fine. The first thing you are going to see here is that if you've used a different visual studio in the past for something like ASP or Windows Forms or Dreamweaver you will see a Design View, you will usually have a Design View and a Code View, ok your Design View is in this case above, in this case you can move things around moving your tabs so they can be docked in different places but this is a good start and then? You have your code view for it in this case, for example I know XAML and it's called zamel well you will love that because the actual file that is used when you create the project actually comes as what they call a ZIP File because point x8p is the extension so gofigure that you can figure that out but anyway it is called that when you look it up people pronounce it that way when it is a tutorial so you can get used to it better like most visual studios? Applications you can You have all of these controls here that you can copy and paste. Drag and drop them and move them around all the good things and they'll be added to your example automatically.

I'll see the margin mess up a bit with your code so there will be times when you don't want to drag and drop and you'll code I'll know what to call the code behind it, okay so I'm just hit check Z twice and I've noticed you'll also notice that if I were to code here, you'd have a nice little, as they call intelli, sense in visual studio, okay and you can give it i'm doing a button now, okay, and we do text, was a text an contentcontent test button okay and will close, you will actually close that for you, now I have not given a width or height, but you notice that the sam is updated immediately for you, okay and what i can do now is downsize it and it's about giving a nice little wiggle room here where it will be ok and it will relate to how you did it so just to give you the basics to show how you can use the sam'l and the color on the sam'l and the design on the At the same time, okay, you'll notice over here where I told you about the dot web the reason why you Need dot web or why I would recommend it, even if you name it differently.I was still called this web because if you don't look right on these little pictures you won't realize that one is the web and that one others the Silverlight is until you get used to it, so the best way is just to have a dotted web extension and then you can instantly see which one you are under because you are going to have files down here will have files down here it will all depend on what you do, one thing i also wanted to note was that this visual or this when you build the web application is actually two files at the same time here and aspx final one is one HT ML file, the ASP XD, both work interchangeably. The only thing you have to do is make sure that if you want to use one, you are using this one.

If you double click on it I'll show you why you want to edit this from stuff here you will notice that you don't want to touch this style in such a way, that you don't really have to touch this style unless you change the body width of it that actually can change lower. I wouldn't recommend actually changing any of the JavaScript unless you want specific error codes, but even then you can still do error codes and other things that we'll cover in more detail on how to do one of the things I do Wanted to show you was right here you will see if you've ever done ASP You have your form id here and it actually creates a phone form tag and runs at server time, so this form is that form tag is actually going to load - or design time and you will have an object tag in it and its object tag will reference your zip file ok first youtub e points app now you could well ask it says it's an incient and it says sim but if you look here it's not right, even if you show all files it still doesn't show well when you notice below there is a warning the warning says the first YouTube Dot Web Dot CPS project, which means it is a C-Sharp project I do all my projects in C-Sharp I know Visual Basic too bit, but I just prefer that Visualc Sharp Project needs to be built before client proxy classes can be read, which means you need to build your solution or project before this file is built. When this file is created Createit will compile everything you put into this zap file and paste it here so that your website will splayit and that is really the end result houseSilverlight is still running fine.

So if I do a build here you will get a notification that this will go away Build Success Warning goes away and you will be picking this file as good point so I'll pause this for now and we'll get a little more of the code and that in a later tutorial Step through adding various controls. Thank you and see you soon

How do I fix Silverlight on Windows 10?

  1. Close ALL Internet Explorer sessions, including this one.
  2. Click the START button.
  3. Click SETTINGS.
  4. Click SYSTEM.
  5. Click APPS & FEATURES.
  6. Scroll down to MICROSOFT SILVERLIGHT and click on it.
  7. Click UNINSTALL.

Where is the silverlight.msi file on my computer?

I barely know how to use my computer, so any answer in PLAIN ENGLISH would be just fine. I'm trying to install Silverlight, but the 'silverlight.msi' file cannot be found on hard drive. This is my 4th try...and I mean MAJOR effort, hours and hours. So where is this file? If I need to install visual basic blah blah blah just say so.

How to uninstall the old version of Silverlight?

Then i unpacked the old silverlight.exe installer in a folder and navigated to this folder (with a silverlight.msi file) via the uninstall procedure. Uninstalling now worked and after that the new Silverlight version installed correctly. Was this reply helpful?

How can I work with Silverlight installation issues?

To work with Silverlight installation issues, I would suggest you to refer to the site: Disclaimer: This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly.

How to hide the update for Microsoft Silverlight?

It looks like the update is already installed. http://download.microsoft.com/download/F/2/2/F2... Click on 'Hide updates' option and you'll be able to hide desired update given in the list. Was this reply helpful? Sorry this didn't help.

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