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Shockwave crashes constantly - listed questions and answers

Why does my Shockwave keep crashing?

If one of your add-ons is faulty, or for some reason conflicts with your browser or your other add-ons, it can cause the Shockwave Flash has crashed issue. To see if this is your problem, you need to temporarily disable all your add-ons, then check if the problem is resolved.

Hello everyone, as here you are recording this article to show you how to fix shockwave flash crash in google chrome, there are many reasons that cause the crash, in this article I will cover most of them , at least the ones I know The first thing we will discuss is the fact that Google Chrome has a flash drive installed that is already built in and your computer may have a different flash file in the operating system and what happens if chrome tries to use both at the same time it could lead to this crash.

To see if this is the case for you, type chrome: // plugins and hit enter. You get to that page and you need to see where Adobe Flash Player is right here. and in my case as you can see i only have one file and not more than one.

If your computer has two files and it does, you will see something like this next to Adobe Flash Player and in some cases you can see three files, what you need to do to fix the crashes is just one of them to keep those files enables and disables the other two and or the other, whatever the case. If that doesn't work, try reversing them. Check the unchecked and uncheck the checked one and see if that helps.

That is the first reason that causes the crashes. The second is that you may have an outdated version of Chrome. To check if this is the case for you, go to the menu button here, click on it, and as you can see in my case I have you need to update Google Chrome, if you need to see this message on your computer You're updating and you don't have the latest version of Chrome.

Okay, I'm not going to do it now because I'm trying to make this article as short as possible because there are so many reasons that are causing the crash that we're skipping over have to. Okay, and the third reason that could be causing this is that there are Settings in Chrome, speed up the hardware for better performance, and the like. The same menu button as we clicked here.

You go to Settings and at the very bottom, click on Show advanced settings and scroll almost all the way down to the bottom of the page where under System you can see two options. This is the one that interests you. If this is enabled, disable it, okay.

That might fix the problem too. And the fourth reason is that you may have a lot of spyware and malware on your computer. in your browser.

What most people don't know is that the antivirus software that you have on your computer is stopping viruses, but it is letting spyware and malware into the browser which is causing the crashes. So you have to turn your computer on. scan spyware and malware and remove them if one is found and that might fix the problem as well.

Reason number five could be if you have software that is conflicting with Chromeon on your computer or laptop, the crashes will also occur if that is the case for you. Just remove those settings and type in conflicts and type in, and it will show this and as you can see in my case no conflicts were detected, if any software is conflicting with Chrome you will see it here, in which case it is advisable to update, disable or remove that software altogether . However, before doing any of these things, please make sure that you know what you are doing and it will not cause your computer to malfunction.

What I would advise you in this case is that you can go to System Restore and create a restore point before making any changes. In case something goes wrong, you can always go back to System Restore and that will bring you back to where you made the changes and any changes you made in case your computer was causing problems will be gone Okay, that was reason number five, let's move on to reason number six, reason number six is ​​it could be your computer is old or doesn't have enough memos ry in it, and if you update it and put more memory in it, that will fix the problem as well, for some of them, especially if you are playing online games. Some of these sites take up a lot of memory to run properly, okay reason number seven could be you go you want to try using incognito mode with Chrome as it disables the extensions in Chrome because when you have a lot of extensions , you may also get the error message about the crash.

Okay, if none of these methods work for you, you may need to completely uninstall and reinstall Chrome and see if that solves the problem. That's all I know, there could be more reasons causing the crashes, but these are the ones I am currently aware of. If you've tried all of these methods and none of them work for you, please leave a comment with your specific problem and I'll do further research and try to get you the solution you need.

Okay, hopefully this was a helpful one Video for some of you then please like the article, leave a comment or subscribe to my channel and everything will be really appreciated.

How do I stop shockwave from crashing?

Stop Shockwave Flash crashing in Google Chrome
  1. Update Chrome. What this means is that, if you're still experiencing bad Flash performance or the plugin crashing, you should check if you are indeed running the latest version of Chrome.
  2. Disable all extensions.
  3. Update drivers.
  4. Try another browser.

How do I fix Shockwave Flash crashed on Google Chrome?

What You Should Do
  1. Open Chrome's Plugins page.
  2. Open Chrome and type "about:plugins" in the address bar and hit enter.
  3. Click "Details" on the top right corner of the page in order to see the whole content.
  4. Locate the Shockwave Flash Plugin on the page, which is usually the first one.

Why does my flash app keep crashing?

The Flash plugin could be crashing because of an extension, theme or hardware acceleration in Firefox. To see if one of these is causing the problem, go through the steps in the article Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems.

How to fix Shockwave Flash crashes in chrome?

To fix shockwave flash crashes in Chrome, you can try to update Chrome. It helps to fix bugs and improve the performance of the Chrome browser overall. Step 1: Launch the Chrome browser. Step 2: Click on the menu icon (three vertical dots in the extreme right corner) and then select the option of Help.

Why does the shockwave plug-in constantly crash?

Thanks for your feedback. Shockwave is a 3rd party graphics/video player, currently from Adobe, installed as an add-on for browsers. Its main use is probably for the advertising content that litters web sites but it may also be used for the actual graphical content of the sites you visit.

How did I get Shockwave on my computer?

If you didn't install it yourself (from a pop-up on a Shockwave enhanced web page) then the OEM for your computer likely pre-installed it. Another possible source, especially for old (defunct) versions, is from game CDs. A lot of games installed Flash or Shockwave players to display video content (cut scenes, previews, advertising etc.).

Is there a 64bit version of Shockwave?

There isn't a stable working version of Shockwave or Flash for 64bit browsers so installing either will cause problems. If you are running 64bit Windows and you need to have these add-ons (ie. for YouTube etc.) then you can use the 32bit IE8 provided with Win7 instead of the default 64bit version IE8.

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